The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 30

Episode 30

I can already see Lim Hyeonsu grasping the back of her neck and falling.

“…I apologize in advance.”

“Hahaha, what will you do that requires an apology?”

It wasn’t genuinely apologetic but an apology for broadcast purposes.

I sat in a chair, brushed my hair back, and sighed with Lim Hyeonsu’s unique irritation, not forgetting to pick up the microphone.

“Jeong Dajun.”

“Uh, yes… yep.”

“Why do you think rhythm exists?”

Jeong Dajun was taken aback.

“I-I’m sorry.”

“You shouldn’t apologize to me but to the viewers. Watching such a low-quality performance during dinner time would make their appetite drop.”


Yu Jia’s laughter burst out already.

For reference, the lines I was saying were all said by Lim Hyeonsu before.

Super Singer went up to Season 5, and since Lim Hyeonsu was a judge in all seasons, even other idols struggled to hold back their laughter.

However, Jeong Dajun himself had tears welling up, shaking his head. It was unclear whether it was acting or genuine.

“I’m sorry, I should have practiced the recorder more diligently….”



“If it could be done by working hard, why would talent exist?”

“Ahahaha! It’s so identical!”

“Ah, no… my cheeks hurt.”

At this point, Yu Jia was almost crying, her head on the table. It seemed that she had a close relationship with Lim Hyeonsu as well.

After destroying the production staff and the members, we ended the skit.

“How can you be so identical?”

Just watch the same edited version 30 times or more.

“It’s because I admire that person.”

I turned my eyes to the camera.

I hammered in the point that we were close to preventing any controversy.


Composer, I admire you a lot. Thank you always!”

I crinkled my nose at the camera. Jeong Dajun, still seemingly scared of Lim Hyeonsu, bowed 90 degrees to the camera.

It was funny to find out later that Lim Hyeonsu’s direct comment, “Hoyun, let’s not contact each other anymore,” was captioned.

Anyway, Yu Jia laughed for a while and then barely picked up the microphone.

“Ah, I would have voted for this if I had a voting right. I really enjoyed it. I think it’s the highest sync rate of Lim Hyeonsu impersonations I’ve seen. Maybe because we’re acquainted, I was more immersed in it. Ah, my stomach hurts.”

Yu Jia mumbled and then suddenly raised her head.

The next idols that appeared were very nervous and focused only on their image management, so they didn’t get as good a response as us.

Today was especially a highlight.

“Um… I…”

“Yes, Yu Hyeok. Have you decided on your individual talent?”

“I’ll try to show aegyo, aegyo!”

Was he trying to resort to aegyo since he couldn’t dance or sing?

Well… it wasn’t a bad choice.

If only this wasn’t a team competition audition program.

Yu Hyeok winked while squinting his eyes and clenching his fist.

“Can I say ‘ya’?”


“Can I say ‘mine’?”


“We need a pet name that only we know. Honey, honey, so from today, you’re mine!”

Can I close my eyes?

Everyone rolled their eyes, quite flustered.

Especially Today’s hoobaes, who wondered how to react to Yu Hyeok’s 30-second show.

Watching Yu Hyeok finish with a finger heart and a biting action, I admired him.

At least Yu Hyeok is trying hard!


The only thing left on the set was a cold silence. Still, some polite hoobaes clapped for Today.


“Hmm… sunbaes are really different.”

Yu Hyeok, having done his part, bowed his head in embarrassment.

Well, Today’s fans might like it. Idol aegyo always left a good impression.

But this wasn’t the image the staff wanted in this fierce competition program.

Kim Heeyeon was already cursing with her eyes.

I bet Kim Heeyeon will include this cheap scene whenever it airs.

“Ha… ha… ha… well….”


“That was some nice aegyo.”

Yu Jia couldn’t add more on set but held up the next card with a deadpan (ㅎ) expression.

“Now, let’s vote, shall we?”

The talent show voting proceeded with three rules:

  1. One cannot vote for their own group.
  2. Voting is conducted according to the maximum member limit.
  3. The group with the most votes wins first place.

I entered my vote on the pre-issued device, thinking the result was obvious.

After a little while, when all the idols finished voting, Yu Jia cheerfully recited the predetermined lines.

“Now, let’s see who will have the honor of exclusive additional broadcast time.”

She turned her back, and the large monitor hastily displayed some texts.

Gulim font. It was a relief that it wasn’t Gungseo font, but I would have fired the person in charge if it were me.[1]

“The Dawn!”


“Hyung, additional broadcast!”

As soon as the group name was called, Jeong Dajun hugged me tightly.

The other members surrounded us, making a fuss. It felt chaotic.

“Hey, calm down. Just calm down.”

After detaching myself from Jeong Dajun’s hug and escaping from the other members, Yu Jia gave me a thumbs up, and Kim Heeyeon’s inscrutable expression flashed.

A face that said, ‘I shouldn’t be too happy.’

I looked away. Luckily, a break came just in time.

“We’ll take a short break before the next stage!”

And as soon as the camera light went off, Yu Hyeok, who seemed to be waiting, approached with a flushed face.

“Ah, sunbae.”

“Hey, you punk.”

Despite being polite, a rough hand grabbed my shoulder.


Kang Ichae exclaimed from beside me, even in front of the staff when the camera was off. Yu Hyeok chuckled.

“Did you plan to make fun of me?”

Just as I was about to answer, Kang Ichae interrupted.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“What about you?”

“Sunbae, did we make you laugh too much?”

It was unexpected for Kang Ichae to step forward. He was always just laughing from the sidelines.

Kang Ichae smiled brightly.

“Calm down, our Dajun will play the recorder for you again—”

“You punks…! You knew beforehand, right? That I can’t sing or dance for the talent show! By writing first place, you would get two chances! You knew it all, didn’t you?!”

“Gosh, you only see what you want to see.”

I flicked my ear.

Then, Yu Hyeok, who had been flashing a mischievous glance, reached out instantly. It was the moment Kang Ichae, who was in the middle, opened his eyes wide.

“You, come here!”

I pushed away Yu Hyeok’s hand. I then grabbed Kang Ichae and shoved him back.


Step back. I gave Kang Ichae a hint, and he obediently moved away with a slight frown. There was no need for one of the members to get caught by such a guy.

I could cover it anyway.


“…What? Hey?”

“Are you scared?”


“If you were scared, you should have written first place. Why are you taking out your frustrations on other people?”[2]

Yu Hyeok just mumbled after taking a hit.

I wanted to provoke him more, but this was enough for now. Everyone’s attention was drawn to us. It was intentional and satisfying.

The more it spread that The Dawn and Today were not on good terms, the better. I didn’t expect Today to fan the flames like this.

Yu Hyeok, this punk, was unexpectedly useful…

Dumb, though.

“…You, you…!”

He couldn’t easily continue as he didn’t expect his hoobae to speak casually, but I didn’t miss the opportunity.

“Well, good luck. We’ll go prepare for our performance.”

“Hey, hey… aren’t you going to stay?!”

Ignoring him, I grabbed Kang Ichae and walked away briskly. I was expecting Kang Ichae to laugh and tease as always, but he was silent.

I wondered if he was hit somewhere earlier, so I looked at him.

“Why? Did you get hit somewhere?”


Kang Ichae looked at me with his eyes wide open. Then, he shrugged his shoulders and walked ahead.

I wondered why he acted like that, but I had no clue.

It must be puberty.

I thought he’d go first, but Kang Ichae suddenly turned around.

“What are you doing, lingering there, hyung?”


“Let’s get ready.”

Then he grinned wide enough to reveal his teeth.


Kim Heeyeon assessed the atmosphere in the filming studio.

The mood lightened up initially with the jokes, but adding extra broadcasts left everyone on edge.

Behind the polite exchanges and forced smiles, there was an endless power struggle. The viewers wouldn’t be oblivious to this.

It’s really a battlefield…

The fandom would criticize Kim Heeyeon when the show airs, but it’s unavoidable.

No matter how much people talk about unity, creating controversy and sparking interest was essential for survival in the broadcasting industry. It’s possible that this was all she’s learned so far.

That’s when Kim Heeyeon’s gaze landed on Seo Hoyun, who seemed calm among the tense and pretentious newcomers.

Seo Hoyun, what’s the deal with him?

All cast members wore microphones, so even his casual comment to Yu Hyeok was recorded. They would be in trouble if it had been recorded elsewhere, but why?

Is he a golden spoon… or does he have some secret?

Kim Heeyeon couldn’t help but be interested in Seo Hoyun.

If handled well, it seemed like a good picture could be drawn, but did she really have to push such a young kid into the battlefield? Kim Heeyeon felt conflicted.


“Ah, yes?”

“The first mission stage will start soon. Everyone else will watch from the waiting room.”

“Okay. Um…”

As Kim Heeyeon listened to the AD’s briefing, she suddenly spoke up.

“The last performance is by Today, right?”


“Change it to The Dawn. Today will perform right before them.”

“Really? But investors and Today’s fans won’t be happy about that.”

“Will they fire me for changing just one order? It won’t show on the broadcast anyway.”

Kim Heeyeon glared. The Dawn was more popular than Today, but still…

“When Today performs, focus on The Dawn’s reactions, and vice versa when The Dawn performs.”

“PD, are you suggesting…?”


She was sorry.

Kim Heeyeon ended up pushing these young people in their early 20s into hell.

Feeling guilty, she envisioned the first episode in her head.

“Let’s create a rivalry between the two.”

She had no intention of being bossed around by the agency.

She couldn’t change the winner, but at least she could stir up chaos.



“Are we the last ones?”

Hearing that the order had been changed, Kim Seonghyeon’s voice stuttered in surprise. He had been prepared to go on stage first. The cameras focused on his startled face.

I sat back and chuckled.

So, this is how it comes out, Kim Heeyeon.

“There was a mix-up in the filming, so it turned out that way. You’re after Today.”

“Okay, got it.”

“Can you prepare?”

“Yes. It’s not like we’re being pushed forward.”

“It might be a bit of pressure being the last, but good luck.”

I said that on purpose.

At the words “last” and “pressure,” a storm of anxiety, worry, and apprehension swirled in Jeong Dajon’s eyes.

“H-hey, hyung. What do we do?”

“What can we do?”

Seong Jiwon jumped up.

“We need to practice more.”

“Ah, you’re right.”

“In that sense, Kang Ichae, come here. You don’t seem to fit in here.”


Kang Ichae was caught as the sacrificial lamb. Everyone else turned their heads with an “as long as it’s not me” expression.

As Kang Ichae was tormented by Seong Jiwon, Nightmare’s performance began.

The stage was about Cinderella and a girl group, with the lyrics telling them not to go home even after midnight.

“Don’t leave, our party here is just starting.”

The lyrics were a bit old-fashioned, but the stage itself was well-decorated. Everyone was young, so they expressed the concept of a refreshing, youthful man telling them not to go home quite well.

“They’re doing well.”

“Wow, how did they do that?”

While the other members reacted enthusiastically, I secretly glanced at the camera focusing on our group.

Kim Heeyeon’s doing.

Changing the order had a huge impact on the stage. It wasn’t for no reason that music shows and year-end music awards pushed back the most popular idols.

Even viewers who started watching in the middle could see it. It was a way to attract as many viewers as possible.

The same was true for competition programs.

Even without the agency’s influence, Today was likely to be scheduled last. They were more well-known than other groups.

In terms of popularity, we would have been, at best, second or third. But in this situation, The Dawn was the fifth and last to perform, which would certainly cause backlash amongst Today’s fandom and the others.

PD’s pick or manipulation?

The real manipulator is someone else.

Kim Heeyeon must have anticipated that but still decided to throw us into the fire.

The more criticism we received, the better the ratings would be, of course.

“Today’s stage is coming up.”

Jeong Dajun mumbled. Suddenly, Seong Jiwon stopped staring at Kang Ichae and looked at the stage with an utterly serious expression.

The group Seong Jiwon might have debuted with.

The widely recognized hit song featuring White Cherry’s beat started playing, adjusted to a male key. The popular concept of The Little Mermaid fitted them flawlessly.

How skilled were Today’s members?

Would they be good enough for their popularity?

“Right, okay,

You captured me in an instant.”

The other members silently gazed at the stage intently.

The dazzling stage effects under the bright lights, the fluttering pollen, and the costly set.

After about three minutes, Today’s members caught their breath and took their ending pose at the center of the stage.

“We’ll move now.”

“Ah, yes.”

The camera turned off, and we silently walked through the dark corridor behind the stage.

We ran into Today’s members coming off the stage. Yu Hyeok narrowed his eyes and shrugged his shoulders.

“Hey, did you see that?”


“Honestly, you can’t compete, can you? Have you ever worn something like this?”

Yu Hyeok laughed. Their outfits were indeed luxurious from head to toe. Moreover, the extravagant beats and set design were honestly jaw-dropping. It was the power of a large entertainment company.

“Ah, sorry. You guys are from a lousy agency, so you don’t have any support like this, right? Do you even have a practice room?”

“Watch your words.”

Kim Seonghyeon stepped forward, visibly upset by Yu Hyeok’s provocation. He quietly glared at Yu Hyeok.

I grabbed Kim Seonghyeon’s nape and pulled him back. Kim Seonghyeon muttered as he retreated.

Yeah, our practice room is terrible.

“Honestly, we can’t compete.”

“Finally, you understand?”

“Your skills are just too poor.”


Today’s members’ skills weren’t bad. The stage wasn’t bad either. It seemed like the camera captured them quite well, perhaps due to the money invested.

But the sad thing was, these guys…

They can’t do group projects.


I wanted to stop there, but seeing the options appear, I couldn’t help but laugh.


  1. Too bad, sunbae☆ You should’ve worked harder.
  2. Even if spoon-fed, you can’t eat it, oh, next time—
  3. Sunbae, your words were harsh just now. Please be more considerate in the future.]

Finally, an option appeared that was polite and reasonable, something I would usually say, but I didn’t feel like choosing it.

“Even if spoon-fed, you can’t accept it. It’s truly a pity.”


[1] Gulim and Gunseo are both Korean fonts.

[2] Seo Hoyun says, “종로에서 뺨 맞고 한강에서 화풀이해” which literally means “to get slapped in Jongno and take out your anger in Han River.” This Korean idiom suggests taking out one’s frustrations on someone else.

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