The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 95

Episode 95

As if it really had emotions, the system window seemed flustered. It made a crackling noise like it was filled with static.

As time passed, I became more convinced that this wasn’t just a simple system but “something.”


I deliberately endured the silence and waited, and in the end, the system window gave up first. A new window popped up.

[What did you hear from Min Jiheon?]

I thought it would just slip away again, but it didn’t. Surprisingly, the system window responded with a question of its own.

I looked at it and raised my eyebrows.

“Why? What’s bothering you?”

[If you didn’t, there’s no way you can bother this cute system window >_<]

Out of habit, I rummaged through my pocket and took out a piece of candy.

“Didn’t you hear earlier? Min Jiheon said he’s going to shut you down completely.”

As I said that and peeled the wrapper off the candy to chew on it, the system window couldn’t reply and just crackled. It really seemed a bit flustered, so I touched the corners of my mouth and laughed.


Of course, Min Jiheon shutting it down was a lie.

If the system window was always shut down and couldn’t listen if Min Jiheon was around, it would have done something about it.

But the fact that the system window didn’t reply right away seemed like it was hesitant about something.

Also, I had never heard the system window ask anything about Min Jiheon and me when it was gone. It was actually the opposite, for it was always hesitant to say anything, thinking I might notice something.

It appeared to me that it just couldn’t figure out how to answer my question.

I think I can prove it.

“Why are you so stupid… Huh?”

Back then, there was no doubt that it began to have some kind of reaction with Min Jiheon. Even after meeting Min Jiheon, the system window continued to be calm, with no noticeable reaction.

So, I had two hypotheses.

Whenever I confronted Min Jiheon, either the system was disconnected by a strange power or shied away from Min Jiheon and hid on its own.

However, if the former were true, it meant I had to suffer the same agony I felt that day every time Min Jiheon was around. But what about now? I was sitting perfectly fine in the van and arguing with the system window… so it was not that.

Then there was only one conclusion.

The system window was very uncomfortable with Min Jiheon, blocking itself when he was around.

“What’s really bothering you? Now I’m getting so curious.”


Now that I’ve proven my hypothesis, it was time to throw a bait. I put another piece of candy in my mouth.

“You’re attached to me. That’s undoubtedly true… But how? What on earth for?”

The blue window only shook with no answer. I decided to ask this question more precisely.

“Why did I come to this world?”

It was a question I hadn’t been able to ask because I was so busy dealing with one situation after another. Whether it was the main scenario or whatever, I’ve been completing quests as they came, but I didn’t know why I was here in the first place. I was moving forward with the hope that I could return to my original world…

But I hadn’t asked why I was here in the first place.

I’ve been running forward, overlooking the most basic thing.

The system window seemed to be wavering as if it were pondering. I didn’t expect it to answer obediently, so I was about to brush my hair when suddenly a message popped up.

[That’s too mean]



[I’m working my bones off for Seo Hoyun… and you always tell me off… Do you trust Min Jiheon more than the system window you’ve been with since the beginning??]

“Just go away.”

It was pretending to be all balled up and acting nice.

The text on the blue window wasn’t enough for me to fully comprehend the system window’s intentions. Therefore, I clicked my tongue and turned the window off. The moment I did that, a notification popped up urgently.


[Min Jiheon’s Job: Actor

Nickname: Scammer, Unbelievable Swindler, Shaman, Pig

Characteristics: A scammer who deceives people and only takes their money. Don’t be fascinated by what he shows!


“I already know Min Jiheon is a scammer. Anything else you want to say?”


“Then go surf or something.”

And then I very politely gave it the middle finger. As far as I could see, the system window and Min Jiheon were two of a kind.

Just in time, my manager arrived and opened the driver’s door.

“Ugh, I’m still sweaty. Hoyun, how are you feeling?”

“I’m fine. Let’s head back to the dorm.”

“Alright, the best driver is taking off~.”

I leaned back on the seat, exhausted. Usually, the system window would annoyingly pop back up when I closed it, but it was quiet this time. I thought it had finally stopped, but I heard an ominous notification sound.



  1. Manager-hyung, let’s aim for the acting award #1
  2. Uh-oh, Hoyun’s words are
  3. Look at me. I am so beautiful and hot, young and rich.]


This was definitely revenge.


Drama filming was one thing, and album preparation was another. If we wanted to make a comeback in October, we had to record, practice, shoot, and take part in various activities before and after. Now I had to deal with Min Jiheon, manage the system window, and act on top of everything else.

I was so worn out that I went to the practice room out of habit and…


…I saw Joo Woosung’s dumbfounded face.

Why was he alone in one of Daepaseong Entertainment’s practice rooms?

And why did the front desk let him in?


It was apparent even without looking. Just by looking at the back of his head, you could tell it was Joo Woosung. On top of that, there were rumors that we were close, and I could easily picture the smooth-talking Joo Woosung charming his way in.

I tossed my sports bag into the practice room and asked,

“So, when did you join Daepaseong?”

“Are you crazy? Why would I join a place like this?”

“Then why are you here being so sneaky?”

Woosung, who had gotten a taste of the capital from Korea’s top entertainment company, always complained about Daepaseong’s facilities whenever he came. So why was he awkwardly standing in this dark, gloomy practice room now?

Woosung scratched his head awkwardly, realizing how ridiculous he looked.

“I have no activities… no friends… no girlfriend…”

“Just say you’ve run out of people to date, and you’re bored.”

“…That’s true. I’ve never been this bored in my life.”

Looking at how Woosung had been down these days…

I had a hunch that his lack of dating wasn’t because of my threats but because he had dated everyone in the entertainment industry, and no one was left for him.

Finally, everyone had escaped from this legendary jerk.

“I know what you’re thinking, you little shit…”

“Oh, you do? Impressive.”

Woosung smirked at me and pulled out his phone, tapping away on it. I took a peek and saw [Wow, the ultimate god-like junior] saved as one of his most recent contacts.

“I don’t remember texting you recently.”

“Where did your conscience go? It’s Seonghyeon.”

Woosung grumbled and finally told me why he came.

“You guys are preparing for an album, and Seonghyeon and Dajun are going on some variety show, right? I came to help. I’ve already talked to Seonghyeon.”


“…Come to think of it, I’m really an amazing sunbae, aren’t I?”

I sat down on the floor, leaving Woosung babbling nonsense behind.

When have you ever cared for your juniors?

From what I’ve heard, Hi-Five, the junior group directly under Woosung’s Black Call, was doing very well. The other Black Call members would at least take care of their juniors a little, but Woosung never did.

But why was he taking care of The Dawn? I wondered if this was some kind of… far-fetched… plan.

No… that’s a bit too much.

The Dawn was still far from being a threat.

But I couldn’t think of any other reason, so I asked.

“Are you going on that variety show too, Woosung?”

“No, I’m not going.”

“…Then why?”

Why the hell was he here then?

As I kept asking and getting more confused, Woosung hesitated and sighed.

“… just that…”


“I’ve been reflecting lately… and I wanted to check something…”

Just as he was about to answer, the members all came bustling in.

“The cute rapper is here~ Oh! Sunbae!”

“The cuter sub-dancer is here~ Ah, Joo Woosung-sunbae, hello!”

“You’re here already?!!”


The members now greeted Joo Woosung without being flustered, as if it was natural. Joo Woosung received their greetings with a nod.

Kim Seonghyeon didn’t even try to hide the “complete joy” written on his face.

“Hey, get up. Let me see the dance.”

Joo Woosung kicked me. I got up and practiced along with the beat, but I had difficulty keeping up with them, probably because they practiced like crazy while I was filming the drama.

Joo Woosung sat on the sofa in the corner of the practice room, crossed his arms, and looked at the members with sharp eyes. Soon after, he managed to spit out some reluctant compliments with a face that was trying to suppress his annoyance.

“…Not bad.”

He watched until the end. He then got up and corrected the members’ dance moves. Even with just a few words added on, it was fascinating to see how the members quickly adapted.

But… what about me?

These days, my dance practice has been neglected because of acting. As Joo Woosung finished correcting the other members’ dance moves, he quickly turned his attention toward me.

And sure enough, he nagged me like crazy afterward.

“What have you been doing all this time? Only acting?”

“Please, just stop it! Enough!”

“Hey, just give up, give up. Just admit defeat.”

With those words, I glared at him as I caught my breath.

“You just came to tease me, right?”

“Oh, you got me.”


I clenched my teeth and followed Joo Woosung grudgingly while cursing at him.

I will definitely become more popular than Joo Woosung and laugh at him! I’ll show you what I was like during my PD days.

However, for now, Joo Woosung just laughed, looking at the pathetic me.

“What are you looking at?”


“Do it again, kid.”


“…Oh, what’s going on today?”

“Wow, you’re really fierce today….”

Moreover, Joo Woosung’s nagging was overflowing today so that even the members trembled as they watched.

My suspicion that he came to tease me because he was bored gradually turned into certainty.

Only after several more attempts did Joo Woosung finally distanced himself with a reluctant face that said, “Ugh, fine.” As I staggered into the corner and collapsed, Joo Woosung even advised Jeong Dajun and Kim Seonghyeon about their upcoming dance variety show appearance, proving that he was indeed helping his juniors.

But what was that just now?

As I barely moistened my parched mouth with water, Kim Seonghyeon and Jeong Dajun started dancing to a routine they had made for the variety show.


It was a b-boy dance routine choreographed to a strong hip-hop bass.

The two seemed to have put much effort into it, as the choreography was flashy, and the moves matched perfectly with the beat. I lay down, fixing my gaze on their dance moves, and Seong Jiwon sat beside me.

“They’re really good, aren’t they?”


“I think they’ll get even better if Joo Woosung-sunbae helps them.”

Could it be…

Joo Woosung, despite how he acted, had high standards. No matter how hard we prepared, he wouldn’t even blink an eye and say, “You’ve worked hard, considering you’re amateurs.” So, I looked at Joo Woosung, anticipating his unpleasant words to the two…


But Joo Woosung’s expression was strange.


“We’re done here!!”

“So, how is it, sunbae?”

Our group’s two main dancers, panting with flushed faces, asked in unison. Only then did Joo Woosung snap back to reality and rub the back of his neck.

“…Ah. Good choreography, um…”


“Yeah, come here. Let’s fix this part.”

And Joo Woosung strode over, demonstrating the move himself. His popularity wasn’t just for his good looks; he was truly amazing. I watched him as I took another drink.

Something’s off.

Lately, both Lim Hyeonsu and Joo Woosung seemed to lack energy.

After everything was done, I looked back and forth between the members thanking Joo Woosung and those practicing again. Joo Woosung walked towards me, looking somewhat in a foul mood.

“Ugh… Checking on them just made me more pissed off.”


“Damn, I need to go.”

To where?

But he just ruffled his dark brown hair and started searching for something on his phone. I glanced over and saw it was an airplane ticket.

“What are you going?”

“It’s none of your concern.”

“…Did you get splashed with water again today?”

= In a bad mood?

“Fuck, I really did get my act together, you know?”

I was about to ignore him, thinking he wouldn’t tell me anything, but Joo Woosung watched my face, nervously playing with his phone as if regretting his harsh words.

I was entirely captivated by his pushover attitude.

Just when I started to think that both Joo Woosung and Lim Hyeonsu could be Korea’s most soft-hearted people, even towards those they bullied, I remembered something.

“Ah, that’s right.”

Suddenly, Lim Hyeonsu’s words flashed through my mind.

“Did you get a call from Composer Lim Hyeonsu?”

“… Eh? Cheongbeom-noona?”

Having roughly finished what he was doing, Joo Woosung put down his phone and looked at me with a face as if he had been hit by a sudden realization. He then tilted his head.

“Uh… Yeah, I think something like that happened?”

“For a get-together?”

“Yup, how did you know?”

I closed the water bottle cap, took another sip, and wiped the corners of my mouth.

“Don’t go to that.”


Like Lim Hyeonsu, Joo Woosung looked at me with a face full of question marks.

“Why? Do you have something going on there?”

“Nothing. I’m just saying it for your sake, Joo Woosung.”

“For my sake? What does that even mean…?”

Although he quickly denied it with words, Joo Woosung mumbled like he had a good sense at times like this.

“Who’s going to be at that get-together? It’s only Shining Star’s PD Kim Heeyeong and Cheongbeom-noona, right? You don’t want me to go because it’s a get-together to badmouth you… Ah!”

Joo Woosung suddenly seemed to understand something and opened his mouth. His face slowly turned angrier.

“Hey, fucker…”


“Do you think I’m some fucking player trying to hit on every girl with XX chromosomes?!”

But as expected, his thoughts went in the wrong direction.

What the hell was he talking about now…?

“Cheongbeom-noona and I have nothing going on, okay? And how many times do I have to tell you I’ve made up my mind?!”

It wasn’t about her, okay!

Ugh, what should I do about this jerk, Joo Woosung?’

I said that because I didn’t want to listen to the stories that were just coming my way. I still had to deal with Joo Woosung since he was useful, so I inevitably had to continue meeting him… If the three of them met happily, wouldn’t I hear a lot of news about it?

There would be no big problem if I didn’t have to face PD Kim during Shining Star Season 2, but I said that because I hoped there would be no personal contact between us as much as possible. But Woosung, extremely sensitive today, must have misunderstood something and gone on a rant.

“Are you really living in the 21st century? Are we still living by the rule that men and women should not sit together? Seo Hoyun should have been born as a scholar in the Joseon Dynasty.”

“Ah, I didn’t think like that.”

“What do you mean? It’s written all over your face. How could you even think of linking me with Cheongbeom-noona? Don’t tell me…”

“Are you crazy?! Not that! Joo Woosung, you’re the narrow-minded one. You’re making wild guesses from just one thing I said. I said not to go there because it’s a get-together where they badmouth me, not because I can’t break my habit.”

“Then I should go even more. I’ll attend that get-together and seduce all the noonas.”

“Hey! Have you gone crazy? Reserve your all-out for Pop Pop!”

“Heyyyy? Crazy? You’re done talking back to your sunbae?!”

As I fought with Woosung in the corner, the members, who were practicing far away, stopped singing and stared blankly at us.

“…Why is Hoyun like that?”

“Seo Hoyun… Has he gone crazy to his sunbae?”

“Hyung, is something wrong today?”

That’s right, I must be crazy…

Feeling embarrassed for showing this side of myself in front of the innocent Jeong Dajun, I apologized first, ignoring the murmuring members.

“…Ugh. Fine, I got it. I didn’t do anything wrong, but I’m sorry anyway, okay? That’s not what I meant.”

“You’re even apologizing to that bitch? Thanks?”

Joo Woosung, who had been preaching about fixing his ways and becoming a proper idol (whatever that entailed), scoffed with a solid misunderstanding and anger. I almost got flustered by his words, but I held back.

How can I clear up this misunderstanding? Should I say Kim Heeyeon is my ex-girlfriend?

No way. I could never say that.

I quietly stared at Woosung, still whining about a guilty conscience with his splendid past.

“…After it’s over, go eat out with the members or something.”

“Buzz off.”

“You like kimchi fried rice, don’t you?”

“Kimchi fried rice, my ass….”

Even though I mentioned what I learned from the trivia quiz, that guy was already sulking. Watching Woosung grumble about attending that get-together, I sighed.


Congratulations, Joo Woosung. Now you’re living a proper life…

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