Starting as a Child Actor in This Life Chapter 26

Chapter 26

“Have you decided to do it?”

Swinging his feet, Suhyeon gazed at Sangil with a surprised expression.

He hadn’t thought they would actually seriously consider the words of a child.

Not bad.

Having experienced future publicity methods, Suhyeon prattled about emerging marketing strategies, feigning them as a child’s wild imagination.

Press conferences, teaser videos, mini webtoons, portal site banners, and so on.

The hope was that trying even one of these would bring about some success.

Fortunately, the publicity team decided on the teaser video method for Praise’s campaign.

“There’s already a script, and we have ample pre-recorded footage… so producing a video akin to a movie trailer is possible.”

Sangil attributed this to ample reserves, but noted that even with a complete script and extensive footage, such a teaser wouldn’t have been made for terrestrial TV.

Appearing on entertainment news programs or variety shows would naturally bring promotion.

However, for a low-recognition cable broadcast, especially a new station, alternative promotion was essential for the drama’s success.

“Everyone was planning to post the script reading online anyone, so some wondered why they hadn’t thought of making another video.”

“That’s good news.”

Suhyeon remembered the cameras in the conference room during the script reading practice and nodded.

Though it was a common strategy in the future, terrestrial broadcasters currently used script readings for practice and archival footage only, not for direct promotion.

Since they had such a groundbreaking idea and chose it, there was no reason they couldn’t do a teaser.

“It’s a method we can do with the minimum budget and current manpower.”

“Isn’t that additional work? I kind of feel sorry…”

“If the drama flops, the drama department itself might be shut down, so they’re willing to try anything.”

Suhyeon suddenly felt the weight on his shoulders and let out a heavy sigh.

He had thought it was just a high-risk, high-return, but people were surprisingly solemn…

“Phew, it’s too harsh a world for a six-year-old.”

“Stop exaggerating.”

“Wow, hyung, that’s too much.”

“Your eyes are sparkling. If you had said that to someone else, they wouldn’t have believed you.”

Suhyeon made a face as if he was genuinely hurt and then poked the corners of his eyes.

It was clear to anyone that it was just a joke, so Sangil snorted and returned with snarky comments.

“Suhyeon! They’ve started filming. Let’s go.”

“Yes! Sangil-hyung, I’ll do my best and come back!”

“Good luck.”

As the staff approached Suhyeon, the two smiled, instantly wearing the masks of an innocent child actor and a diligent manager.

Their perfect sync didn’t need any adjustment.

* * *

Starting with the poster and teaser video, Suhyeon’s schedule became incredibly busy.

Because the viewers’ attention was focused on him.

As one would expect from a director who would later transition to the film industry, PD Lee Bongchun made the drama’s trailer look like a movie and spread it on the internet.

Those who thought it was a new movie release soon realized that Praise was a crime thriller drama, and their curiosity about the drama led to TNB and cable broadcasts.

The issue was that one of the leads, Lee Seohan, was currently starring in a drama on another channel.

If it had been a broadcasting station of a similar size to NBC, it might have been possible to use Lee Seohan as a face for promotion, but TNB was too small and weak for that.

“Isn’t it hard for Suhyeon?”

“Everyone treats me so well, I’m very happy.”

For that reason, Suhyeon even spent his break times doing brief interviews.

Aware of the camera, he smiled brightly and maintained his childlike cheerfulness.

If he had really been six years old, it would have been the perfect situation to get stressed.

But Suhyeon gladly accepted the attention directed at him.

It was troubled at first when people started identifying me with the role, but it turned out well.

After all, Praise dealt with child abuse.

The work contained verbal and physical abuse toward the child, and the grim reality of abused children was realistically portrayed.

As a drama containing sensitive content, Praise attracted various concerns.

[It’s emotional child abuse, it looks too natural; aren’t they being abused at home too? The parents must be crazy about money to make their child act like that…]

For Suhyeon, who thought of this drama as a good steppingstone and opportunity, it was an inconvenient misunderstanding.

If I were an adult, they would just praise me for being creepily good.

The ones who had been excited were the ones shouting about child abuse after the teaser video was uploaded on the internet.

The reason was simple: Suhyeon’s acting felt too real.

Especially, the scene where he feared getting hit yet called his mother while laughing stirred the viewers’ suspicions.

A six-year-old doing this much is weird, isn’t it? It’s a filthy world filled with prejudice…

Grumbling to himself, Suhyeon blinked his large, round eyes.

If people were confusing acting with reality, then this was the chance to blow those misconceptions away.

“Aren’t you scared when you have to act like you’re getting hit?”

“Yes! It might seem that way, but Taebin-noona doesn’t really hit me. Oh, I mean, Taebin-sunbae.”

Suhyeon, who had been chattering away, pretended to slip up and quickly covered his mouth with both hands, changing the honorifics.

Even if it was an exaggerated gesture, it was cute because a child did it.

Winking at the melting publicity team member was a bonus.

“You must be close.”

“Yes, sunbae treats me really well.”

He subtly pointed out the controversial parts, letting people know they were just rumors.

Unlike in the drama, we were actually close and everyone on set was treating me well.

It was my mom who’s actually being stubborn, telling me not to act.

Since some of the interview responses were prepared for publicity, it went by smoothly.

“…Huh? Ah. Suhyeon, they’re calling for you.”

An employee, who got a signal from the cameraman, turned her head and then called Suhyeon.

Since the interview was over, her tone had returned to the casual speech she usually used.

“Yes, noona. But noona, are you going to film more of my acting?”

“Yeah. I’m planning to. Your acting is so good, it’s going to really spike the buzz. Your eyes change completely… I’ve become a fan all over again.”

The publicity team member looked at Suhyeon, not knowing what to do with herself because he was so adorable.

Filled with affection and goodwill, he responded with a bright smile.

“I’ll do even better than before! You have to film it well!”

“Pfft, sure. The guy here with the camera will capture it well.”

Suhyeon, encouraged by the laughter, hurried off.

As he entered the set, Taebin, who had finished applying makeup to simulate injuries around her mouth, greeted him.

“Our popular star has arrived.”


“You like that?”

“I do. Noona’s hair is all disheveled.”

“Ah, yes. I exaggerated the ‘just got hit’ setting a bit. But you know the word ‘disheveled’? Kids these days pick up language so fast.”

Suhyeon moved to where the camera was focused, laughing off her comment.

Months of experience had taught him that silence and a faint smile were the best responses to such questions.

“Let’s get it in one take this time. Cue!”

With PD Bongchun’s clap, the atmosphere on set changed.

Taebin, who had been fooling around with Suhyeon, glared at him with a serious face, and Suhyeon gasped with a terrified expression.

Only the child’s panting filled the now-silent space.

“Ah, mom…”

“Didn’t I tell you not to call me mom? It’s unlucky.”

She passed by him with a look of disgust, covering her injured lips.

As their bodies collided, the child fell, but she didn’t seem to care.

“Good, cut! Let’s change positions and go again right away.”

“Suhyeon, are you not hurt? Weren’t you pushed hard?”

“The floor has a sponge, so it’s okay.”

As soon as the cut was called, Taebin approached Suhyeon with a face full of worry.

Contrary to her concern, Suhyeon’s face was wrapped in a smile.

Taebin, puzzled by this brighter-than-usual demeanor, soon realized the presence of a making-of camera and played along with his intention.

“Are you really not hurt? No bruises?”

She fussed over Suhyeon, examining him with exaggerated concern.

It was natural for her to ask repeatedly and check for injuries here and there.

This noona must have a lot on her plate…

Suhyeon understood Taebin’s actions.

Just as he was embroiled in controversy over whether he was actually being abused, she too had suffered from rumors for playing the role of an “abusive mother.”

While many praised her improved acting skills, there was no end to the malicious comments saying her nastiness made it all the more natural.

She must have been sick and tired of her position.

It’s good to be the talk of the town, but…

Suhyeon put more effort into his performance.

If he couldn’t overcome even this obstacle, the title of living a “second life” would be in vain.

* * *

[└I saw the making-of film. Suhyeon, noona supports you! Grow up just like this. ㅠㅠ

└The way Suhyeon’s eyes change is freaking awesome and the drama is crazy intense ㄷㄷ I’ll definitely catch the premiere!

└Why cableㅠ? Is there no way to watch it separately? I want to see it but can’tㅇㅓ……. ㅠㅠ

└This is a post for the young actor, everyone, please be polite. Suhyeon, fighting!]

Seeing the supportive comments on his official account, Suhyeon curled his lips into a smile.

The excitement from the teaser video, followed by the release of the making-of film, led to Praise trending.

Moreover, just as he had hoped, it significantly helped eliminate any negative talks.

We’re releasing two more teasers before the drama. And Seohan-hyung is also wrapping up the NBC shooting. Things are progressing smoothly…

Was this what it meant to have a favorable wind?

Although there was no promotion through terrestrial broadcasting, Praise was spreading among the young drama fans through social media.

A gif titled “The spine-chilling performance of a six-year-old” circulated, and the incident that inspired Praise was also cautiously mentioned.

It was the perfect timing to row the boat.

Thus, without delay, Suhyeon rowed.

[Please pick a few photos from the digital camera we shot before and upload them to the official account.]

After pressing hard on the keys to send the message, he received a reply on his phone a few minutes later.

He then turned his attention back to the laptop screen.

After refreshing a few times, a photo with the sentence “Please give a lot of love to the first broadcast on January 28♡” appeared.

The selfie is really artistic.

The photo uploaded by Sangil included one Suhyeon had taken himself with his phone.

Thanks to his ability to view the shooting screen in real-time, his selfies were flawless without any embarrassment.

The response is good… But do these people live here? Why do the comments come in so fast…?

He felt a mix of happiness and bitterness as he saw the rapidly increasing comments.

Even before his regression, the period of his popularity had been so short that he felt both happy and bittersweet.

“Suhyeon, come out and eat some fruit!”


Thinking that it was all for the best, Suhyeon quickly hid his electronic devices and came out of the room at Jiyeon’s call.

As the shooting picked up pace, the days he could rest at home changed to just one day a week.

He would come home late from juggling school, shooting, promotions, and script analysis, and Jiyeon would sometimes come to the shooting location and stay with him at a hotel.

Despite becoming busier, he did not want to neglect his now complete and harmonious family relationship.

He wanted to maintain the family structure that had once broken down because of money.

“It’s delicious!”

“Really? Mom knows how to pick fruit.”


Having seized a new opportunity, Suhyeon didn’t let go of either the success of his work or the harmony of his family.

Thus, amidst his busy days, the broadcast date of the drama Praise finally approached.

Starting as a Child Actor in This Life

Starting as a Child Actor in This Life

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