The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 102

Episode 102

“Any damage to The Dawn?”

“Damage? Actually, the group’s popularity is rising. Didn’t you know your group’s search term went up in ranking since last time?”

I didn’t know.

I was only searching online how it was affecting The Dawn…

“Besides, with Ichae’s video of producing the drama OST being uploaded, the atmosphere is actually very supportive.”

Right, we were working hard on our album activities while I was also… filming diligently. I gritted my teeth, not forgetting the last time I messed up.

The planning team received a lot of bonuses this time, so it seemed like the company was making quite a bit of money lately.

Well, at least it’s a relief that they’re making a lot of money…

I suddenly ran into Writer Kim Sukhui as I entered the filming set. She made a somewhat strange comment.

“Seo Hoyun, are you good at portraying romantic emotions?”

“Excuse me?”

What she said next was about the viewers’ reaction.

“…is the response to the character Lee Jeonghun quite good?”

Honestly, it was quite surprising since all Lee Jeonghun’s character had done in the drama so far was to tease the slave Yu Jeonghwa and the one-sided love interest, Min Seungtae.

“Hahaha, if a rude guy bothers you ten times and takes care of you once, that’s quite charming. And we call them ‘bad guys.’ Is that still far too innocent for you, Hoyun?”

Are all Koreans crazy?

It wasn’t something that someone who almost got slapped by Kim Heeyeon should hear…


Feeling slightly flustered, Writer Kim seemed to be seriously considering revising the script because of the better-than-expected response from the viewers to the chemistry between PD Lee Jeonghun and Yu Jeonghwa.

“I’m writing episode 8 now, right? I originally planned on a two-top scenario, but the response to the breadcrumbs I threw in for Lee Jeonghun in the early episodes seems too good.”

“… Surprising that there’s even such a response.”

“Right. So, what I’m saying is…”

I began to feel anxious.

“Should we add some side plots and insert a love line?”


Don’t do that.


I felt somewhat relieved when choosing this drama because of the lack of a love line for my character, Lee Jeonghun.

When hyping it up, I emphasized the term “accomplice” rather than “sub-male lead.” Suddenly changing the course now would only bring criticism.

On top of that, if the position changed, I would have to act in a love line with Yu Jia, someone who was not just an actor but an actress-turned-singer?

Wow, just thinking about it sends chills down my spine.

I didn’t want to get involved with anyone as safely as possible, so I laughed awkwardly.

“I don’t have the confidence to act out that kind of romance.”

“Ah, I think you’ll do well? PD Lee Jeonghun may be rude, but he has a subtle way of making people flutter!”

“No, no. How can I compete with Min Jiheon-sunbae? I think it will only cause a backlash if it’s ambiguous.”

“Well… Min Seungtae’s character is quite strong, right? In terms of narrative and romantic acting.”

That’s right, that kid’s acting was just amazing.

After I mentioned Min Jiheon, Writer Kim reluctantly gave up on the idea of a sub-male lead for Lee Jeonghun.

“Should we film a romance next time?”

“Just giving me a chance would be a great honor.”

= Nope.

Nevertheless, I managed to dodge it well. With relief, I finished filming for today at the broadcasting station. Still, as the episodes progressed, I got a little overwhelmed by the increasingly deep and rich emotions in Yu Jia and Min Jiheon’s acting.

Min Jiheon was… on par with Jeong Dajun’s praise. He was just flying.


Before entering the camera, he was brightly laughing, but as soon as the filming began, he suddenly shed tears and begged while grabbing Yu Jeonghwa’s sleeve… Everyone sighed.

Seeing Min Seungtae, who used to look down on everyone, begging Yu Jeonghwa like this would make the viewers’ hearts flutter.

“I’m… I’m sorry… It’s all my fault.”


“So don’t look at me like that…”

It was very earnest. At that moment, even I couldn’t help but have my attention stolen by Min Jiheon.

Thanks to Min Jiheon’s romantic acting, Writer Kim fell in love with him again and completely gave up on her plan to make Lee Jeonghun the sub-male lead.

Is it the writer’s creative instinct or fickleness?

And there was one more fickle person.

“Please take good care of me today~.”


Since our last filming, Min Jiheon has gotten a taste for ad-libbing and has kept doing it.

He also seemed to do it to Yu Jia but was particularly bad to me.

I barely managed to finish acting, gnashing my teeth at the improvised lines that kept coming relentlessly. The PD still had no intention of stopping him.

Damn it.

“Relentless flow of ad-libs….”

Min Jiheon scrunched his nose and laughed as I muttered under my breath.



That extra letter “e” carried a clear determination not to stop.[1]

“Min Jiheon, please stop with the ad-libs. If you’re going to do it, at least give me something.”

“Isn’t give-and-take too obvious? Are we that close?”

“How about I punch you each time you ad-lib?”

“…Oops, sorry. Jiheon doesn’t have that kind of taste.”

“Just don’t speak.”

The one who got whipped….

I walked out with a disgusted look. I had no scenes to shoot for a while, so I was free. Then, I saw Lee Kangseok walking over from a distance.

…Why was he here?

I heard that the part filming here was done.


[Lee Kangseok is a regular guest on a variety show at this broadcasting station.]

I frowned at the system message. The fast-witted system leaked a piece of information to me and then promptly disappeared.

“…Mr. Seo Hoyun.”

He scowled as soon as he saw me but seemed to control his expression. I thought his previous sarcastic demeanor might be his real nature.

Apparently, he was deeply afflicted with the incurable disease of “actoritis.”

“The ratings are good, congratulations? It must be nice. I guess being in the same company as senior Min Jiheon has its perks.”




This was the first time I’ve heard our company being praised….

I scratched the corner of my mouth and nodded.

“Yes, I was lucky.”

“Exactly. Acting alone doesn’t cut it.”

It seemed like Lee Kangseok was itching for a fight. He was revving up, pondering where to pick a bone.

“I wish I could have some of that luck….”


Suddenly, a familiar voice filled with laughter resonated out of nowhere.

“Eh? Hoyun-hyung is lucky?”


I turned around in surprise to find Kang Ichae and Jeong Dajun standing there.

Why were you guys popping out from there…?

Jeong Dajun genuinely looked surprised.

“No way, hyung is really unlucky…. I’ve never seen anyone as unlucky as hyung.”

“The fact that we even got into our company is a bit….”

“But that’s the same for all of us.”

“Wow, you’re right!”

Kang Ichae whispered into Jeong Dajun’s ear, but his voice was loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Mr. Seo Hoyun’s groupmates…?”

With a somewhat shocked expression, Lee Kangseok and I stood still, buffering like a paused video. Then, Seong Jiwon and Kim Seonghyeon emerged from the opposite corridor, chattering away.



After surveying the scene, they exchanged glances and hurriedly ran over.

“Hoyun, calm down and step back for now.”

“Exactly. I get what you’re thinking but stay back for now.”


The irony was that they didn’t try to protect me but treated me like a public hazard, urging me to calm down. Seong Jiwon stepped forward, smiling like a bomb disposal expert.

“Hello, sunbae. Nice to meet you for the first time.”


“I’m Seong Jiwon, a member of the same group as Hoyun.”

“Ah, my name is Lee Kangseok.”

Seong Jiwon politely bowed his waist, and the dragged-in Lee Kangseok unconsciously bowed his head, offering a clumsy greeting.

“I’m really glad to meet you like this. But why on earth with our Hoyun…?”

“…Nothing much. I apologize for blocking the way.”

“Ahaha, not at all. Please contact me separately if you have something to discuss later.”

“…Okay, then.”

“Take care.”

Lee Kangseok withdrew at Seong Jiwon’s subtle smile that suggested that “it’s time to leave now.” I admired him as I watched him go.

Seong Jiwon’s ability to deflect attention had increased tremendously… I really didn’t know whose influenced this was.

Kim Seonghyeon narrowed his eyes and looked at my expression. He asked,

“You’re not feeling sorry right now, are you?”

“How do you see other people?”

“I see them as Seo Hoyun….”

“You’re treating me too much.”

I denied it and naturally avoided his gaze. It would be a lie to say that I wasn’t sorry that Lee Kangseok obediently withdrew.

“Hoyun’s acting skills are getting better and better.”

“So, it’s acting.”

Of course, it didn’t make sense at all. I heard the members snickering from behind and asked them,

“Why are you here?”

“Ah, today is the day for our V-Live.”

“Wasn’t that supposed to be at the dorm?”

“We planned to shoot some BTS  footage at the filming site since you finished shooting early~.”

“Hoyun, let’s have beef after this!!”

The manager, who just showed up, turned on the camera and moved to the shooting site with the members. Since we had already obtained permission in advance when we filmed the script reading BTS and drama-making film, there were no problems as long as we followed a few precautions.

When we captured some content and turned off the camera again,


I bumped into the person I was desperate to avoid at all costs, Min Jiheon. He had just finished filming another scene and already changed into a different set of clothes.

I wish he just passed by, but our Min Jiheon, lacking tact as always, initiated a conversation again.

“We meet again~.”


“Hello, Jeong Dajun.”

I thought Jeong Dajun, a Min Jiheon fan, would be happy and jump around, but he made a strange expression and….

“Yes, hello.”

He just nodded his head awkwardly.




[1] This is different from the original Korean text. Hoyun muttered, “즉등히 흐르그…,” which roughly translates as “Flowing instantly….” Min Jiheon replied with “네엥.” The standard word for “yes” is “네,” but the addition of “엥” makes it a bit humorous, almost exaggerated.

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