The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 110

Episode 110

[Okay, so let’s summarize this. Ah, fuck, I’m getting excited.

No, so let’s calm down again and summarize.]

Noeuls eagerly gobbled up the apocalyptic setting that Daepaseong spoon-fed them with a giant spoon.

The fuss was partly due to Kang Ichae’s trendy yet uniquely well-crafted beats and melodies, but everyone was too busy interpreting the music video.

[Alright, Seo Hoyun is with the government forces, okay~ But at the beginning, he kills the old man in the hospital room, okay~ Seems like a high-ranking person, so Seo Hoyun gets arrested for rebellion, okay okay~ shit, that’s all I know, someone else please explain more

└Ah, I’m really going crazy.]

[So Kang Ichae is the INHERITOR, right… Was he a rebel or a government soldier, or an inheritor?? I mean, during “Second Chance,” he was a rebel but joined Seo Hoyun’s side (government forces) too easily, I thought….

└I thought he was a spy, never imagined him as the Inheritor ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ!!]

[An inheritor but in the end, he puts Seo Hoyun on the throne? That’s crazy, and what’s with the sports car and his dyed red hair, this punk Ichae guy.]

[The last RAVAGER, a destroyer, was the Joker, right? Even during “Second Chance,” Jeong Dajun was said to be the Joker… So was Jeong Dajun the destroyer??]

[Ah, Jeong Dajun kept it so hidden during “Second Chance” and “Ocean Train” ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠdamn ㅠㅠㅠㅠbringing the youngest as the destroyer, these crazy bastards at Daepaseong.]

Despite the flood of clues, interpretations weren’t easy, and amidst the buzzing discussions, a video uploaded on YouTube gained immense popularity among the Noeuls.

It was a clean summary of the “Kill the Lights” music video clues by the famous K-POP MV interpretation channel known for its robotic narration.

[This latest single album Kill the Lights by The Dawn marks the conclusion of the apocalyptic trilogy produced by Daepaseong so far.]

The YouTube video, starting with a simple album description, went on to organize the previous storylines, given that Kill the Lights was the final part of a series, beginning with the “Second Chance” MV.

[It’s well-known that in “Second Chance,” members Seo Hoyun and Kang Ichae, along with Seong Jiwon, Kim Seonghyeon, and Jeong Dajun, were set up in an opposing structure. Amidst this, Seo Hoyun capturing the rebels after figuring out the characteristics of all the members, set the hearts of music video enthusiasts on fire.]

[But wait a minute!!]

The video rewinds quickly, and a scene from the “Kill the Lights” music video appears.

[In this album, Seo Hoyun chooses rebellion by killing a high-ranking official of the government forces. He doesn’t even run away but sits listlessly, as if waiting for someone. Eventually, Seo Hoyun is captured and locked in a cell, waiting for his execution (“Capital Punishment”).]

That much was known to all Noeuls.

That Kang Ichae, thought to be a rebel, was actually a high-ranking official of the government forces, and even his deliberate assistance to Seo Hoyun.

However, the twist happens afterward.

[Why is Seong Jiwon walking freely somewhere, despite being captured by Seo Hoyun? Why is Kim Seonghyeon causing an explosion in an abandoned building?

Here’s where my deduction comes in.

It seems like Seo Hoyun… persuaded them.

Moreover, Seo Hoyun didn’t choose the rebellion after some incident post-“Second Chance.”

Here’s the evidence:

(“Ocean Train” Seo Hoyun’s subconscious phrase – “Eventually, you’re meant to come my way”)

(“Yes, We can definitely kill this light, Overturn everything, change the game.”)

As the lyrics suggest, Seo Hoyun was planning to change the entire game from the beginning.]

The video then closes up on Seo Hoyun, helped by Kang Ichae, coming out after ramming a sports car into a transport vehicle.

[Seong Jiwon and Kim Seonghyeon were persuaded by him and were getting ready. Seong Jiwon runs out to find someone, and Kim Seonghyeon seems to be preparing to overthrow the palace, setting up explosives.

And when everything explodes, Seo Hoyun and Kang Ichae leisurely walk through the chaos of the palace corridors.

It’s the success of the rebellion.

“Kill the Lights” signifies killing the artificial light of the government forces and heralding the light of a new dawn.]

Seo Hoyun walking on a red carpet appeared.

[But even after the successful rebellion, Seo Hoyun seemed unfazed, as if the rebellion was just a means to an end.

Here, he slowly brushes past the paintings of trump cards representing each member.

And in the end, our regressor Seong Jiwon finally finds someone.

The Dawn’s youngest, the Joker Jeong Dajun.]

A scene of Seong Jiwon, breathing shakily and raising a gun, was captured and appeared on the screen.

[Wait a minute, why is Seong Jiwon shooting at Jeong Dajun? No, beep-beep, Seong Jiwon really cherishes Jeong Dajun, right??

Maybe we… took this post-apocalyptic setting for granted.

Why is The Dawn’s world post-apocalyptic in the first place?

Who destroyed this world before?

The cause of all this, that’s right….]

A painting of the Joker, overturned in paint, shines above Seo Hoyun’s head.

[RAVAGER, the destroyer of this world, Jeong Dajun.]

Jeong Dajun is reflected in Seong Jiwon’s wavering eyes, and at the moment Jeong Dajun’s lips quiver, a gunshot resonates.

[…Including Seong Jiwon, all the members have captured Jeong Dajun, the reason for the world’s downfall. The final shot is fired, but since it doesn’t show Jeong Dajun falling, it’s unclear if he really died.]

With all the clues organized, the music video interpretation YouTuber let out a deep sigh.

[This… There’s a rumor that it’s not a trilogy but a pentalogy. Whether this is the end or there’s more to come, we’ll have to wait and see.

Whether Seong Jiwon really killed Jeong Dajun, why Kang Ichae helped Seo Hoyun, and what exactly is Seo Hoyun thinking after the successful rebellion….

Well, anyway, the conclusion is?]

The YouTuber deliberately let out an artificial laugh.

[…Daepaseong really did a great job this time.]

The video ended with a request to subscribe and like.

The link to the video went viral on Twitter, receiving a tremendous number of re-tweets among fans.

[Ah fuck…………………………….]

[I can’t help but swear, I’ve been mumbling like a subway lunatic since yesterday]

[…Daepaseong baby, you know I love you, right?

└Special… I was cursing until the day before yesterday]

Eventually, they even praised Daepaseong.

[Guys, Daepaseong is really smart. They bring fresh and cool songs in summer, and dark, spicy concepts in winter. The Dawn is like the dawn dividing night and morning…

└shit shit shit shit ah ah ah shit!!!!!!!!

└Ah screaming in the dawn]

[In the summer, Daepaseong goes for popularity while sneakily adding apocalyptic elements (morning)… and in the winter (night) just says “yeah, I’ll kill it” while grabbing the otakus by their hair

└Yeah, I’ll kill it]

Although Noeuls overwhelmingly praised it, there were naturally some negative opinions due to the strong concept.

[So what the hell are they talking about, I can’t watch till the end, it’s cringyㅋㅋ]

[Wow, pretending to be critics and rambling, so pathetic]

Endless criticisms came in.

The excited Noeuls typing on their keyboards wanted to bash the heads of those making such comments.

[Ahㅋㅋ a godly song with a godly concept, the jealousy is real~~~ Jealous, you bastards~~~]

[Sorry guys~~ I’m already living a godly life~~

└That’s not a godly life

└Damn, listen to thisㅋㅋ]

Noeuls tried to smoothly gloss over things in a good-natured manner.

Just when fans were getting fed up with the endless and tiring back-and-forth, The Dawn’s official account uploaded a ton of behind-the-scenes photos from the “Kill the Lights” shoot.

And there were a lot of them.


[Ah, only the top is in costume, and they’re just wearing black shorts underneath, and those are three-striped slippers

└So cute ah so cute ah so cute]

Lee Jihyeon, anticipating otaku concepts while also expecting criticisms, had told Seo Hoyun to crazily take behind-the-scenes photos.

All of this was preparation for this moment.

[Ah, were the kids hot when they were shooting ㅋㅋㅋahㅋㅋㅋ all wrapped up and holding mini fans, so so so cute, my softies ㅜㅜㅜ]

[The kids’ faces are always at peak season, a bit overwhelming, as expected, idols are all about the face]

Selling their minds to jabber and then happily scooping up what The Dawn’s official account generously fed, the Noeuls left Twitter contentedly.

[When Noeuls are feeling down…

The Dawn does its special skill “uploading behind-the-scenes photos.”]

And so, amidst the festive atmosphere, their music show activities began.



As I was walking to the waiting room, I saw Joo Woosung, who I hadn’t seen in a while, looking at me and awkwardly smiling.

Behind him, the members of Black Call were visible.

Last time he was annoyingly sensitive, but now he seems a bit more stable.

Maybe the Californian sunshine did him good.

“Are you less upset now?”

“…I wasn’t upset.”

“Oh! It’s The Dawn!”

At that moment, other Black Call members, more excited than Joo Woosung, greeted us.

Particularly, Black Call’s lead dancer playfully tapped Kim Seonghyeon’s shoulder and started a friendly conversation.

“I thought we might see you here. The timing worked out.”

“Hyung, hello.”


As it was, Kim Seonghyeon really liked Joo Woosung.

But seeing him chumming up with another Black Call member, I observed the situation with a slightly disconcerted expression.

Then, a system window popped up.


[They got close when they went on a dance variety show together.]

So that’s why he’s all “hyung” this and that…

I wish he was like that with me, then the benefits would have doubled.

Kim Seonghyeon, grumbling about being in the wrong line, turned his head and his eyes met Joo Woosung’s.


“…Don’t look at me like that, it’s scary.”

Not that it was Joo Woosung’s fault, but seeing his face again made me a bit irritated.

Especially since it’s clear we won’t win first place this time.


Whether it was Kang Ichae who composed the song, or Lee Jihyeon who planned it…

We all put our all into it.

Not that Black Call or Lim Hyeonsu didn’t, but I thought we could at least aim for a double crown with a decent cable broadcast and an easy win…

But because of those Black Call guys, our first place in music shows slipped away.

Joo Woosung awkwardly smiled.

“Just even it out. I’m a bit sorry, but… there will be plenty of opportunities for The Dawn in the future.”



“No, it’s just that today your pretentiousness is a bit too much….”


Joo Woosung frowned, sighed heavily, then brushed his hair back and looked at me.

Seems like he decided to adopt the respectable senior concept for today.

“By the way, hyung, I really liked your “Get Over” cover.”

What do you want me to say?

I wanted to respond like that, but I held back because of Kim Seonghyeon, who was getting along well with the Black Call lead dancer and had turned his head this way after hearing the conversation.

I managed to give a rather junior-like response.

“…Was it okay?”

“Yeah. Made me curious. How did you improve so much in such a short time?”

“If you’re curious, give us first place.”

“Haha, can you even accept it if I give it?”

I clicked my tongue and folded my arms, but Joo Woosung laughed in a good mood.

He seemed a bit nervous, and somehow relieved, so I didn’t feel like picking a fight.

“Watch our performance later.”



Joo Woosung was less sensitive than before but today was rather strange…

As I watched him pass by, I quietly spoke to the system window.

Joo Woosung’s stuff.

[At your command.]

[Joo Woosung, our cute and kind pushover.

Please treat him well….

Singing: A+

Dance: EX-

Variety: A0

Acting: C

??? : ???

Charm: S+]


The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

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[Congratulations Seo Hoyun! You have been selected as a player in the Unknown Idol Tycoon.] The good-for-nothing PD, who is criticized by everyone, becomes a unknown idol in a parallel world. Only his younger sibling remembers him. To return to the original world, he must become a top idol and clear the game! “…Quest accepted.” “Are you crazy?” “Don’t we need to eat and live?” His specialty is blackmailing, his hobby is persuasion. The survival story of the unscrupulous PD-turned-idol who will stop at nothing!
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