The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment Chapter 15

Private First Class

Even when he was an instructor at the training center, this guy was not an ordinary hunter.

“You could have applied to be a non-commissioned officer or an officer with your skills.”

“I forgot the application date!”

“Are you crazy? You’re lucky.”

Of course, Minjun returned from another world and enlisted the next day.

Besides, only those who graduated from a two-year college could apply for a non-commissioned officer, and only four-year college graduates could apply for officer positions.

Would it be that sad to be a high school graduate?

“You, how did you deal with 30 Middlebats without a weapon?”

Sergeant Lee Seungho, who usually did not show interest in his juniors, expressed great interest in Kim Minjun.

“You were quick to respond to the situation. It’s the first time I’ve seen a private snatch a stun baton from a sergeant.”

“I apologize!”

“I’m complimenting you. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”


With those words, Lee Seungho leaned on the sofa with his arms crossed.

“Kim Minjun!”

“Private Kim Minjun!”

A moment later, the platoon leader entered the on-duty officer’s office with an excited expression.

As soon as Kim Chulmin entered, he firmly patted Kim Minjun’s shoulder.

“I heard from the on-duty officer that Minjun wiped out all the Middlebats?”

“Private Kim Minjun! Yes, I did!”

“Good job! Even the battalion commander knows about it. Since you handled it so well, they might reward you.”

Just getting a promotion would be enough.

“Lee Seungho, go inside first. I have something to talk to this guy about. You did well too.”

“Yes. Then I’ll get up first. Loyalty!”

“Alright. I’ll listen to the detailed story later. You’ve worked hard today.”

After Lee Seungho left, Kim Chulmin continued to speak.


“Private Kim Minjun!”

“Why didn’t you apply for an officer position but join the regular Hunter Army instead?”

It was the day before enlistment when I returned to Earth.

And also, I was a high school graduate.

“I also forgot the application date and thought I could get promoted well enough just by going to the regular Hunter Army.”

“Wow… that’s so cool.”

At Minjun’s answer, the platoon leader looked extremely pleased.

“I’m just telling you this based on my intuition, but you’ll probably be promoted to Private First Class.”


“Yes. You handled 30 Middlebats that appeared near the fuel station so neatly. Even if the special promotion criteria have been strengthened, this should be enough.”

Kim Chulmin told Kim Minjun that it was okay to be a bit arrogant and to grow as much as he wanted, patting him on the shoulder.

Private First Class. Nice.

He would be promoted to Private First Class sooner than expected.

A smile crept on his lips.


The next day.

Kim Minjun had become a hero within the unit.

The private who single-handedly lured the monsters’ aggro to protect the fuel station!

The platoon leader was so excited that he gave only Kim Minjun’s squad the afternoon off.

“Hey, Kim Minjun. We’ve got it pretty good because of you, huh?”

“Private Kim Minjun! Thank you!”

“What are you thanking me for? Just make sure to take your equipment next time. It turned out well yesterday, but it would have been a big problem if you had been injured.”

“I’ll be careful next time!”

However, the seniors’ joy did not last long.

– “Attention! The company commander announces! The division commander will be visiting our unit. All hunters, gather in front of the barracks! I repeat!”

Just two hours of break.

It was because of the news that the division commander would visit.

If it was the division commander of the 104th Division, the Invincible Hunter Unit… it would be a two-star general.

– “Everyone, tidy up your living quarters and come out! The transport team, start vehicle maintenance again!”

Even the platoon leader seemed flustered, quickly spitting words like rapping and turning off the speaker.

“Damn! I knew there had to be a catch!”

“Why is the division commander suddenly coming here? There’s no big training going on.”

“I just heard from the platoon leader that he’s stopping by, and he thought of Private Kim Minjun on the way.”

“Nice timing, huh?”

The squad members grumbled but quickly began cleaning up the barracks.

“Hey, it feels like that thing, right?”

Amid it all, the quick-witted seniors figured something was up and looked at Kim Minjun.

“It’s a special promotion.”

“He caught 30 Middlebats, so it’s 100%.”

“If the division commander’s coming, isn’t he getting it today?”

“Wow… crazy. The youngest is already a Private First Class?”

The seniors chatted excitedly, promising to treat everyone to PX if he got promoted.

“Then I’ll look forward to it.”

Kim Minjun had already received information about the promotion from Kim Chulmin, so he simply smiled.

“Did everyone clean the barracks thoroughly and come out?”

“Yes! We did!”

“The division commander is visiting the base for a moment, so everyone stay alert and work hard! Got it?”


Instantly, the area in front of the barracks was filled with hunters.

The platoon leader went up on the platform and gave instructions one by one.

“All Private soldiers, clear the snow inside and outside the base more thoroughly! Private First Class soldiers, help the transport team wash the cars!”

“Yes! Got it!”

“Corporals, check if the mana shield installed yesterday is still working! Check the radar as well!”

“Yes! Got it!”

With Platoon leader Kim Chulmin’s instructions, the hunters quickly dispersed to their assigned areas.

“Sergeants… if you’re confident you won’t get caught, hide on your own. If you get caught, you’ll be scolded by me.”


The base was in chaos in no time.

The hunters busily ran around with their tools.

Ah, this is the power of a two-star general.

“Kim Minjun. Follow me.”

“Private Kim Minjun! Yes, sir!”

Kim Minjun followed Kim Chulmin into the platoon leader’s office.

It seemed the seniors’ words were indeed true.

He hadn’t been assigned to the unit for long, and now he had the opportunity to meet the division commander.



As the division commander opened the door to the platoon leader’s office, Kim Chulmin, who had been waiting in advance, saluted loudly with his powerful voice.

Kim Minjun maintained his attention posture as directed by the platoon leader.

His gaze is so full of life.

Kim Minjun inwardly admired the charisma emanating from the division commander.

It was different from the atmosphere of other hunters.

Indeed, to wear a star, one must reach that level.

“Ah, I remembered the new recruit I received a report on yesterday while passing by the base. You’re Kim Minjun, right?”

“Private Kim Minjun! Yes, sir!”

Kim Minjun responded with a powerful voice.

“Alright. Sit down.”

As soon as the division commander sat down, he asked about the situation that had occurred yesterday.

“Is the radar installed inside the base working properly?”

“Yes! It is! An hour ago, we checked, and it was operating correctly!”

Kim Chulmin answered tensely.

He had dealt with the situation faithfully according to the manual, but it wasn’t perfect.

“Okay. Install one more, no, two more. Seeing that 30 that appeared, it’s not a trivial matter. Make sure to do maintenance work on the fuel storage as well. How many are on guard duty there?”

“Two, sir!”

“Increase it to six for the time being.”

“Yes! Understood!”

As things went smoothly, Kim Chulmin let out a sigh of relief.

After a brief briefing, the division commander’s gaze turned to Kim Minjun.

“You did a brave thing yesterday, and your initial response was good. But shouldn’t you take care of your body too? You should have brought your equipment.”

“Private Kim Minjun! I’m sorry!”

If he had, the fuel storage might have exploded.

Kim Minjun answered apologetically first.

After all, it was true that he hadn’t brought his combat equipment.

“But it’s good that you threw yourself at the Middlebats and dealt with them. Did you really handle 30 of them on your own?”

“Yes! I did!”

“Alright. It feels good, like I’m seeing my old self. I had times like that too. I, the division commander, will give you a gift.”

The division commander stood up and gestured for him to come closer.


Then, the division commander removed the Private rank insignia from his left chest and personally attached a Private First Class insignia.

“From now on, you’re a Private First Class. Normally, you’d have to undergo several assessment procedures, but a soldier who has achieved such an overwhelming result deserves an immediate reward.”

“Private First Class Kim Minjun! Thank you!”

A rank insignia directly attached by the division commander.

His chest swelled with pride.

Ah, military life. It’s getting more and more fun, huh?

It felt like playing a game.

“And since, as the division commander, I’m going to grant you a vacation personally, take a good rest for about 2 nights and 3 days.”

The division commander told Kim Minjun to get ready right away and go, smiling happily.

“I’m glad we have an outstanding hunter like you in the 104th Division. Keep it up.”

“Private First Class Kim Minjun! Thank you!”

The division commander wore a satisfied expression and said that the reward money would take some time.

“I’d like to give it to you right here, but the country strictly manages money issues.”

He had taken care of not just one or two Middlebats but 30 of them.

The reward money must be quite substantial.

“Platoon leader, prepare his vacation right away.”

“Yes! Understood!”

After saying that, the division commander left the platoon leader’s office.

What a treat.

He already saved some vacation days, and now he even got a free vacation!

Combining the leave days he earned during training, he now had a whopping 5 nights and 6 days of vacation.

And on top of that, he got promoted to Private First Class as he wanted!

“Kim Minjun!”

“Private First Class Kim Minjun!”

“You did well, kid!”

Platoon leader Kim Chulmin thanked him as soon as the division commander left.

“Since the division commander ordered it, we’ll immediately install the radar. It’s amazing we managed with just one until now.”

Installing additional radars and maintaining the fuel tanks were tasks that should have been done long ago, but they were waiting because the support funds were delayed.

The special radar for detecting monsters reportedly costs over 30 billion won per unit, which was understandable.

“I’ll handle your vacation, so leave right now.”

“Yes! Understood! Loyalty!”

After saluting the platoon leader, Kim Minjun headed outside the base.

He considered using the vacation days he earned during training, but that would overlap with the promotion exam.

The promotion exam is important.

Promotion exam.

Just wait for me.

Now, get ready to put the Corporal rank insignia on me.


Instead of going home, Kim Minjun went to a PC café outside the base.

His original address had become a controlled area, and changing it would require a complicated process.

“It’s better to spend that time on something else more productive.”

Kim Minjun turned on two computers and boasted his physical prowess by controlling two characters simultaneously.

“Wow… look at that.”

“He’s crazy. His hands are so fast….”

“I guess that’s what happens when you become a Hunter Army member.”

People in the PC café admired Kim Minjun’s brilliant hand movements.

Of course, their interest quickly faded when they learned the game was Dungeon Power Fighter.

“Kuah! A 13-level final weapon feels amazing! This is why I’m in the Hunter Army.”

He swung the weapon he received as a Hunter Army enlistment gift and enjoyed the game for a while.

– Dungeon Power Fighter Lover: Some people have it all. While others pay to upgrade their weapons to level 13.

– Dungeon Power Fighter Pro: Then why don’t you enlist, you fucking punk.

– Dungeon Power Fighter Lover: Yeah, I’m a public service worker. Please catch monsters in real life instead of in games.

– Dungeon Power Fighter Pro: May your parents live long and healthy lives.

A random Dungeon Power Fighter user picked a fight with him.

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The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

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