Starting as a Child Actor in This Life Chapter 25

Chapter 25

[NBC Acting Awards, Summer Has Struck

On December 30th, the NBC Acting Awards saw an impressive sweep of seven awards.

Lee Seohan, who played the role of “Jiwu,” won both the Grand Prize and the Best Actor Award, while Choi Ayeon, who played “Gaeun,” won the Best Actress Award, and Kwak Chaemin, who played “Jihyuk,” won the Best New Actor Award, thus every lead actor was honored with an award.


“Young Jiwu” Kang Suhyeon and “Young Gaeun” Yoon Seora, who were loved as a tragically young couple, also reaffirmed the viewers’ love by winning the Best Couple Award.

Meanwhile, the drama My Husband is Suspicious, starring Song Haeri and Yu Yejin, also enjoyed a bounty of awards not unlike Promise of the Blue Summer…]

The day after the awards ceremony…

Suhyeon checked the main article and entered a drama community he frequently visited.

Since the results of NBC’s Acting Awards were the only ones released among the three networks, the forum was abuzz with discussions about NBC.

[└Honestly, I enjoy watching Promise of the Blue Summer too, but this time NBC really overdid it, haha;;

└The leads did well and Lee Seohan’s acting is acknowledged but winning the Grand Prize after just 4 episodes is a bit…

└ㅋㅋㅋㅋShouldn’t you give the Grand Prize to the lead of a drama that surpassed 50% in ratings? It was only 6 episodes at the time of nomination, and now it’s already 40. If you’re jealous, just say so.

└Congratulations, Mr. Lee Seohan^^ Ignore the comments

└So did I ignore Lee Seohan or whatㅋㅋAh, this is frustrating]

This is somewhat controversial.

Even Suhyeon, who had anticipated Lee Seohan to win the Best Actor Award, hadn’t expected him to win the Grand Prize as well.

However, NBC didn’t take their greatest success of the year lightly, and eventually, Seohan succeeded in winning his first Acting Award.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a case of pushing an actor without talent or popularity, so the Grand Prize that the public criticized was fixed on NBC.

[└But Suhyeon was cute, though

└For real, he was cute. When he came out and spoke his acceptance speech clearly, couldn’t help but go “aww”ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

└ Suhyeon’s award ceremony article. The photos are totally bright and bursting with cutenessㅠㅠㅠㅠ NBC, why don’t you have a Child Actor Award? Scrap the Contribution Award and make one for child actors]

Numerous posts and comments were made about Suhyeon, who had only won the Best Couple Award.

The eyes that watched the performance of children not even ten years old were filled with admiration.

I was quite cute, wasn’t I.

On the awards stage last night, Suhyeon briefly shared his thoughts on his character and gave out a cliché thanks.

“I think Jiwu shined more because of the PD-nim and everyone who helped.”

And then, he charmed the audience with something like,

“Thank you to all the viewer hyungs and noonas who loved us! I love you.”

The two-person heart and hand heart, often challenging for adult actors to attempt, were a bonus.

It was fortunate that Seora responded.

The heart formed by Seora on the right and Suhyeon on the left, despite their different sizes, received an incredible response.

Laughter and exclamations of “so cute” echoed here and there, with even the typically reserved actors supporting the young juniors with laughter at that moment.

The reaction on the internet was as hot as the atmosphere on site.

Those watching the live broadcast searched for “Kang Suhyeon” and “Yoon Seora,” and thanks to that, the three characters of Kang Suhyeon’s name briefly climbed the real-time search rankings.

There was quite a bit of praise.

As Suhyeon and Seohan were announced as winners, Promise of the Blue Summer, which had been losing steam after a 50 percent rating promise, once again became a hot topic among viewers.

The advertising effect was significant enough that the publicity team sent out thank-you texts.

But what’s strange is that the votes were higher than I thought.

Suhyeon recalled the votes displayed on the big screen at the time of the award.

The Best Couple’s vote share for first place was 54.2 percent.

Second and third places were 26.3 and 13.1 percent, respectively.

It wasn’t overwhelmingly dominant, but the gap was still decisively clear.

I thought even 400,000 votes would be a good defense…

Curious about the unexpected results, Suhyeon tweaked his search terms and started looking through posts related to the Best Couple Award.

[Child actors are cute, it was a close call, “The Potion of Youth” is the truth…]

Browsing through such titles, he soon found the post and comments he was looking for.

Ah, so that was it?

Suhyeon’s competitors were so-called “experienced rookies” who had already built up their recognition as idols.

Their acting skills were fairly decent, making them opponents Suhyeon couldn’t beat in a head-to-head match.

However, unfortunately for them, both Kim Won and Song Haeri had similar positions and images within their groups.

As a result, votes amongst casual fans were split, and the cute couple of Suhyeon and Seora managed to break through in between them.

I expected to catch some windfall up to this point but overlooked what would come next.

Twix and Illusion were both groups with a strong female fanbase.

They welcomed their idols diving into acting but harbored resentment toward the female co-stars.

I guess they can tolerate makeup and their roles but don’t like their names being mentioned together? They don’t want to vote for a member of a rival group either… And yet, choosing not to vote is also an option, but everyone’s playing it safe.

Having figured out the reason, Suhyeon closed his laptop with a relieved expression.

After all, both sides got the results they wanted, so it was a good thing.

“Suhyeon, mom’s coming in.”

While Suhyeon was savoring the moment, a knock sounded in the room.


Suhyeon quickly hid his laptop and replied with a youthful voice, prompting Jiyeon to enter.

Her pineapple hairdo, done up in a hurry for work, caught his eye.

“My son! You’re awake, why haven’t you come out? Huh?”

“Outside the blanket is dangerous.”

“Oh my. Is that so? But what to do? Now, even our little sleepy prince has to come out.”

Jiyeon tidied up Suhyeon’s bird’s nest hair and lifted him up.

He had gotten much heavier compared to five months ago, but to mother, Jiyeon, he was still a light weight.

“Let’s babble babble and eat.”


Once his feet touched the ground, Suhyeon dashed towards the bathroom.

The sink with a step stool posed no problem for him to use, and the organized children’s cup fit perfectly in his hand.

“To celebrate Suhyeon’s award, mom prepared only your favorite side dishes!”

“Wow! Thank you!”

Ah, whose son is this cutie? Suhyeon, try the kimchi! Here, one more time.

Melted by Suhyeon’s affectionate voice, Jiyeon immediately grabbed her phone to snap photos of him.

Used to the situation, Suhyeon didn’t flinch but struck an adorable pose.

“Is it good?”

“It’s delicious.”

“Our son, aren’t you tired? Coming home late every day. Dad said he’s sad because he can’t see his son.”

“I’m okay!”

“Naughty. But you’re cute, so let’s just be the naughty son.”

Sitting beside Suhyeon, Jiyeon looked at him with tender eyes as she awkwardly picked up side dishes with a chopsticks/fork.

Gone was any strictness, as she was busy doting on her son.

It was a meal shared together after three days, so it was natural.

Filming or not, there were classes and care to attend to.

Since Suhyeon’s shooting schedule got busier, the time the family of three could spend leisurely together decreased.

Even when they wanted to do something, Suhyeon, who had expended his energy on shooting, would fall asleep instantly.

Although there was a bit of leisure time granted before the awards ceremony, conflicting schedules scattered the family members far and wide.

Mom also took on four outsourced projects this time… It’s like we’re a separated family.

While picking at his side dishes, Suhyeon became a bit glum.

He was only five years old, yet life seemed too harsh.

“Don’t you have an appetite? Want something else?”

“No, I’m okay.”

“Were you and Seora getting along well yesterday? You were so cute.”

“Um. She’s also busy with work. Sigh, what even is life.”

“Aw, my Suhyeon must be having a tough time. Is it very hard?”

Jiyeon tried to suppress her laughter at Suhyeon’s unchildlike sigh and comforted him.

If it were like before, she might have advised him to quit everything under the guise of concern.

However, seeing Suhyeon attending acting classes and taking it seriously, Jiyeon silently agreed to support his dream.

Even though she still wondered if another path would be better, she stopped voicing her doubts.

“It’s a bit tough… but Suhyeon will become a top star.”

“Yeah. Suhyeon can definitely make it.”

Jiyeon brought the side dishes closer to Suhyeon, sharing stories they hadn’t had the chance to discuss recently.

How the shooting went, if he made any friends on set, and how the awards ceremony was…

Despite the busyness, Suhyeon felt grateful for these moments of respite.

* * *

“You won an award?”


“That’s so stingy.”

“Thanks. Is that mine?”

Upon arriving at the site, Suhyeon greeted Jiyoon, who started teasing him right away, with a bright smile.

The hidden wrapping paper was all too visible.

“It’s not yours, you know!”

“Really? I thought noona would congratulate me.”

“That… Thinking as a fan, I accidentally bought it!”

With her face turning bright red, Jiyoon threw the object in her hand at him.

Inside the wrapping paper was a plush toy small enough to fit in his arms, apparently to her taste.

“It’s cute. Thanks.”

Suhyeon hugged the toy and smiled with his eyes.

The intricate toy matched alarmingly well with Suhyeon’s sweet appearance.

Especially the rosy cheeks that radiated a childlike freshness, resembling a scene from a painting.

Should I take a picture with the toy and ask Sangil-hyung to upload it? My account has been getting more visitors lately.

Of course, contrary to his innocent expression, he was busy maneuvering over his self-promotion strategy.

He might have gained popularity, but he had shifted only from being “known only to some” to “seems like I’ve seen that face.”

He still needed to put in effort.

“…Are you close with Seora?”

While Suhyeon was fiddling with the soft toy, Jiyoon, who had been glancing around nervously, cautiously asked.

Pretending to be disinterested, she asked as if it just came to mind, but her hands were fidgeting anxiously.

This is a good opportunity.

Suhyeon couldn’t help but smile at the obviously visible affection.

From their first meeting, even though she acted sharply, she was just a kid who had just turned ten after the new year.

His body might have been young, but his mind was that of an adult, and to Suhyeon, she was just adorable.

“Am I friends with Seora?”

And then, he wanted to tease a bit.

“Friends? How much…? More than me?”

“Hmm, enough to confess and ask Seora to marry me?”


“I practiced a lot because of the last line, but it was comfortable since Seora was good at keeping her focus.”


Finally realizing it was a joke, Jiyoon shut her mouth.



“Do you know the saying that spring potatoes taste good?”

“…What’s that?”

“No, just reminded me of someone who looks like you.”

“…Besides Seora, there’s someone else? Who is that!”

Seeing Jiyeon about to cry, Suhyeon burst into clear laughter.

Regardless of the gloomy drama content, the atmosphere on set was enjoyable.

* * *

The brief squabble ended along with the staff’s preparations.

Today’s shooting was about Jang Yeonwu becoming a target and being bullied by the other children.

Jiyoon, taking on the role of the leader of the bullies, class representative “Kim Chaeun,” showcased an inspired performance.

She captured the nitty-gritty so well and tormented with such detail that some lines were ad-libbed, yet the PD approved them.

“Ugh. So tired……”

When a brief rest came, Suhyeon leaned his tired body on a chair.

It wasn’t that the acting was difficult, but rather Jiyoon’s vigor had drained him.

“It’s natural since you teased her that much.”

“Did you see everything?”

“Yes. If you play with someone’s feelings, you’ll end up crying tears of blood.”

“It was just a little teasing because she was cute.”

“It would be nice if you were more aware that you are six years old.”


Knowing he wasn’t acting his age, Suhyeon quietly sipped the cocoa that Sangil had given him.

As the hot beverage went down, his body thawed from the cold.

“You remember we have a poster shoot tomorrow, right?”


“The wardrobe will be prepared by the production team. And the trailer video you suggested will also be distributed tomorrow on YouTube and other video sites.”

Starting as a Child Actor in This Life

Starting as a Child Actor in This Life

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While returning from a late-night shoot, Suhyeon collides with a tow truck driving in the wrong direction with its headlights on... When he regains consciousness, his reflection in the mirror is... a little kid? Even I can see that I'm cute. An unknown idol has become a popular child actor! Get ready, as the captivating performance of actor Kang Suhyeon is about to begin.
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