The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 103

Episode 103

Jeong Dajun had the nerve?!

Our sweet, youngest gang eoljwi playing with his favorite person’s feelings?[1]

This was an earth-shattering matter, but Jeong Dajun just calmly looked at Min Jiheon. His demeanor was so different from when he had praised Min Jiheon before that I was taken aback, and the other members were also shocked.


And sharp-minded Min Jiheon, who only looked naïve on the outside, couldn’t have missed that. He chuckled and glanced at the members one after the other, then merely nodded his head.

“Seo Hoyun must be happy~.”


Stop talking nonsense.

“I should be going…”

“Yes, please hurry and go away.”

“Ahaha. See you later.”

I watched Min Jiheon walk away indifferently, but as soon as he was out of sight, I turned my head toward Jeong Dajun.

…Jeong Dajun was covering his face with both hands.

“Jeong Dajun… what’s going on with you?”

“…Give me a moment. I’m trying to channel my sorrow.”

If he got this upset over being ignored once, why did he do that in the first place?

Jeong Dajun washed his face for a while, then suddenly lifted his head.

“Huh, okay. Good job, Jeong Dajun. Me, who chose the annoying guy over my favorite… I was quite cool. Isn’t that right, hyung?”

“…Am I your favorite?”

“Hyung, why are you being like this to me??”

Jeong Dajun was unusually annoyed now. As I awkwardly accepted his irritation, something suddenly crossed my mind. I remembered blurting out nonsense to Jeong Dajun.

Right after that incident, when I asked him who he would choose between Min Jiheon and me. I chuckled and poked Jeong Dajun’s cheek.

“Between Min Jiheon and Seo Hoyun, did you choose me?”

“…Hyung, I thought about it. Do you remember the fan meeting from a while back?”

Jeong Dajun said sullenly.

“Who would I choose…”


Kim Seonghyeon, proud of the backstabbing Jeong Dajun, patted him on the shoulder and ruffled his hair.


I didn’t expect Jeong Dajun, of all people, to do that.

Although I assumed that people would naturally look after their own interests, I had thought of Jeong Dajun as a kind of… a child left by the water, which made me feel strange.

“Where did you learn that attitude…?”

[He’s only been seeing you for the past six months. Who else could he have learned from?]

…Was that so?

Apparently, the fact that I felt uncomfortable around Min Jiheon had already been decided within The Dawn.

Kang Ichae, that child, must have realized by now. Kim Seonghyeon and Seong Jiwon must have noticed to some extent as well. And looking at Jeong Dajun’s state now, I guess he also found out.

…But to what extent?

…Let’s give it a try? I organized my thoughts and opened my mouth, but…

“You know guys….”

“Hoyun, what do you want to eat?”

…Seong Jiwon quickly interrupted me. I raised an eyebrow, and Kang Ichae quickly followed up.

“Foie gras.”

“Pork belly? Okay.”

“Huhu, Jiwon-hyung is so mean, so mean~.”

“Bang bang~.”

Suddenly it got noisy, and I missed the timing again. While I was blinking, the members had already moved far away as they cheerfully chatted. Kim Seonghyeon looked back.

“What are you doing? Come quickly.”


I nodded my head and slowly followed them. I deliberately slowed my steps until I couldn’t hear their voices and quietly asked the system window.

“Did I just imagine you interrupting me earlier?”



“…Are you upset?”

While I was staring in disbelief, the system window seemed frustrated and let out its irritation.

[I really… think Seong Jiwon is so cool… and Kang Ichae is so so nice… Jeong Dajun is so cute… and Kim Seonghyeon is just shining…]

“What kind of sunset is this?”

[Seo Hoyun is the most annoying…]

It suddenly popped into my head as I deliberately ignored the system window.

[From the members’ perspective, it was clear that Seo Hoyun was showing off.]


[Hey, please, wake up in this harsh world.]

If I wasn’t awake, who would be?

I gave the system window a disdainful look, and it offered an additional explanation.

[Think from the members’ perspective, Seo Hoyun. From the Shining Star era, you’ve been handling things unilaterally and shouldering all sorts of burdens. The members, including Seong Jiwon, already understand and accept that you’re that kind of person.]

“Then why did he just do that?”

[That was Seong Jiwon being considerate. You don’t have to tell him, he says, and if you’re not going to tell him properly, don’t show off… Instead, he’ll help carry the load.]

It was not immediately clear.

…Anyone who had worked a job would understand. Even if someone else took on all sorts of burdens and worked on their own, only a grateful person would be grateful. The other 99% either didn’t know or pretended not to. I was just working my bones off alone.

But with this incident, was that his way of offering to help carry the load?


[How about just being honest?]

“What? You want me to tell them about the system window and that I’m from a parallel universe or something?”

[That would be difficult…]


Tsk. I clicked my tongue.

“Even if I tell them, I will only look crazy. It’s straight to the hospital for delusions of grandeur.”


I would not tell them about my situation, now or in the future. I still haven’t changed my belief about that.

[Do what you will.]

But strangely, the system window seemed upset.

“…What’s going on? Why?”

[Just live like that….]

“Hey. Hey.”

No matter how much I called, it didn’t respond. I was sure it was listening, but it still chose not to come out. I sighed for a moment and approached the members, still making a fuss about choosing only one menu item for dinner.

Why should I say anything?

It wouldn’t bring anything good, anyway. I crossed my arms and watched Seong Jiwon, pushing back against Kang Ichae’s stubborn proposal to eat foie gras for dinner, suddenly perk up his head.

“Right, Hoyun. I forgot to tell you something.”

“…What is it?”

Bracing myself for possible criticism, I looked at Seong Jiwon, but he only tilted his head slightly.

“Hoyun, your acting is really good.”


And with a laugh, he made a comment I hadn’t expected.

“We’re really proud of you.”


I… was lost for words at Seong Jiwon’s sudden compliment. I just turned my head away without saying anything, wetting my lips. But Seong Jiwon just kept smiling.

Seeing the situation, Kang Ichae and Jeong Dajun added,

“Wow…. Hoyun’s face is almost like he’s been hexed….”

“The one who undressed the wanderer was the warm sunlight….”

“…Shut up.”


As the drama was slowly reaching its second half, it was almost the end of PD Lee Jeonghun’s shooting. It was most appropriate for a supporting role like mine to carry that much weight. It also signaled that it was time to return to idol activities.

Of course, the 18 percent viewership rating was my biggest concern… It would be a lie to say I was not worried, but for now, there was nothing I could do other than to do the best acting I could do. Of course, there weren’t no other methods at all…

Anyway, if there was one, the consolation was that Please Take the Camera was fun enough to hook even the fastidious Jeong Dajun.

– Jeong Dajun: The criminal Dajun thought of

See! Even now, while I was in the van, constant messages were coming from Jeong Dajun.

I already knew what would happen, so I tried to ignore him, but the notifications kept ringing incessantly.

– Jeong Dajun: The department head is the criminal

– Kang Ichae: Ah

– Kang Ichae: Your joking? That’s too much, I bet on the neighbor ajusshi

– Jeong Dajun: No, it’s suspicious. Trust Chief Min Seungtae

– Jeong Dajun: Does Min Seungtae have a Class 1 driver’s license because he’s getting kidnapped, right?? Seems like Yu Jeonghwa would drive a truck, park it, and rescue him

– Jeong Dajun: Trust me, I’ve been a drama fan for 18 years

– Kang Ichae: Darn it

– Kang Ichae: Surprisingly, there’s some persuasive power in that

…Jeong Dajun is scary.

He was about 90% correct. He left out the part where Yu Jeonghwa, after knowing all the facts and before making amends, will get angry and slap Min Seungtae… I just shook my head and looked out the window.

“Ah, you can drop me off here.”

“Hoyun, let’s go together!”

“No, could you buy some coffee with this? Manager, have a cup too.”

“…!! So touching!! Oh my god!”

I handed my card to my easily-moved manager and left the car leisurely. I did it on purpose. I needed to leave the manager behind and walk around by myself.

Today, I need to do some backstage maneuvering with the staff!

I still didn’t know what Min Jiheon was thinking, but as I always said, insurance was necessary for professionals. There was nothing bad about it.

“Oh! Hoyun is here.”


Hoyun’s backstage maneuvering begins~!

As I revved the engine and exchanged greetings, the camera director, whom I’d become somewhat close with over the past few weeks, held up his coffee cup.

“The king of coffee carts is here! Don’t you have one today?”

“Do I seem like a walking coffee shop to you?”

“Hahaha, you’re such a clever guy.”

I could see Min Jiheon talking to PD Yu in front of the camera. They seemed to be discussing the scene they had just shot.

I continued to watch them for some time before leaving. We kept our conversation going as we moved in the same direction—with me heading to the makeup room and the camera director off to fetch replacement equipment.

“PD Lee Jeonghun was really popular in the latest episode, even though he doesn’t have that many lines…”

“It’s all thanks to the staff who shot it beautifully.”

“Ahaha. The writer was really struggling with whether she should make Lee Jeonghun the secondary male lead.”

“I wish she wouldn’t do that…”

When I scratched my head with a slightly awkward face, the camera director seemed slightly disappointed while fiddling with his equipment.

Then, I got a feeling.


Now was the time to drop some hints.

“The ratings are really good this time, aren’t they?”

“Right. 12%! And this isn’t even a weekend drama. Everyone’s moving to cable or OTT services these days, so getting that kind of rating is a big deal.”[2]

“We’re surpassing the ratings of other dramas in the same time slot, aren’t we?”

“Oh, that one~.”

The director suddenly burst out laughing.

“You’re talking about the drama where Lee Kangseok suddenly became its secondary male lead, right?”


“Right. Originally, Lee Kangseok was supposed to take on Lee Jeonghun’s role. The audition was only going to be a formality, but it ended with Seo Hoyun being cast instead.”

I had a rough idea of this story.

“But it’s good that we didn’t get to work with Lee Kangseok.”


“Well, having Seo Hoyun was a blessing, but…”

The director trailed off, glanced around to ensure no one was nearby, and then winked playfully.

“Lee Kangseok has a not-so-good reputation.”

“What do you mean…?”

I inserted a casual interjection and waited. People tended to spill more when you acted like you didn’t know much but still showed interest.

Sure enough, the response came quickly.

“Abusive behavior. To his own manager.”

I fucking knew it!

I celebrated inwardly. At times like this, I had to admit, I was quite lucky.

Unexpectedly, the system window popped up even though I hadn’t said anything.


[You are reeaaally….]

“Well, it’s not uncommon for celebrities, but Lee Kangseok is too much. He’s probably caught star disease, so the verbal abuse towards his manager is quite severe.”

“Oh dear, really….”

“As they say, the riper the corn, the lower the head, right?”

I organized my thoughts. Why hadn’t Kim Jaeyeon told me about this useful information? Perhaps, he thought a controversy over abusing your manager was not even worth paparazzi talk.

Or he might have pretended not to know.

“It’s such a relief that you’re working with us, Seo Hoyun~. There’s not much time left until the final shooting. Just hang in there a bit more!”

“Let’s have a meal after it’s over, Director. You said you liked Chinese food last time.”

“…Wow, you remember that? Seo Hoyun, you really pay attention to details.”

The shooting finally resumed. The camera director went to replace the equipment, and I went to the makeup room. I contemplated what I’d heard as I changed clothes and rolled up my sleeves.

If the manager abuse controversy breaks out… naturally, their ratings will drop.

There could be various factors, but if the drama airing simultaneously had lower ratings, naturally, the chances of the other dramas’ ratings increasing would increase.

The plan was set, but what I was worried about was… the method.

Should I do it or not?

If I don’t do it, could I still benefit from it? I was sorting out my thoughts when…



…Someone suddenly grabbed my shoulder.

The area was teeming with staff, and Min-gro had just shown up while calling me a “hyung.”

[1] 갱얼쥐is a shortened form of a slang that translates to “a mouse you want to bite because they are so cute.”

[2] OTT = over-the-top media, i.e., internet streaming

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