The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 159

Episode 159

“So that’s why the Black Call-sunbaes like you that much?”

That was what he really wanted to ask.

“You’re coming at me quite suddenly.”

“Ahaha, I was just curious. There’s been a lot of talk lately.”

Kang Yeonhu nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders and turned his gaze toward the elevator floor indicator while going up.

“It’s fascinating, isn’t it? For us, Joo Woosung-sunbae’s mentoring was over in just five seconds.”

“Are you jealous by any chance?”

Given his straightforwardness, I matched his level, responding just as candidly.

“…Seo Hoyun, living up to your nickname of ‘No Retreat’, you really go for it.”

Glancing down once, he pressed his temple with one hand, letting out a groan.

He genuinely seemed troubled.

“No, it’s not jealousy. Just pure curiosity.”


“Whenever there’s an uncertain element that I don’t know about, it makes me anxious. You must feel the same, Hoyun-hoobae.”


“I need to get rid of this habit.”

Kang Yeonhu let out a small sigh, taking a sip of his coffee.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter.”

As he muttered to himself, I began to slightly revise my perception of him.

“I’m fine with anything. Whether Seo Hoyun does anything or Joo Woosung-sunbae only looks after you. Just—”

This guy seemed a bit fussy.

“—don’t pick a fight with us.”

Somewhere, he felt similar to me.

“I hope not, but it would have quite the impact if you did.”

Although he said it gently, it was essentially a threat that he would take action if necessary.

This is refreshing.

It had been a long while since someone else—besides me—was doing the threatening.

As I stirred my lemonade, looking down, the elevator arrived.


“Then, take care.”

The moment Kang Yeonhu moved to step out, I quickly blocked his way with my arm and pressed the close button.




Yeonhu, looking at me with a “What are you doing?” expression, found me with a straw in my mouth, giving him a twisted look.

“Why did you close it…?”

“Kang Yeonhu, I too naturally stretch my legs based on where I’m going to lie down.”

High Five was under the same label as Black Call.

If I poked carelessly, I wouldn’t be able to handle the aftermath, not unless I had nothing to lose or was a nobody.

Now, even Joo Woosung, who might act like a pushover, could side with his own agency when push came to shove.

If what I’ve said to Woosung ever got out, it wouldn’t just be dangerous for me but for The Dawn as well.

And, actually, I had given up on messing with High Five long ago.

“It’s not that I don’t, I can’t.”


Of course, that didn’t mean I hadn’t looked into it.

Even if it was a big entertainment company, there were always some who fell through the cracks.

Just look at our Joo Woosung, who hasn’t had a scandal yet, but just…

But High Five?

Smoking, drinking, dating, badmouthing, drugs…

They had not been caught for any of it.

Because they’re saints?


This guy is the main culprit.

This meant the leader managed them almost obsessively.

Was Kang Yeonhu 25 years old?

Having gone through a long trainee period, he debuted a bit older for a big label, so his determination was no joke.


My response must not have been what he expected.

Yeonhu looked surprised, then burst into laughter.

“You’re quite honest. But there’s no need to lower yourself and come in—”

“Anyway, we’re going to win, what’s the point.”



“I just have this personality where I need to win everything.”

This guy, his annoying skills were still a bit immature.

Seeing Kang Yeonhu stunned, I kindly pressed the open button.

“Alright, now let’s go.”






After leaving the elevator with Kang Yeonhu and heading to the conference room, I saw Joo Woosung and Chae Jeongwoo from a distance on the opposite side of the hall.

“This is a fresh combination. Hello, Yeonhu?”

“…Ah, sunbaenims. Hello.”

Yeonhu, who had been zoning out, reflexively responded, then quickly covered his mouth.

It was a forced laugh.

Apparently, my elevator delinquent skills were absurd to him.

Should learn more ways to be annoying.

Of course, it wasn’t my business, so I ignored it and asked Chae Jeongwoo,

“Are you done with your business?”

“Ah, um. Yes, everyone caught on quite quickly.”

“My green tea latte?”

Here it is, kid.

Joo Woosung, who still didn’t utter a word after the lecture, snatched only the green tea latte from the drink carrier I was holding.

Chae Jeongwoo wore a slightly troubled smile.

“Fight on! And Yeonhu, I was actually planning to go to High Five.”

“Ah, thank you.”

“Just a moment. I’ll send off Woosung and then go.”


Kang Yeonhu nodded slightly and then turned to look at me.

“Seo Hoyun, I’m looking forward to the second round of the competition.”

“Yes, me too.”

Kang Yeonhu briefly met my gaze, added nothing more, and quickly moved away.

Joo Woosung, sipping his green tea latte, grinned at me.

“Kid, are you only nice and friendly with me at times like this? Normally, you would have scolded me.”

“I’m always nice.”

“What would I even talk to you about?”

Chae Jeongwoo quietly laughed beside us.

I was considering whether to be more cautious with my words since I wasn’t alone with Woosung, but given the atmosphere, it seemed like everyone already knew, so I decided to ask honestly.

“But, Joo Woosung, do you dislike High Five?”


Initially, I thought maybe Kang Yeonhu was jealous of me, and Joo Woosung was helping me in this competition because he disliked High Five.

But that’s not it.

Upon closer inspection, since “Second Chance,” Woosung had been giving me advice (though with a bit of coercion), and considering his generally aloof personality toward most people, his behavior wasn’t exclusive to High Five.

Moreover, after talking with Yeonhu, he seemed more indifferent than I expected.

“…Not really?”

And to my question, Woosung looked genuinely perplexed, as if hearing it for the first time.

“Why would I?”


“Did you hear something from him?”

As I pondered what to say, Woosung snapped his fingers, having come to a conclusion on his own

“Ah~! You think I’m helping you because I dislike them??”


“That’s not it, kiddo. I’m not interested in them. I’m just… for you….”

However, Woosung chose to stop speaking there.

…For me what?

Chae Jeongwoo sighed deeply upon seeing this.

“Sigh… Our Woosung really is a headache, isn’t he?”

“…Sometimes, I don’t understand him.”

“Why am I a headache? You have no idea how nice I treat Seo Hoyun, you know.”

“Being too nice can also be a headache. Didn’t you see Kang Yeonhu’s expression just now?”

In stark contrast to Joo Woosung, who was always just 2% short on tact and despite his title as his best friend, Chae Jeongwoo had a sharp eye for people.

Still not quite grasping the situation, Jeongwoo said to me,

“As Woosung said, there’s no trouble with the juniors. He’s really been living as if he’s the only one in the world, not interested in anyone else.”

“…Hey, what kind of talk is that? It’s not like that at all.”

“Hey, Joo Woosung. You’ve been kind of annoying since a while ago. Go ahead, I’ll talk with Seo Hoyun.”



As Chae Jeongwoo pushed him to leave, surprisingly, Joo Woosung grumbled and had a sulky look but still moved away.

What’s with him?

Given Woosung’s usual brazen and fearless demeanor, his compliant attitude caused me to frown slightly.

He’s really obedient, huh?

Chae Jeongwoo crossed his arms and clicked his tongue before turning to face me.

“Anyway, thank you so much, Seo Hoyun. Woosung has been taking good care of you.”

“…Have I been taken care of?”


Chae Jeongwoo smiled broadly.

“You seem not to know yet.”

“I really don’t understand.”

I wasn’t interested in why Woosung was helping me, as long as it didn’t cause trouble for The Dawn.

“Anyway, good luck with the second round of the competition! Seeing a great junior group like The Dawn is very motivating. Contact me if you need anything. I’ll always answer.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll really contact you all the time.”

“Please do. I tried not to be biased, but it seems like I have more affection for Seo Hoyun, who Woosung helped, than my direct juniors.”

Chae Jeongwoo teased with good humor, then looked directly into my eyes with a clear and bright gaze filled with goodwill.

“I hope you secure the first place in the end.”

I couldn’t grasp what this statement meant, considering it was directed at a group from another agency, nor could I understand the fondness Joo Woosung and Chae Jeongwoo seemed to have for me.


I smiled wryly.

“Of course.”

With that, the conversation ended, and I watched Chae Jeongwoo’s retreating figure for a moment before returning to the meeting room.

“Wow, amazing!”

The meeting room, previously filled with a downcast atmosphere, now burst with energy.

“Got it! We’ve got the framework!!”

“Wow! Ichae is a genius~.”

“The moment I heard it, I just knew it was the one!”

It seemed they had figured out a direction without even needing to use Lee Jihyeon’s chance card.

I put down the drink carrier and looked at the notes left by the members.

They had arranged everything quite well.

“I casually laid down a beat, wanna listen?”

“In that short time?”

“When the vibe hits, anything’s possible.”

Kang Ichae spoke indifferently, as if it was no big deal, and played the song on his laptop.

“Kang Ichae, you’re really a fucking cheat key…”

And you still didn’t think you were a genius after hearing this?

Watching the members nodding their heads and tapping their hands to the beat, I turned my gaze toward the planning notes.


Tapping on the table with my fingers made Kang Ichae’s stats pop up as if they were waiting for it.

[Kang Ichae, your group doesn’t have a Kang Ichae, does it?]

Really, you’re unbeatable in being cheesy.

[Singing: A+

Dance: A0

Variety: A0

Acting: B-

Charm: S-

???: ???]

[Hold on a moment! Your friendly and adorable system window is here to explain!

Rap is included in singing, and charm indicates star quality!]

Thanks for the rather timely additional explanation.

[Thank you, system window wagon!]

I ignored it, and instead I began to closely examine the members with Dance S-, Singing S0, Charm S-.

And then, I imagined the members of this miracle of a mid-sized company on the second round of competition.

“With this level…”

Maybe we could win first place in the expert voting this competition.

“Hyung, why are you looking so intensely.”

“Because I’m pleased.”


The members looked at me with strange eyes, and that’s when I noticed a pair of eyes were missing.



Meanwhile, Jeong Dajun ran into TEW’s main vocal in front of a vending machine near the broadcasting station’s resting room.



It seemed like there was another group staying late for a meeting.

Jeong Dajun took out some coins from his pocket and inserted them into the vending machine.

Clink, clink.

Since Hoyun-hyung said he’d bring coffee, should I just buy water?

He was thirsty, but seeing the array of beverages made him hesitate.

While he was diligently choosing what to drink, he heard a voice from beside him.

“Is practice going well?”



“Ah, ah, you haven’t left yet. You scared me.”

Though it wasn’t his intention, he inadvertently made TEW’s main vocal feel as if his presence was insignificant.

“Jeong Dajun, you seem to space out often.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Be careful. You shouldn’t treat your sunbaes like this.”

“Yes, yes.”

Jeong Dajun responded nonchalantly and turned his face back to the vending machine.

TEW’s main vocal’s eyebrows lifted in what seemed like irritation at the dismissive attitude.

Hm. Since Hoyun-hyung likes sweet things, maybe barley tea?

He decided to ignore the continuous nagging beside him.

Having spent time with Seo Hoyun and being active as The Dawn, the biggest lesson Jeong Dajun learned was to pre-emptively avoid nuisances.

However, a certain word annoyingly tickled his ears.

“Work harder for the second competition. One mistake can lead to ruining everything.”


“You don’t want to be a burden to your talented hyungs, do you?”


A bottle of water dropped from the vending machine.

Staring down at him, Jeong Dajun slowly bent down, picked up the water, and handed it to TEW’s main vocal with a smirk.

“Here, take this.”


“They say to give an annoying person an extra piece of rice cake. Seonghyeon-hyung said so.”

It was something Kim Seonghyeon often said to Seo Hoyun.

Jeong Dajun, still not fully grasping what was happening, handed over the water to the TEW member and said,

“Drink some cold water.”

It was something Seong Jiwon would say when Kang Ichae was half-awake due to his nocturnal lifestyle.

The following line, “Wake up, you idiot,” from Seo Hoyun, was swallowed down.

After all, it wasn’t something a junior should say to a senior.

Jeong Dajun briskly turned his head and, after grabbing a few more drinks from the vending machine, was about to leave but then stopped.


And looked back at TEW’s main vocal again.

“And my hyungs don’t call it a burden.”

It was something he, as the maknae, knew without my members having to tell me.

“Do yours?”


With that, Jeong Dajun brushed past TEW’s main vocal.

Behind Jeong Dajun, TEW’s main vocal’s expression twisted significantly.

“Ha! Seriously…!”

Jeong Dajun’s steps toward the meeting room quickened.

TEW’s main vocal must have been just trying to get a rise out of him.


A small anxiety began to sprout in Jeong Dajun’s heart.

And this anxiety reawakened the thoughts he had suppressed for the past year, “If I wasn’t the maknae, Jeong Dajun wouldn’t be anything special.”

I know, the hyungs are outstanding and I’m ordinary.

So, he absolutely could not make a mistake.

“Are you here?”


As he entered, Seo Hoyun’s eerily accurate intuition clung to him, but Jeong Dajun just smiled.

It doesn’t matter, as long as I do well.

However, on that day, the day after, and even until the day before the second competition…


Jeong Dajun rustled and couldn’t properly sleep.

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

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