The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment Chapter 9

Unit 2

Other privates seemed used to such situations, not caring at all.

What’s going on all of a sudden?

It was sleeping time, but since a one-hour sleep was enough for him, he didn’t care.

Kim Minjun obediently followed the corporal outside.

“Since you just got assigned to the platoon today, I’ll tell you what you need to know.”

Inside a warehouse where the unit’s scrapped parts were collected.

As soon as the corporal entered, he began speaking in a serious tone.

Why not just tell me this in the barracks?

There was no need to bring him into the warehouse.

“First of all, as a private, you just need to maintain a proper posture like now in the barracks. As for the recreation facilities, you can go in if you’re confident that the other seniors won’t catch you. And…”

It turned out to be an explanation of the injustices in the base.

How many of these guys are in this unit?

The corporal before him pointed out things to be cautious about in his future actions.

It was considered a sort of consideration for the new recruits.

Should I just fuck this guy up?

No, no.

Those injustices have been happening for a long time and were completely embedded into the unit.

Even if he tormented the corporal now, the injustices wouldn’t disappear.


“Good. If you’re careful with what I’ve mentioned, you’ll hardly get in trouble.”

Kim Minjun obediently nodded.

He was currently a private.

I’ll put up with it for now since I’m a private. Let’s see how things go after becoming a sergeant.

He could endure this because he lost most of the powers he developed in Isgard after returning to Earth.

In addition, being able to play Dungeon Power Fighter made his fierce personality gentler.

If Kim Minjun had returned with the same specs he had in Isgard, the military unit would have disappeared in his hands.

Wow, looking back, my personality has become really nice.

What would have happened if it wasn’t for Neo Play Company, South Korea?

But Corporal, I never said I wouldn’t do anything to you just because I’m putting up with it.

Kim Minjun turned his head toward the corporal who was about to go outside.

There was a perfect subject for an experiment right in front of him.

Since I didn’t really say anything, should I go easy on him?


Black mana began to ripple in his hand.

Kim Minjun used Corruption on the corporal.


The faintly created mana seeped into the corporal’s abdomen.

Is it because my mana stat is low that it’s not visible to the eye?

For now, it was better that way.

It’s about time for a reaction.

Three. Two. One.


At Kim Minjun’s signal, the corporal’s face crumpled for a moment.

“Aw! Shit… My stomach suddenly hurts. You go ahead and sleep. If anyone asks where I went, say I went to the toilet.”

“Yes, understood.”

Wrapping his stomach with both hands, he went out of the warehouse.

“Sleep well.”

You’re going to have a tough time tonight.

Of course, he adjusted the intensity so it wouldn’t be too severe. Enough to give him a mild taste.

…Speaking of which, is this the extent of my current power?

He knew his skills had weakened, but it was somewhat deflating when he felt how much weaker he had become.

At the peak of his power, Corruption would literally rot things.

An incredible force that would make any living creature decay!

“Now it just ends with a stomachache.”

Kim Minjun put away the faintly rippling mana and stepped outside the warehouse.

This is just the beginning. I will show a crazy promotion speed by devouring all the achievements.


“What’s going on? Where did this guy go?”

Upon returning to the barracks, Seungho, who had been asleep, woke up in the middle and stared at the corporal’s empty bed.

“He said his stomach hurt really badly earlier.”

Kim Minjun quickly responded.

The guy was going to suffer in the bathroom.

“Is that so? Alright. Don’t worry about it, and go to sleep.”


It was said that Sergeant Lee Seungho made little fuss.

Instead, it would be more accurate to say that he was indifferent to his juniors.

I heard he’s crazy about training and work.

That didn’t apply to him, so it didn’t really matter.

I heard my senior is scolded a lot.

Private First Class Lee Dongjin, who bought him tons of food from the PX, came to mind.

Certainly, that guy had a good personality.

I just got assigned today, so I’ll have to watch and see how things work around here for a while.


5:40 AM.

The wake-up time for hunters was 6 AM, but the privates woke up 20 minutes earlier to tidy up their beds.

The wake-up time for the private first classes was 5:50 AM.

Petty to make a fuss over 10 and 20 minutes.

Kim Minjun, awake for a while, got up, changed into his military uniform, and waited.


As soon as 6 o’clock struck, the speakers sounded, and the duty officer’s voice flowed out.

– “All hunter members from the 2nd platoon prepare for training and gather at the training field. From today, you are to gather individually in your military uniforms.”

“What the hell! Individual uniforms?”

“Crazy unit. Why the heck are they doing this?”

“I’m never doing this long-term, seriously.”

The seniors started putting on their uniforms, cursing at the mention of individual uniforms.

The unit he belonged to.

That is… it was called the 104th Division, the Invincible Hunter Unit, right?

This was one of the units his peers at the training center had told him never to join.

It was located at the very frontlines where dungeons appeared, and monsters popping out were basic occurrences.

The training volume was more than three times that of other units and was also said to have the worst injustices.

But at least I can quickly and efficiently gain achievements.

He could also receive a lot of additional allowances.

Kim Minjun briefly checked the face of the senior he had inflicted with Corruption before heading outside.

I still lack mana.

His pale face seemed to have suffered quite a bit, but the result was not satisfactory.

Ten minutes later.

The hunters gathered in front of the training field.

Their expressions were full of complaints.

Usually, they would start training in light exercise clothes, but they suddenly had to wear individual uniforms.

The duty officer looked over the hunters, took a bright red megaphone, and put it to his mouth.

“Starting now, we will conduct morning training. Finish a simple headcount and be ready to start.”

Why use a megaphone when there were modern microphones and speakers?

“We will conduct a reconnaissance mission, entering three dungeons in succession. Of course! From today, we will train in individual uniforms to be prepared for emergency situations.”

At those words, a sergeant stepped forward and asked.

“How long will we have to wear individual uniforms?”

“From today until you’re discharged.”


At the duty officer’s words, discontented voices spread here and there.

“Follow the orders from above. It seems to be because of the Hunter Army Training Center accident.”

It was probably because of the monster that appeared from the empty dungeon.

“Now! Enough with the complaints! Start!”

At the duty officer’s command, the hunters wearing individual uniforms began running one by one.

If it were another unit, they would have been finished after going around one empty dungeon, but the Invincible Hunter Unit went around three times.

As his peers had said, it was three times the training volume.

[You have entered the dungeon.]

The Hunter Army used empty dungeons for reconnaissance missions to increase their adaptability to dungeons.

“This damn thing. It’s so heavy, I could die in the morning.”

“Ah, I’m already tired from so much training, and now they’re pushing us so much since morning.”

The hunters frowned and complained about the sudden increase in training intensity.

I can handle this comfortably.

Kim Minjun followed the seniors and completed the reconnaissance mission.

When they returned to the unit, the seniors took off their uniforms.

“Ah, today’s breakfast will be delicious.”

“I actually lost my appetite. Ugh.”

“Hey, are you okay? Your face is pale.”

“Uh? Uh… my stomach hurt a bit yesterday….”

“You should have eaten moderately yesterday.”

The senior soldier Kim Minjun tested his Corruption skill on rubbed his stomach with a puzzled expression.

“…Was that the problem?”

After finishing the reconnaissance mission and entering the Hunter Army’s buffet-style restaurant,

“Ku… this is what I call a meal.”

Kim Minjun regained his appetite and piled on the side dishes.

“How is it? I was right, wasn’t I?”

Private First Class Lee Dongjin, who had approached him at some point, chuckled after asking him.

“It seems much better than the Hunter Army Training Center.”

“That’s right. That’s the only good thing when compared to other units. And the seniors don’t touch the restaurant at all.”

Of course, they shouldn’t.

There were already enough injustices, so they should at least not interfere during mealtimes.

They said even dogs didn’t interfere when eating.

“Ah, listen while you eat. Today, we have shooting training all morning and afternoon.”

Dongjin explained the training details in detail.

“Regular shooting in the morning. Special shooting in the afternoon.”

It seemed that Dongjin was the only senior who cared for his juniors.

The other seniors were not interested in Kim Minjun at all.

“They usually don’t take care of juniors well here.”

“Is it like that in other units too?”

“No, that’s not the case. I know that other units take good care of their juniors.”

That’s what they said.

“Um… This is the front line, where many monsters appear, so shouldn’t we be encouraging each other instead?”

At first glance, it seemed like the privates and private first class soldiers were being harshly ordered to maintain tension, but it was actually just unreasonable.

“Ah, Minjun.”

“Private Kim Minjun.”

“Follow me for a bit.”

“Yes, sir.”

As soon as the meal was over, Private First Class Lee Dongjin took Kim Minjun into the warehouse.

It was different from the place the corporal had taken him yesterday.

The previous warehouse was for collecting discarded parts, while this one was just an empty warehouse.

“See that gun over there? It’s a training model gun, which can help you a little in your shooting practice.”

Curious about what was happening, Minjun followed and discovered that Dongjin was trying to help him prepare for the shooting practice that would be held later today.

Dongjin fixed a paper on the wall and shared some tips he knew.

“Adjusting the zeroing is done during basic training, but we don’t do that here. We just shoot straight. It’s hard to hit even a single shot like that. If you do, you’ll get in big trouble with your seniors.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. You have terrible timing. It’s rare for a new recruit to have shooting practice right after arriving.”

“Is it okay to use this place?”

At Kim Minjun’s question, Lee Dongjin told him not to worry.

“The officers don’t care about this place. As long as it’s related to training, seniors usually won’t touch it either. More importantly, go over there and try to get into position.”

“Yes, sir.”

Shooting was a piece of cake for Kim Minjun, but he obediently followed Dongjin’s words.

He had taken good care of him since the first day of his deployment to this unit and even provided him with a place to practice before the shooting training.

I heard it’s rare to find someone with such a good personality in the military.

Kim Minjun took a prone position and pulled the trigger aiming at the target.

Plink! Plink!

The BB pellets were fired, hitting the center of the target several times.

“You’re good at hitting the target. But since this is a model, the feeling will be quite different when you hold a real gun. There’s still some time before the training, so don’t mind me and keep practicing.”

“Yes, sir.”

Kim Minjun continued shooting under Lee Dongjin’s watchful eye.


Dongjin was slightly surprised by Minjun’s skill, hitting the center of the target like a ghost.

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

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Kim Minjun, who was a normal high school senior in South Korea, was suddenly summoned to another world and became a dark magician. Minjun, who persevered through all sorts of hardships with the single-minded goal of returning home, saved this other world with his dark magic. Casting aside a life as a hero and guaranteed riches, he returned to Earth. Just when he was about to fully enjoy his life, a problem arose. A dungeon break occurred, and monsters began pouring out. Not only did this threaten the peaceful Earth life that Minjun had just returned to... But on his very first day back, he was also ordered to enlist in the military!?!
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