The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 109

Episode 109

[….? What did I just see?]

[Is this the official thing? Okay, got it]

[Daepaseong: Shove this into the apocalypse

Noeul: Yep, I’m shoving it into my mouth right now]

The reaction was explosive when the MV teaser for a completely different genre than “Ocean Train” but similar to “Second Chance” was released.

Everyone was saying, “Hey, isn’t this a scam?”

There was no need to be cautious. From the beginning, after “Second Chance,” through the series continued in “Ocean Train,” the fans already had some trust in Daepaseong’s MV concept.

[Daepaseong, you bunch of perverts… who did you learn this from

└You really seem to like it

└└I really like it……]

[Hey, guys, is it true that Jiwon got shot in the thigh? Fuck, fuck, fuck, it’s so hot here, is this a sauna even though it’s snowing here?

└First of all, giving a rebel position to a pure-looking guy like that is too… too much… I’m gritting my teeth]

[Isn’t Kang Ichae going to explode with rage?]

[Handing over the flag and revolution to an otaku? I’ll shed some tears first]

While the Noeuls were shedding tears, Lee Jihyeon was busily pounding her keyboard as she gulped energy drinks one after another.

Of course, almost like a mantra, she was mumbling profanities.

She looked just like a certain PD-nim rushing to edit a scene before the deadline.

[But why is Hoyun…?

Why is he tied to the chair? Why is he hurt?

It’s not that I’m saying they should stop… I’m just curious because I like it]

[It’s too stimulating]

[Why Kim Seonghyeon/Seong Jiwon…? If this is a series, wasn’t he caught by Seo Hoyun during “Second Chance”? Why Jeong Dajun…? Why is he destroying buildings?

└It’s slightly historical that Dajun destroys everything

└└Oh, crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

While everyone was talking nonsense, someone posted a hypothesis along with a meme.

[If you look carefully at Seo Hoyun’s teaser documents, they all seem to have government seals stamped on them…

It says “Capital Punishment”

└What does that mean?

└└It’s execution


[… Did Seo Hoyun start a rebellion within the government forces and get caught?


While Noeul fans were devouring the teaser frame by frame with intense concentration, the highlight medley was released.

It was addictively catchy with powerful vocals.

I can’t lose this game, let’s burn till the very end.

The moment light seeps in, it’s the start,

You can’t leave this scheme.

As dawn starts to break, I’ll dive deep,

Unhesitatingly walking towards the finish line.

The fans were not surprised to see Kang Ichae’s name in the composition and lyrics, but it still shocked them.

[What? Wait a minute, the casting is fucking good]

[The beat is crazy?????????? Did they spend money?????]

[Kang Ichae, come out, and let’s make out.]

Though it was pop-rock, the rich and dramatic sound was reminiscent of a soundtrack from the climax of a blockbuster movie.

[Ah, crazy, don’t get your hopes up this time, don’t expect anything. I’ll be happy no matter what comes out. Ah, fuck, I’m so excited

└Please do just one thing.]

[Guys…… Thank you for not forgetting about the apocalypse… Really thankful for them wearing the military tech wear again… This tender otaku is crying right now…]

The MV for “Kill the Lights” was released underneath everyone’s anticipation.

A choir could be heard from a blindingly white screen.

“Kill the Lights, Kill the Lights, Kill the Lights….”

Laughter was intermingled as if someone was being mocked.

At the same time, another layer of sound was added.

“Hoo- Ha- Hoo- Ha-”

Then, a choir reminiscent of breathing filled the gaps.


In a single patient room where winter sunlight streamed in, Seo Hoyun, dressed in his uniform with his hair neatly pushed back, stood tall.

He silently looked down at the patient lying with his back against the sun, leaning awkwardly next to the window.

The camera focused on an old, wrinkled hand, and slowly, Seo Hoyun took a step away, then walked steadily towards the bed.

He reached out and gently grazed the back of the hand before roughly pulling at the tangled wires of the medical equipment.


The regular intervals of the vital signs began to slow, then finally stopped with a long, drawn-out beep.

Thud, thud, thud!

The sound of heavy military boots dashing from afar could be heard.

However, Seo Hoyun calmly turned his body towards the window, sat at the edge of the bed, and blocked the harsh winter sunlight that was contrary to the season.

At that moment, he was suddenly pulled aside, subdued, and fell to the floor as the music started.

“Okay, Here we go.”

Sitting in a train cabin more splendid than the “Ocean Train,” Kang Ichae sighed deeply as he tapped the window before exiting the area.

“I see the timing, we once caught our breath together,

Now we must go again.”

The rare song that began with rap was accompanied by a majestic and powerful beat.

As Kang Ichae walked down the train corridor, everyone took a step back respectfully, making way and saluting him.

“The dawn is coming, understood?”

The lyrics, as if addressing a subordinate with a domineering tone, strangely suited Kang Ichae’s sharp face and were incredibly fitting.

The scene changed, and from a distant angle, Seong Jiwon, who was walking in a snowy field and catching his breath, was shown.

He was frantically moving as if searching for something, looking around.

“I still recall, you amidst the dim light.”

Seong Jiwon, with his pale complexion, kept widening his blurring eyes and continually checked if the gun on his thigh was still there.

“When everyone pointed at you,

You just laughed, remember?”

As Seong Jiwon’s clear and clean high note ascended,


The high note suddenly plunged down.

“Kill the Lights”

The dance part of Kim Seonghyeon, armed with techwear and wearing a body chain, started.

“Ooh, Yes We can definitely kill this light,

Overturn everything, change the game.”

Kim Seonghyeon held a walkie-talkie and licked his lips as if whispering, striding through the ruins of a building.

Then, Jeong Dajun, with platinum-blond hair, was lying on a snow-covered mountain.

With a face dirtied with black ash contrasting the blindingly white background, he struggled to stand up.

I can’t lose this game, let’s burn till the very end.

The moment light seeps in, it’s the start.”

Then, Seo Hoyun, trapped in a cluttered room full of documents, as shown in the teaser, appeared with a smirk.

“You can’t leave this scheme.

As dawn starts to break, I’ll dive deep,

Unhesitatingly walking towards the finish line.

Seo Hoyun was suddenly besieged by several people.

An instrumental flowed out as he was dragged away and boarded into a transport vehicle.

At the climax part, Kim Seonghyeon sat trembling in the ruins, connecting the wires of the bomb in a hurry.

“My trembling fingertips turn blue,

How much do you know? Calculate.”

Still in the middle of a snowy field, Seong Jiwon brushed back his constantly falling hair.

His hot breath met the cold air, producing white smoke.

“I know this game is against me,

Yet I must go on until the end.”

On the other hand, Seo Hoyun leaned his head on the window of the transport vehicle rattling on the rough road, receiving the dim moonlight.

“To you, it might have happened several times, but for me, it’s just once.”

A stark white space appeared as Seo Hoyun closed his eyes as if tired.

Jeong Dajun was standing right in the middle of it.

“Hold my hand, now you know, the dawn is coming…”

And at that moment, the beat dropped sharply.

“And now, it turns to…

The Dawn!”

Soon, the transport vehicle shook, and an explosion was heard.


From the sports car that hit the side of the transport vehicle, Kang Ichae, with red hair, gracefully walked out.

He then opened the door of the vehicle.

Seeing Seo Hoyun frowning irritably inside, Kang Ichae flashed an embarrassed smile.

The chorus part returned, and the rich harmony started.

I can’t lose this game, let’s burn till the very end.

The moment light seeps in, it’s the start.”

Seong Jiwon, trembling, not sure if from cold or fear, kept his eyes moist and walked forward.

On another screen, Kim Seonghyeon, who had secured a spot on the building’s exterior wall, hesitated momentarily after receiving a radio call.

He eventually hit the remote.

At the same time―,


“You can’t leave this scheme.

As dawn starts to break, I’ll dive deep,

Unhesitatingly walking towards the finish line.

With the explosion, the elaborately decorated banner shook.

Seo Hoyun and Kang Ichae walked forward, stepping on the blood-like red carpet.

In the long corridor where black mannequins in military uniforms lay, frames lined up.

“And I say it again… Kill the Lights!”

King of Spades, King of Hearts… Large trump cards were torn and lined up like paintings, and rough sentences were written in red paint.

“We can’t lose this game

I have already bet everything”

Seo Hoyun walked slowly, removed one of his gloves, and ran his finger across the frames.

Kang Ichae, who had walked ahead, first reached the throne at the end of the hallway.

Looking at the mannequin draped over the chair in a pitiful state… he chuckled.

“Overturn everything, change the game,

Kill this Light”

The faces of Kim Seonghyeon washing his face and Seong Jiwon starting to move with a firm resolution overlapped.

And finally, it seemed Seong Jiwon found someone as he gritted his teeth.

…Soon, he pulled out the gun slung over his thigh and pointed the muzzle at that someone.

“We can’t leave this Scheme.”

As Kang Ichae knocked that mannequin down with his foot, it fell pitifully below.

Seo Hoyun walked as if it were natural and sat on that throne.

Behind Seo Hoyun and Kang Ichae, the last remaining painting was illuminated.

It was the most brutal and filthiest of them all.

“Ah, you are at its end.”

Kim Seonghyeon stood up and picked up the fallen flag from the rooftop.

As he raised his arm high, holding the flag, it fluttered against the backdrop of the painting.

The Joker, the Trump Card.

A card denoting Jeong Dajun.

A large, ominous red message was etched on the painting.

A word signifying the destroyer.

Seong Jiwon’s lips were still quivering in the snowy landscape, his gaze fixated blankly on the horizon.

He was still holding the gun, aimed at Jeong Dajun’s forehead.

As Dajun, his attire reversed at multiple places with mere rags, licked his lips, he muttered—

“Let’s go all the way till the end—”


The echo of a gunshot filled the air as the MV screen turned pitch black, and a voice, with the hint of a laugh, sang out.

“Kill the Lights.”

That’s how the slightly long, 5-minute and 21-second-long MV ended.

[Holy……………. shit]

At the same time, the online buzz about The Dawn exploded.

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

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