The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting Prologue


Brilliant lights shattered before my eyes.

Like fragments of glass, the remnants were swiftly swept away by the fierce storm.

Countless skills whirled through the air, and each time they struck the colossal being, the sound of a giant dragon’s roar echoed in all directions.


Apocalypse Dragon—the final boss of Gaia Online, a virtual reality game that had reigned supreme for a full six years.

The countless tails of the Apocalypse Dragon swept across the ground.

As I heard the dragon’s roar, I slowly lifted my sword upward.

My blade was not aimed at the dragon’s neck.

“Sia, you son of a bitch! What the hell do you think you’re doing right now?!”


“Fuck, stop calling me ‘hyung’ now, you piece of shit. You know how much effort we’ve put into this!”

The man lying in front of me glared at me as he let out a refreshing stream of curses.

South Korea’s top streamer and gamer.

An undisputed superstar.


A colleague who had spent quite a long time with me.

No, not a colleague anymore.

The moment I pointed my sword at him here, all ties were severed.

“I should’ve known since you never showed up in reality. Fuck, I don’t know why I trusted someone like you.”

“Hyung, haven’t seen you curse in a while, huh? You might get banned from broadcasting, you know?”

“Fuck! You piece of shit!”

“Sorry, hyung.”


The sword I thrust plunged effortlessly into his neck.

In Gaia Online, characters turn to dust from their toes up when they die.

Khan-hyung screamed roughly as he watched his legs turn to dust.

“You, fuck, please say it’s just a prank! It’s a hidden camera, right? Fuck, it’s a hidden camera!”

“Hyung, a lot of students watch the broadcast too, so mind your language. You might really get banned.”

“You, you son of a… ”

“Really sorry, hyung, but—”

I had to survive too.

I roughly pulled out the sword from his neck.

And with that, his cursing figure completely turned to dust, scattering in all directions.

The guildmates who had been raiding the Apocalypse Dragon looked at me with shocked expressions.


“I’m sorry to everyone.”

I then quickly cast a movement skill and began to kill them off one by one.

[You have murdered your precious comrades!]

[Chaos will now dwell in your character.]

[You have earned the right to face the true end!]

In the end, I was the only survivor left on the final battlefield.

Only after all the users had turned to dust and disappeared did a purple light envelop my body.

I looked at the purple light and slowly opened my mouth.

“Please keep your promises.”

From the mouth of the Apocalypse Dragon, rather than a grotesque voice, a clear female voice resounded.

– “Of course, Mr. Kim Chansik. We will deposit 1 billion to your account immediately.”

“And also—”

– “Your younger sibling went into surgery five minutes ago. If you head to the hospital right now, it should be successfully completed.”


– “We truly thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Kim Chansik. As we mentioned earlier, should this secret be exposed…”

“I get it, you bastards.”

With those words—


I thrust the sword into my own chest.

Despite the low synchronization rate, I felt a tingling pain, but that was it.

[In the place where the myth of creation lingers, Gaia will always wait for you.

Logging out in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.]


Brilliant light enveloped me, and soon I rose from the outdated capsule, gritting my teeth.

* * *

I betrayed my comrades.

For my personal affairs, I killed my mates in the world’s first-ever raid.

The pride of Koreans embedded in the first-ever raid ended in vain because of my betrayal.

That sentence became the only way to describe me in the history of Korean virtual reality gaming.

I thought that was the end of my gaming life.

At least, until…

The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting

The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020
The worst villain in the history of Korean VR games. That was the only sentence that described me afterwards. I thought that was the end of my gaming life. At least, until... *This is a broadcast for the bad guys. Be careful.
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