The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 125

Episode 125


As darkness enveloped the space, the only thing that could be seen on the screen was the phrase, “The Dawn.” Naturally, the cheers from the fans followed. Amidst the colorful glow of various fandom lightsticks, a bright blue triangular lightstick stood out distinctly.

Then, as the stage lights mixed purple and blue hues, casting an enigmatic glow, the members of The Dawn, gathered in the center, appeared on screen.

All the members bowed their heads, but then Seong Jiwon slowly lifted his microphone.

Normally, an overture would have played first.

“In this vast universe, I met the miracle that is you.”

“Ah!! ‘Kismet’!”

For the year-end stage, The Dawn skipped the overture and instead opened with Seong Jiwon’s soft yet clear voice singing ‘Kismet.’ It was their final competition song for Shining Star, a song that had skyrocketed their group’s popularity, prompting everyone to say, “These guys are good.”

It was a song dedicated to Kim Seonghyeon.

“Ah, let’s go!!”

The high school senior Noeul, having become a fan of Kim Seonghyeon after watching Shining Star, was so excited that she absentmindedly threw her cushion.

“Kismet” usually started with a grand overture, but hearing it begin solely with Seong Jiwon’s voice made it feel even more poignant.

[Jiwon’s angelic entrance, holy shit]

[Let’s establish the nation of Seong Jiwon]

“Enchanted, I reach out my hand.”

Soon, a gentle piano melody filled the air. As Seong Jiwon slowly lowered his hand and bowed his head, Kim Seonghyeon, who had been standing back-to-back with him, turned around, touched his in-ear microphone, and began to sing.

“But I’m too small.”

When Kim Seonghyeon, “Kismet’s” biggest beneficiary, appeared, an even louder cheer erupted from the TV speakers. Instead of his usual bold and refreshing voice, he spoke in a whisper.

“But you told me that I can be a star.”

Perhaps because it was a song about his own story, it meshed unbelievably well with him, even without the grand overture.

As the poignant piano bass prelude continued, Kim Seonghyeon tilted his chin up, narrowed his eyes, took a breath, and then playfully grinned at the camera.



Boom, boom, boom!

With a sizzling sound, like crackling electricity, the lights flashed on and off.

When Kim Seonghyeon spoke, the soft piano prelude was abruptly replaced with a pop-electronic melody. The blue screen was then struck by white lightning.

[Wow, wow, it feels like a concert, is this a concert?]

[The fact that Kang Ichae made this drives me crazy

└How could Ichae produce such quality after only studying for a few week, ha?

└└Wasn’t that media play?!]

Everyone was excited to see “Kismet’s” stage after a long time. But something else was making the fans even happier.

[Damn, the kids’ hairstyles and makeup are insane todayㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

The camera panned over the members, whose hair and styling were impeccably done, as if the stylists had sharpened their skills. They all wore the same rider leather jackets, but each had subtly different details.

While Seo Hoyun’s style was a bit loose and casual, Seong Jiwon’s was neat, resembling a suit, and the youngest members sported unique patterns or decorations.

…And what about Kim Seonghyeon?

It was as if he was born to wear it.

[Seo Hoyun in a black rider jacket with straight hair??? Ah, ah!!!! Hey!!!! Are you kidding me??? Hey, are you joking!!!!!]

[Ah, crazy, Daepaseong, darling, I love you]

[Are you a public company? Are you crazy? If you go public, I’ll buy your stocks]

[Kim Seonghyeon is sleek, it’s insane, who the hell sees him as an innocent cutie?]

Even though the show had barely started, social media was already buzzing.

As Kim Seonghyeon stepped back, the highlight of Kismet thundered through the concert hall.

“You showed me the way!”

It was Kang Ichae’s new arrangement.

Boom, boom, boom!

The drums kicked in with the accompaniment, and the lights flashed dazzlingly.

“Ooh, Yeah, You showed me the way!”

The once brilliant melody suddenly softened as if music was being played underwater, and the lights dimmed at once. The camera slowly zoomed in on the members, who had been catching their breath with their backs to the center, hiding Kim Seonghyeon.

At that moment, Seo Hoyun, standing in the center, twisted the corner of his mouth into a smirk.

Boom, boom, boom!

“Yeah, but you told me that I can be a star.”

As if he was about to show something precious.

Boom, boom, boom—Babam!

The background music exploded as The Dawn split to either side…

“Lift my head up, open my eyes amidst the dust.”

…And Kim Seonghyeon burst out from the middle.

“You crazy bastards!!”

The high school Noeul hugged her cushion and burst into tears, but Kim Seonghyeon, as if he didn’t care, strode forward with long steps, securing his in-ear microphone with his hand.

“Everyone warns me,

To be born, I must plunge into the storm,

It’s alright, I’ve already decided, I want to meet you.”

The song was completely re-recorded for the year-end stage. Even after releasing “Kill the Lights,” Kang Ichae, having significantly levelled up his composition and arranging skills, was eager to showcase his newfound abilities to the world. As if he had nothing to fear.

“Change the lyrics? Is that even possible?”

“Come on, hasn’t it been half a year since Shining Star ended?”

Kang Ichae hummed, idly swinging his feet propped up on the desk.

“Let’s tweak it just a bit, make it rhyme well. Let’s make it fit our current situation.”

So, this time, they were going to release a year-end stage version.

As Kim Seonghyeon sang each word with deliberate articulation, Jeong Dajun spun around behind him, facing the camera with a flourish.

“Ah- You have witnessed,

I burned and, in the end, here I am,

I knew it, we were right”

It was then that the fans and the Noeuls noticed the changed lyrics, their eyes widening in realization. Just then, Kang Ichae, whose grapefruit-colored hair and black leather jacket matched incredibly well, burst onto the scene.

“Wow, that guy really stands out with his flashy looks….”

“You see, as nebulae come together,

Diving into the storm, enduring gravity.”

But it was so subtle that unless you were a fan of The Dawn, you might just miss it.

Kang Ichae wrinkled his nose and swept back his hair.

“Ah, it turned out to be nothing special, after all,

That was the path leading to you, Birth of a Star…”

The changed lyrics are seriously dope….

Especially since it was the end of the year, but as memories of the past twelve months flooded back, the high school senior Noeul’s immersion grew deeper.

A dragging melody deliberately continued, and the sound of the electric guitar then exploded.

“Yeah, this is Kismet!”

Then the camera switched, and it was Seo Hoyun’s part. The high school senior Noeul was first drawn to The Dawn because of Kim Seonghyeon, but it was Hoyun who really caught her attention. His arrival on stage marked the start of the show’s highlight.

As always, he showcased his stable live performance skills as he flicked a finger towards the camera.

“You and I, right here (Yes, right here),

A brilliant light explodes, don’t miss it,

This is Kismet”

Next up, it was Seong Jiwon who soared endlessly with his falsetto!

“Ah—This is Kismet!”


Even with the pre-recorded backing vocals blasting out, Jiwon’s high notes pierced through.

“The moment a star is born.”

“The fate that we cannot deny!”

The two, Hoyun and Jiwon, harmonized, and, with another explosion erupting from the screen behind them, new lyrics appeared. Along with it, all five members’ voices resonated.

“I’m rushing towards you.”

The fans might not have known, but it was the harmony that Hoyun had been sweetly tormented by Jiwon to practice.

“I want to proudly say that because of you, I’ve become a star.”

“Fucking incredible…!!”

Just as an emotional Noeul was about to tear up at the satisfying visual and auditory feast, Seo Hoyun in the center slightly tilted his head.

He then looked down at the glowing lightsticks of the Noeuls. All the things he had gone through in less than a year.

The vast landscape he saw from the stage must have held a meaning to him that neither the viewers nor the Noeuls could possibly guess. And that’s because,

“Didn’t I tell you?”

Seo Hoyun simply smiled.

“Hold on and follow me.”

Hoyun wasn’t alone anymore; he returned to the formation of The Dawn. Lights of violet and blue intertwined around him, and he was sucked back into the highlight of Kismet.

“You showed me the way!

Now, I’ll be the guiding light for you,

I will dance all night to please you!”


Overwhelmed, the Noeul clutched her heart and watched the stage to the very end. She originally planned to watch while writing comments on SNS, but today, she couldn’t take her eyes off the members of The Dawn.

“I will sing all day only for you.”

Kim Seonghyeon and Seo Hoyun exchanged glances and smirked at each other. And then they decided to yield fruit befitting Kismet, which had blossomed in Shining Star.

“It’s okay, I’ve already decided to burn bright to the end…”

The camera persistently followed them to the very end. After the four-minute performance, Seonghyeon’s slightly damp black hair clung to his forehead, and sweat dripped down his jaw. The ending shot captured his slight smile.

He seemed happy.

“Because you told me,

That I can be a star.”

He sang the same last line as before in “Kismet,” and the lights went out. Despite the stage ending and the screen darkening, the high schooler just sat there, momentarily lost in a trance.

“Ah, ah. Right.”

Only then did she managed to calm her pounding heart and hastily grab her phone.


[I get it, guys, I’m not going to do the escape room…

I said I’m not…

I said I’m not…]

[This is crazy, really…

Who suggested changing the lyrics, oh well, Kang Ichae is a genius..]

It was a performance that, like a mesmerizing sunset, couldn’t be ignored. Though the four minutes of quality that rivaled the second part’s opening act had ended, fans still lingered in the realm of “Kismet,” clutching their chests and calling out endlessly.

Even now, more than half a year later, it was still considered a legendary song, but this time it was extra special.

[Why do the kids look so cool?]

If the Shining Star stage was one where they had to grit their teeth for survival… now, the members looked more mature, equipped with a relaxed demeanor and what was commonly referred to as “swag” oozing from them.

[But not only that…

Today… really… what is it… what is it…?

What’s with the kids’ vibe… Did something happen to them…?

I don’t know anything, but I’m already overinvested.]

The reason for their growth was because a lot—really, a lot—had happened over the past year.

The Noeuls only knew a part of what exactly had happened to The Dawn, but it was enough to get them deeply immersed.

[Be happy, guys…]

[May you always hear sweet words… only see good things… eat well… ㅠ I’ll take care of the fights…

└I’m already wallowing in misery…]

Of course, they didn’t know that Seo Hoyun was already working hard so that the Noeuls didn’t have to.

Anyway, the next song was expected to start, so she waited quietly, but no further music played.

The high school senior Noeul stood up, infuriated.

“Holy shit!! What the heck?! Is that it?”

[Ah fuck, I was annoyed when I saw the cue sheet, but they really only did just one performance…]

[Hey, somebody, try to slap some sense into the network, try to grease them somehow~~~!!!! But? No money to bribeㅎ

└Funny but not funny.]

The high school senior Noeul, who only knew The Dawn would be performing on the year-end stage but hadn’t properly looked at the leaked cue sheet, finally found out through SNS that it was just one song and, seizing her hair, she cursed out Daepaseong Entertainment in a long rant.

That was when it happened.

The screen changed, and the camera focused on the face of Lea Purple’s leader, who was on a different stage.


As the leaked cue sheet had predicted, a collab stage with Lea Purple was about to unfold.

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

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