The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment Chapter 11

Shooting Practice 2

“Ah, I don’t want to clean the guns.”

“We have to clean the guns even after special shooting. Ugh.”

It’s necessary to clean the guns before and after the shooting practice.

This was because the instructors checked meticulously to prevent any unexpected gun accidents.

The hunters skillfully disassembled their guns.

Since the gun was based on M16, the disassembly method was similar.

However, oiling was prohibited.

This was because if it was done wrong, an explosion could occur inside.

They just needed to carefully wipe it down with a white cloth and check for foreign substances.

“Wow, Minjun! You’re doing it well.”

“Thank you.”

While wiping the gun with the cloth, Private Lee Dongjin approached and started a conversation.

He had been watching closely in case of any mistake, but Minjun managed it smoothly.

“You were able to hit 19 shots. You could just serve in the army for a long time.”

“But Private Lee Dongjin also hit 13 shots, didn’t you?”

“Well, I just have a lot of experience.”

As they chatted casually, the time for special shooting practice approached.

“If you guys can’t train properly, you’ll be scolded.”

“Yes! Understood.”

“The youngest one did well in general shooting, so you’re an exception. The rest of you, be more focused. Got it?”


The seniors left the barracks jokingly.

Gee, I should be able to talk a little.

Minjun glanced at the privates getting up sullenly.

Guys, hang in there for a bit.

I will wear the sergeant rank soon and take care of these guys.


1 PM.

The hunters gathered in front of the training center for special shooting practice.

“From now on, prepare to head to the live-fire training field!”

The live-fire training field was a recently completed state-of-the-art facility, mainly for monster training.

“Even though you’re good at basic training, this will be tough.”

“It’s more difficult than you think. You need some experience.”

As they entered the training field, the seniors said they would demonstrate.

“Designated personnel will be assigned roles! Prepare for civilian and hunter roles!”

Following the instructor’s orders, the hunters assigned to civilian roles began to change into their reinforced suits.

“Oh, our youngest. Watch carefully and learn.”

“Private Kim Minjun! Understood!”

This time, Minjun was paired with a corporal.

His name was Kim Kwangsik.

He looked like a senior with a mischievous nature.

“If you don’t do well, even if it’s your first time, you’ll be scolded.”

“Yes. Understood.”

Minjun, who took on the role of a civilian, changed into his reinforced suit, recalling the instructor’s explanation.

‘The important thing in this training isn’t shooting ability.’

Of course, it was also to check if they could use the mana gun properly.

However, the main point was how safely they could rescue civilians.

It was closer to comprehensive training than special shooting training.

“Civilians! To your positions!”

“To our positions!”

Minjun’s turn was second.

The first assigned hunter entered the training area.

It was a space modeled after a small building.

“Find a more secluded spot!”

“Yes! Understood!”

“Good. As soon as you’re ready, you can start!”


The hunter followed the instructor’s orders and found a spot in the corner of the building.

The moment the soldier playing the role of the hunter army entered, the training began.

Meanwhile, the other hunters could watch the training situation in real-time through a large screen.

“Sa-save me! Help me!”

The hunter playing the civilian role acted realistically, asking for help.

“I’ll be right there!”

Hearing that, a monster was introduced as soon as the hunter moved.


The monster that came down from the ceiling was a monstrous rat.

“What? A monstrous rat from the start?”

“It’s intense from the beginning?”

The hunters watching the screen frowned at the sight of the monstrous rat.

It wasn’t a particularly terrifying monster, but it was tricky to deal with.

“That thing, when it dies, green fluid bursts out, and the smell is ugh.”

“You’ll still be able to smell it even if you’re wearing a gas mask.”

The smell it emitted from its body was terrible, and when it died, it became even more disgusting.


When the monstrous rat saw a human, it charged with its sharp teeth.



Of course, the soldiers were protected by the reinforced suit, so only the sound of metal scraping could be heard.

What will they do?

Minjun quietly watched the screen, observing the seniors’ reactions.

The monster rat had completely embraced the civilian-role hunter.

If they provoked it rashly, the civilian could die.


They only had one minute to deal with the situation.

The hunter calmly closed the distance between himself and the monster rat.

The creature’s attention was focused on the human in front of it.

“Please save me! Hurry, please save me!”

The civilian-role hunter put on a convincing act, flailing his arms.

As the hunter approached, the civilian-role made sure to raise his voice.

The hunter pulled a mana gun from his waist and placed his index finger on his lips.

He signaled for the civilian-role to calm down and did his best to soothe him.


When the distance between the hunter and the monster rat was closed, the hunter grabbed one of the monster rat’s arms while shooting at its opposite arm.




It was difficult to kill the monster rat with a mana gun alone.

The hunter’s only goal was to rescue the civilian.


Once the hunter confirmed the restraint was released, he lifted the monster rat and threw it to the other side.

“Oh, as expected of Lee Minho. You’re really strong.”

“You’ve been lifting weights in the training room. You even managed to send the monster rat flying?”

“Ugh, you should’ve used the mana gun. What were you going to do if you just picked it up and threw it like that?”

Corporal Lee Minho succeeded in rescuing the civilian with 10 seconds to spare.

“50 seconds. It’s not bad but try to reduce the time it takes to think. Your body should move as soon as you see the monster.”

“Corporal Lee Minho! Yes! I understand!”

“Good job. Now, prepare for the next one!”

Upon the instructor’s command, Kim Minjun and Kim Kwangsik entered.

The monster rat that remained in the training field disappeared into the floor.

“Let’s see how many seconds it takes for the best soldier to finish!”

As soon as Kim Kwangsik entered the training field, he wore a playful expression.

“Make sure you succeed within one minute. If not, I’ll torment you.”

It was half a joke, but it meant that he would be scolded if he failed anyway.

Corporal did it in 50 seconds.

That meant that ordinary privates and private first classes would likely fail.

The special shooting training was that difficult.

And they were asking a private to succeed in it.

You deserve to be scolded.

“Yes. I understand, Corporal Kim Kwangsik. Then, would you like to make a bet with me?”

“Oh? The youngest wants to bet with me. Sounds fun. What kind of bet?”

Kim Kwangsik gestured for him to explain upon hearing the word “bet.”

“How about betting on a time attack with me? The loser has to grant the winner one wish.”

“Wow, that’s fun. You must be confident?”

“Yes. I’m confident. If I lose, I’ll do anything you want for the day.”

“The new private has spirit. Okay. If you lose, spend the day imitating a pigeon.”


Kim Minjun agreed to do anything.

At that, Kim Kwangsik laughed as if it was amusing.

“Alright. Let’s do it. The moment your record doesn’t beat mine, you go to that side and imitate a pigeon. Okay? If it’s unrealistic, I’ll make you do it repeatedly.”

“I’ll do it that way.”

That’s why new recruits were new recruits.

Kim Kwangsik laughed smugly to himself.

He doesn’t understand the essence of special shooting training.

Being good at shooting didn’t necessarily make the training any easier.

No matter how outstanding he is, can he really do well in special shooting training?

Even as a corporal, his own best record was around 51 seconds.

There was no way a mere private could do it within the set time.

“So, you promise, Corporal Kim Kwangsik?”

“Yeah. A man shouldn’t go back on his word. Go and get into position.”

“Yes! I understand!”

Kim Minjun smiled brightly and headed toward his assigned seat.

For the next 24 hours, he could order his senior around as he pleased.

Just imagining it made his heart race.

“Monster incoming!”

The training had begun.

Following the instructor’s command, a monster was released from the ceiling.

It was an armageddon, a monster that resembled a hedgehog.

So the monsters that appear are random each time.

An armageddon would curl its body into a ball and charge at its target.

Once its spines burrowed into the flesh, it was difficult to remove.

Forcibly trying to separate the armageddon could cause the spines to penetrate even deeper.

I need to be careful with that thing.

As soon as he saw the creature, he had to quickly attack it and change its aggro.

It was all about reflexes.

I wonder how good he is.

Kim Minjun crouched and screamed as if he were truly terrified.

“Please save me! Save meeeeee!”

His voice was much more powerful this time compared to his previous civilian role.


As soon as the armageddon saw Kim Minjun, it immediately tried to curl its body.



Kim Kwangsik aimed at the armageddon’s shell and fired his mana gun.

“Aaaah! A monster! Save me! Save me, pleaseee! Kkueeeek!”

“What the fuck… Something’s off.”

Usually, when a mana gun was fired rapidly, an armageddon would change its target.

But Kim Minjun’s voice was too loud.

Ignoring the mana gun, the armageddon curled its body.

“I’m dying! What are you doing, soldier?! Hurry up and save me! What are you waiting for?!”

“Chk! I’m on my way!”

Kim Kwangsik was momentarily flustered but quickly ran toward Kim Minjun.

“Quick! Get me out of here! That thing’s going to kill me!”

“Calm down! It’s okay! Please lower your voice!”

“Kkueeeek! I’m dying!”

“Please shut your mouth!”

“Is that the way to talk to a civilian? What’s your affiliation? State your rank and name!”

“Please, just calm down and be quiet!”

Meanwhile, the hunters watching the training scene on the screen burst into laughter at Kim Minjun’s realistic acting.

“Wow. That guy’s something.”

“He was good as a civilian earlier, but now he’s like a real civilian. The way he’s causing a scene is eerily similar.”

“Ugh. Seeing Kim Minjun reminds me of dealing with civilians a year ago.”

Even the instructor nodded at Kim Minjun’s dedication to the training.

“Ajeossi! What are you doing?! Hurry up and get me out of here! Are you even a hunter?”

“You damn… Calm down! If you scream like that, you’ll only provoke the monster!”

After standing before Kim Minjun, Kim Kwangsik quickly surveyed the surroundings.

The armageddon would charge at them any moment now.

He had to find a way to get through this situation.

“Stay still behind me!”

The moment the armageddon jumped, Kim Kwangsik grabbed a drum barrel that was in the corner.

Since the barrel was filled with cement, the monster’s spines couldn’t get out.

Wow, he’s lucky.

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The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

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