The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 158

Episode 158

“The Dawn!”

When we arrived at the tvK broadcasting station, the barefoot and eager production team greeted us just as fervently as before.

“The first episode’s viewership ratings are a massive hit! A huge hit!!”

The scene featuring Kang Ichae’s face-off had surpassed even High Five, securing the highest viewership ratings.

They seemed to want to roll out the red carpet for Kang Ichae.

When the AD said he would lie down to be used as a carpet if necessary, it felt like witnessing madness firsthand.

“Wow, you guys are incredible this time too!!”

In other words, their attitude matched the one they had after deciding to offer us up as sacrificial offerings for the broadcast.

The AD chattered away as he led us to the meeting room.

“Ah, yes….”

“Wow~, I knew Kang Ichae was something, but this time it was truly amazing. Even the views on the YouTube video released before skyrocketed! So, about that, could we have one more interview… Ack!”

“Just one verse.”

Even when we reached the meeting room, the awkward smiles continued as everyone played along with the AD, until Kim Heeyeon, who arrived late, pushed the blocking AD aside and lifted the proposal.

“PD Kim!”

“Stop sucking up and get to work! Stop bothering the cast!”

“Making a fuss is our job?! Even making this crappy competition season 2!”

“Dammit! That’s actually true!”

Crappy, indeed.

Thanks to Kim Heeyeon’s arrival, the matter of Kang Ichae’s interview fizzled out.

Kim Heeyeon, still busy, fluttered the proposal after blowing her bangs out of her eyes with a huff.

“First of all, congratulations to The Dawn for placing second in the first round of competition. Thanks to the face-off, Shining Star‘s ratings were through the roof.

Kim Seonghyeon and Seong Jiwon exchanged proud smiles, while Kim Heeyeon smirked.

Something smelled fishy.

“But we can’t rest, can we? Our schedule is packed~ packed.”


“Good response. Now, let me guide you through the preparation for the second round of competition.”


All members except me responded energetically.

Kim Heeyeon glanced at the proposal she was holding.

“I’ll announce the theme for the second round of competition.”

Then, she threw the proposal she was scanning over her shoulder.


And she smiled brightly.

“Do whatever you want.”


“Be it an original song, K-pop, or an international song. Whatever you fancy! But! Within the genre and concept we assign. Yu Hyeok, please bring it.”

The AD, who had been waiting, scurried out of the room and soon came back in with a spinning wheel.


I knew it was going to be like this.

Kim Heeyeon wasn’t going to make it easy.

“Spin, spin~~ the spinning wheel!!”


There were two spinning wheels: one for the genre and the other for the concept.

“We’ve heard a lot of complaints about season 1. Saying how can it be fair when each group, each company, has different songs.”

The prepared remarks smoothly flowed from Kim Heeyeon’s mouth.

Jeong Dajun shivered slightly, seeing Kim Heeyeon whose eyes were fierce but whose mouth was making a sobbing sound as if it were unfair.

“So, let’s have fun this time!”

…She’s being spiteful.

Pressured by superiors and harassed by fans over bias issues.

She must have snapped.

On a paper titled “Second Round Competition Concept”she had thrown on the floor, elegant handwriting screamed, “If you’re so pissed, plan it yourself, dammit!!!!!”

Below that, concepts with red lines struck through them were listed in a row.


[It seems like this time TEW, Try, High Five agencies are taking turns stirring things up.]


Even the big shots at the broadcasting company must have said something.

Kim Heeyeon, laughing like a madman, looked at each of us intently.

“Then, whoever’s good at darts, step forward.”



“Let’s quickly put our strength into it, and spin, spin, spin~!”

Kim Heeyeon was obsessed with variety shows, but recalling my days as a PD, I wasn’t one to talk.

Kim Seonghyeon, who was exceptionally athletic, stepped forward and asked Kang Ichae, our team’s dedicated arranger,

“What do you want to do?”

“Hip-hop! Hip-hop! Hip-hop, yeah~!!”

Still eager after the face-off, he raised his hand, shouting for hip-hop.

Kim Seonghyeon frowned but nodded anyway.

But is it possible? It’s a 1-in-15 chance.

“Are you ready~?”


The AD smiled and spun the spinning wheel.

Kim Seonghyeon glared at it, then suddenly—


He threw the dart.


It hit a spot with a satisfying sound, and as the AD stopped the spinning wheel, the members’ eyes widened.



“Wow!!! Hyung!!!”

“Wow, Seonghyeon, awesome!”

Are you crazy??

Kim Seonghyeon, who had beaten the odds of 1-in-15 to select the first-choice genre, turned around with a slightly proud expression.

“God Seonghyeon! God Seonghyeon!”

“Cool, isn’t it?”

“Kkeuak~!! So cool~!!”

It was total chaos, especially Kang Ichae.

Following Kim Heeyeon’s cue, the AD pulled out the genre wheel from its place and brought the concept wheel to the center.

“Now, next is the concept. This time, someone else please do it.”

“Concept? Anything is fine~!”

Having already selected his desired genre, Kang Ichae looked over the concept wheel and then said with a crestfallen expression,

“Anything but Oriental-style. That’s a bit hard to mix with hip-hop~.”

“Hoyun, do you want to do it?”

“Um, sure.”

After all, anything but Oriental-style would do.

Stepping forward nonchalantly, I could hear Jeong Dajun laughing behind me.

“Hoyun-hyung! You could throw it blindfolded!!”

“Throw it with your foot~!”

“Ahaha, that’s true. Anything but Oriental-style.”

“Hey, what if it actually comes up?”

“Eh, Seonghyeon-hyung. As if~.”

The members were already eagerly running their happiness circuits.

As I held the dart, the AD spun the wheel with just the right amount of force.

Suddenly, I had a bad feeling.

Ah, I feel like I forgot something…

“Here goes.”


Even as I racked my brain trying to remember, I threw the dart anyway.



“Oh, that sounds good?”


Rolling, rolling, rolling…




[Oriental Style]



Silence enveloped everyone.


Sweat trickled down my face as I stood, still in my throwing pose.

I remember now.

It was so long ago it had been buried in the back of my mind, but when I was a newbie PD, my sunbaes would always bring out the dartboard whenever something came up.

And then, 100% of the annoying tasks would be mine.

Because I was born with the worst luck.

I was pretty good at archery, so it wasn’t that I had bad motor skills, but, well, my innate luck was just…


Before I could continue my escapist thoughts, Seong Jiwon came up close and looked at me with gentle eyes.

“You should have just thrown it with your foot.”

“I’m sorry…”


“That’s some impressive luck, hyung.”

“I’ll buy a lottery ticket.”


I just ignored Kang Ichae’s sarcastic remark that the probability of hitting a 1-in-15 twice were 0.36%.[1]

Even after Kim Heeyeon had left, we couldn’t leave the broadcasting station’s meeting room.


It was funny enough to ensure the segment would work out, but matching hip-hop with Oriental-style just didn’t click.

“What do we do?”

“Oriental-style is good, but doesn’t it overlap too much with the last Shining Star competition?”

“That’s the problem.”

Even after all members brainstormed together, we couldn’t come up with an idea that wouldn’t overlap with the previous season’s stage while incorporating Oriental-style into hip-hop.

“It’s difficult…….”

Kang Ichae, slightly annoyed, just kept tapping on his laptop.

Is it that hard?

“Can’t we just randomly add a kkwaenggwari and janggu in the breakdown part?”[2]

“Hyung, are you trying to piss me off?”


I moved away from the sensitive Kang Ichae toward Jeong Dajun.

“Huh? What’s up?”

“He’s sensitive, scary.”

“I get scared when Hoyun-hyung is like this….”

As we all remained downcast and silent, the meeting room door suddenly burst open.


“Ah, hello.”

It was Joo Woosung, for whom it wouldn’t be surprising anymore if he said he had jumped straight out of bed from the dorm.

He just waved his hand nonchalantly.


Right behind him, Chae Jeongwoo, the main vocal of Black Call, peeked his head in.



“Why are you here in such a humble place…?”

Everyone was startled and abruptly stood up from their seats.

Seeing this, veins throbbed on Joo Woosung’s forehead.

“Guys, am I allowed to come to humble places too?”

“If it’s a place where precious people are, I should go anywhere.”

Chae Jeongwoo replied cheekily, patting and pushing Joo Woosung’s back as he made his way in.

After seating the grumbling Joo Woosung into a chair, Chae Jeongwoo, who had smoothly swept back his silky black hair, took a seat next to Seong Jiwon.


“Seo Hoyun, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

Chae Jeongwoo, who had been looking at me since entering the conference room, suddenly struck up a conversation.

“Ah, yes. It seems like the first time since The Victory is Mine.”

“Have you been well? I’ve heard so much about you, Hoyun, it felt like we were seeing each other almost every day but seeing you in person is definitely better.”


“Didn’t I tell you to stop talking nonsense…?”

“Woosung, who told you that?”

Listening to Chae Jeongwoo and Joo Woosung’s conversation, I pondered to myself.

Joo Woosung, who had been putting up walls with everyone and only focused on his phone, seemed to be close with Chae Jeongwoo.

Even though he was grumbling, his expression seemed relaxed.

At least he has a friend.

Seong Jiwon tilting his head in curiosity and asked,

“Sunbaenim, what brings you here?”

“Just bored.”


Chae Jeongwoo sighed deeply and looked at the sulking Joo Woosung, as if wondering “What should I do with this guy?”

“Yes, forget about him…. I came to see Seong Jiwon.”


Seeing Seong Jiwon’s bewildered face, Chae Jeongwoo grinned and propped his chin.

“Hey, I came to see the next K-pop god that’s supposed to succeed me.”


Even though Chae Jeongwoo’s words were meant as a joke, Seong Jiwon was left speechless, unable to continue.

Joo Woosung really fits in with that group…

So shameless.

Even if someone else had directly told Seong Jiwon he was the next generation K-pop god, he wouldn’t have blinked an eye.

However, hearing it from Chae Jeongwoo made Seong Jiwon’s ears turn red for the first time in a while.

“Hey, Chae Jeongwoo.”

Joo Woosung, leaning on Chae Jeongwoo’s shoulder, clicked his tongue.

“Aren’t you embarrassed at all?”

“Why? I like this nickname.”

“Jiwon, just ignore him. He’s just stopping by to greet before doing the special mentor session.”

“Ah, yes…”

What was with the special mentor now?

Nevertheless, it wasn’t a lie that he came to see Seong Jiwon, as Chae Jeongwoo naturally led the conversation to various topics related to vocals.

At least he seems nice.

Since the picky Joo Woosung didn’t usually get close to anyone easily and I felt no harm, I let them be.

Bored, Joo Woosung eventually started kicking me with his leg.

“So, what are you guys doing now?”

“We were in the middle of a meeting for the second competition.”

“What is it?”

“Oriental-style hip hop.”


“Sunbae! That’s because—!”

Kim Seonghyeon, seizing the moment, eagerly jumped in to explain.


As he listened, Joo Woosung’s expression gradually turned into one of disbelief.

Kim Seonghyeon, that guy, rather than covering for his own group member, spilled everything to a notorious flirt from another group.

“Seo Hoyun, can’t you even get 14 out of 15?”

“That’s what I’m saying….”


“Let’s keep it down since I’m here too.”

Then, Chae Jeongwoo, who had been talking with Seong Jiwon, widened his eyes and raised his voice.

“It’s totally good, isn’t it? Fresh.”

“…Eh, do you have any ideas?”

Kang Ichae, who had been sulking silently up until now, suddenly opened his eyes wide.

“Of course. You’re going to produce it, right, Kang Ichae? I want to include some powerful hip-hop, but the lack of a suitable Oriental-style beat is the problem. I don’t like it because forcing it would make the song’s progression awkward.”

“Wow! Yes, exactly!”

“If it’s okay, may I suggest a song that could be helpful?”



Not just a “let’s just do it” but a mentor who gives specific directions had arrived!

“Wow, this is what mentoring is.”

“Seo Hoyun, are you fucking kidding me??”

As I muttered in admiration, Joo Woosung complained about how I was treating him after all the help he had provided.

I stood and pressed down on Joo Woosung’s chair as he noisily banged on the table.

“Ha, whatever. Want something to drink?”

“I’m not drinking.”

“Then don’t.”

“…Green tea latte.”

While the other members seemed too busy paying attention to Chae Jeongwoo’s words, Joo Woosung looked sulky, having no intention of joining.

Seeing that the meeting wasn’t likely to end soon and feeling like a sinner who spun the wheel wrong, I decided to quietly sneak out of the meeting room to buy some coffee.


And I ended up running into someone I didn’t really want to see.

I ran into Kang Yeonhu, the leader of High Five, at the broadcasting station’s first-floor café.

He greeted me first with a sly smile.

“Looks like you lost a coffee bet.”

“Hello, sunbae…Well, something like that.”

I really screwed up spinning that wheel…

“Takeout, please.”

The café was unusually bustling today.

Looking around, even people from the broadcasting station, who were used to seeing celebrities, glanced at Kang Yeonhu with a friendly curiosity as they passed by.

High Five must be really popular, damn.

“Staying for the meeting?”


As I maintained a polite distance and placed the order, Kang Yeonhu kept following me.

“You’ve been quite busy lately, haven’t you?”

“Busier than you, sunbae?”

“Indeed. This mission is quite unique, so everyone is on high alert.”

I answered his questions with responses that were difficult to continue the conversation with on purpose, but Kang Yeonhu just smiled slyly and soon left.

After picking up the drinks, I headed back to the meeting room, but then I saw Kang Yeonhu leaning against the wall near the café entrance.


“We’re headed in the same direction, aren’t we?”

Our eyes met, and Kang Yeonhu smiled brightly.

Yeah, I know.

But why wait and go together?


As we waited for the elevator alone, Kang Yeonhu started a more serious conversation.

“I was really impressed by Shining Star Season 1. It was amazing. Good balance among the members, and good character too.”

“The kids are nice.”

“That’s really important. It’s often overlooked, but actually, it plays a decisive role.”

When the elevator doors opened, Kang Yeonhu let me in first and followed after me.

Then he hummed and said,

“So that’s why the Black Call-sunbaes like you that much?”

[1] Actually, it’s not. Since both events are independent of each other, the actual probability is 1/225 or 0.44%.

[2] Kkwaenggwari is a small gong while janggu is a drum. Both are traditional Korean instruments.

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