The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 60

Episode 60

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After the release of the music video, everyone on the timeline suddenly began screaming. The latecomers, confused by the uproar, scrolled up to find a link.

[Guys, this seems to be a sequel to the Apocalypse series (link)]

Clicking the link led to a post.

[Title: “Ocean Train-Second Chance” series confirmed, opinions divided but this is clearly a sequel!

Just watch the MV, this time the concept for “Ocean Train” is about the members boarding a train heading towards the sea

(clip of Seo Hoyun walking inside the train)

(clip of each member looking around)

But when they walk through the train, sometimes the background seems distorted, right? The train itself is the same, but… It was strange, so I looked closer.

(zoomed-in background of the train)

When you zoom in, the paintings hanging in the train are different. Each painting looks like a famous artwork, but in reality, they represent the cards Seo Hoyun flipped in “Second Chance”. Particularly noticeable is Seo Hoyun, whose card was a spade but is revealed in more detail this time.

(comparison of tarot and playing cards)

I think it’s the “King of Swords,” which in tarot represents a logical but self-serving tyrant. This is the same as Seo Hoyun, who controlled all the boards in “Second Chance”.

Meanwhile, the painting for Seong Jiwon shows a king holding a sword with a heart. The concept of regression remains the same.

Well, we’ve come this far, right? Everyone thinks there’s no connection, and it seems like they just threw in the concept of “Ocean Train” randomly (I thought so too)

But I realized that Daepaseong is seriously insane, from a long time ago… the sea is…

A symbol of the unconscious…

(unconscious_drama1.jpg, unconscious_drama2.jpg, unconscious_movie.png)

(“Ocean Train” music video clip of the train going underwater)

This represents not the reality of each member but their unconscious… That’s why everyone’s backgrounds are different…

“Second Chance’s” background was reality, while “Ocean Train” represents their unconscious…

… So, what are they thinking in their unconscious minds? I was curious, so I carefully examined the background. I noticed English words engraved in the background in a flash:

Seo Hoyun: In the end, I’ll have my way;

Kang Ichae: If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it;

Kim Seonghyeon: I want to protect everyone;

Seong Jiwon: It doesn’t matter how many times;

Jeong Dajun: ??? (not shown)

(I can’t figure out Jeong Dajun no matter how many times I watch… It seems intentional, but what is it?)

But now, everyone’s ideals are very different, right? So when they all come together, the train shakes a lot.

(clip of members facing each other and the train sinking)

When all the members meet in the end, a fierce wave comes in, meaning their ideals are clashing.

Sigh… That’s why even when the train is sinking, they don’t care and just keep walking as if nothing’s wrong, because they have their own beliefs… They don’t doubt a single bit…

(I think I’m going to explode watching Seong Jiwon’s expression of showing no care)

After that, the box Kim Seonghyeon pulls out is empty, and there are many interpretations, so I won’t mention that. In conclusion, everything in this MV is the unconscious of each member, and the reality is still in the post-apocalyptic world of “Second Chance”.

I’m writing this because there were many people complaining about the refreshing “Ocean Train” and thinking they abandoned the previous album concept. Guys, go watch the MV again.]

After the post was shared, explanations and hidden clues poured out on various SNS platforms.

[Daepaseong is insane]

[Daepaseong, come out and give us a bonus!]

[Planner, come out right now!]

And Lee Jihyeon, who planned all these settings, shivered in awe at the accurate interpretation.

Thus, whether the fans belatedly screamed or not…

“Ocean Train’s” live performance began soon.




“Yuyu Bank! I’m Joo Woosung, the bank president~! It’s almost early summer now!”

Joo Woosung focused on the camera and flashed a businesslike smile.

Today, Yuyu Bank had Black Call’s Joo Woosung and White Cherry’s vocalist Han Chaeri as special MCs for their summer special.

In the audience seats behind the camera, there were noticeably many triangular shaped lightsticks, probably because it was The Dawn’s comeback day.

Joo Woosung suppressed his slight trembling eyes as much as possible and exchanged smiles with Han Chaeri standing next to him. As the two often appeared together as special MCs, they were dubbed the “visual couple” of Yuyu Bank, even being promoted by international fans on YouTube. It was a ridiculous story within the fandom.

“What do you think about all these refreshing summer songs, Chaeri?”

“Yes, Woosung~! With the wind and sky, it feels like we could go anywhere!”

White Cherry members smoothly continued with their professional comments. However, the real meaning behind their words was this:

‘Roll your eyes while you can.’

‘I don’t want to.’

As always, the broadcast station was like a jungle.

Although they were chatting according to the script, deep in the eyes of White Cherry members, there was a silent emotion engraved, saying “You trash.”


Knowing this, Joo Woosung, who had already broken up with all of them, just smiled even more brightly.

As they finished introducing and went backstage to wait, Han Chaeri muttered to herself while her eyes were fixed elsewhere.

“Sometimes when I see such shameless Woosung, I’m amazed. A true pro, huh? Oh, you’re shameless?”

“Wasn’t that a good thing?”


Joo Woosung sat on one of the two chairs arranged backstage, passing by the irritated Han Chaeri. He then turned his eyes to The Dawn’s stage.

The members, dressed in light t-shirts and linen shirts that matched the bright and cool summer concept, were checking their positions.

“…They’re nominated for first place today, right? Seo Hoyun. You guys have gotten close recently, haven’t you?”

“Well… yeah.”

“They seemed like good kids. Polite too. I don’t know why they’re hanging out with you, Joo Woosung.”

“Seo Hoyun is good?”

Woosung shivered, remembering his first encounter with Hoyun. No matter how he looked at it, Hoyun wasn’t on the good side, and he could bet all the earnings and buildings in Seoul that he was more delicate and kind-hearted than him.

“No, they’re not ordinary.”


“They’re much worse than me.”

Does he mean they’re much bigger jerks?

Han Chaeri seemed puzzled, but Woosung had no intention of clearing up the misunderstanding. If Hoyun found out, it would be embarrassing.

‘They’re really weird.’

He had felt it from the beginning, but there was something about Hoyun. He wasnn’t like the other people in the entertainment industry, who filled in the gaps with effort after entering the scene with their looks and a little bit of talent.

It was as if Hoyun knew every step of the way, and naturally sprinted towards the predetermined outcome. So, in the past six months, things went well.

But to go higher, he needs real skills.

Especially when his dance skills were lacking.

Hoyun checked his in-ear monitor in front of the camera and took his position. The music started, and the camera followed him.

“The sun is shining on your back,

Quickly, get on this train.”

“Wow, they’re known for their live performances.”

Chaeri muttered as she rested her chin on her hand. These days, it was natural to use AR and perform live, but removing MR and live verification were like checkpoints that idols had to pass. In the midst of that, the voices of The Dawn members who were performing live soared through the sound, leaving no doubt that they were good at live performances.

“They would probably benefit more without MR.”

“He sings well.”

It was not a bad talent. He was on the beat and was pitch-perfect. Much better than those who missed half the beat just to show off.

But his dancing is….

Woosung sighed as he recalled Hoyun practicing awkwardly in the stuffy practice room of their agency.

Dancing doesn’t improve easily. Talent, sense, and hard work are required. Having watched the last episode of Shining Star, Woosung knew Hoyun’s dancing skills hadn’t improved much.

I guess they should be prepared for some criticism this time too. Well… they probably won’t care about that.

Woosung accurately grasped Hoyun’s carefree personality and seriously analyzed the stage performance.

Unaware or not of Woosung’s thoughts, Hoyun found the right timing and started the choreography in earnest.

“The sea train cuts across the sun.

Even if the waves crash over us,

Tide gets high and low.”


As the song progressed, Woosung’s eyes grew wider.

What’s going on?

He’s good.

Hoyun is…

That clumsy dancer!

He was not only on the beat but also able to do the wave!

“Oh, he can dance a bit.”

Chaeri’s appraisal was just that, but Woosung, who knew the old Hoyun, was shocked to the point where his jaw nearly dropped.

“The wave is pushing at your back,

Quickly, get on this train.”

“What the…? What’s with them?”

How could this happen? How on earth could he improve so much in such a short time?

“Whoa, calm down. Sit down.”

Chaeri tried to calm Woosung down as he suddenly stood up and moved to a place where he could see the stage better. If it were up to her, she’d let this trashy guy get caught on camera and scolded by the camera director, but she wasn’t that cruel.

Woosung’s eyes followed Hoyun, completely oblivious to Chaeri’s mixed feelings.

Hoyun continued the performance, making eye contact with the camera throughout.

So, Hoyun…

Looked like he was good at dancing.

Is that even possible? That can’t happen with just practice.

“You alone are my only answer,

You are my key.”

Woosung was deep in thought.

…Does he have a hidden talent I don’t know about?


Hoyun was just a hard worker who made good plans and got a little lucky with the system.


“Wow, amazing.”

“Good job, good job.”

We were on our way back after doing two prerecorded performances with the other members. I was exhausted, but the young guys were still bouncing around.

I could only think about the red ginseng[1] that Seong Jiwon gave me in the waiting room, but from afar, I saw Woosung approaching.




Since Woosung popping out of nowhere had become routine, the members greeted him without any tension. Only Woosung had a serious expression.

And today, as soon as we met, he blurted out nonsense.



“How can you suddenly dance so well?”

“…Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in Woosung’s head?”

Despite my sincere admiration, Woosung didn’t let it go and just raised his eyebrows. I couldn’t say it was all thanks to the system store in the system window…

Wait, is that a crazier idea than doping?

“No matter how I think about it, it’s strange that you’ve improved so much in such a short time.”

“Ah, really?”

“Ah, it’s not just that….”

I had become quite good at dancing.

Of course, I wasn’t as good as Kim Seonghyeon or Joo Woosung, but… at least now I could move my hips and sway smoothly.

Joo Woosung squinted at me and let out a heavy sigh.

“Hey, I’m really curious. How did this klutz become like this?”

“Hoyun practiced really hard.”

Seong Jiwon cut in with a smile.

“Right. He practiced almost 24 hours a day! I thought Hoyun would die.”

Nice. The other members noticed my awkwardness and stepped in to speak up for me. Woosung grumbled with his chin up, only showing his quick-wittedness at times like this.

“But… is it really just from practicing?”

Talent overload…

“Is that all you wanted to see?”

I quickly changed the subject. Woosung still looked uneasy, but he went along with it for now.

“Hmm, the song was good. The stage was pretty too.”

“Thank you, sunbae!”

Kim Seonghyeon, who admired Woosung, bowed his blushing face after being startled. Woosung awkwardly accepted the gesture.

“Sometimes, I can’t believe that Seonghyeon and Hoyun are in the same group.”

“What can you do if you don’t believe it?”

“Seonghyeon, fighting!”

Woosung clenched his fist and shouted. It was obvious that he wanted to tease him.

“I hope you get 1st place~.”

“Just saying?”


“You have to vote.”

I grinned and tapped his phone. It was a gesture to show that he should vote instead of just saying empty words. Woosung rolled his eyes, annoyed.

“Sometimes I wonder, have you ever taken the MBTI personality test?”

“Yes. It said I’m normal.”

“You little shit….”

Woosung grumbled as he walked away. I chuckled as I watched his back.

1st place… must be difficult.

Even on special broadcasts like today, only top idols like Woosung and Han Chaeli were invited as special MCs – and that was just for music shows. Moreover, it was one of the three major terrestrial stations.

The request for a vote was half a joke and half an expression of desire for 1st place.

As expected, we didn’t win 1st place in the final ending stage. Woosung congratulated the winner and handed them the trophy.

I clapped and looked at the members.

I wondered if they were disappointed.


But it was a false alarm. Kang Ichae immediately started bickering with Jeong Dajun as soon as we returned to the waiting room.

“Back in the day, people would come up and start a fight with me every two steps I took, asking what I was doing here….”

“Grandpa, how many times have you told that story~!”

“Ahem! That’s what I’m saying.”

You fools….

…Their mentality seemed overly stable. Soon, Kang Ichae finished his joke with Jeong Dajun and strolled over to my side, changing the subject.

“Chef! I’d like to order kimchi stew for dinner.”

“Am I the one cooking?”

“Hyung! We bought all the ingredients!”

Jeong Dajun shook his head up and down.

Instead of kimchi stew, please pay more attention to getting 1st place….

Even Seong Jiwon laughed from the side, making it seem like they couldn’t even imagine winning 1st place. It was good that their mentality had improved, but… I sighed and looked at the system window.

[Quest in progress… Win The Dawn’s first music show!

Success: 5,000 points awarded

Failure: If you don’t get 1st place until “Ocean Train’s” music show activities end, the calculation fails♡]

What’s with the heart behind you?

Don’t mess around with money, okay?

“…Fine, let’s have kimchi stew.”

I followed the manager’s instructions to pack up and leave the waiting room. As I walked out, stretching my sore neck, I saw Woosung glancing at me while receiving greetings from his juniors.

Our eyes met, and he pointed to his phone while pursing his lips.

‘Such a waste. I voted, you know?’

Wow…, what a real pushover.

I sighed with genuine admiration. But there was no need to worry about the pushover, so I turned to the members.

“Anyone wants to make a 1st place promise?”


There was no place for 1st place in this music show in my plans anyway.


“Today, The Dawn is a candidate for 1st place~!”

See. They immediately hyped us up as soon as we came here.

After a long period of hardships, the pre-recorded and live stages were over, leaving only the 1st place announcement.

It was a robbery.

This particular broadcast program, unlike other shows, had a great system for rookies where only the singers who appeared on the show could become candidates for that week’s episode.

We bowed our heads to the slightly popular ballad singer who was also a candidate for 1st place.

“The real-time voting ends!”

So, there was no way we could lose in the voting. The MC faced us with a smile and said the usual lines.

“Before the announcement, can we hear your pledges first?”

“Ah…Yes, yes!”

Kim Seonghyeon grabbed the microphone and found the camera with ease, becoming quite familiar with it. However, he was still a bit clumsy.

“If we were to become candidates… No, I mean, if we win first place, we’ll switch parts for the encore stage of “Ocean Train”!”

“Ah~, switching parts! That sounds exciting~.”

It was one of the fans’ favorite encore performances.

Of course, it wasn’t chosen randomly…

“How about switching parts as our first-place pledge?”

It was obviously calculated.

“Huh? Alright, sure… But can we really win first place?”

“Wow!! I want Hoyun’s part!”

“Ah~, seriously, man.”


Kim Seonghyeon and Jeong Dajun innocently agreed, thinking it was a fun idea, but Seong Jiwon let out a subtle smile while Kang Ichae chuckled, looking at me.

Smart guys….

“If I win first place, I’ll sing while standing on a water tank!”

The ballad singer followed with their pledge. The MC smiled brightly and held the microphone.

“Now, we’ve heard each of the first-place candidates’ pledges. So, who will take the honor of being this week’s Lucky Music’s number one? Let’s find out! First, the digital scores!”

The digital and album scores were slightly in favor of the ballad singer by 4 to 500 points. However, our video scores led by 2,000 points. Finally, the live text voting scores that would determine the winner.

[The Dawn]

I quickly calculated the 2,430 points. Just when I was about to smile, I heard a loud pop sound.

“Today’s first place goes to… The Dawn!”


The sparkling confetti fluttered around the members. At the same time, the quest completion message appeared.

[Quest Complete: Congratulations on your first music show win!

5,000 points have been awarded.]

Thank you.

What were the ratings for Shining Star again?

It was obvious considering it was empty-nester[2] ratings.

Not only was it not one of the big three terrestrial broadcasters, but thanks to the great system that allowed only artists appearing on the day to be candidates, it was already predicted that we might win first place on the music show known as the gateway for rookies… I turned my head towards the members with my usual expression, but it seemed the other members were different.


For a long time, they bowed their heads and didn’t move.


“Thank you, everyone. …Uh.”


With an impassive expression, they shook off the colorful confetti stuck in their hair, waiting for their thoughts. No one could pick up the microphone, not even Kim Seonghyeon, who was supposed to speak their feelings.

…Oh my.

Kim Seonghyeon raised and lowered his head several times, fumbling with the microphone but unable to open his mouth. He gritted his teeth to stop the bursting sound of tears and choked back sobs.

Seong Jiwon cried like a faucet, and Jung Dajun was bawling like a baby.


The only ones remaining were Kang Ichae and me. Our eyes met.

“Hey, do you want to do it?”

“Nah, you go first.”

I quickly took up the microphone and, like an idol would typically do, I started by thanking the not-so-grateful representatives.

“Thank you to our always grateful CEO of Daepaseong Entertainment, the planning team, stylists, and our manager. We are also grateful to the composer Blue Tiger and Director Jeong for the fantastic music video.”

I was only genuinely grateful for a few of the people I just thanked. I just listed them because everyone else did, and that’s all there was to it.

The truth was, I wanted to express my gratitude to the people I was about to mention.

“To our families, who are always by our side, thank you. And to our hardworking members, thank you, too.”

I took a deep breath after saying that.

“Lastly, to our fans, Noeul.”

Cheers erupted. Seeing how happy they were just for being mentioned, I couldn’t help but feel good. I bowed my head.

Well… all things considered.

“Thank you so much. We will continue to show you our best.”

Winning first place was still a big deal.

Kang Ichae took the microphone and waved with a beaming smile.

“Noeul, we love you!”

“Thank you!”

“Thank you~!”

The tearful members finally pulled themselves together and bowed to those around them. I approached Jeong Dajun, who was still shedding a storm of tears, and put my arm around him. With my other hand, I gently squeezed both of Dajun’s cheeks.

“Do you feel better?”

“Hyung, it hurts, sob…”

“Pull yourself together, kid.”

Some people might think that it’s easy for them because we won first place so soon after our debut, that we must be cunning, and it’s all thanks to the survival program. However, I just smiled.

I didn’t want to measure this moment with such words.

Seong Jiwon came over and patted Jeong Dajun’s head vigorously. He still had tears flowing down his face and a mix of emotions in his eyes. Nevertheless, he smiled brightly at me.

“Hoyun, we… we won first place.”

It had been a triumphant moment for me in half a year, but for Seong Jiwon, it was a long-awaited light.

I decided not to disturb Jiwon’s moment.

For those who had devoted years of their anxious youth to an uncertain future…

“First place… for real.”

This time, I decided to congratulate him sincerely, without any calculations.

Jiwon hurriedly wiped away the tears streaming down his cheeks and trembled.


I smiled back.

“You did well, Jiwon.”

[1] Red ginseng is a type of ginseng popular in Korea, believed to have various health benefits and provide energy.

[2] Empty-nester refers to a situation where there is little competition, making it easier to achieve success.

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