The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 81

Episode 81


The members who were sprawled out jumped up at the sound of the youngest’s voice. Everyone hurriedly opened the door and looked around. As expected, there was no sign of the staff who should have been present.

“Where did all the staff go?”

The eerie silence in the room, where only the equipment remained, made everyone tense. Kim Seonghyeon frowned and was the first to step over the threshold.

“Let’s find Jeong Dajun first.”

“Yeah, let’s search for him first.”

I winked discreetly at the camera, which was following behind the members. Suddenly, Jeong Dajun came running from the field where we got the radishes earlier, screaming maniacally.



I couldn’t understand why he was coming out of there when he said he was going for an interview, but Jeong Dajun looked more like a ghost with his messy hair and pale face and screaming in the middle of the night.

Kang Ichae grabbed the disheveled Jeong Dajun and asked worriedly, “Dajun, are you okay?”


“Why did you scream? What happened?”

The wind was blowing just right.

“Hyung, no, that’s… I saw a ghost, and there were no staff members around….”

“Take your time and tell me.”

“I went to do an interview, and there was no staff in the room over there. So, I looked around the yard and wondered if they were in the field, and… don’t be surprised.”

Jeong Dajun hated scary things to the extreme, so he probably didn’t spend much time looking for the staff, yet his face was extremely pale as he trembled and spoke.

“I think I saw a ghost.”



“It didn’t look human at all. It was really white, and then it disappeared in an instant….”

“You must have seen it wrong.”

“I’m serious!”


I scratched my head as if I was troubled. Then I pretended to make a phone call to someone.

“The staff aren’t answering either….”

“Are we the only ones left?”

“They probably went to get some supplies. Wait here. I’ll go look for them.”

“Don’t leave me alone!”

Jeong Dajun began to cling stubbornly to Kang Ichae’s waist as soon as the latter spoke. Kang Ichae slowly peeled off Dajun’s arms, which were clinging like an octopus.

“Stay here with Seonghyeon and Jiwon. I’ll go with Hoyun.”

“Let’s go, Kang Ichae.”


“Ugh, ugh, ugh….”

After struggling to comfort Jeong Dajun, who wanted to stay surrounded by the members for a sense of security, I left the room with Kang Ichae.


We moved a little farther away. Only the two of us remained in the dark, rainy field. Kang Ichae glanced at the house and then turned to me.



“I’m curious.”

Kang Ichae adjusted his umbrella and chuckled.

“Did you really want a surprise that much? Did you really want to trick them?”

I stopped walking, looked at Kang Ichae, and smiled as our eyes met.

“That’s why I don’t like kids with quick wits.”


“When did you know?”

“Since you mentioned the healing variety show?”

Since then?

“You’re amazing too.”

“Isn’t the wind great?”


There was no way PD Seo Hoyun, who was called “fanged smile” by cast members for his evil editing, would simply make a healing variety show in the countryside.

Well, he could make one if he had to, but it wouldn’t end with just the stars’ ordinary lives.

Though it was a bit embarrassing to say with my own mouth, I was a specialist in creating explosive broadcasts.

A surprise special disguised as a healing variety show!

Special Produced by Seo Hoyun.

Kang Ichae as the assistant director(?).

Starring Seong Jiwon, Kim Seonghyeon, and Jeong Dajun.

I was already smiling, thinking about the edited version, when Kang Ichae chuckled and posed another question.

“If one is in the field, where are the others?”

“Field. Bathroom. Back storage room.”

“You prepared very thoroughly.”

“Of course, it’s obvious.”

I raised my index finger and turned my head back.

“So, Ichae, listen to this?”

I laughed brightly.

“By now, there should be a scream from the bathroom.”


Kim Seonghyeon’s scream burst out.

“And by now, there should be a scream from the warehouse too.”


Again, Jeong Dajun’s scream burst out.

…Huh. It’s not Seong Jiwon.

I thought Seong Jiwon would scream too… Although my plan went a bit awry, it didn’t really matter.

“Ah, how amusing….”


“They scream well. It must be quite a relief, right?”

Kang Ichae clicked his tongue.

“Hyung, how could you… What did the world ever do to wrong you?”

Presumably expecting hidden cameras everywhere, Kang Ichae held his tongue.

“Seriously, I’m also wondering why I went so far.”

The rain slowly stopped. As I folded my umbrella and walked towards the warehouse, the members with pale and frightened faces huddled together under a single umbrella.

Ah, how cute.

“Original content completed!”

With excellent timing, the staff laughed and popped out of hiding. Just like last time, they had a surprise cake.

[It’s summer ♡


“Entertainment show also completed! Congratulations on safely finishing the Ocean Train promitions~!”


The last word was mine. As I approached them with a beaming smile, Kim Seonghyeon and Jeong Dajun furiously hit my back.

Laughter exploded from the surrounding staff members. Especially when my back made a rich, cracking sound from their smacking, Lee Jihyeon’s expression gradually became satisfied.

Yes, seeing the culprit suffer must have been refreshing for the stressed-out office workers.

“It’s you! It’s you!!”

“I knew something was off!!”

“Ow, it hurts, it hurts.”

Even though I was being hit, I couldn’t help but laugh. However, the only flaw was that only Seong Jiwon maintained a calm expression.

The others were all surprised, so why was Seong Jiwon so calm?

Noticing my gaze, Seong Jiwon tilted his head.


“Why didn’t you scream?”

He seemed completely fine.

Seong Jiwon slowly blinked his eyes and responded with an odd reaction.

“Ah… um. I usually get very scared with these things.”

Seong Jiwon smiled faintly.

“But there’s something scarier than ghosts in this world.”

“What is it?”

“A hiatus.”


“…Debut cancellation?”


The atmosphere on set turned solemn in an instant.

Please edit out the debut cancellation…

Whether we should call it a hiatus or not, we all averted our eyes from Seong Jiwon, who had spent seven years as a trainee before his debut fell through at the last minute. We quickly changed the subject.

“Well, you’ve all seen it here.”

However, Kim Seonghyeon, who had no other topic to discuss, spoke awkwardly while looking at the staff members disguised as ghosts. They were also part of the staff. Although it was a bit rough, the makeup was good enough to surprise them with a jump scare.

“You’ve worked hard….”

“You were so, so professional, and we’re sooo grateful….”

Jeong Dajun gritted his teeth and said this. Of course, his swollen cheeks only made him look cuter.

Beside me, as I watched the scene with a pleased expression, Kang Ichae tilted his head.

“Huh? But why are there only three of them?”


“Weren’t there four?”

The sudden remark made the atmosphere on set tense once again. Kang Ichae muttered while looking at the staff members dressed as ghosts.

“I actually met one more person while going to do an interview earlier… That person was more realistic, so I thought, ‘Wow, they really put a lot of effort into it,’ but…?”


I tilted my head. The staff members started murmuring.

“What are you talking about… Everyone’s here.”

“…Really? Not four people?”

“Three people.”

Kang Ichae opened his mouth wide in disbelief and then looked at me. As I nodded seriously, he furrowed his brow and stuttered,

“Then, that was really…”

“Uwaaaah! Don’t say it!”

Jeong Dajun screamed and rolled on the floor. Jeong Dajun, the human vacuum cleaner, made an appearance.

“I can’t sleep here! I can’t!”

“Well, you’ll have to go up alone and leave us behind, then…”


Jeong Dajun screamed, begging us to stay with him, and even the staff gathered around, their faces full of pity.

Just when the chaotic atmosphere seemed to be settling down, Jeong Dajun turned up our song on his phone. The members started singing live as if trying to overcome their fear.

“You alone are my only answer

You are my key—

You, who I’ve been constantly searching for

You are my key—.”

A live performance here?

Their voices were so powerful that any ghost would have run away. I took advantage of the noisy situation to slip away from the other members and gestured to the cameraman as I moved. While doing that, I caught Lee Jihyeon’s attention, who had been standing next to the storage room, and she followed me behind it.

“Kyah, PD Seo Hoyun!”

Lee Jihyeon raised her thumb.

“Your acting was daaaeebak.”

“Thank you so much. Your makeup and acting were great too.”

There was a man in there wiping off his white makeup with a makeup remover sheet.

The ghost that Kang Ichae had seen before.

“Wow, I didn’t expect to fool even Kang Ichae like this.”

“Is there anything I can’t do?”


“Why are you doing this to me?”

As I grinned mischievously, the camera staff filmed me while holding back their laughter. The stressed office worker Lee Jihyeon giggled.

It was the final secret weapon that only a few staff members knew about.

“Please say a word to Kang Ichae.”


As the camera zoomed in, I winked with one eye.


Hyung feels great!

“Isn’t it really refreshing now?”


[Kyah~! Trash!]

PD Seo Hoyun has created another perfect program!


[Title: What’s up with the amount of content coming from The Dawn this time? It’s divided into three parts!

1st part: Planning + Arrival and playing LP video

2nd part: Making bibimbap + Writing time capsules

3rd part: (spoilers)]

I was already shedding tears of satisfaction as I watched the first and second parts…

[This healing concept was suggested by Hoyun ㅠㅠ Our genius idol is perfect even in planning… It’s the first time we’ve seen such a well-planned video (excluding the Shining Star, which makes me swear just by mentioning it f*ck)

I was in tears thinking that Hoyun actually wanted to do this kind of healing variety show

(A picture of Seo Hoyun playing the LP)

Oppa… Do you remember? We were in the student council together during the festival… We kept making eye contact…

(No oppa, sorry, I’m just a young niece)

(Bibimbap picture)

But their bibimbapㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s like a school cafeteriaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋTheir hands are too bigㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ In the midst of all this, Hoyun says “It’s bibimbap made by Hoyun~.”

Fuck, does Seo Hoyun get blackmailed sometimes?

I don’t know why he keeps doing this, but I’m grateful (continued…)

Spoilers from here

(Spoiler alert)

(Spoiler alert)

(Spoiler alert)

(Picture of Jeong Dajun screaming)





This wasn’t a rural healing special but a surprise prank special!!!

<The camera fast-forwards and goes back to the planning stage…>

Planning Team: “Was it because you were caught off guard last time…?”

Seo Hoyun: (Quickly) “No.”

Planning Team: “That response came out too fast…”

Seo Hoyun: “No.”

Seo Hoyun seems to hold more grudges than expected.

Anyway, after eating, they were watching a horror movie…

(Screaming Jeong Dajun pic)

Jeong Dajun was really scared, shedding tearsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋHe said he wouldn’t watch it and lay down, but there were tear stains on his pillow. So hilarious.

(Good acting Seo Hoyun pic)

Jeong Dajun: “It didn’t look human at all. It was really white, and then it disappeared in an instant….”

Seo Hoyun: (Annoyed) “You must have seen it wrong.”

Jeong Dajun: “I’m serious!”

Seo Hoyun: “Sigh….”

Jeong Dajun: (Sulking)

At that moment, Kang Ichae followed and talked to him, but I guess they edited out the conversationㅜ We only saw the installed camera

(Kim Seonghyeon startled at the bathroom entrance pic)

(Seong Jiwon’s calm face pic + Niagara Falls composite)

And here comes Seong Jiwon’s famous quote collection

>>>> But there’s something scarier than ghosts in this world… a hiatus<<<<

There was a woman here who suddenly laughed and cried at the same time…

(Spoiler warning)

(Spoiler warning)

Seo Hoyun: “Good job.”

Planning Team: “We didn’t know you’d even fool Kang Ichae.”

Seo Hoyun: (Laughing)

Seo Hoyun briefly appears during planning.

Q: “Why do a surprise prank special?”

A: (Laughing) “It’s summer.”

(Seo Hoyun glancing at the camera and smirking pic)

>>>Ichae, is it really cool now? <<<

>>>Ichae, is it really cool now? <<<

>>>Ichae, is it really cool now? <<<

Screaming at the end

└Seo Hoyun, you were really mean. Even thinking back on it, you were mean

└└Seems like he prepared a lot

└└Our rabbit, don’t go like this ㅠ

└└└Now… I’m a bit scared of this moe….]

[Title: Hey, butㅋㅋ what’s so scary about this that the kids are scared

So, I’m going to sleep hugging our puppy Dajun tonight

└Let’s hear Dajun’s opinion

└└Dajun: Ah, damn it]

[Guys, I didn’t mean to prove it like this (Crying laughing emoticon)

└It’s hilarious that Seo Hoyun did all of this while wearing that “Troublemaker” T-shirt]

As the members belatedly found out the truth and kept hitting my back, I still felt a lingering awkwardness, but the reaction was good, anyway.

However, the reaction that seemed to end here soared explosively again with one late post.

[Title: Fuck, what is this in episode 3?

It seems like something white is staring from behind

└Hey, why is this happening

└Hey, don’t do this to me at dawn]

And then another post followed.

[Title: Emergency, it’s barely noticeable for 0.5 seconds, so it passes quickly

(Picture of the tree)

└……. Tell me it’s a staff

└└No, this happened after Kang Ichae’s surprise ended

└└└Please be aware, fuck

└└└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAh, sorryㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

Soon, YouTube was flooded with provocative titled videos like “White thing’ appears during an idol broadcast, what’s its identity?!” and “Male Idol Sees a Ghost During a Broadcast.”

Unintentionally, whether it’s a real ghost or not, the view count of episode 3 hit 1.2 million as ordinary people flocked to watch.

A whopping 1.2 million.

The manager looked at it and prayed to all the gods for a moment.

“Please give thanks to the ghost….”

“No, what good will that prayer do?”

I might really get punished.

Seeing my dumbfounded expression, the manager hurriedly stopped the car and turned his body toward me.

“Can you do well today?”


“Uwaaah! I’m more excited! Today is finally the first audition.”

Yes, I heard that so much I was tired of it.

The manager seemed to have no doubt that I would pass.

“If you do well, it’s the second round! And then the final!!”


Actually, I had a lot of thoughts about this part.

At first, I didn’t care about acting, and I just needed an excuse to meet Writer Kim Sukhui.

But then I wondered if Kim Sukhui would willingly converse with me if my acting was too terrible. On the other hand, with my B-level acting skills, it didn’t seem like I could beat existing actors, so why bother being conspicuously lazy?

“Yes, well, I’ll try my best.”

So, I thought carelessly.

I didn’t consider that even if my ability was at B, the character and the person could have extreme chemistry, resulting in a synchronization rate beyond my ability.

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