The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 19

Episode 19

“Guys, we made it onto the real-time chart!!”

Despite being in the practice room since dawn preparing for the showcase and undoubtedly accumulating fatigue, the members of The Dawn couldn’t contain their excitement. Not only did the view count for the MV continue to rise, but “Second Chance” also entered the real-time charts of two of the top three music sites, Tinkerbell and Tap.

“Well, we did drop off the chart again, but…”

Although it was 91st place, making it onto the chart was still an accomplishment.

“I couldn’t sleep all night because I kept refreshing….”

“Same for me, hyung…”

Seong Jiwon seemed to have loosened up and was chatting with Jeong Dajun. However, I was still very tense.

All that was left was the Mango chart.

“I heard the Mango chart was revamped yesterday… What does that mean?”

Kim Seonghyeon tilted his head in confusion.

Oh, the timing was quite fitting.

“Originally, you only needed to consider the 24-hour performance to enter the chart, but now they’ve changed it to include real-time performance percentages.”

“Oh, really? I didn’t know that.”

I listened to the conversation from the back seat with my chin propped up. It was exactly what I read in an article yesterday.

About a month ago, when I was still in my PD days, I heard it from an insider.

Am I crazy to track 24-hour performance?

How could a rookie enter the chart within a day? Honestly, it was like trying to pluck stars from the sky.


[… Somehow you were very confident back then, and you even tried to stretch your legs while watching CEO.]

Of course.

I don’t gamble.

Although there was no chance it could be heard, I casually replied while tapping my phone. While the restructuring was done correctly, the 24-hour streaming results appeared mixed, and the real-time results were not accurately reflected during late-night hours, causing a delay in the chart entry.

“Hmm… I don’t want to file for bankruptcy.”

“What is it?”


This time, it was not only important to achieve a good result, but “Second Chance” also had to rank for the sake of my bet with the CEO.

I was proud that the MV turned out better than expected, but I couldn’t feel anything real since I hadn’t seen the outside reactions directly.

Kim Seonghyeon, who was still excited and was just chatting with Kang Ichae, tapped me lightly.

“Look at this.”

“What is it?”

“An interpretation of our music video is already out.”

“This fast?”

Was the firepower stronger than I thought?

Speaking of which, I hadn’t checked the community and SNS yet. I took the phone Kim Seonghyeon handed me and checked the post.

[Title: The Dawn’s MV interpretation.

Our kids’ music video is finally out after a long hiatus!!!!

The meaning of our kids wearing uniforms is that they are handsome. The meaning of holding a gun and flipping a card is that Seo Hoyun is extremely attractive. The meaning of Kim Seonghyeon suddenly running is that he is the ultimate attractive person…]

“… Kim Seonghyeon.”


“Did you really want to hear the interpretation to be that you’re the ultimate attractive person?”

“It’s not like that!”

Kim Seonghyeon, slightly embarrassed, quickly scrolled further. A proper interpretation was now shown.

“Keep looking.”

[… As you can feel in the divine beat of ☆God☆ Cheongbeom, this MV is an apocalyptic SF piece.

Seo Hoyun/Seong Jiwon are government forces suppressing the rebel forces. Kim Seonghyeon leads the rebel forces, with Kang Ichae as the assault team and Jeong Dajun as the key. They’re waiting for an opportunity to confront the government forces.

But there’s a peculiar point here. Seong Jiwon starts by committing suicide and regressing instead of killing his enemy, Kim Seonghyeon. From “say it again, I’m back” and “I can’t miss this chance,” we know Seong Jiwon is a regressor.

In the meantime, Seo Hoyun appears wearing the same uniform as Seong Jiwon. (It seems his stage name used to be Hoowoh, but it’s changed and not coming up anymore…) Seo Hoyun picks up five cards on the table and unfolds them individually. The Joker represents Jeong Dajun, the “key” and important to both the government and rebel forces. Seo Hoyun flips through as if he anticipated this but smiles meaningfully at the last card.


After that, Jeong Dajun and Kim Seonghyeon run away from the government forces. They then encounter government soldier Seong Jiwon during their escape, but with the lyrics “Don’t be afraid of this strange feeling”’ they strangely feel a sense of familiarity.

Saying “No need to worry,” Seong Jiwon doesn’t kill Kim Seonghyeon. Instead, he notices the situation has gone wrong when he sees the severely injured Jeong Dajun. He then points the gun at his own head.


He’s trying to commit suicide and regress. This is the exact scene we saw at the beginning.

In fact, Seong Jiwon was on the side of the rebel forces. But there’s another twist; Kang Ichae, whom we thought was a rebel, shoots Seong Jiwon, preventing his regression.


The gunshot we heard at the beginning was not Seong Jiwon’s but Kang Ichae’s…!!!!

This tells us that the regression in the first scene failed.

“I ain’t gonna miss this time,” Kang Ichae was a government spy and called someone on the radio.

Seo Hoyun appears amidst the fallen ruins. His appearance marks the beginning.

“Don’t be afraid of this strange feeling.”

The song then continues. “No need to worry, I’ll lead you.”

That’s right. Seo Hoyun orchestrated the scheme. Seong Jiwon’s regression failed, the rebel forces fell into Seo Hoyun’s hands, and he even took the “key,” the “Joker” Jeong Dajun. Seo Hoyun knew everything from the beginning.


The card shows the King of Hearts, Charlemagne. Do you know what this card is also called, everyone?

It’s the King of Suicide…[1]

Seo Hoyun knew not only about Jeong Dajun becoming the Joker but also that Seong Jiwon, who we thought was on his side, was actually trying to save the rebel forces by committing suicide and regressing from the very beginning.

I’m not sure what will happen next, as it seems like the story will continue…

Everyone… Do I look like I’m shedding tears while watching this divine music video story?

Rather than wiping my tears, please stream our song.

It’s The Dawn, who lit the fire in my K-pop fandom after a long time…]


The interpretation is really well-written…

I nodded involuntarily as I read. At the same time, I felt curious and asked Kim Seonghyeon.

“Who put so much effort into writing this?”

“It must be our fan… a fan.”

Kim Seonghyeon lowered his voice, seemingly embarrassed. With such talent, it was only natural for fans to emerge, but it had yet to happen.

At the same time, I also felt strange. It was so awkward and weird that someone would talk about me like this.

Do I have fans?

That feeling persisted until we arrived at the showcase venue. We reached the live hall, the Mecca of showcases, and our pictures were displayed prominently. People were already lined up in front of the door, waiting for the showcase that was still hours away.

“Look at those people…”

“Ah, there must be another performance happening here?”

The members didn’t think much about it. We didn’t have any popularity, so fans waiting in advance seemed impossible. We all got out of the van thinking that way.

“Jiwon! Seong Jiwon!”

“Ichae, Seonghyeon, look here!”

…We were mistaken.

We heard our names being called as soon as we got out of the car. We looked back in surprise.

Although there weren’t many, people were waving their tickets and taking pictures of us with their cameras.

Seong Jiwon stammered.

“What, what is this?”

“Greet them quickly.”

Amidst the confusion, we heard them call out to us once more. Startled, we bowed, and a cheer erupted.

“Dajun is so cute!”

“Are they… our fans?”

Jeong Dajun mumbled nervously. No matter how new we were, after a year, they should have adapted somewhat…

I also bowed next to Jeong Dajun.



Startled, I saw a fan waving a slogan and shouting at me.

“Hoyun, fighting today!”


… Me?

I mumbled in response to this first-time experience. When I pointed at myself, they nodded their heads.

“Hoyun, when you smile, I’m happy too!”

Unable to accept reality, I blinked. Kim Seonghyeon pressed my neck and spoke in a playful tone.

“What are you doing? Greet them.”

“Ah… yeah.”

I bowed awkwardly, and the sound of cameras clicking erupted among the fans.

Still bewildered as we entered the live hall, Kang Ichae teased me with a giggle.

“Hyung, I think it’s the first time I’ve seen you flustered.”

“Right? He’s always so calm no matter what happens… but he collapsed at the sound of the fans’ cheers.”


The other members added their comments as they passed by. They were also excited, but my reaction seemed the most unexpected.

I still couldn’t believe I had fans.

Is this for real?

I had only received eggs from being the “evil PD.” The endless hospitality was unfamiliar.

Logically, I could accept that I should have a few fans with this kind of popularity, but it still didn’t feel real.

That’s why I couldn’t snap out of it even as I was led to the waiting room, getting my makeup done and changing my outfit.

“It suits you well today, too, Hoyun.”

The stylist complimented me while adjusting my outfit.

Wearing in-ear monitors and standing in front of the mirror, I saw myself. It was my first time, so, as suggested by the stylist,  I agreed to go for techwear. But it made me feel awkward after I put on stage makeup.

… This feels strange.

My phone vibrated. Text messages from Lim Hyeonsu, Joo Woosung, and Seo Hojin.

– Seo Hojin: Hyung

– Seo Hojin: Tear up the stage and come back

– Seo Hojin: If you don’t do well, I’ll change the front door password, and you won’t be able to come home

A bitter laugh escaped my lips.

Yes, let’s think about why I was here.

Taking a deep breath, I turned around to see the other members, except Seong Jiwon, gathered and trying hard to hide their anxiety. Jeong Dajun spoke to me with a nervous face.

“Hyung, we’re going up soon. Get ready.”

“What about Seong Jiwon?”

“He said he’s going to the restroom? He’s running late.”

“I’ll go get him.”

I think I knew what was going on.

I left the waiting room and headed for the restroom. Picking up Seong Jiwon and going up to the stage would be perfect timing.

As I nodded habitually to the passing staff members, I hid my body next to a vending machine in the hallway when no one was around and whispered softly.

“Item shop.”

[Opening the item shop.]

Various products appeared before my eyes, sparkling as if asking me to buy them. Without hesitation, I picked the item I had been eyeing last time as my gaze moved across the products.

“Purchase Cheongsimhwan.”

[Purchasing Cheongsimhwan.]

[300 points consumed.]

At the same time, I clenched and opened my hand slightly, and there was a small Cheongsimhwan wrapped in gold foil.

Wow, this was really amazing.

After checking the surroundings, I got water from the vending machine and looked for Seong Jiwon.

As expected.

I found him. Right next to the restroom stairs, Seong Jiwon’s face was pale.


Heaving a deep sigh, Seong Jiwon awkwardly smiled when our eyes met.

“Hoyun, you came?”

“What are you doing? Let’s go.”

“Ah… just, I’m feeling a bit nervous.”

It seemed like he was more than just a little nervous.

I would have thought it was Seong Jiwon, with a face completely bleached white, not me, who had just visited the emergency room.

“I’m sorry… I’ll make sure the team doesn’t get hurt.”

I sat down silently beside him. There was still some time left. Seeing Seong Jiwon mumbling weakly, I thought the showcase would be ruined if we didn’t resolve this.

Even his breathing was a bit labored. It seemed like he might collapse at any moment due to his unstable breathing. I looked at him calmly.


[Help Seong Jiwon successfully complete the showcase!

Seong Jiwon is exhausted from his long trainee life.

He is very tense about the sudden good fortune that has come his way.

Support Seong Jiwon 0/1

Successfully complete the showcase 0/1

Success: Charm 30, Dance 10, Singing 10

Failure: Charm -50, Dance -30, Singing -30]

Balance the failure, you bastard.


I offered Seong Jiwon a calming pill and water. Seong Jiwon slightly furrowed his brow.

“Eat it. The calming pill.”

“…How did you know I was nervous?”

“You’ve always shown it; how could I not know?”

It was the same during the recording. He does well in practice, but when it comes to the real deal, he suddenly struggles as if he has experienced trauma.

“This kind of thing doesn’t work for me.”

“Just eat it.”

“No, I’m fine-!”

It was expensive.

I threw it into Seong Jiwon’s mouth while he was talking. It went in smoothly. It reminded me of when I used to nurse Seo Hojin when he was sick.

I quickly offered water while Seong Jiwon had a dumbfounded expression, unable to close his mouth.

Unable to spit it out, Seong Jiwon reluctantly swallowed the water, casting furtive glances at me.

“… You fed it to me in a really weird way.”

“I have a younger sibling. If I throw it like this, like feeding a dog, they eat it.”

“Are you saying I’m a dog?”

I looked at Seong Jiwon while making such trivial talk.

[Seong Jiwon’s tension is relieved!]

It seemed that the medication was having some effect, as his ragged breathing began to ease, and he let out a sigh of relief. Seong Jiwon blinked.

“This is good. What is it? Is it the placebo effect?”

“That’s good.”

Objectively, Seong Jiwon was the best among us. We needed to somehow save him so that our showcase could successfully end. Seong Jiwon showed a weak smile as if he might collapse.

“You really don’t seem nervous.”

“I’m nervous too.”

“What? No way.”

I rubbed the back of my neck.

“It’s true. I’m just trying not to show it.”

“Haha, well, it’s good that you don’t really seem nervous.”

“Why are you nervous?”

Seong Jiwon had it all. As much as his long trainee life, he was our team’s most popular and well-balanced member.

Seong Jiwon hesitated, wondering whether to speak, and then sighed deeply.

“This is our first and… possibly last showcase.”


“I’m scared of failing. I know it’s not what you want to hear at times like this….”

I hadn’t thought that way. I just listened to Seong Jiwon’s words without any complaint.

“I’ve been a trainee for a long time, right? I had several opportunities, but they all ended badly. I’m scared that this luck will disappear soon.”

I could understand. Seong Jiwon learned more from repeated failures than successes. He was pushed back whenever he tried to take a step forward, and the door of success was forcibly closed.

That’s why Seong Jiwon was afraid to take that step. He feared this last opportunity would close again.

I knew that feeling very well. Very well.


“… Sorry, um, I shouldn’t have brought this up. Somehow, I thought you’d never experienced failure, so I just blurted it out.”

“I haven’t always had it smooth either.”


“Wanna see?”

Before Seong Jiwon could answer, I rolled up my sleeve. Seong Jiwon looked at me in confusion.

“What, what are you doing?”

[1] The person holding the knife looks like they’re stabbing their head, hence the nickname.

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