Starting as a Child Actor in This Life Chapter 27

Chapter 27

“Dad, is it really okay for you not to go to work today?”

“Yeah. Dad took a day off just for our Suhyeon!”

“…Suhyeon’s dad. Did you really have to take a day off?”

“Hey, it’s the first broadcast of the drama where Suhyeon is the lead actor. It’s a special day, so we should spend it together.”

Hochan lifted Suhyeon onto his shoulders, smiling despite Jiyeon’s displeasure.

With his view suddenly much higher, Suhyeon wrapped his arms around Hochan’s head.

“Our son, you’ve gotten quite heavy, haven’t you? That’s right, you need to eat well and grow quickly.”

“Suhyeon has grown a lot lately that my back hurts. Put him down.”

“It’s fine. It’s not that far to the car anyway.”

Suhyeon watched the bickering pair intently.

In his memory, they were always fighting over money and blaming each other.

The house was filled more with irritation and tiredness than affection, and Suhyeon often tried his best to ignore the noise.

That’s a future that should no longer exist…

Seeing a different scene from the past, he gently leaned his head against Hochan’s.

Every time he saw such a harmonious scene, his heart inexplicably fluttered.

“Suhyeon, are you sleepy? Tired?”


“If you’re sleepy, wouldn’t it be better to be carried? It’s dangerous otherwise.”

“Um. As long as I hold onto your legs tightly…”

“He really doesn’t listen.”

“That’s why it’s nice.”

“Ah, if only you couldn’t speak…”

Looking down, Suhyeon quietly turned his head.

The sight of his parents being affectionate with their son on his head wasn’t unpleasant, but it was rather embarrassing.

* * *

Hochan’s day-off plan turned out to be surprisingly rich and beneficial.

Instead of just going to a cinema or a place full of attractions, he looked for places where children could participate and that offered educational content.

I can see why kids would enjoy this…

Initially skeptical and indifferent, Suhyeon eventually got caught up in the excitement like the other children, turning blocks and stepping on the floor.

He realized his own age and felt a bit of doubt, but it wasn’t a big problem.

“Son, did you have fun?”


The last course of their holiday outing was eating out.

Since they needed to catch the first airing of Praise, they entered a restaurant a bit early.

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen it without a queue.”


The place Suhyeon’s family headed to was a family restaurant near their home, known for its good price, taste, and atmosphere, making it a popular spot even for those from other areas.

“Shall we choose something here, Suhyeon?”

Jiyeon unfolded the part of the menu with the kids’ set and handed it to Suhyeon.

Menus like rice topped with a flag, bear-shaped omelet rice, and others that children would like caught his eye.

This is a set I won’t be able to order when I get older.

He swung his legs that couldn’t reach the floor and seriously pondered over the menu.

Hamburgers, mini steaks, omelet rice, cream spaghetti, and others.

Each one looked delicious and unique, making it difficult to choose.

“Hello, I’m Kim Juyeong, and I’ll be taking care of your table today. Shall I start with your drink orders?”

“Two sodas and… Mom, you’re going to have beer, right?”

“Yes. With an orange peel. Suhyeon, you can draw whatever you want with this ketchup…”

“One 500cc beer with orange peel and two sodas, please.”

“Alright. Got it.”

The cheerful server glanced at Suhyeon engrossed in reading the menu before leaving their table.

Even after she left, Suhyeon was still busily deciding which menu item to choose, thinking of it as a limited edition available only at his current age.

“I want to eat omelet rice, and meat too… Ugh…”

“We can come back another time and choose then. Mom and Dad can do at least that much for you.”

“Um. Then, the kids’ steak set.”

“If you want meat, Mom can share hers with you.”

“Ummmm! Then, the bear high rice.”

“Doesn’t the hamburger set with a flag also look delicious? The flag designs change every month.”

“…You’re kidding, right?”

“You caught me.”

After much deliberation, Suhyeon stared at the two, who were laughing with a look of betrayal in his eyes.

It wasn’t by chance that every time he had to make a decision, there were words causing him to hesitate and falter..


“Is our Suhyeon mad?”

“What should we do, if Suhyeon gets mad, mom and dad will be sad.”

“Should I buy ice cream? You liked the chocolate ice cream here, didn’t you?”

“Did I? Okay. Let’s also order dessert today.”

“…Then I’ll have the double brownie.”

“Sure, sure.”

He ended up mentioning the dessert he wanted, seemingly defeated by the continuous coaxing.

Though not stingy with food, he was of the opinion that if one was to eat dessert at a restaurant, it’d be better to buy from a bakery or ice cream shop, so such opportunities were rare.

…I do recall something like that.

Suhyeon pursed his lips, having already forgotten that he was upset.

He thought he had forgotten all such warm memories, but whenever they spontaneously came to mind like this, he felt strangely moved.

“Two sodas and one beer are ready. May I help you with the order?”

“Yes, a children’s hamburger set B and a 600-gram ribeye with a side of…”

While Hochan was ordering, Suhyeon focused on solving the mini-game in front of him.

It was challenging enough to be entertaining, despite being designed for children.

“…I’ve confirmed your order. But um… sir, I’m really sorry to ask…”


“Could it be, your son… is Actor Kang Suhyeon, the one who appeared in Promise of the Blue Summer?”


“Noona, do you know me?”

Suhyeon, having been deeply engrossed in his game, looked up at the employee with wide, expectant eyes as soon as his name was mentioned.

The way her eyes shook behind her hands was the typical reaction of a fan.

“Wow… Oh, I’m sorry. I’m a really, really big fan of Suhyeon. I rewatched all of Promise of the Blue Summer, streamed all your YouTube videos over 100 times, even bought the phone you advertised… I really didn’t expect to see you like this.”

She rambled on, unable to take her eyes off Suhyeon.

Though she spoke quietly to avoid disturbing other customers, her excitement was palpable.

Mom and Dad seem… a bit surprised.

Suhyeon greeted the fan with a bright capitalist smile while sneaking a glance at Jiyeon and Hochan.

Both seemed awkwardly amused, uncertain how to react to encountering a fan of Suhyeon in person for the first time.

Being confronted with real fan affection for the first time can be disconcerting.

On the internet, many raved about their favorite celebrities.

However, meeting such a person in real life was rare.

Most people, possessing common sense, would wear appropriate masks to navigate social interactions smoothly.

Yet, such masks were easily discarded in the presence of the celebrity in question.

The employee in front of him was no exception.

As soon as she confirmed it was indeed Suhyeon, she forgot she was at work and showed her joy.

It wasn’t strange that Jiyeon and Hochan were surprised to see the waitress suddenly revealing her true feelings.

Of course, it’s nice for me… but the thought of having a core fan from just a minor role in my childhood is kind of touching.

Contrary to the mixed feelings of the others, Suhyeon’s eyes sparkled as he gazed at the fan.

The first fan to recognize him in a place unrelated to filming.

It was naturally a moving moment.

“Are you really a fan of mine?”

“Noona is…”

Perhaps because they met in an unexpected place, she trembled with mixed feelings in response to Suhyeon’s reaction.

Jiyeon quietly hugged Suhyeon after witnessing the scene, but Juyeong, whose gaze remained fixed on Suhyeon, was unaware.

“Noona, promise me.”


“Not to cause a scene.”

Suhyeon extended his pinky finger, and she unconsciously hooked her finger around his, sealing the promise.

It was a quick contract made in a moment of confusion, yet nobody in the room raised any questions.

“And make sure to watch the live broadcast today.”

“Oh… Of course.”

Suhyeon spoke gently with a bright smile, causing the waitress to nod dumbly.

“Ahem. If it’s not too much trouble, we’d like to have our meal served now.”

Hochan, watching the two, broke up the meeting between his son and his fan with an awkward smile.

Juyeong’s attention toward the child was becoming a burden, especially since they had just placed their orders.

The meal was getting delayed because she was clinging to his son.

“I apologize. We’ll serve it shortly.”

“Noona, I’ll sign for you later when you bring the paper.”

“Oh, okay…!”

Suhyeon shook the waitress’s heart by managing his fan until the very end.

Until Juyeong left and only the three of them remained, Jiyeon and Hochan watched their son with complex gazes.

“…Son, you’re quite popular, aren’t you?”


“Could it be that our son might become a Hallyu star?”

“Suhyeon’s dad, wake up from your dream.”

“But still, people recognize our Suhyeon. Are we underestimating his potential?”

Unlike Jiyeon, who considered it a mere incident, Hochan seriously considered Suhyeon’s popularity.

He also pondered over Suhyeon’s career as an actor.

“That’s why I don’t say much nowadays.”

“We should support him more.”

“Suhyeon’s dad doesn’t understand how tough it is for child actors. I’ve looked into it. Did you know that Suhyeon hardly comes home these days and sleeps at a hotel nearby? He’s only six years old. What is this?”

“That’s why either I or Suhyeon’s mom always go to sleep there with him. To my eyes, Suhyeon seems to enjoy acting and is passionate about it. We should be proud that he’s proactive about his dreams, not just pity him and coddle him. And most of the time, kids suffer because their parents get greedy for their fame and money. We’re not like that.”


“It’s also a form of abuse to focus only on studies because he’s smart.”


Suhyeon listened to their conversation with a calm demeanor.

He found his parents’ attitude unfamiliar yet appreciated their serious consideration for his future.

If that con artist shows up, I really need to kick his ass.

And with that, he once again fueled his animosity toward the con artist who had brought his family to the brink of destruction.

During trying times, it wasn’t just the external family’s fault for sowing discord between Hochan and his spouse by badmouthing him.

The situation wouldn’t have escalated so dramatically if it weren’t for the con artists.

It’s not as if the external family did anything commendable either.

As Suhyeon recalled the selfish actions of the external family, Juyeong appeared with several trays neatly stacked.

The trays on top of each other resembled a circus act.

“Here comes the ribeye, with a side of baked potatoes and…”

After placing the tray on the stand, she moved with elegant ease.

She never misplaced any dish, and even the heavy iron plate was served without a wobble.

The change in her demeanor made Hochan and Jiyeon forget their discomfort and enjoy their meal.

“Double brownie is here.”

That was before the brownie with two scoops of ice cream and melon soda came out as a dessert.

“…We didn’t order any extras.”

“It’s on the house. And, umm…”

Steadfastly declaring it a service, Juyeong sneakily handed Suhyeon a few sheets of paper and a pen.

The confidence she had shown earlier seemed to vanish, and her gaze toward Suhyeon was filled with pleading.

“Could I get five autographs?”


“The chef and the manager are fans, too.”

“Yes! Hand them here, please.”

Cutting through the awkward silence, Suhyeon received the paper and pen.

Soon, a somewhat crooked but impressive signature was drawn on a large piece of paper.

“Wow… a celebrity autograph.”

“Suhyeon, did you make a signature for yourself too?”

“I’m a six-year-old who plans ahead!”

Lifting his chin up, he proudly boasted about the fan autograph he created when he was 20.

Despite the lack of force in his hand making it somewhat clumsy, the autograph, crafted by a professional, had a distinctive flair.

To be praised for a nice autograph at this age. It’s the best.

The more praise and cheers he received, the sweeter they felt.

That day, too, he radiated his charm and concluded a satisfying outing with a photo for proof.

And that evening, Praise, which had recorded a 1.7 percent viewership, became embroiled in controversy.

Starting as a Child Actor in This Life

Starting as a Child Actor in This Life

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