The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 126

Episode 126

With venom-filled eyes, the leader’s gaze pierced through the screen. At the same time, as the sound of gears interlocking played, the lights flickered and then suddenly went out with a whoosh.


[I’m shaking so much I can’t watch]


She wanted to see but couldn’t bear to watch; both feelings existed at the same time. Her eyes widened in awe as the next stage unfolded.

The stage glowed under crimson lights as a tranquil intro beat, echoing like a heartbeat, merged with the ominous atmosphere.

The main vocalist of Lea Purple, wearing a long red cloak that trailed down to her ankles, ran across the stage with a nervous expression, looking around before stopping in front of a coffin. Then, as she looked at the empty coffin and recoiled in surprise, she was grabbed by the arm by Lea Purple’s main dancer.

“What, what’s this?”

The moment the main vocalist of Lea Purple turned her head in shock, the main dancer revealed sharp fangs and bit into her neck while wrapping an arm around her waist.


After the recorded scream echoed, the body of Lea Purple’s main vocalist slumped. The main dancer, who had been buried in her neck, slowly lifted her head, and the camera zoomed in.

Wiping the blood from her red lips with the back of their hand, she slightly lifted the corner of her mouth.

“Another bite—!”

With that, soaring high notes filled the air, and the title was stamped at the bottom of the screen.

[Let’s Spend the Night Remix Ver.

Arranged by: Kang Ichae]

Arranged by Kang Ichae?

“Wow, this song is totally different?”

The original “Let’s Spend the Night,” a solo female track, was a hit song that gained immense popularity for its girl crush image because of its metaphoric lyrics and risqué yet powerful choreography. Even the Noeul, who was still a high school senior, often listened to the song without fully understanding its meaning.

The basic melody seemed the same, but everything else was completely different.

[Wow, they’re pouring horror into itㅠㅠ]


[Is this really “Let’s Spend the Night”???]

She hadn’t expected Lea Purple, who had been pursuing a pure power image, to go so far in completely shedding their image with this stage.

Stunned, she was glued to the screen without realizing her mouth was agape. The camera then cut to The Dawn, having shed their black rider jacket for a white cape that barely covered their thighs.

Centered on stage, Seo Hoyun ran his thumb across his lips as the highlight of “Let’s Spend the Night” resonated in the background.

“Give me a Kiss—!”

It’s starting!

[Hey, hold on]


The much-feared collab was finally beginning.

[Vampire concept is out, damn it!!!!]

And it was a steady concept that idols were bound to try at least once!!

It was sexy, but the concept had taken a completely different direction, and not only the fans of Lea Purple but also the Noeuls were totally excited.

[I must be getting rewarded for living so kindly]

[Oh, Santa, this girl wants to thank you very much]

Both groups were standing at opposite ends of the stage, and the moment Lea Purple’s main vocalist added a humming sound to match the music box, Seo Hoyun walked slowly towards the camera.

“Tonight, I’ll show you the secret I’ve been hiding.”

“Seo Hoyun!!”

If the “Kismet” stage began with Seong Jiwon’s clear voice and his pure, wistful expression, the collab stage was dominated by Seo Hoyun’s pale skin, cool expression, and his husky, low voice, which greatly enhanced the immersion into the concept.

With every step he took forward, the other members stepped aside and bowed their bodies in succession.

“Ooh Hoo Hoo Ohh”

On the opposite side, Lea Purple’s maknae matched steps with Seo Hoyun and fixed their gaze on the camera.

It was as if they were reflections in a mirror.

[Wow what are they doingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

[Awesomeㅋㅋㅋㅋ like a mirror… so smart with the choreography

└Absolutely no touch intendedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

Even though the horror concept and eerie sound somewhat neutralized the sexiness, the sticky choreography of the original song couldn’t be avoided.

Kim Seonghyeon was sitting in front of the practice room mirror, pondering, when Lea Purple’s main dancer suggested carefully (while still following the quarantine rules):

Let’s try to match the choreography as if we are reflecting each other in a mirror.

“That, that way, even if we’re apart, we can still create something beautiful, right?”

“I’m in.”

Seo Hoyun immediately responded with satisfaction to the ingenious idea, a behind-the-scenes tidbit of this stage.

“No more thoughts of running away.”

Meanwhile, the other members set up formations as if they were lost in a maze, spaced apart from each other. There was absolutely no physical contact between them.

[The formation is beautiful]

[Right ㅜ They’ve divided the two groups into immortals and mortals…


└└Good observation]

It was exactly as the Noeuls had said.

The members of the two groups were divided into those who were vampires and those who were not.

“Please hold me tight, I long for your tight embrace.”

Whenever the vampires approached, the humans were choreographed to scatter in all directions. At first glance, the choreography appeared chaotic, yet it was carefully crafted, with each movement thoughtfully arranged to ensure an impactful visual presentation.

[Jeong Dajun really pulls off the platinum blonde hair… it suits him incredibly well…]

[He’s a puppy, but when he dances, the atmosphere completely changes… If I’m to get a bit carried away, it feels like he’s whispering to take his hand and run away from the world together…

└Ah, right? The puppy looks like he’d whisper about playing hooky


The stage was packed, and the slightly different choreographies showcased in just the right places made it feel even more splendid.

Moreover, thanks to the vampire concept, it was easy to overlay a different meaning onto the original lyrics.

“Babe, Give me a Kiss, Kiss!

Let me Bite, Bite! (Ah-)”

Judging by the lyrics and the stage setup, it seemed like a lonely soul yearning for love, but deep down, it was really about a strong desire for tonight’s prey.

To borrow the Noeuls’ words, it was as if the immortals had a primal instinct that went beyond affection for the mortals, while the mortals hopelessly fell for the immortals, yearning to become one with them.

“Babe, Please come to me,

I want to fill this thirst with you.”

And it seems they outright changed any lyrics that were too much to handle.

The harmony between Seong Jiwon and Lea Purple’s main vocals was perfectly in sync.

In the original song, this would have been the moment for the chorus and the backup dancers to present a steamy dance routine.

But in this performance, Kim Seonghyeon took center stage alone, while the rest of the members formed a triangular formation, dancing to the mirror concept.

Kim Seonghyeon ran his fingers through his hair, biting his lip in a moment of tension

“Every night, I am lonely, longing for your tight embrace.”

And then it began.


The climax of the sexy concept…

[Seonghyeonaahhh, don’t twist your waist like thaaat]

They tweaked the pair dance into a solo and incorporated popping into sections that could have become awkward, creating a refined yet restrained sexiness.

[Wow, Kim Seonghyeon, are you fucking crazy?]

[Is it because his limbs are long? Everything is so heavy yet light, clean yet flamboyant, it doesn’t make sense, how is this even possible?]

[Ah, please just take a year off and keep doing sexy concepts!!!!!!]

And it wasn’t just because they were Noeuls, but Kim Seonghyeon, who was famous for his dancing, really elevated the quality of the performance by anchoring it from the center.

“Please hold me tight (Ah-)”

Once Kim Seonghyeon’s solo part ended, Lea Purple stepped aside, leaving The Dawn alone in the center of the stage.

Seo Hoyun entered with a stride full of confidence.

“When your hands wrap around my waist.”

He and Kim Seonghyeon performed the same choreography side by side, with Seo Hoyun tilting his head slightly while flicking his fingers.

“This heart that falls helplessly for you.”

“Seo Hoyun-aah!!!”

[Damn it]

[Hey Seo Hoyun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Even though he was usually kind to fans, when he was with the members, he always responded with “What, why, what do you want me to do?!” But because he was an idol, he even had to do these sexy concepts!

At times like this, the high school Noeul was shouting thanks to Daepaseong Entertainment for casting Seo Hoyun.

[Seo Hoyun, you’re so annoying, if you’re not going to marry me, then ah!!!]

Besides, Seo Hoyun, who had barely escaped being a klutz, his dance lines didn’t fall short at all even though he was right next to Kim Seonghyeon.


[What the heck, why is he dancing so well?!?!]

In reality, it looked good because S-ranked dancer Kim Seonghyeon occasionally matched Seo Hoyun’s off-beat moves.

It was the leader’s incredible ability to adjust his moves for a bad dancer. Yet the fans, caught up in the heat of the moment, praised Seo Hoyun without knowing any better.

“We’ve waited long enough, now take my hand,

Yes Please, you know you’re feeling good right now.”

Moreover, Seo Hoyun made up for his mediocre dance skills with his facial expressions that so-mehow pulling up the quality of the performance.

The moment his downcast gaze and slight smile were caught on camera, the reactions flared up once again.

[Shouldn’t this kid subject to censorship?


Oh damn, to be so pure yet sexy was actually possible….]

“I long to be wrapped up in you.”

Kim Seonghyeon often nagged Seo Hoyun about his dancing, and Seo Hoyun likewise teased Kim Seonghyeon for his acting…

Their strengths and weaknesses were so clear that the bickering duo eventually agreed to cover for each other as best as they could, and it was successful.

The stage lights where Lea Purple was standing went out, and with a click, a red light illuminated the area where Kang Ichae and Seong Jiwon stood. Kang Ichae, with a meaningful and somewhat criminal smile, began the newly inserted rap.

“I don’t wanna show you tonight,

I wanna let you go, but I hold you tight,

Even when I’m fickle, I intensely want you.”

Kang Ichae licked his lower lip slightly and playfully narrowed his eyes.

“My love, I will give you a bite,

So when our eyes meet, come over to me.”

And just like that, as if joking, he took Seong Jiwon’s hand and they danced.

“Let’s dance!”

Then, with a sharp finger snap, the lights on another stage turned on.

“Babe Give me a Kiss, Kiss!

Let me Bite, Bite.”

The Dawn’s performance ended, and it was time for Lea Purple’s solo stage to begin.

The group, already known for their intense yet pure power dances, hit every fast-paced, intricately divided choreography move with precision.

“Every night I’m lonely Ah- Yes, Please hold me tight.”

Around this time, the high school Noeul, regardless of fandom, was screaming at the TV. Especially when Lea Purple performed a couple wave dance within the group, the viewers’ response was so overwhelming it felt deafening even through the screen.

[Waaaaah what the heck]

[Wow, Lea Purple really killed it wow…. wow….

└How is their music spectrum so broad… I didn’t know…]

As if it was planned, humans and vampires paired up to dance, and as the song neared its end, the vampires of Lea Purple bit the humans.

At the same time, a full shot of the stage was shown on the screen, and as the Lea Purple members twisted their bodies violently, transforming from humans into vampires, they then stood in a line and slowly walked toward the center of the stage, matching the slowing beat.

Also happening simultaneously, The Dawn also walked slowly from the opposite side of the stage, mirroring the formation and adding more harmony.

“We’ve waited long enough, now take my hand,

Yes Please, you know you’re feeling good right now.”

“Wow… That’s really clever.”

The lyrics seemed only slightly altered, but how perfectly they matched the concept. The high school Noeul grabbed the cushion that had been tossed on the floor and focused on the song as it neared the end.

Slowly reaching the center, The Dawn’s members and the approaching Lea Purple’s members sat down in the middle of the stage, facing each other.


At the same time, the chilling sound of a music box played, and everyone’s head turned to the left.

Except for Seo Hoyun.

“What the—?”


Just like the opening, a scream was heard. That was the signal, and everyone bent their waists and stretched out their bodies smoothly… but Seo Hoyun remained standing.

“Tonight, I’ll show you—”

Seo Hoyun brushed his face with his hand, then moved away from the other members and approached the camera.

Under the slowly changing blue lights and looking a bit tired, he wiped the corners of his eyes and sang the same lyrics as the first verse.

“—the secret I’ve been hiding.”


And then the stage lights went out.

“What… what the?”


[Wasn’t that last part eerie???]

The high school Noeul, too, couldn’t figure out why it ended like this. Scratching her head, she browsed through various online communities, and soon interpretations started popping up on Twitter.

[Let’s unleash our wild theories, go]

And the interpretations went like this:

[The First & Last Music Box=Something that immortals react to… The music box also rang out in the very first opening, and that could be interpreted as the smell of blood… They turned their heads to the scent of blood, but Seo Hoyun alone did not turn.]

“Arghhh!! Is this it?!”

The high school senior Noeul’s heart raced as she quickly scrolled down.

[>Tonight, I’ll show you the secret I’ve been hiding<

Seo Hoyun initially pretended to be a vampire, but in fact, he was human until the end, so he couldn’t smell the blood]

[At first, Seo Hoyun frowned when he sawLea Purple becoming a vampire, but then he turned away.

Seo Hoyun is a hunter, and it can be assumed that he planned to hunt all the members from the start.]

[But??? Why?? Was Seo Hoyun annoyed?

Recalling the part where Kim Seonghyeon danced in the center…

> Every night, I am lonely, longing for your tight embrace<

As the lyrics suggest, Kim Seonghyeon was no longer human and was looking for his prey.]

[And then Seo Hoyun joined in the pair dance = expressing his desire to also become immortal.]

[Seo Hoyun wavered a bit and fell into self-loathing, but in the end, he finished the hunt, regardless of the outcome.]

“Wow, seriously… This is intense.”

In the end, perhaps because the collab stage was so shocking, neither Noeul nor the fans of Lea Purple could pay attention to any other performance that followed.

Seo Hoyun, overall in-charge; Lee Jihyeon, the planner.

Enrich the narrative by tying the provocative lyrics to a vampire theme, all the while preserving the core sexy concept. Crucially, avoid any physical contact between the two groups.

Most importantly, craft the concept to be so captivating and startling that it would keep the “interpretation addicts” buzzing with theories right up to the end.

Too busy with interpretations to even bring up scandal talks.

[Hmm?? Then why didn’t the youngest realize at first that when they were walking together, Hoyun was an ordinary person?

└In my opinion, they knew and assisted, wanting to turn an ordinary person into a vampire… But it seems like they were betrayed at the end.]

[I think Sumin knew but didn’t care so long as she died alongside Silri…

└Argh argh screaming Otaku-style

└└Anyway, it’s just such an amazing performance, I want to see it again ㅠㅠㅠ]

Idol fans, well-versed in various lore, were furiously unraveling interpretations.

Lee Jihyeon, who left breadcrumbs without a special ending, stirred up a hot reaction by topping the sexy concept with horror.

Meanwhile, those with locked accounts were very satisfied that there was absolutely no touching involved in the choreography.

[I keep replaying it, and they really don’t touch even onceㅋㅋ


The mirror dance is really smart]

Even though the members dating weren’t dating anybody in real life, there had been too many rumors and hurtful comments for the mere fact that male and female idols were seen and working together.

[Just following quarantine rules, except for the maze dance, they never got closer than 1 meter

└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Everyone looks so pleased, it’s hilarious, seriously

└└Truly satisfying.]

Fortunately, talks of scandals did not gain any traction, for the concept and choreography itself were so beautifully executed that the fandom smiled contentedly at the hot response.

[Ah, Daepaseong Entertainment is doing a good job these days~~~]

[You get a lot of delusions, don’t you? (Laughter)]

[What about Lea Purple’s agency?

└They’re not really up to par, not even comparable to Daepaseong

└└Ahㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That much, huh? Fighting Lea Purple…]

Fans of Lea Purple, wanting them to leave their agency, were able to relax from the tension of the collab with satisfaction.

If planner Lee Jihyeon knew, she would have been incredibly proud.

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

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