The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 9

Episode 9

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“Yes. I received it today and brought it with me. I will send the samples later.”

“Did you have any personal relationship with them? Well… It’s not important.”

They seemed to be more cooperative than I thought.

“Normally, we should release the song according to our plan, but in this case, we need to do the opposite. I want to redesign the plan to fit the song.”

“Your song wasn’t that great.”

Oh, the conversation was going surprisingly well.

At the same time, I felt uneasy. Did I push it aside because I was too lazy to deal with their bad song?

“If possible, I’d like to attend the meeting immediately. We don’t have much time.”

“Well… Okay. I’ll talk to the planning team again. The members must have already thought of something since you’re short on time.”

“Yes. I’m confident that we can go in a good direction.”

The specifics hadn’t been decided yet, but the problem could be resolved by working with the planning team.

The CEO nodded decisively.

“We can’t provide an additional budget.”

Damn, I knew this would happen.

“At least we have to come up with the choreography. We can do the planning internally… Do we have a dance team at our company?”

“We’re a professional actor management company. We don’t have one.”

“…What about an external dance team?”

“We don’t have any additional support.”

This company was so pathetic…

“We can either utilize the existing choreography or can’t we ask Seonghyeon for help? He dances pretty well. Let’s ask him.”

Dancing and choreography were completely different issues, you idiot!

No matter how much I tried to explain, the CEO didn’t seem to understand anything. If the option of “Disappointing CEO and quitting the company” came up, I would choose it without hesitation.

“… Okay, I understand for now.”

I shouldn’t forget to revise the members’ contracts later. I let out a sigh.

“Well, let’s just stamp it quickly then.”

“Yes, yes. Hoyun, here’s the contract.”

“Oh, that.…”


Just as the manager, who appeared to believe the conversation had concluded, nodded vigorously like an enthusiastic bobblehead and prepared to usher me out with the contract, I snatched it from him. I held it up like a tattered cloth.

I came here alone for a reason.

“There are two modifications.”

“What are they?”

“First of all, please rewrite the settlement ratio.”

Did it make sense for the company to get 80% and the idols only get 20%?

Even if the contract was short, this was not acceptable.

The CEO and the manager were confused by my words, and each responded differently.

“Our profit distribution rate is not that bad… We don’t distribute profits if the break-even point is below a certain level. The debt just keeps piling up. Other companies do this too.”

“Haha, let’s hear it out. How much do you want?”

The CEO calmed down quickly and burst into laughter. I also laughed as I replied.


“For such a bold statement, you’re quite timid. I’ll think about it. If the company has 70%, other companies also have…”

What were you talking about?

“No, I meant I want 70%.”

As soon as I said that, everyone immediately fell silent. An oppressive hush filled the CEO’s office.

The CEO then removed his glasses and peered with squinted eyes.



“Are you… joking with me right now?”

“No, I’m not.”

“S-Seo Hoyun!”

The manager hastily tugged at my arm.

Manager, you should be protecting the artist in this situation. Why were you doing this? I suppose he had to say something since his salary came from the company.

“You seem very eager to get that one song, but the initial investment was quite challenging, Hoyun.”

I know. In fact, the company may lack competence, but they should be respectful towards profit distribution and the artists.

It’s also true that the group, which had been active for a year since their debut, was not disbanded immediately despite their lack of potential. More precisely, they were simply neglected.

“You don’t know if that one song will make you guys successful… It has to go viral.”


“Unfortunately, there’s no member in The Dawn with that level of public recognition. Jiwon… was a trainee at a major agency before, so he might have connections, but you don’t do you?”

He spoke softly yet bluntly.

It was a valid point.

If I wasn’t here, it would have been a valid point.

It was time to speak up.

The CEO smiled awkwardly as if he had interpreted my silence as something meaningful.

“I’ll think more about the settlement. Don’t be too pessimistic for now….”


Suddenly, someone who looked like a staff member rushed into the office. The CEO frowned at the staff member’s flustered appearance.

“Why are all the kids like this today?”

“Sorry, sorry. But it’s urgent… Oh! Seo Hoyun coincidentally is here too!”


Perfect timing.

I smiled and nodded. The staff member recognized me. The cue had arrived.

The staff member glanced at me with an expression I couldn’t discern – whether it was resentment or something else – and quickly said, “The company’s phone lines are down.”



The manager appeared baffled. It was a small company, but they didn’t have any actors famous enough for their phones to be overwhelmed so suddenly.

“Did someone get into an accident? Is Jihyeon dating someone? Or did he take drugs?”

“No, no… It’s not that.”

The staff member waved his hand in a hurry. Then he glanced at me.

“To be exact, it’s related to Seo Hoyun…”

Oh, Joo Woosung did a good job.

Thank you, Woosung.

I smiled leisurely, but the CEO and manager had bewildered faces.

“What collaboration does Joo Woosung have with Seo Hoyun? Or… is Seo Hoyun entering a new project? Fans and investors of Joo Woosung are suddenly calling like crazy.”

“Joo Woosung? Black Call? Is he related to Hoyun?”

“Three hours ago, a video of Joo Woosung with Seo Hoyun was uploaded on SNS. They said he is a precious and kind little brother with a perfect personality from head to toe….”



[You got caught!]

Did you have to add such an embarrassing comment? I clearly decided on the content and the video to upload…

Big trouble.

Joo Woosung’s pride seemed to have been hurt by how easily he was caught. I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself while waiting for what was coming next.

“How did this happen? Are you close with Joo Woosung?”

The manager asked in surprise.

Close? As if.

Of course, it’s all the story I made up.

I remembered Joo Woosung a few hours ago.

He mumbled nervously when I brought up what I wanted this morning.

– “… You want me to shoot some videos with you for SNS?”

– “Yes, please upload a few with the concept of a close neighborhood younger brother. I’ll let you know when it’s time to upload.”

– “Is that all you’re asking for?”

No, there’s more, Woosung.

Do you think I would use a valuable asset like you as a disposable one here?

“Yes, that’s all.”

But I only pretended like that was all there was to it.

Let’s get to know each other slowly.

When I confidently answered, Joo Woosung awkwardly agreed.

“I see. I… thought you were a really big deal.”

You’re right, I am a big deal.

Well, it must be nice. Just pressing a few buttons on the SNS to make money.

But this wasn’t just any celebrity. It was Joo Woosung, ranked 14th on SNS in terms of followers. A single post from him was worth tens of millions of won.

“I’ll work hard,” even posting that one phrase would make it appear in entertainment articles on the platform with titles like “Celebrity’s New Year’s Resolution….”

It didn’t end with just an article. Fans had a bigger reaction.

Fans already knew about his personal life and stories of close acquaintances. Many people followed those friends’ accounts just to see one more picture of him.

But what if someone completely new and unknown suddenly popped up on Joo Woosung’s SNS profile, which, until now, had been solely dedicated to advertising?

Of course, they’ll look for who it is.

I didn’t want to pretend to be close to Joo Woosung, but fortunately, he had a cat. After shaking the kitty grass a few times, we completed a video that we could upload to SNS.

– “Oh, it looks like my cat likes Hoyun.”

– “He probably likes me more than you.”

– “… You crossed the line.”

Joo Woosung acted well, and after monitoring the video, he and I looked like we had known each other for ten years.

With my face polished and groomed at a professional shop and the effort I put into my charm points, I didn’t look too bad even when I was with Joo Woosung – an important point.

While looking at the video, I praised Joo Woosung.

– “Joo Woosung, you’re a good actor.”

– “To please so desperately….”

Ignoring Joo Woosung’s disappointed mumbling, I made my way to the front door to return to the company. But before I left, I petted the cat meandering around my ankles as if saying goodbye. Joo Woosung seemed to feel betrayed.

“What? You don’t treat me like that.”

It seemed like Joo Woosung became foolish when it came to cats. There was no longer time to deal with fools, so I left for the company immediately.

That’s how it happened.

“How do you know each other?”

“We’re close – an older brother and younger brother.”

However, I had no intention of telling everything.

After hesitating in the ambiguous atmosphere of the office, the office worker decided to report everything to the CEO.

“So, a sudden controversy is arising within Joo Woosung’s fandom regarding Seo Hoyun. It has become a topic of discussion in online communities, with people questioning whether Seo Hoyun is a trainee or joining The Dawn as a member. If they’re a member, fans ask when they would make a comeback. Of course, there are also complaints coming in from fans….”

Fans were calling in angrily, asking why Seo Hoyun was suddenly mentioned with Joo Woosung. I anticipated this kind of response.

But it’s okay. For celebrities who relied on their popularity, anti-fans were better than indifference.

“… Just get out of here.”


The staff quickly left. The CEO seemed hesitant.


I decided to drive the nail in here.

“If you entrust the planning to me, I’ll make sure that The Dawn’s comeback music tops the charts of all three major music platforms.”

“What? Top the charts of all three?”

The CEO’s expression changed.

“I heard it was difficult to even get on one of them last time….”

It was as if the atmosphere had become uneasy when the topic of charting suddenly came up, as they may not know much about it.

Well, Mango was difficult to get on.

A year ago, the chart was almost fixed like a brick with the revamp to a 24-hour cumulative system. It was like trying to catch a falling star for rookie idols to break into the chart.

I looked at the CEO subtly.

But I know one of them and not the other two.

“Yes, you are right.”

I swallowed my inner thoughts and smiled gently at the CEO.

“I’ll make sure to top the charts. Don’t worry.”

“… Is it just talk?”


“There are many people who can talk the talk. There are many stars who become popular for a short time under the spotlight. I need a clear marker… Can it be done within a day?”

“A day?”

The manager next to me was amazed, but I smirked. This kid was trying to overwhelm me again…


Of course, it didn’t go smoothly. I wanted to return to the contract.

“I mentioned earlier that there were two modifications.”


“One is adjusting the settlement ratio.”

Secondly… I slowly and alternately turned my gaze to the CEO and the manager. The manager swallowed his saliva with a gulp.

It seemed like he would make an excellent real audience.

“Secondly, there is a penalty clause. If I fail to make it to the music charts within a day after the release of this activity, the investment money that has been put into me so far should be charged to me twice as much.”

“Seo Hoyun!”

The manager’s voice sounded sharp. The CEO looked at me piercingly with a calm expression.

I pretended to be indifferent, but I knew I was throwing a tantrum.

I heard there were only five members, and the trainee life was not that long under Daepaseong Entertainment, so it would cost about 300-400 million won a year. Then, if it’s twice as much, it’s at least 600 million won.

There was no need to adjust the contract with the penalty clause, but I felt that I had to put something at stake, which is why I was complaining about the penalty clause. If I requested an adjustment to the settlement ratio without offering anything in return, it wouldn’t make much difference whether I brought a song or became a top star.

At the end of his gaze, the CEO seemed to understand my intention.

“He must still be ill. He’s talking nonsense…”

“Okay. Let’s make the penalty clause twice as much as the investment.”


The CEO nodded his head and took the contract.

“The settlement ratio is too harsh at 7:3… Let’s make it 60 for the company and 40 for you.”

“I’ll take 60, and the company will take 40.”

A brief power struggle ensued.


“How about 55:45?”

“No. I’ll take 60.”


“I’ll take 60.”


It was like a scene from an old drama where the negotiator passes by. And the CEO burst out laughing.

“You’re not just stubborn.”

“Thank you for your compliment.”

“It’s not a compliment. Okay, Seo Hoyun, we’ll adjust it separately for you. It’s not like I’m doing such bad business anyway. I’m saying this considering the penalty clause.”

I knew the CEO would act this way. It was a good decision not to tell the other members and came alone. Whether we revise the contract later or not, I achieved our goal for now.

I nodded my head and stood up.

“Call me when you complete the contract with the additional modifications. I’ll stamp it.”



“We’re not such a bad company. You can back out now if you want. I might have been swayed by your arrogance, but… Now is the only time. From now on, you must take responsibility for your words.”

Uh-huh. It looked weak, but it was a demand to pay the penalty if I failed.

Well, it could be just a hypothetical statement considering the unfair contract in the future…

“Haha. Responsibility….”

I always took responsibility.

When I promised to make anyone a star no matter what I did as a corrupt PD. When I promised to take care of my younger brother at my parents’ funeral.

I always kept my promises, no matter what.

“Of course, I will take responsibility. What are you talking about?”


He just nodded and lowered his head. The CEO’s uneasy gaze was directed at me.

Shrugging my shoulders, I left the CEO’s office, and the system window popped up.


[Quest Arrived!

Seo Hoyun, you have crossed an uncrossable river. We will give you a quest.

If The Dawn’s comeback song succeeds on the music chart: +100 Fame, +20 Charm, +20 Dance, +20 Singing.

If you fail: consider filing for bankruptcy. It’s better than being in debt!]

“Oh, come on.”

I laughed at the last words.

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

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