The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 20

Episode 20

“Here, this.”

I showed him a long scar that extended from my forearm to my shoulder. It had faded over time, but upon closer inspection, the traces of the wound were still clearly visible.

Some might have noticed it during practice, but none of the members had asked me about it before.

“This scar, it’s from a car accident several years ago, maybe ten years ago. At the time, I was told I might never be able to use my arm again.”


“I worked hard on rehabilitation, and now I can use my arm just fine… but back then, it was truly terrifying. No matter how hard I tried, it wouldn’t move.”

For the first time, I confided in someone other than Seo Hojin. I wasn’t sure if Seong Jiwon was an important person to me yet, but they were certainly necessary at that moment.

“I know that feeling well, when it seems like no matter what you do, it won’t work.”


“But through rehabilitation, I realized that opportunities are given. They might not be fair, but they’re given, and only those who are prepared can seize them.”

It wasn’t just rehabilitation. After losing my parents, I entered society earlier than others and faced many injustices.

People who grew up without hardship in wealthy families, thinking it was natural to trample on others…

My life was filled with disappointments, to the point where it was overwhelming. Good opportunities were always snatched by others.

Even this moment, whether fair or not, was an opportunity given to us.

But as always, when prepared, opportunities would come. Even if only once.

I locked eyes with Seong Jiwon.

“You’ve prepared hard, haven’t you?”



Hesitating, Seong Jiwon nodded. It meant they were ready to seize the opportunity.

I lowered my rolled-up sleeve. No matter how much I tried to smooth it out, it remained wrinkled. I’d probably get an earful from the stylist.

I glanced at Seong Jiwon, taking my eyes off the wrinkled shirt.

“That’s enough.”


“Let’s stop sulking and move on.”

Seong Jiwon clenched his teeth and stood up. Then, he whispered softly to me.

“I’ll do my best.”

[Seong Jiwon trusts you.

Your relationship with Seong Jiwon is very friendly.]

I’ve said too much.

I was relieved that the cameras didn’t capture this moment. I already regretted showing the scar and talking like an old man.

It would probably become an embarrassing memory later, but at least I had won Seong Jiwon’s favor.

“We should save this emotional story for when the cameras are rolling…”

“Haha, you haven’t changed.”


Haven’t changed?

“Ah, sorry. Let’s just go.”

Seong Jiwon made a confused face after speaking. I felt a bit uncomfortable, but we were short on time, so I didn’t ask further and returned to the waiting room.

The members seemed restless, seeing that we were late and the showcase was soon to begin.

“Why are you guys so late?”

“Was the bathroom that urgent?”

“Yes, you rascals.”

They pretended to tease us even though they had already figured out the situation.

They’re quick on the uptake.

Instead of responding, I followed the staff member guiding the members through the dark backstage. The sound from the VCR, featuring each member’s face, was playing.

Kim Seonghyeon, like a true leader, gathered us together.

“Let’s do our chant.”

“…Did we have a chant?”


“Just make one up, quickly.”

Everyone added a word, creating a commotion. Kim Seonghyeon sighed deeply and raised his hand in the middle of the gathered members.

“Let’s just raise our hands. We need to do something like this before going on stage.”


Five hands came together in the air. It felt both awkward and natural for me to be a part of this.

What do I mean? Don’t ask me. I don’t understand this feeling either.

I could see the faces of the members, looking nervous or smiling uneasily. Kim Seonghyeon hesitated before speaking.

“We’ve worked really hard for a month… Let’s keep working hard for the next month too.”


“That was so weak!”

“Let’s come up with a cooler chant!”

“Ah, let’s just do our best.”

“Yeah, let’s do well.”

“Let’s rock the stage.”

Kim Seonghyeon said with enthusiasm.

“Aja aja, fighting!”

Everyone laughed and teased each other over the improvised chant, which helped relieve the tension. I was glad to see everyone more relaxed.

As we walked onto the dark stage, cheers erupted. In the darkness, I locked eyes with Seong Jiwon. He silently mouthed something.


Even though he was the most nervous, Seong Jiwon encouraged me. It was hard to tell who was supporting whom at this point.

Nonetheless, I felt a sense of accomplishment for using my points on an energy drink.

I grinned but quickly composed my face as the music started.

As the song began, the fans’ cheers grew louder. At the same time, we heard their voices chanting.

“Kim Seonghyeon, Seong Jiwon, Seo Hoyun, Kang Ichae, Jeong Dajun!”


Is this a fan chant?

The fans were shouting their fan chant from below. We were all surprised, as it was unexpected.

“More, Second Chance!”

As the fan chant ended, I picked up the microphone and harmonized with Seong Jiwon.

“Give me, Give me, Give me Second Chance”

We would have a second chance. Seong Jiwon opened his eyes and flicked his head. His gentle gaze was gone, replaced by a stage-ready look.

His expression shifted to confusion, then determination as he raised his right hand to cover and reveal his face.

“I can’t miss this chance.”

As expected, Seong Jiwon.

Seong Jiwon gestured to the camera, and I, who had been waiting behind, raised my head and walked toward the front of the stage.

Kang Ichae and Kim Seonghyeon crossed their arms, pretending to spread and flip cards while singing.

I’m an idol, an idol, an idol…

I felt confident covering up with gestures like this.

“Oh, pick a card, the future becomes clearer,

Don’t worry about the low chances, there’s no need.”


…Honestly, I was surprised. If I had practiced just a bit less, my expression might have faltered for a moment.

I twisted my head expressionlessly, picked up a card, and offered a sly smile.

“It’s okay, I’ll lead you.”

Cheers erupted towards me. Kim Seonghyeon and Jeong Dajun stepped forward and harmonized as I moved back after my part.

“Come to me, come to me,

Don’t be afraid, come to me,

I have my second chance.”

Kim Seonghyeon danced wildly to the chorus. Behind him, I caught a glimpse of fans waving their slogans.

“Say it once more, it’s the beginning for us,

I will come back every time,

Don’t be afraid of this strange feeling,

No need to worry,

I’ll lead you.”

I locked eyes with Kang Ichae, who was waiting in the back. He playfully scrunched his nose with an excited face as if everything would go well.

Then, as Jeong Dajun bent down, Kang Ichae stepped on him, lifted off, spun around, and landed.

“Stand up with the target, I have confidence,

I won’t miss this cold sensation.

I can see your face even when I close my eyes,

I ain’t gonna miss this time.”

He was practically flying.

Kang Ichae instantly took control of the stage. As the main rapper, his precise diction and overflowing confidence poured out on stage. Nobody could stop the fearless and passionate Kang Ichae.

When he displayed a gunshot-like dance move, some fans staggered as if they were shot.

I couldn’t help but let out a little laugh.

“Say it once more, it’s the beginning for us,

I will come back every time,

Don’t be afraid of this strange feeling,

No need to worry,

I’ll lead you.”

Everything we practiced until we were sick over the past few weeks poured out on this stage. Maybe it was even better than we thought. Sweat streamed down everyone’s faces.

A good song, a decent plan, controversy-driven buzz, passionate members, and fans.

“Just this once, at least in this life, I must.”

I looked at the audience. The wildly waving slogans and the blind, strong faith in us.

Perhaps I had underestimated this job.

I locked eyes with Seong Jiwon on the opposite side of the stage. I felt my breath catch in my throat. A feeling came over me.

We can do this well.

“I will save you (save you).”

I belted out the high note. Seong Jiwon solidly backed me up with the chorus.

At the same time, we all turned our bodies to the beat and returned to the first formation. Then, slowly swaying like the wind, we moved our bodies left and right.

“Give me, Give me, Give me Second Chance,

Give you, Give you, Give you Second Chance.”

Kim Seonghyeon aimed a gun gesture at Seong Jiwon standing at the center. As Seong Jiwon fell to the ground and his shaky movement stopped, the formation dissolved, and I slowly stood up alone.

“Second Chance.”

The beat ended with a whisper-like phrase. We all held our breaths until the stage lights dimmed.

A brief silence was soon replaced by a waterfall of screams. It was unbelievably loud.

A blind affection I never thought I’d have in my life poured out.


We stood up and bowed deeply to our fans. As I lowered my head, unable to explain the strange emotions that threatened to burst my heart, I felt a hand patting my shoulder and back.

Jeong Dajun, with an expression of pride as if he were about to go crazy, and Kim Seonghyeon with a face of relief for passing the first hurdle. Beside the grateful Seong Jiwon, Kang Ichae smiled broadly.


“Wow, you guys were amazing. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a team dance so intensely. Right, everyone?”

As the members cooled off and drank water, the staff quickly set up chairs on the stage.

Once everything was ready, the MC went on stage and opened the showcase with praise. The audience responded enthusiastically.

“Now, let’s have each of you introduce yourselves.”

I happened to be the first to pick up the microphone as I was sitting closest to the MC.


“Aaahhh! Our bunny is so handsome!”


Cheers erupted after just one word. The cheers were louder than my voice on the microphone.

I was momentarily flustered and forgot what to say next, so the MC quickly filled the gap with a joke.

“Who gave that person a microphone?”

I’ve never been so caught off guard by someone’s reaction, but today it happened multiple times.

Bun… Maybe I misheard.

I gathered my thoughts and continued the conversation.

“Um… Hello, I’m Seo Hoyun, the sub-vocalist of The Dawn. Thank you so much for coming today.”

After finishing my greeting, I passed the microphone to the next member. Everyone took turns introducing themselves, and each time, the fans’ cheers left us all flustered.

After all, we’d never been this popular before.

“There’s so much to ask you today. The Dawn is the talk of the town right now, isn’t it?”

The MC carried on with the program smoothly.

“First, let’s hear about the long hiatus and the process of Hoyun joining the group.”

I was prepared for this question. It would be better if someone besides me answered it, as it would paint a more flattering picture.

Seong Jiwon immediately picked up the microphone.

“Yes, Hoyun was originally part of the debut members, but he took a break due to health issues and has resumed activities starting with this single.”

“I heard he came back with a lot of enthusiasm, right?”

…That wasn’t in the script. Did what I said earlier spread that quickly?

The words about satisfying my parents by merely seeing and hearing me…

I had said all sorts of provocative things. I couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat as the interview took an unexpected turn.

“Seo Hoyun, could you say a few words?”

The MC looked at me and smiled mischievously.

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