The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment Chapter 10

Shooting Practice 1

“It’s amazing. How did you manage to hit every shot so accurately? How were your shooting scores during training?”

“I scored a perfect 20 out of 20 shots.”

“Even in the second round of shooting?”


“Wow. That’s impressive! Did you get any rewards like a phone call for that?”

A phone call.

I did receive that.

I said I didn’t need it, but the platoon leader insisted, so I ended up making two calls.

I called the Neo Play customer center.

Most trainees would have called their parents.

But I struggled to find someone to call since I had no parents to speak of.

‘The customer service representative was kind enough to cheer me up when I mentioned I was a Hunter Army trainee.’

It was definitely a different experience with that unit.

“You should be pretty good by now. You might even shoot better than me.”

“No, thank you.”

After another 20 minutes, Lee Dongjin finally said we should get up.

I was not sure about the other hunters, but for me, shooting practice had been of no help at all.

Still, it was a good way to kill time.

I didn’t feel bad because I knew he was just trying to help me.

“Don’t worry if you get scolded by your superiors for your poor shooting performance. Some of them had the same experience at first. Of course, physical punishment has almost disappeared now.”

“If I get scolded, will Private First Class Lee Dongjin be scolded too?”

“Since I’m your direct senior, I guess so? But don’t worry about me, I’m used to it and have lots of experience. You don’t need to be concerned.”

After saying that, Dongjin went outside.

Kim Minjun grinned as he watched his retreating figure.

You’ll never get in trouble.


I’ll show you what real shooting is in the upcoming shooting practice.


At 10 AM, the hunters gathered before the training ground for shooting practice.

“Ah… We’re doing shooting practice right after running guard duty alone.”

“The training schedule is shitty.”

The hunters complained as they picked up their guns.

Regular shooting practice involved using a gun modeled after the M16.[1]

Special shooting practice was for training shooting skills in special situations.

“Since they told us to bring our mana guns, special shooting practice must be similar to a hostage situation.”

“It’s definitely going to involve mana guns.”

The experienced corporals grumbled as they holstered their mana guns, which were shaped like pistols.

“Each platoon leader, report your headcount.”

“First platoon, total of thirteen! Currently, thirteen present! No issues!”

“Second platoon, total of eleven! Current headcount….”

The hunters finished their headcount in front of the training ground and moved to the shooting range.

The building was incredibly durable, considering mana bullets filled with mana were used and released inside.

Although it looked like a shabby, old-fashioned facility, it could withstand a swarm of low-level monsters for about 10 minutes.

However, it wouldn’t last even 5 minutes against mid-level monsters.

This was the best they could do.


“Private Kim Minjun.”

“You know there’s no time limit for shooting, right? Don’t worry if the senior behind you is pushing you. What’s most important is how many shots you hit.”


While listening to the shooting precautions, Private First Class Lee Dongjin spoke up in a small voice.

“Just think of it as getting scolded at first. Take it easy.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

The guns used by the Hunter Army were more difficult to handle than those used by the regular army.

Monsters weren’t very affected by the bullets used by the regular army.

That was why most people use mana bullets.

Adjusting the zero point only helped a little.

In the end, it meant that one had to get used to it by increasing the number of shots and getting a feel for it.

“First platoon, fire!”

“Second platoon, fire!”

“Third platoon, fire!”

Kim Minjun was assigned to the second platoon.

“Shall we see the shooting skills of the new recruit?”

A Sergeant was standing right behind the waiting line.

“You were the best soldier in boot camp, right? That’s because you adjusted the zero point when during practice. You need to think of this as actual combat.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Our unit doesn’t give any breaks to new recruits. You have to aim well to avoid getting scolded.”

“I understand.”

As expected, in the Hunter Army, there was no mercy for the Private who had been assigned to the unit just a day ago.

“Don’t worry about time. Take it slow. I’ll wait patiently.”

“Yes, I understand.”

The Sergeant yawned as he stared at the front.

“All platoons, prepare to shoot!”

“Prepare to shoot!”

“All platoons, load mana bullets!”

“Load mana bullets!”

A moment later.

The shooting training began under the instructor’s voice coming through the speaker.

– “Start shooting from the prepared platoons!”


The mana bullet was fired with a loud noise as if a cannon had been fired.

The hunters squinted momentarily but did not take their eyes off the target.

At least they should spend some more on defense.

This drawback emerged because of the need to modify the firearms at the lowest cost.

In the past, a dungeon break occurred in Seoul, causing monsters to pour out.

At that time, people complained to the military that the noise was too loud.

They demanded the army compensate them for the sudden deafness.

Of course, the treatment of the Hunter Army had improved now.

The general shooting practice of the Hunter Army was almost identical to that of the regular army.

It was over when the bullet hit a target about 30 meters away.



Soon, the shooting range was filled with noise.

Prone shooting position.

Kim Minjun aimed at the target moderately and pulled the trigger.

It’s easy at this level. The feeling is a bit different from when I was in boot camp.

The long-range weapon Kim Minjun trained with in the other world was a crude-looking gun.

A piece of trash-like gun that had to be reloaded one bullet at a time after firing!

Moreover, the bullets flew in strange directions.

Sometimes the bullet got stuck and wouldn’t even fire.

Compared to that shit-like gun, this is a giveaway.

Kim Minjun fired 20 shots without hesitation, feeling refreshed.



Unlike the hunters who carefully fired one shot at a time, he finished shooting in just 2 minutes.


19 out of 20 shots.

Considering the average of the Hunter Unit was 10 shots, it was a monstrous score.

Ah. Damn. One shot missed. I thought I got all of them.

In fact, Kim Minjun had a regretful expression.

The Sergeant waiting behind came to retrieve the target with an incredulous expression after the shooting was over.

“One, two… Is this even possible?”

He closely examined the target, wondering if there had been any mistakes.

“Is this good enough?”


The Sergeant nodded with a flustered expression.

Even with over three years of experience, he didn’t have the skills to hit 19 shots.

Besides, the MX16 wasn’t a gun you could handle by mere luck.[2]

“Wow… Look at that. How did that Private hit 19 shots?”

“What’s your name anyway?”

“Private! Kim Minjun!”

The other hunters who finished shooting late gaped at Kim Minjun’s target.

So did the officers.

“Look at this. It seems at least 10 shots hit around the head, right?”

“I guess the rumors about the best soldier weren’t false.”

For a brief moment, whispers filled the scene.

– “Stop wasting time and prepare for the next round of shooting!”

With the instructor’s harsh order, the attention on Kim Minjun disappeared.

“Ah, seems like the Sergeant is lagging behind the new recruit. Did you shoot well?”

“Private Kim Minjun. Thank you.”

The Sergeant patted Kim Minjun’s shoulder and took the prone shooting position.

– “Everyone, prepare to shoot!”

– “Ready to shoot!”

As the general shooting ended, the senior managed to hit 14 shots.

Slightly above the average for the hunter unit.

“Ah, I put all my strength into my eyes and shot, but it’s only 14 shots.”

The Sergeant clicked his tongue, sounding disappointed.

“Retrieve your targets and stand by for a moment.”

“Stand by!”

After the shooting training ended, a brief break was given.

“Are you Kim Minjun?”

“Private! Kim Minjun! Yes!”

“Hey! Let’s take a look at your target!”

“Yes! Understood!”

As soon as the break started, hunters flocked from all directions.

Kim Minjun handed his target to the seniors.

They let out exclamations as they saw the paper riddled with holes near the head.

“Wow. This is insane. 19 shots.”

“One, two… No way, all 19 shots hit near the head?”

“Is this even humanly possible?”

“Minjun, how did you do this?”

“I just shot as I learned in the training camp!”

“How many shots did you hit in the training camp?”

“It was a perfect score!”

At that remark, the other hunters let out exclamations.

“Wow. Has there ever been someone who hit 19 shots before?”

“No way. Wasn’t the best shooter among the sergeants only at 17 shots?”

“Something like that.”

That was an overwhelming score.

For a while, the hunters were busy passing around the target to take a look.

You guys should try handling a gun that looks like the K98 in that world.

Think as if not hitting at least one shot meant instant death.

Of course, if he answered, “I’ve shot in another world till I got sick of it!” he’d be labeled an attention-seeker.

It was best to just say he practiced hard during times like these.

“Anyway, do well in the special shooting this afternoon. I feel like you’ll do well in that too.”

“Private Kim Minjun! Thank you!”

“That’s right. You’re not called the best soldier for nothing.”

The seniors patted Kim Minjun’s shoulder.

“Well, we’ll end the general shooting training here. Everyone worked hard. Especially Kim Minjun!”

“Private Kim Minjun!”

“That’s right. It was your first shooting, but you hit 19 shots. Keep up the good work in the future!”


With the instructor’s praise, the general shooting training came to an end.

Insane. It was my first time seeing the instructor praise someone.

“Man, even an officer would struggle with that.”

The other hunters were swept up in the atmosphere and began to clap.

Clap, clap, clap!

“What’s going on…”

Kim Minjun touched his nose, feeling awkward.

“Everyone go back and maintain your firearms. Gather in front of the training field by 1 PM. Understood?”

“Yes! Understood!”

On the way back from the shooting range.

Kim Minjun, who had not been of much interest to the corporals in the barracks, was now approached by them, bombarding him with questions like mad.

“You get a 6-night, 7-day vacation if you hit every shot! It’s a waste just watching you.”

“What about 19 shots? If I were the instructor, I’d have given you something, seriously.”

The senior soldiers regretfully said, “If only you’d hit one more shot,” as if it were their own matter.

“Hey, teach me the secret to shooting the MX16 well. I’ll buy you a PX.”

“I think relying on calculations and shooting with your head makes it harder to hit the target. In my opinion, it’s all about the feeling.”

“Damn it. You’re talented.”

“Is that your answer, rookie? It’s no different from Faker, who makes money by landing the last hit when the minion’s health is low.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m just kidding, kidding. It’s good for us that an elite soldier joined us.”

The squad members patted Kim Minjun’s shoulder, one by one, saying they hoped he’d do well in the afternoon shooting too.

“You did well in general shooting. Show the same performance in special shooting.”

In the meantime, Sergeant Lee Seungho muttered a word and disappeared quickly.

“Wow. Sergeant Lee Seungho is really strict about training. It seems like he liked your scores.”

“But how many shots did Sergeant Lee Seungho hit?”

“Maybe 16 shots?”

“He did hit well, but still not as good as you, right?”

“I can hear you. Shut up.”


As the hunters chatted, they immediately began cleaning their guns in preparation for the afternoon shooting when they reached the barracks.

[1] A real rifle used all over the world.

[2] For those that are confused, the fictional MX16 was modeled after the real M16.

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

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