Starting as a Child Actor in This Life Chapter 34

Chapter 34

“In some ways, he’s the complete opposite of Seohan, which is quite surprising.”

Seohan, who focused on one thing, and Gisu, who made up for his lack of talent in other ways.

From Sangil’s perspective, Suhyeon’s admiration for such polar opposites was indeed puzzling.

“I don’t care about those things if there’s something to learn from someone. I mean, I get along well with you too, Sangil-hyung.”

“…With me? That’s a boring joke. Anyway, I saw how desperately you tried to be cute.”

“But I’m naturally cute, aren’t I?”

“Wow, shameless.”

“Shameless? It’s the truth.”

Suhyeon continued the conversation without backing down.

If he couldn’t take pride in a cuteness that photos couldn’t fully capture, what else should he be proud of?

Though he had a hint of narcissism, it was undeniable that Suhyeon’s appearance was overwhelmingly cute compared to other children.

“…Does it feel good to be that confident?”

“It’s always refreshing and thrilling.”

“Where do you even learn to say things like that?”

“If you truly wish, the universe will answer!”

“There you go again with the universe.”

Sangil exaggeratedly sighed and turned the steering wheel.

The car slowed down, passed the school gate, and headed to the parking lot.

* * *

The filming of Praise on school grounds took place over the weekend to avoid disrupting classes.

While after-school filming wasn’t impossible, weekends were preferred considering the child actors’ school schedules.

Is today the school’s anniversary? It’s strange to hear noise from the neighboring school.

Suhyeon listened for a moment to the noise coming from beyond the wall as he got out of the car.

The unusual liveliness felt somewhat unfamiliar.

“Is that kid a celebrity too?”

“They’re all kids. Ugh, I shouldn’t have come. I should’ve gone to play soccer.”

“Who’s that? So cute. Let’s take a picture.”

“Isn’t that, you know, the kid from the Daeseong phone commercial…?”

“Oh! Right, right! I’ve been seeing him a lot lately. Should we get an autograph?”

“What are you going to do with an autograph?”

The usual residents who used the playground seemed different today, replaced by a crowd of students in uniforms.

Clearly, they had heard a celebrity would be at the neighboring school and snuck out during lunch break.

…I guess I’m still not that well-known.

Suhyeon hid his disappointment as he realized no one was calling his name correctly.

Even though he was a hot topic among industry insiders, he had only participated in two projects.

His previous role was a child’s part in a drama, where he appeared for only six episodes.

As for his current project, the overall viewership was low because it was on cable.

Both had garnered some attention, but it wasn’t enough to make him a sensation.

Even if it’s doing well, cable is still cable. But since I’m the lead, it’ll definitely help my filmography.

As he thought this, Suhyeon glanced at the crowd beyond the line.

Although he didn’t have time for autographs, he could at least wave and smile.

Managing his image wouldn’t hurt, especially since they might become fans later.

“Actor-nim, you know you shouldn’t be showing off here, right?”

“…I haven’t even done anything yet.”

“Do I not know you? If it gets noisy, it’ll just make things harder for the staff, so just go.”


However, Suhyeon’s attempt was quickly thwarted.

Sangil, who noticed his interest in the onlookers, stepped in to stop him in advance.

He knew Suhyeon so well that he could read his thoughts with just a glance.

“I’m just trying to gather some fans. Sangil-hyung, you’re so mean.”

“Who was the one agreeing with the staff last time when they were talking about actors who don’t consider others and just do fan service? Good kids don’t say one thing and do another, right?”


Suhyeon pouted his lips in frustration, unable to find a retort.

Even though no one would remember the innocent words of a six-year-old, Sangil annoyingly brought them up at times like this.

Knowing he’s half-joking makes it even more irritating.

Sangil was a good manager.

Despite his youthful appearance, he didn’t treat Suhyeon as merely a six-year-old.

He even secured the best contract terms Suhyeon wanted.

If it weren’t for Sangil, Suhyeon might have felt frustrated, being dragged around without any say.

But still, this is different.

Even if he was grateful to his manager, it was hard to appreciate his playful teasing.

“Oh! Seohan-hyung, hello.”

Upon arriving at the site, Suhyeon greeted Seohan with a bow.

Seohan, who had been receiving makeup with his eyes closed, opened his eyes at the familiar voice.

He smiled faintly upon seeing Suhyeon.

“Hello. I heard you had a commercial shoot this morning? Did it go well?”

“Yes. Hyung, do you have a shoot today?”

“Ah, yeah. Just for a bit in the morning. I have another schedule soon… Want to sit?”


Seohan dismissed the stylist and offered Suhyeon a seat.

Like with the interview, whenever Seohan made space for him, Suhyeon felt deeply that Seohan had opened his heart.

Though kind, Seohan was someone who maintained clear boundaries, making such gestures feel even more special.

It’s like when a cat that doesn’t follow anyone follows only me…

Suhyeon indulged in Seohan’s favoritism with a slightly cheeky thought.

There was no reason to refuse when a senior he admired offered to take special care of him.

“How was the shoot?”

“Well, everyone was kind!”

Like kids his age, Suhyeon babbled on about what had happened yesterday and today.

When he spoke for the first time, he intentionally tried to sound younger, so even the coherent words that followed naturally felt youthful.

It was a piece of wisdom learned from living as a child.

“So, Gisu-sunbae…”


“Yes, Park Gisu-sunbae. Do you know him, hyung?”

“Oh, that Gisu. Yeah. He sometimes contacts me to drink together since we debuted in the same year.”

In that short sentence, Suhyeon noticed that Seohan felt uncomfortable around Gisu.

And soon, he understood the reason.

It’s hard to get close to him because Seohan-hyung has a bit of a perfectionist streak…

Seohan had a good personality, just like his friendly appearance.

He didn’t look down on others even if they were of a lower status than him and was kind to the junior staff.

As a skilled actor with excellent character, people always flocked to him even if he didn’t approach them first.

However, he had very few close acquaintances within the same industry.

He’s too strict. That makes him even cooler, though.

As much as he loved acting, Seohan worked hard to improve and objectively analyzed his own skills.

He applied a ‘slightly’ kinder standard to his fellow actors than to himself.

Though it had softened, it was still a challenging criterion.

As a result, while many actors wanted to become close to him, there were few who he was genuinely close with.

Normally, people would find him annoying.

Given that the industry had become more business-oriented than artistic, an actor needed more than just acting skills to succeed.

Looks, luck, money, connections, media, etc.

A market driven by huge capital demanded not just a good actor but a successful product.

In such a place, climbing up solely based on acting skills meant possessing an irreplaceable level of talent.

Even his luck with roles wasn’t great, but he’s truly amazing.

Even though Seohan had only appeared in mediocre works until Promise of the Blue Summer, he had won several awards and raised his recognition.

No matter how much he thought about it, Suhyeon couldn’t help but respect him, and he gazed at Seohan with sparkling eyes.

The more he compared him with others, the more amazing Seohan seemed.

Mm-hmm. And now, such a person is my hyung!

Of course, if Suhyeon hadn’t gotten close to Seohan, he would have probably considered him a sour grape.

It would have ended at Seohan just being an “admirable and respectable sunbae.”

But since Suhyeon had gotten close to him, such assumptions were meaningless.

“Meeting many people is good as long as they don’t dislike you. You can learn a lot from Park Gisu too.”

Was Seohan worried that Suhyeon might hold a prejudice because of him?

Seohan subtly defended Gisu.

Yet, it was so like him not to call Gisu an “actor.”

“But hyung, you’re not close with Gisu-sunbae.”

“…Just because someone has qualities to learn from doesn’t mean you’re compatible with them. You’ll understand when you grow up.”


At Suhyeon’s sharp remark, Seohan gave a faint smile.

Though he cut his words short with ‘adult matters,’ Suhyeon didn’t dig further and just answered calmly.

Knowing the reason, there was no need to ask and lower his favorability.

“Seohan, this scene… Oh, Suhyeon, you’re here early?”

“Hello, Director!”

“Yes. Since most of the afternoon shoot involves child actors, you need to take the lead.”


It was quite an unusual request for the youngest actor on set, but no one pointed out that Suhyeon was only six years old.

Even if he needed protection off-camera, Suhyeon was an actor they could trust in front of the camera.

“I’ll go change now.”


Suhyeon bowed his head and trotted off to find the costume staff.

It had already been two months since they started shooting Praise.

By now, Suhyeon had firmly established himself as a lead actor.

* * *

After changing his clothes and finishing his makeup, Suhyeon stood in a corner, observing the set.

Under the bright lights, Seohan and Jiyoon were rehearsing a scene together.

…Jiyoon looks really tired.

Today’s shoot mainly involved adding new scenes to previously filmed ones.

Most took less than a minute and didn’t connect emotionally.

Even if the context was easily understood, it was still challenging for a child actor to follow.

The lines are simple, and Seohan-hyung is leading, so we’ve been managing without many NGs, but…

The relationship between teacher and student was more vertical than equal.

Naturally, the class president “Kim Chaeun” had far fewer lines than “Ha Kichan,” and even those lines were mostly “Yes” or “I understand.”

Appearing uneasy even in such a one-sided situation meant Jiyoon couldn’t properly respond to scene changes.

“Cut! Great. Seohan, good job today.”

“Thank you. Great job, everyone. Suhyeon, do well today. I’m leaving.”

“Yes! Goodbye, hyung!”

While Suhyeon was lost in thought, Seohan’s scene ended.

After a brief exchange of greetings, everyone immediately prepared for the next scene.

“Suhyeon, you’re familiar with the scene we’re shooting now, right?”


“Act a bit bright despite being sullen, and smile subtly. Okay?”


Suhyeon perfectly understood the PD’s vague instructions and stepped into the prepared set.

Jiyoon, who had been unsettled all morning, stared sharply at Suhyeon.

“Hello, Jiyoon-noona.”

“What, you’re here?”

“Yeah. Let’s do well today.”

“Hmph. Don’t drag me down.”


Even though Jiyoon was struggling, she put on a brave face.

Knowing it was a sign of her tension, Suhyeon nodded rather than provoking her further.

There was no benefit in touching a shaky block; it would only cause trouble.

It’d be better if she relaxed a bit… but if I mess around and she crumbles, it’ll be a headache.

Helping someone off-balance was harder than maintaining one’s own.

Especially if the other person was a child, it could lead to not just delays but a total shutdown of the shoot.

If it were a minor role, they’d replace her, but Jiyoon can’t be switched out. I need to pay extra attention.

While Suhyeon resolved this on his own, the PD, who had finished his checks, took his seat.


At the start signal, all the noise disappeared.

Starting as a Child Actor in This Life

Starting as a Child Actor in This Life

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