Starting as a Child Actor in This Life Chapter 33

Chapter 33

“Hyung, I have no intention of doing it.”

“Me neither, I don’t plan on accepting.”


As soon as the employee left, Sangil wiped his smile off and twisted his lips.

To anyone looking, his expression closely resembled that of a villain.

“But it’s better to have the rejection come from them, and it’s right to clear any debts.”

“…I don’t quite understand.”

“They might think it’s reasonable, but those terms are absolutely unacceptable.”

Hearing this, Suhyeon finally realized Sangil’s intention.

Initiating a rejection on our side would easily make us disliked.

Humans tend to easily mistake being rejected for being disrespected when they think they are the superior party.

However, if a mutually agreed-upon result was not accepted, the onus of rejection would shift to the broadcasting company.

Moreover, the employee who had guaranteed its possibility might feel burdened, thinking their persuasion skills were lacking.

Really evil.

Suhyeon stared blankly at Sangil.

It was truly fortunate that Sangil was his manager.

“…High five?”

“You did well today.”

Sangil celebrated their victory by striking Suhyeon’s outstretched palm.

Before long, similar smiles appeared on both of their faces.

* * *

It seemed there was internal disagreement, because KBC ended up canceling the offer instead of negotiating the terms.

“This actually worked….”

“People are surprisingly simple. Without a trigger, they believe what they want is the truth. And they hope others agree with their decisions.”

Suhyeon applauded Sangil, who even managed to receive an apology from the employee.

His eye for picking projects might have been lacking, but his eloquence and negotiation skills were the real deal.

“Hyung, let’s stick together for a long, long time.”

“We’ll see how it goes.”

“Wow, the tyranny of the weak.”

“…Where on earth did you learn such phrases?”

“From the universe’s energy?”

While making jokes, Suhyeon pulled out a paper with a red post-it attached from a stack of papers.

It was a program called Section TV Entertainment News, an entertainment info broadcast Suhyeon hadn’t seen during his active days.

I’m familiar with SNS and internet videos… But nowadays, this might be more effective, right?

The making-of films and promotional videos Suhyeon had suggested did their job well.

The PR team also spoke of significant achievements, and it showed record-breaking viewership for a cable drama.

Only Suhyeon, having returned from an era dominated by internet media, couldn’t fully grasp their definition of success.

Then I should adapt as well.

He looked at the paper he was holding.

NBC, with which he had formed a connection through Promise of the Blue Summer, was offering quite a bold deal.

They were willing to allow an indirect mention of Praise on the condition that Suhyeon and Seohan appeared together, essentially conceding to implicitly endorse something else.

It feels like they’re testing the waters with me rather than with Seohan-hyung.

For a hoobae to ask a sunbae to appear together was something not easily attempted unless they were quite close.

Especially for someone like Seohan, who was at the peak of his popularity, most people would reject such an unprofitable and unhelpful offer.

Of course, if the PR team asks, he might participate for drama promotion. But NBC wouldn’t outright help TNB, would they?

NBC wasn’t interested in charity work by inviting Suhyeon and Seohan, who were busy with other dramas.

Not a romance but a father-son chemistry… Did the parenting show come out at this time? Or is it an experimental attempt ahead of its era?

Not a fluttering relationship between a man and a woman, but a subtle interaction between an adult and a child.

NBC wanted to know if the latter catered to current viewers’ tastes, and they were partially willing to accept indirect advertising for other broadcasts.

The small scale of TNB, too minor to even be called a competitor, must have contributed to their generous decision.

Well, I just have to watch the show and eat rice cakes…

Suhyeon had no intention of rejecting the overly kind offer.

I should call him.

He was fully intent on using his young age to his advantage.

“Seohan-hyung, it’s me, Suhyeon! Yes, yes! Did you sleep well?”


Suhyeon swiftly picked up the phone Sangil had left on the table and called Seohan.

The etiquette between hoobaes and sunbaes only applied when both parties were adults.

A happy and hopeful six-year-old asking if you could help them with a terrestrial broadcast offer they had received wasn’t really something you could scold them for, even if you ended up refusing the request.

Now that we’ve gotten a bit closer through improv… If it’s an interview at the casual level, there’s a high chance he’ll accept.

He chattered to Seohan in a youthful, sparkling voice.

From simple bragging about his newfound popularity to seeking praise to light consultations about his next project.

“So, Seohan-hyung, can’t we appear in the interview together on NBC?”

After beating around the bush, Suhyeon finally brought up the main topic.

Since they weren’t face-to-face, he couldn’t show his uniquely adorable expression, but he did everything he could with his voice to sound as cute as possible.

Phew, it’s tough trying to sound utterly adorable while also speaking as clearly as possible… Next time, I’ve got to do this kind of persuasion face-to-face.

Suhyeon nervously waited for Seohan’s response while looking at Sangil.

The face of the manager looking at the young actor was half-rotten with skepticism.

“Hmm. It’s cute and fitting, but the dissonance… Can you not do that in front of me?”

“Shh. Quiet, he might hear you. And I wasn’t doing it for you, you know?”

“…Celebrities, I swear.”

Sangil shook his head disapprovingly at Suhyeon’s cute threat.

Yet, not forgetting his job, he handed Suhyeon, who might have a sore throat, a glass of water with a straw in it.

– “Okay. If they’re coming to us, I can make some time during the shooting. It’s just that the NBC cameras coming to TNB might cause some noise… It’s better if I talk about that part rather than you. If it doesn’t work out, we can rent a space at a nearby café. Let me know the time through the manager.”

Seohan accepted the appearance with a chuckle.

Perhaps because they had built a good rapport the day before, he was even willing to take care of the difficult parts that Suhyeon might struggle with.

“Yes! Seohan-hyung!”

– “Right. You said you only have classes today, no shooting, right? Hang in there.”


Suhyeon answered energetically until the end, his voice sparkling.

The energy seemed to reach the other side, as the call ended with a small laugh from Seohan.

“Actor Kang Suhyeon.”


“You’ve got the slyness of a cat now. There’s nothing left for me to teach you. You may now descend the mountain.”

“No way. I want to stick close to our manager and learn more of those dazzling speaking skills.”

“Why does it sound like you’re saying you’ll benefit from it?”

“That must be because our manager-hyung’s heart isn’t as clear and pure as mine.”

“If only you couldn’t speak.”

Despite his grumbling, Sangil didn’t forget to contact NBC.

Even after the conversation they just had, his professional demeanor—laughing and chatting away—was truly that of a pro.

I guess I can’t beat the original…

Suhyeon watched Sangil with sparkling eyes.

Though he wasn’t always sure, the sight of a capable manager always looked cool to him.


After Seohan gave his approval, the two’s appearance schedule was quickly set.

The subtitle of the interview was “The Recently Hot Jiwu Combo,” highlighting the roles they had played in Promise of the Blue Summer a bit more.

“Is it already over?”

“Yes, it’s over. Ah, why is Suhyeon so cute? If I had a son like Suhyeon, I would have no regrets.”

“Suhyeon is also good at acting. A reliable junior who does his part.”

“Me too! I like Seohan-hyung!”

“Ahhh… You two really get along well.”

Since some questions and answers had been predetermined, the recording ended quicker than Suhyeon had expected.

Suhyeon, noticing the camera was still on, fully displayed his charm.

Thanks to Seohan readily playing along, the two were portrayed like affectionate siblings, a tender father and son.

Today again, someone falls for this sinful beauty.

Even while thinking this, Suhyeon smiled brightly at the reporter who had helped with today’s session.

Leaving this adorable face unused would be a crime worse than actual crimes.

“Thank you both so much for today. I’ll talk to the editing director to see if we can include even a brief scene of you guys watching while waiting on set. It feels like a waste to not show that kind of chemistry seen during filming.”

“Really? Can pretty noona do that?”

“Hehe, ‘pretty noona’… Hmm. So, noona has been a reporter on this show for over 5 years? This noona is stronger than she seems?”

“Wow! Noona, you’re amazing!”

Suhyeon’s eyes sparkled as he complimented her.

It was obvious that showing up on the screen together was more effective than just saying “we’re currently filming.”

Though partly resigned because of different broadcasters, the possibility arose slightly with such a powerful reporter stepping in.

“Ah, lastly, could you say ‘Section TV, fighting’? It would be nice if Suhyeon could sit on Seohan’s lap.”

“Seohan-hyung, is that okay?”

“Yeah. Come on up.”

As Seohan sat back down on the sofa and patted his thigh, Suhyeon quickly climbed on top.

Like the mischievous manager Sangil, Suhyeon stood in front of the camera, a consummate professional, undaunted.


The day after the Section TV Entertainment News interview, Suhyeon was extremely busy.

He had to shoot a two-hour-long commercial from early morning and then move to the filming location for Praise in the afternoon.

Though the commercial shoot ended safely and early, it wasn’t to say it wasn’t exhausting.

“Hyung, please avoid mornings on days when we have back-to-back schedules. It’s too hard…”

“You say that, but you seem to enjoy it quite a bit.”

“It’s work, after all. It’s not right to show tiredness while working.”

“Good attitude.”

The driving Sangil slightly nodded his head.

Though he often found things despicable, he didn’t think poorly of Suhyeon’s attitude.

Instead, he admired the young man’s ability to distinguish between work and leisure despite his age.

“Did you get his contact info earlier? Did you like him?”

“Hmm. It’s because he’s a sunbae worth learning from in a different sense than Seohan-hyung.”

Suhyeon thought of Park Gisu, whom he had filmed the commercial with that day.

Though eventually recognized more as an MC or variety show personality than an actor, the current Park Gisu was a popular actor considered on the same level as Seohan.

It wouldn’t hurt to become friends.

His acting skills barely escape the robotic… but his networking is worth learning from.

If Seohan had risen to his position through sheer acting ability, Gisu made his name known through any means necessary.

As a result, Gisu slightly surpassed Seohan in terms of recognition, and in an industry where acting skills weren’t necessary, Gisu was preferred over Seohan.

He might not be a role model as an “actor,” but as an “entertainer,” he was a remarkable figure.

Many are like him, but few can survive using that method for 20 years.

Having tried various things as an idol, Suhyeon knew well the difficulties of that path.

Some might say it neglects one’s main occupation, but it was also a way, a method to survive in the entertainment industry.

Starting as a Child Actor in This Life

Starting as a Child Actor in This Life

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