The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 31

Episode 31

“Ah, just kidding.”

I winked with one eye. But knowing that it wasn’t a joke, Yu Hyeok’s face turned red from his ears.

Even if a large corporation invested capital, what can’t be done, can’t be done.

Fools. They couldn’t see the bigger picture.

Moreover, the song by White Cherry was so famous that it worked against them. Even when they mixed in the concept of The Little Mermaid, the result was still similar to White Cherry’s original track, so it didn’t stand out as unique.

Today’s members were talented, so they might become the talk of the town for a while, but the original performance was still much better.

“You, you…!”

“We’ll get going now!”

Nodding to the staff, all The Dawn members left, and Yu Hyeok missed his chance to argue again.

Seeing his speechless face, I felt refreshed and went on stage in high spirits. Seong Jiwon also had a refreshing look on his face, as if he had downed a whole case of soda.

The staff’s bewildered voice was heard as the dazzling stage lights enveloped The Dawn members.

“Is their concept really Peter Pan?”

“Yes, it is…”

“But why are they dressed as pirates?”

These costumes were deliberately hidden during the rehearsal. As I heard these words, I saw the corner of Kang Ichae’s mouth rise.

Before asking Lim Hyeonsu to arrange the song, we had a conversation amongst ourselves.

“In Peter Pan, there’s not only Tinker Bell. There’s a character that fits our concept perfectly.”

“Captain Hook? A pirate?”

“Exactly. Actually, there’s a story that Captain Hook is incredibly charming. He hates Peter Pan because he cut off his arm, but it’s said he’s gentle to Wendy.”

Seong Jiwon added his opinion.

“So, are we pushing a story about a pirate falling for the other party?”

“That’s the plan.”

Like Girls’ “Want You.”

A fresh and lively unrequited love song where the other person doesn’t see me, but I still slowly approach and confess in frustration. Originally, the concept was based on cheerful American cheerleaders, but the arrangement could be changed at will depending on how you look at it.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

The sound of a ticking clock flowed out.

Traumatized by having their arm cut off by an alligator, the pirates, afraid of the ticking sound, covered their ears and crouched.

In an instant, the stage brightened.


At the sound of the cannon, everyone’s eyes widened, and Kang Ichae jumped over the members and burst onto the front of the stage.

“My fellow pirates, this is our show time!”

Swoosh- Splash!

With that, Seong Jiwon stood up. Instead of a clock’s ticking sound, fierce waves crashing against the ship could be heard. The lively song changed to a bright and cheerful beat with a hint of a siren, making the day feel even more electrifying.

“Hello, let me greet you once,

You there walking by, why don’t you see me?

Right now I’m giving you the message.”

The song switched to a tempo that exuded the American high teen style’s dangerous yet alluring scent.

As expected of Lim Hyeonsu, her touch on the music was simply incredible.

Kim Seonghyeon blocked Seong Jiwon’s path and smiled at the camera.

“Look at me, not the one beside you,

Don’t you think we’d be a perfect match?”

Kim Seonghyeon raised one hand above his eyes, gesturing as if he were looking out at the distant ocean. At the same time, he showed a motion of turning his other hand, which was holding a key, to the right.

It felt like he was swaying on a ship sailing across the ocean.

“It’s not them, I’ve said it so many times,

He’s so selfish,

I’ll only look at you, making sure you won’t regret it,

Trust me.”

Jeong Dajun fiercely stepped forward. It was hard to believe he was the same person who had been trembling and playing the recorder just a moment ago.

“It’s not them” points to Peter Pan, and “me” refers to the pirate.

As Dajun raised his hand, the camera moved upward and swiftly closed on me.

“I know you’re wavering.”

I leaned against the set and brushed my hair back while looking at the camera. I approached with the sailors’ characteristic swaying steps and curled the corners of my lips into a smile.

“Eventually, you’re meant to come my way,

But don’t make me wait too long.”

Kang Ichae held a pocket scope, blinking and pretending to observe. Suddenly, he stumbled and fell below. At the same time, the sound of something falling into the water could be heard.


As the bubbling sound echoed, the song reached its highlight. The lighting turned a deep blue like it was submerged in the ocean. Seong Jiwon walked forward with a swaying gait, clutching his throat and frowning as if he was drowning.

“I might just lose my mind in your smile, in your words,

I’ve already fallen for you.”

At the same time, Kim Seonghyeon slowly picked up the triangular hat on the ground, casually placed it on his head, and then opened his mouth.

“Maybe I can’t do it anymore,

Perhaps I’ve already lost,

But still, I muster up the courage and walk towards you.”

His gaze met Seong Jiwon’s.

The final highlight. Leaving behind the bubbling sound, it rose above the sea.

“I really want you.”

In Like Girls’ “Want You,” the previously descending final note was raised to its highest.

As soon as Seong Jiwon and my stable doubling ended, the refreshing sound of water accompanied the vessel’s arrival to the surface, breaking the stage’s tension again.

Kim Seonghyeon threw his hat up towards the now-brightened lights.


Kang Ichae, who caught the hat with the sharp tip of his sword, playfully whirled it around and flashed a mischievous grin.

“It looks like I don’t need fairy dust.”

At the same time, Jeong Dajun joined in and flawlessly sang the hook.

“It’s not them, I’ve said it so many times,

He’s so selfish,

I’ll only look at you, making sure you won’t regret it,

Trust me.”

Seong Jiwon must be going crazy with excitement.

As we entered the group dance, the sound of sirens echoed, and a flashy dance performance unfolded.

Gradually, the beat slowed down, and the members rotated accordingly.

“Hello, let me greet you once again.”

Our bodies swayed left and right, following the ticking of a clock.

“We can do this together.”


Everyone flinched and collapsed at the sound of gunfire, and the lights went out.

It was the end of the story for the supporting character who loved the protagonist. The story that illuminated the supporting character’s tale had come to a close.


Silence filled the air.

I thought it was because there was no audience, but I couldn’t hear any reaction from the assistant director or the PD either. After maintaining our ending pose for a moment, the other members of The Dawn and I exchanged glances and slowly lifted our heads one by one.

All the staff members looking at the stage were in shock.

It must have been alright.

“Good job, everyone.”

“Yes, good job.”

We bowed our heads first and greeted everyone. We then dusted off our hats and exchanged light greetings with each other.

Then, my gaze met with the astonished PD, Kim Heeyeon, whose mouth was wide open but her eyes sparkling like she had discovered a gem.

“Thank you.”

This was just the beginning.


“To commemorate the first filming of Shining Star, let’s hope for a 1% viewer rating! Cheers!”


Everyone burst into laughter. The manager said we didn’t have to participate in such events, but how could we miss the first dinner party for the program?

No way.

The manager was cautious at such gatherings, barely sipping on his drink, but his eyes glazed over as if drunk.

“Today, I, um, saw your stage, and it was so moving, I was in tears. How could I have neglected such talented kids…!”

“Manager, are you okay?”


It seemed like he would cry no matter what I said. I tried to console him moderately but then handed the duty over to Kim Seonghyeon, who was sitting on my left and silently drinking. Kim Seonghyeon made a puzzled face.

“Why are you passing this on to me?”

“Because you’re reliable.”

Kim Seonghyeon sighed, patted the manager on his shoulder, and even brought him some water. Hmm, I knew he would do that.

Next to him, Jeong Dajun laughed as if he was intoxicated by the atmosphere, even though he was only drinking a regular soda.

“Manager, don’t cry~!”

“Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Seong Jiwon clapped his hands to the rhythm while trying to console the manager.

Each group occupied its own section of the restaurant to celebrate, but then one idol group enthusiastically approached us. It was Nightmare, the only group on the show who was The Dawn’s hoobae.

“Ah, hello!”


All The Dawn members stood up to greet our hoobae, Nightmare.

Nightmare’s leader hesitated before stepping forward.

“I’m Lee Hanseong. I wanted to say hello because I really loved your stage earlier.”

“We also enjoyed watching Nightmare’s performance.”

One member started the conversation, and as they heard a somewhat cheerful reply, the rest of the members courageously approached and bowed 90 degrees.

“It was amazing. Also, your single was great too!”


I decided to leave this to Seong Jiwon. When I pushed Seong Jiwon forward a little, he looked embarrassed but couldn’t escape.

“No, no, you guys are more amazing.”

“What are you talking about! The Dawn is more amazing!”

“No, Nightmare is more…!”

I needed to get out of this conversation quickly.

Leaving Seong Jiwon behind, I sneakily walked to another table. I had something to say to PD Kim Heeyeon.

As I walked, I saw the Today group chatting and laughing with the staff.

I tried to ignore them and pass by, but suddenly, their main vocalist firmly grabbed my arm.

He’s drunk.

“Uh, aren’t you the ones who did the last stage? The pirates!”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Wow~! I was really surprised. The stage composition was so good. You should have a drink with us in celebration! Don’t you think so?”

“That’s right!”

Doing this in front of the staff was like asking for a fight.

I debated whether to go along with it when Today’s center grinned nastily.

“Or do you not want to drink with us? Are you afraid you will fall behind?”

Oh my…

The staff sensed the unusual atmosphere, and they opened their eyes wide and looked back and forth between us. I glanced at the staff. Behind them, Kim Heeyeon was standing with a grimace that said, ‘These jerks are at it again.’

My mind raced quickly. It was just a tiny provocation that I could ignore, but…


It wouldn’t be so bad to liven up the mood for once.

I finished my thoughts and smiled brightly.



“But can you handle it?”

Maybe it was time to show them something interesting.




I shook the beer bottle in front of my glass.

Gulp, I could even hear the sound of someone swallowing their saliva.

Many glasses were laid out in front of me. I lifted the beer bottle I had been shaking and aimed it at the glasses.



“Seo Hoyun! Seo Hoyun!”

As the beer accurately poured into the glass, completing the bomb shot, everyone was ecstatic. I smirked and shook the glass as everyone got even more excited.

“What! I can’t do that!”

“An idol doing that kind of thing?!”

“Seo Hoyun! Show us the next technique!”

“Do you want to see it?”


“Ah… your voice is a bit low.”


“Really, do you want to see it?”


The staff members were going wild.

Having seen all sorts of techniques in the entertainment industry, they were amazed by this rookie idol’s performance.


“Seo Hoyun! Seo Hoyun!”

The already defeated Today members were bitterly cornered. Kang Ichae was in high spirits as he laughed and cheered by my side.

“Next one.”

I stood up, opening the bottle cap with a spoon.

The staff members held their glasses, their eyes shining brightly as they waited. I deliberately used a snap to fill each of their glasses from a distance.


“Me too! Please fill mine up as well!”

“I’ll go in the order of gratitude.”

“Hoyun, I think I’ve been good to you.”

“No, I took better care of him!”

Seo Hoyun hadn’t died yet.

I proudly and diligently filled the glasses. It seemed like I had utterly defeated the Today members.

Kang Ichae excitedly hopped around and laughed.

“Hyung, how on earth do you do this?”

“Just learn it to death.”

“But where do you learn something like this?”

Where else would I have learned it? I learned it at the broadcasting station while pleasing the director.

I also learned to secretly pour soju into rice balls or soy sauce. However, I couldn’t tell a newcomer like Kang Ichae.

“I’ll be back after getting some fresh air for a moment.”

“Hoyun, hurry back. Dilute my drink, please.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Hahaha, you’re so cold~.”

The staff members laughed and let me go. At least they properly set the mood, and it seemed the Dawn members received special care.

As soon as I went outside, my body shivered. It was unexpectedly cold.

Usually, I would have smoked a cigarette, but I couldn’t now.


[Why did you go out? You’re not even drunk.]

“I am drunk.”

[I saw you pouring it into the rice ball earlier.]

Oh my.

“That’s possible.”

I was clear-headed and found mingling and responding to people bothersome, but there was a separate reason. I looked outside and saw the tip of a cigarette beyond the wall.

As expected.

I slowly approached, pretending it was a coincidence.



It was PD Kim Heeyeon. She was holding a bottle of alcohol in one hand and gulping it down like water.

She’s still the same, the same.

Kim Heeyeon grinned without any embarrassment.

“You were truly wonderful.”

“Thank you.”

“Where on earth did you learn that? It shouldn’t have been at your agency.”

“It’s a talent.”


Perhaps because of the alcohol, Kim Heeyeon’s laughter trickled.

“Anyway, Seo Hoyun, you’ll become very popular among our staff. I don’t know about other groups, though.”


“Your performance earlier was great as well. As an insider speaking, it was honestly the best one.”



Kim Heeyeon sighed.

“So, more… ah, never mind. Just forget it.”


This kind of talk was a bit bitter. Our performance might have been the best, but it still wouldn’t make us number one. Shining Star was a program where the first place had already been decided to go to Today.

Kim Heeyeon swallowed her words and drank the rest of the bottle.



“You changed our order to the last one, right?”

“… I didn’t do that. It happened because of issues with the filming schedule.”

“Is that so?”

As she tried to laugh it off, Kim Heeyeon froze. She seemed worried that I had caught on to her intentions.

“Anyway, thank you.”

“For what?”

“Just for being grateful. That was exactly what I wanted.”


At that moment, Kim Heeyeon’s eyes wavered as if she was thinking, ‘No way.’ But then a sharp voice came from behind.

“What’s the deal with Seo Hoyun and her?”

It was Today.

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