The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 98

Episode 98

I had just met Han Chaeli and considered telling him that his ex-girlfriend was worried about him… but Joo Woosung, who calls himself the “Female Terminator,” looked so healthy that I didn’t bother.

As soon as I turned off my phone, the system window started talking to me.

[Why did you do that?]

“…No reason.”

The system window suddenly reappeared just as I was about to move on from those thoughts.

[So, how do you feel about it?]


[The treatment you’re getting now clearly differs from when you were a PD.]

I looked at the fluctuating characters in the blue system window… and chuckled.

It’s really pushing it.

Lately, I felt like I was playing push-and-pull with the system window.

It’s clear that something has been revealed, with Min Jiheon being the trigger. But it was still unclear what the system window was looking at, what was exposed, or what it was sensitive to.

Now, it wanted to negatively evaluate my “PD” days and emphasize the undeserved kindness I was receiving now.

Then, should I throw in bait?

Carefully choosing my words, I made a cautious response.

“…In the past, I would have just been cursed at on the internet, and that would be it.”

I swallowed phrases like “I’m always grateful” and “I want to stay here and keep experiencing new things” because they would be too obvious.

“It’s kind of refreshing, isn’t it?”

[Excuse me.]

Suddenly, the system window popped up with a ding.

[Don’t even think about throwing in a bait.]

“Aw, come on…”

With a smile, I looked at the flickering blue window. The system window put up the letters in an annoying manner.

[I can clearly see what you’re thinking, so no matter what you say or what bait you throw, I won’t answer from now on.]

“But you just baited me, too. That’s pretty two-faced.”

[…I am!]

“You’re what?”

I scoffed. And a moment later, the system window’s words and mine overlapped.

[I am differ—]

“—Do you want to say you’re different? Like some cheesy pick-up line?”


[This is so annoying]

[Go away, thank you]

And then, the system window went off. Indeed, it’s a very touchy one.

Looking at it, I was sure. The system window wasn’t lying just now.

I threw the empty can in the trash and walked toward the drama set as I sorted things out.

The chances are high that it’s genuinely looking out for me.

The quests so far proceeded in a direction that was ultimately good for me. Of course, they were cruel and with big penalties. They were also sensitive to other people’s evaluations. Sometimes I ignored it because I didn’t like its coercive nature, but anyway.

What remained then…

As soon as I entered the set, Min Jiheon, who was checking the script, suddenly raised his head and called out to me.

“Ah, Seo Hoyun.”

“Yes. Min Jiheon-sunbae.”

Then identifying false information is important.

There was no need to go far. I just needed to confront the person standing before me since he knew my current situation best.

“It’s our first shooting. I’ve been looking forward to it. Please take care of me.”

“I’m not really.”

“Haha, you’re prickly today, too?”

Min Jiheon closed the script and laughed. I maintained a safe distance and looked at Min Jiheon’s wrist.

Hmm, good. He’s not wearing the bracelet.

Min Jiheon followed my gaze and smirked.

“Hyung, are you scared?”


I really want to hit you just once!

However, inner thoughts are one thing, and actions are another.

I could keep a poker face against Min Jiheon’s provocations to some extent, as we clashed quite a bit on set. I wanted to ignore him and move on since we had to shoot a scene soon, but I stopped for a moment.

There was nobody around.


Not doing anything and waiting quietly for a reaction wasn’t my style.

I turned around and approached Min Jiheon, who was looking at the script again.

“What are you scheming?”

In this case, confrontation was the answer.


“Are you trying to help me or hinder me…? Why are you going around in circles instead of just telling me easily? Why are you so interested in me in the first place?”

“…Ah~. Ahaha. Is this the start of our honest conversation? Alright, let’s do it.”

Min Jiheon laughed awkwardly and looked towards the set where the staff were busily moving around. He held his chin with one hand and suddenly said something unexpected.

“Do you think people can change, hyung?”


“I don’t think so.”

What am I doing?

Min Jiheon quickly flipped through the script and closed it with a thud.

“I believe people are fundamentally selfish. I also believe that people can’t really change.”

“It’s my fault for asking you. I’m leaving.”

Talking with him always felt like wandering in the fog. I was about to leave my seat, but Min Jiheon turned his head. His eyes were not focused on me. It was another glance directed beyond me.


As I thought about it, I got goosebumps on my arm.

“But looking at you, hyung… someone bet everything on the idea that ‘people can change.’ So, at first, I was just curious if it was worth that much.”


“Of course, now, not only me but many people like you. I’m still curious, though.”

Min Jiheon lowered and raised his eyelids. The gaze we exchanged was too calm compared to the words he said.

“Are you worth that much, Hyung…?”

I stared into his eyes for a moment and then raised my head.

Feeling Min Jiheon’s gaze stubbornly following my action, I slowly said,

“What can I do?”




It’s refreshing to speak out about what I’ve been thinking. I smiled kindly at Min Jiheon, who lost his words and stared blankly at me.

“Let’s go shoot, Min Jiheon sunbae.”

It was a signal to shut up and focus on our main job.

Min Jiheon sighed, put his hand on his forehead as if it was unbelievable, lowered his head, and soon snickered.

“Hyung asked, and then… when I answered, you do this. Really, you treat me so unfairly….”


“And even elementary school kids these days don’t use that phrase. Only we do, only we…”

As I mumbled, “What can I do?” I moved on.


“Wow, it’s your first shoot with Min Jiheon.”

In the drama, Min Jiheon’s role, Min Seungtae, is a wealthy third-generation chaebol who deeply loves Yu Jeonghwa.

However, he hated his father for framing Yu Jeonghwa’s father and causing his wrongful death. He tried to reveal the truth behind all the incidents but struggled with the fear of being rejected by Yu Jeonghwa.

On the other hand, Yu Jia’s role, Yu Jeonghwa, aspired to become a PD who would only create “fair broadcasts,” like her righteous father, so she joined the broadcasting company unaware of these facts. Unexpectedly, she ended up in the variety show department.

“In this scene, you’ll lightly tease each other, but please act carefully.”


The scene where Min Jiheon and I matched our breath for the first time wasn’t the first meeting between the main character and PD Lee Jeonghun.

It was a scene in episode 3 where PD Lee Jeonghun became aware of the past linking together the main characters. As a result, he started to watch Min Seungtae.

The director explained while pointing at the script,

“This scene really shows Lee Jeonghun’s character setting. He notices the clues to the case and subtly mocks Min Seungtae, but he’s not a righteous character who would reveal it himself.”

This was so like me.

Even Min Jiheon admitted it.

“Yes, well, that’s the kind of person he is.”

I admit that I was worn out too.

“He’s a character who faced societal challenges head-on. Sometimes, he’s so shameless that I want to grab and shake him by the collar!”


But this was a little upsetting, right?

I went through the script again and entered the area where the camera was set. Min Jiheon, already in position and receiving a last-minute check from the makeup artist, held a worn-out script in his hand. A script no less battered than mine.

Acting with Min Jiheon, huh.

I felt a little nervous.

It’s obvious I’ll be overshadowed.

Not just Yu Jia, Min Jiheon was especially the type of actor who absorbed the energy of his co-stars when acting together. He had the power to overpower his counterpart and shift the atmosphere in his favor.

“Let’s do our best.”

After taking a deep breath and greeting him, Min Jiheon turned his gaze toward me.

“It’s exciting… filming together.”

“…Min Jiheon, I’m also very excited.”


I couldn’t openly ridicule him in front of the camera, so I played along. Min Jiheon laughed while checking his script for the last time. We coordinated our movements and waited for the slate to clap… Min Jiheon suddenly leaned his head in.

“Mr. Seo Hoyun.”

At least he used a proper title in front of the camera. It might have been just me, but considering everyone called him Min Dajung, it seemed like he was somewhat trolling (I decided to call this Min-gro). I looked at him calmly, and Min Jiheon slightly raised the corner of his mouth.

“Shall we do something fun?”


“I’m curious about what Seo Hoyun was originally like, what kind of person he is….”


Before I could even ask what he meant, someone shouted, and the clapping of the slate came.

…What is it now?

No, let’s just focus first. I stood outside the camera angle and looked at Min Jiheon.

Min Seungtae, who finished his call with his father on the rooftop, made an annoyed sound.

Before that, I had first gone up to the rooftop and was fiddling with a pack of cigarettes in the corner. I glanced at Min Seungtae.

The camera zoomed in on us. Min Seungtae noticed me belatedly, so he was startled. But then he changed into a smiling face to greet me.



I deliberately prolonged the end of my reply, resting my chin on my hand. Min Seungtae sized me up with his gaze, furrowed his brow slightly, but quickly returned to his usual, habitual smile.

“You were here. I think you were here last time, too. You must come here often.”

“Yes, well.”

As I nonchalantly replied, Min Seungtae’s gaze continued to follow me persistently. It was a searching look, wondering whether I had heard his conversation. I stared at him and asked,

“You’re the son of Seonghu Trading?”


“Wow, what a massive company. Which son are you? The second?”

Min Seungtae’s smile instantly vanished at my words. His mask crumbled.

Trying to sound indifferent, I added sarcastically as I tapped the rooftop railing with my cigarette pack.

“It seems your childhood friend still doesn’t know….”


“Let me know in advance if there’s any favoritism to be had. What’s good about being a sunbae and hoobae, huh?”

I smirked and put the cigarette pack into my jacket pocket, attempting to walk past Min Seungtae. My part in this scene was over, and all that remained was a close-up of a flustered Min Seungtae.

However, as I was about to pass him, Min Seungtae’s eyes flashed menacingly.

What’s going on?

Min Seungtae blocked my path with his arm. His gaze wavered, anxious about his beloved childhood friend discovering his secret… but at the same time, it was tinged with a ruthless smile, intending to eliminate any uncertain factors.

“Are you going to tell her?”


“Jeonghun… PD.”

Min Seungtae… not only did he block me with his arm but he also took a step forward and snickered. A shadow fell over my face.

His eyes were frightening.

“I’m asking if you’re going to tell my noona.”

This crazy bastard…

“Shall we do something fun?”

He went off-script.

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