The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment Chapter 14

Don't Touch

“Corporal Kim Kwangsik, aren’t you uncomfortable with me doing this?”

“Not really. I lost the bet, after all. You won. But it’s because I have a cool personality. If you did that to another senior, it would be a big problem. Your military life would be messed up.”

Kim Kwangsik nonchalantly closed his eyes after answering.

What a peculiar guy.

And a cheerful one, too.

There was a god in Isgard with that kind of personality.

Kim Minjun chuckled and headed to the restroom.

“Ah, I wish a gate would appear or something. I want to get promoted.”

He thought monsters would flood out from every gap or gate since it was the front line, but that wasn’t the case.

“Ah, it should be enough to be a Private First Class after two days as a Private. Come on, gate!”

Other hunters would find it absurd, but Kim Minjun was serious.


“Huh? Really?”

As soon as he finished speaking, an emergency siren went off.

“Is it really happening?”

Kim Minjun paused for a moment.

– “The officer on duty announces! Emergency situation! Emergency situation! All personnel wake up!”

All hunters were ordered to change into combat uniforms.

– “Middlebats have appeared at the fuel storage! I repeat, Middlebats has appeared at the fuel storage! Quickly prepare to install a mana shield!”

Gates occasionally appeared on the front line.

When it was a relatively easy monster to handle, the 5th support line usually took care of it.

But the situation was so severe this time that all hunters had to wake up.

It’s Middlebats, huh.


A bat-like monster the size of a child.

It was characterized by shooting ball-shaped fire from its mouth.

If we mess this up, the entire base could be blown away, right?

The scale of the damage would be enormous if the fuel storage exploded because of their attacks.

We can’t even use firearms near the fuel storage.

Hunters struggle to perform well without weapons like guns.

At best, they could only divert the Middlebat’s attention.

If that were the only issue, it would be a relief, but it was currently 1 a.m.

Tracking their forms visually would be even harder since it was already dark.

We’ll be too late at this rate.

It’d take at least 30 minutes to install the mana shield.

There’s no way Middlebat would wait for 30 minutes.

I hope nobody else touches them! All the Middlebats are mine!

Kim Minjun opened the window and flew towards the fuel storage.

He was supposed to wear more equipment, including a combat helmet, but every minute and second mattered more.

He had to monopolize all of them and get promoted.


“Come here! This way!”

As he arrived at the fuel storage, he saw two hunters on guard duty.

They were using nearby objects to attract the attention of the Middlebats.

I have to pull the aggro toward me here.

On top of that, weren’t there too many of them?

It was a real mess.

He could roughly see 30 Middlebats.

It was impossible to handle them all in a short amount of time without using firearms.

If I wasn’t here, the base would’ve been half-destroyed, right?

Kim Minjun smirked and opened his mouth.

“I’ll grab their attention!”

“What? Aren’t you a new recruit from the 2nd Company? Step back now!”

“You bastard! What are you going to do without even taking a combat helmet!”

Instead of answering, Kim Minjun released a small amount of magic from his hand.




Then, the Middlebats circling around the fuel storage descended towards Kim Minjun.

They won’t run away, right?


As long as he could buy time, other hunters would be able to install a mana shield at the fuel storage.

And all these guys are mine.


Middlebats were fast.

One had to be at least a Private First Class

to track their movements visually.

It would be difficult even for a Corporal if they just focused on evading.

“Why are the monsters acting like that suddenly?”

“Get inside the building! You’re really going to die like that!”

The sudden behavior of the monsters… The Private First Class hunters were shocked but reported the current situation to the officer on duty, as the manual dictated.





Something exploded with the sound of something cutting through the wind in the darkness.

“Hey, that’s…”

“Isn’t that Kim Minjun?”

“What the hell is he doing alone!”

Meanwhile, the hunters who belatedly brought mana shields to the scene were appalled at the unbelievable situation.

“Cr-crazy! How many Middlebats are there?!”

“There are too many! We can’t shoot around here because it’s near the fuel storage!”

Faced with the incredible number of Middlebats, the hunters hesitated and retreated. In fact, big trouble had already begun the moment they let those creatures into the base.

“Shut up and set up the mana shields! I will lead the monster dispersal!”

“Yes, yes! Understood!”

At Sergeant Lee Seungho’s command, the hunters regained their senses, grabbed their equipment, and ran toward the fuel storage area.

“Crazy bastard! He’s just wearing a combat uniform!”

Lee Seungho pulled out his stun baton and rushed toward where Kim Minjun was at.

Huh? That crazy guy?

While fighting the Middlebats, Kim Minjun saw Sergeant Lee Seungho running from behind.

“Kim Minjun! Lower your stance!”

Lowering his stance? Yeah, right.

You stay out of it! They’re all mine! Don’t touch them!

Instead of replying, Kim Minjun used decay on Sergeant Lee Seungho.

“Ugh… Why does my stomach… feel like this at a time like this…”

Lee Seungho, feeling severe abdominal pain, had no choice but to retreat.

“Sergeant Lee Seungho! I’ll use this!”

In the meantime, Kim Minjun snatched the stun baton Lee Seungho had been holding.

He could handle them barehanded, but it just seemed fun.


Oh, this is pretty good!

It wasn’t an ordinary suppression baton but a high-voltage baton with an electric current.

Kim Minjun skillfully struck the Middlebats, taking them down one by one.


As time passed, the corpses of Middlebats piled up on the ground.

At some point, the last remaining bat seemed to have become furious, opening its mouth wide.

It was planning to shoot a fireball at close range.

“Don’t let it fire that!”

“Block it!”

Seeing the scene, the hunters scrambled to throw themselves in front of the bat.

It was because most of the hunters present would suffer severe injuries if the fuel storage area exploded.

“Don’t come here! I’ll handle it!”

Kim Minjun threw himself in front of the Middlebat.

Hey, Middlebat!

Take this!

Kim Minjun reached the creature instantly, shoved the stun baton into its mouth, and pressed the button.



And so, the last monster was dealt with.

Ah, that was perfect.

Exactly thirty.

Could it have been any cleaner?

I wonder if they’d promote me for that.

Looking around, he saw his superiors activating the mana shields at the fuel storage area.

With that, the situation was over.

He returned the stun baton to Lee Seungho.

“…What are you?”

Lee Seungho, along with the other hunters, focused their gaze on Kim Minjun.

Their expressions seemed to say, “Is this even possible?”

What do you mean?

I’m a dark mage, back from another world.

Kim Minjun grinned at them.


The duty officer immediately rushed to the scene as soon as the situation was over.

A Gate had suddenly appeared, and of all things, flying monsters had emerged.

“It would have been a disaster if the fuel storage area exploded. Phew.”

Already, these occurrences were frequent near the frontlines.

That’s why special radars, designed to detect monsters, had been installed.

The problem was that flying monsters were occasionally not detected.

“If our base had been breached, monsters would have poured in. If that had happened… I would have had to quit the army. Ah, damn it. My heart.”

Calming his pounding heart, the duty officer arrived at the fuel storage area.

“Wow, look at the smell of roasted rat. Who burned them so well? Wait, why are there so many of them? How many in total?”

Burned to a crisp, and corpses with their heads blown off.

The ones who had been burned must be because of a stun baton, but the ones with their heads blown off… How did they do that?

As he was pondering, one of the hunters answered.

“30 of them.”

“…There were that many? The report I received said there were only about 4.”

The duty officer started to count the corpses with a shocked expression.

“There really are 30. Where did all these guys come from? They didn’t even show up on the radar.”


“Yes. Lee Seungho! Give me a situation report.”

The duty officer opened his mouth, looking at Lee Seungho holding a stun baton.

“You took care of all those guys who were electrocuted? You caught them impressively. It was hard to see them well since it was dawn.”

“That’s not it.”

“Then what is it?”

Many gazes, including Sergeant Lee Seungho’s, converged in one place at his words.

There stood Kim Minjun with a calm expression.

“…Don’t tell me you did it? I’m not in the mood for a joke. Tell me properly.”

“Private Kim Minjun was dealing with the Middlebats when I arrived.”


The duty officer made an incredulous face.

On top of that, Kim Minjun arrived first.

Looking at the guy’s body, he wasn’t even properly equipped.

“By the time I arrived within 3 minutes, Private Kim Minjun was already taking care of the Middlebats.”

“Kim Minjun.”

“Private Kim Minjun!”

“Explain in detail. What happened here?”

“Since I was awake at dawn, I was able to respond quickly!”

Kim Minjun said he should have worn the equipment, but he moved his body first, as every second was critical.

“So, you killed all 30 of them? How did you aggro them without any weapons?”

“As soon as they saw me, they suddenly rushed over!”

Judging by the reactions around him, it didn’t seem like a lie.

Seungho isn’t the type to joke around. But 30? Isn’t that too much?

The duty officer checked Kim Minjun’s body with a blank expression.

There wasn’t a single scratch on him after taking concentrated attacks from 30 monsters.

It was even more unbelievable.

A mere Private accomplished such a feat?

“He took care of the last one, too. He used my stun baton well.”

At Lee Seungho’s words, the duty officer raised his hand and put it on his forehead.

It doesn’t make sense for an ordinary hunter to have that level of ability. That’s only possible with an outstanding officer.

Dealing with monsters’ attacks without using firearms?

It was nearly impossible for a Private to pull it off.

No, it was impossible.

After all, the guy had only been assigned to the unit for a few days.

Should I report this to the battalion commander… Will they believe it?

The duty officer hugged Kim Minjun’s shoulder tightly.

“Hey, you little rascal! Anyway, you did well!”

“Private Kim Minjun! Thank you!”

The smell of cigarettes wafted from the duty officer’s body.

Kim Minjun felt uncomfortable but decided to endure it for a moment.


In the duty officer’s office, Kim Minjun and Lee Seungho sat facing each other.

The duty officer had left the room for a while.

“Kim Minjun.”

“Private Kim Minjun!”

“Tell me honestly. Did you reenlist or something?”


“Then, did you experience something like regression?”


Lee Seungho looked at Kim Minjun with a puzzled expression.

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The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

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