The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 50

Episode 50

“Seo Hoyun.”

I arrived at the PD’s editing room, where I occasionally visited. Kim Heeyeon looked surprisingly well today. No, she was actually more radiant than ever. I approached her as she waved with a wide smile.

“PD, you were looking for me.”

“Yes, yes. Sit down here. I’m sorry! I know you’re busy with practice, but I had to call you to this shabby, dusty, and crappy place.”

“No, it’s fine. PD, do you want to drink this?”

I offered her the Americano I had bought in advance. Kim Heeyeon looked at it with a slightly perplexed expression. She hated plain Americanos the most. I quickly added.

“It’s a triple-shot.”

“…Now, I’m starting to get scared. Are you a shaman?”

“Ha ha ha.”

Americano with triple-shot was Kim Heeyeon’s favorite.

“Thank you. I’ll drink it well.”

She reached for it, and I started sipping my caramel frappuccino. Kim Heeyeon looked at me strangely.


“By your looks, I thought you’d drink espresso.”

“I like sweet things.”

“I see…”

As we sat down, I saw Kim Heeyeon busily editing the final episode’s VCR footage. Even though she could have left this task to one of her assistants, her personality shone through here.

“Ah, seriously. I’m dying right now editing this and taking out Today.”

“But the program is still continuing.”

“Yes, well, Today’s agency has no time to care about us now. And because Shining Star is doing so well, their agency can’t even beg us to stop, even if they want to give us a wad of cash. Our station director will just laugh at them.”

Kim Heeyeon shook her head with a bitter smile.

I had seen the tvK station director a few times too. To put it nicely, he was a practical man; to put it badly, he was a money-grubber.

“Well, it worked out. I didn’t know taking such revenge would be so refreshing. I heard there was a paparazzi involved.”


I did it but didn’t feel like correcting her, so I just stayed silent. Kim Heeyeon didn’t need to know anyway.

Kim Heeyeon stared at the screen with an indifferent expression, clicking her mouse.

“Well, let’s cut the small talk. The main point is… I have a question.”

“Yes, what is it?”

She asked me without looking away from the screen or skipping a beat.

“Did you do it?”


“What do you mean?”

“Stop pretending you don’t know. Did you, Hoyun, stab Today?”

I stared at Kim Heeyeon. Her expression was calm, but she seemed a bit tense.

Is she recording this?

It was possible. If this conversation were to be leaked, I wouldn’t be able to escape easily.

I blinked once.


I answered simply.

Without searching for a recording device or ignoring her question.

“I did it.”

Because it was Kim Heeyeon.

It wasn’t because I trusted the favor Kim Heeyeon had towards me. It was just that… she was that kind of person. Someone very different from me, who couldn’t tolerate injustice.

Although she thought she had worn herself out by being swept up in storms, she remained the same in my eyes.

It was alright with Kim Heeyeon like that.

“Ha, Haha….”

Kim Heeyeon let out a laugh of disbelief. Finally, she took her eyes off the screen, sighed, and wiped her hands as if washing them.

I sipped my frappuccino while waiting for her thoughts to be organized. The sweet taste filled my mouth.

“PD… how did you know?”

I asked, thinking she might have deduced it somehow, but I wanted to ensure I hadn’t missed anything. Kim Heeyeon searched for a cigarette in response.

“From the start, you seemed too relaxed. I thought maybe you were a rich kid with something to rely on.”

“I wish I were.”

“Haha… Seriously.”

If we had to be specific, I was from a dirt-dirt-dirt-dirt-dirt-poor background.

“It was weird when you said there was no need to be sorry even though I told you there was already a predetermined winner. And the most decisive thing, of course, was that request.”


“The Devil’s Editing.”

I asked Kim Heeyeon for Kim Seonghyeon’s Devil’s Editing, especially when Today appeared.

“At first, I thought maintaining the confrontation would at least let me benefit from the mess. And to clear the false accusation about the PD Pick. I owed you a favor, so I went along with it. But… now that we’re in this situation, it suddenly feels like the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly.”

Hearing this, it was clear to Kim Heeyeon. She had no choice but to notice.

“If Today’s reputation declines, it’s certain that you guys, who were keeping those kinds of people in check, would be re-evaluated. With the manipulation controversy and public sympathy combined, you guys can easily take first place.”

“That’s right.”

That really was my intention.

“How did you come up with that idea?”

“Can’t other people have such thoughts?”


“It’s not that they don’t have thoughts, but they can’t do it because they have a conscience.”

“So what about you?”

“I don’t have a conscience.”

Originally, I would have proceeded without even getting Kim Seonghyeon’s permission. But I tried to be a little whimsical. I slurped my caramel frappuccino with a brazen face as Kim Heeyeon let out a frustrated sigh.

“Hoyun, let me be honest.”


“It’s a devilish talent.”

“Thank you.”

“Shouldn’t you have gone into politics instead of becoming an idol?”

“I’ve had many concerns about that.”

Kim Heeyeon fumbled with her cigarette pack. She scratched her head but closed her mouth tightly and clicked her mouse again.

“…To be really honest, I hope you guys take first place. But even with your popularity, there’s still one issue unresolved.”


“Kim Seonghyeon’s school violence. What are you going to do about it?”

Kim Heeyeon looked away and met my eyes.

“I feel really sorry for you guys. I consider it a debt. But in this last episode, there’s not much more I can do for you through editing.”


“You need to get at least 5,000 points to take first place. Live voting will be the most important. But with the public opinion on school violence, you can’t get such an overwhelming score.”

“You must be really sorry. You’re even worried about that.”

“You really are…”

I laughed softly, and then a text message notification rang on my phone. It was Seong Jiwon.

[Hoyun! Hoyun, where are you?]

I checked the message and smirked.

“PD, it’s okay.”



I showed the message to a frowning Kim Heeyeon. Seong Jiwon’s message was on the screen.

[A victim’s testimony about school bullying just came out!]

As if to prove the pretty saying in fairy tales that if one lives kindly, they will eventually be rewarded.


[Title: Hello, I am the victim of Kim Seonghyeon’s school bullying controversy.


I am the victim of the school bullying controversy involving The Dawn’s Kim Seonghyeon.

To get straight to the point, everything in that post was a lie.

Seonghyeon was my friend and someone I’ve been forever grateful to…]

The post, which began with a clear conclusion, told the story of what had happened so far.

The sudden bullying was extremely painful, and even when he told the teacher, they didn’t help. The post continued, explaining how Kim Seonghyeon supported and helped him throughout the year.

[…. I did something irreversible.

While I was being assaulted, Seonghyeon called the police and rushed to help me.

But when the police arrived, the bullies told me to identify Seonghyeon as the perpetrator. If not, they would torment me throughout my school life or even until I die.

I was so afraid of them back then. They seemed so huge that I lied and said Seonghyeon was the perpetrator.

I’ve attached a recording from the incident as well…]

In the noisy recording, one could hear Kim Seonghyeon rushing to help.

[… After that incident, Seonghyeon dropped out of school, and I fled abroad to study. After several years, I was still in pain and cut off all contact with Korea. That’s why I found out about this incident much later.

I didn’t know that Seonghyeon had become an idol or that the bullies were still tormenting him.

Once again, I want to say that Seonghyeon is not that kind of person.

Seonghyeon is my benefactor who helped me.

(omitted in the middle)

I want to apologize to Seonghyeon face-to-face, so I’m hastily returning to Korea. I may be unreachable for a few hours, but I wanted to convey this message urgently.

Seonghyeon, I want to use this opportunity to say I’m always sorry and thankful to you.

I was too cowardly. You must have been scared too, but you stood up for me. Thank you. And I’m truly sorry.]

Despite being just connected sentences, there was a trembling sincerity in them. The truth revealed by the victim, who had been honest despite their fear, ended with one more sentence.

[In fact, back then, you were my hero.]

The post on the community website quickly spread. While there was no news about the case being sent to the prosecutor’s office, this post had become like a lightning rod, igniting the public’s rage.

[Title: The Dawn’s Kim Seonghyeon is not a bully (link)

  1. The person who posted about Kim Seonghyeon’s bullying controversy is the actual bully
  2. Kim Seonghyeon actually helped the victim
  3. Because of the false testimony, Kim Seonghyeon had to drop out.

Summary: Kim Seonghyeon is not a bully; he was actually a victim.

└Isn’t that just a lie?

└└Watch the video and come back]

[Title: Kim Seonghyeon is a light. Did you listen to the recording? Wow……….. How did Kim Seonghyeon bear this…

If it were me, I would have shot back right after the bullying controversy came out.

└The bullies really have no conscience.

└└Not even at Satan’s level; that’s a bit much.

└Kim Seonghyeon must have collected evidence back then too.]

[Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seonghyeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

[The video is real………. My heart aches, and I can’t watch it till the end. I’m crying so much, and my head hurts so bad…]

[Seonghyeon is suffering so much ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Our Seonghyeon ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ]

[Seonghyeon ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m really sorry, I’m truly sorry, I should have protected you more, how hard it must have been for you…]

[Why the hell aren’t those Daepaseong bastards doing anything? Hurry up and release a statement and sue them!!!!]

[Sue all the malicious comments, fuck!!!]

Not long after these cries, entertainment reporters who caught wind of the huge issue started to upload articles recklessly.

[The Dawn Seonghyeon’s School Bullying Controversy: He Was Actually the Victim]

[Kim Seonghyeon’s School Bullying Victim Says “Seonghyeon is a Hero”]

[The Truth Revealed! Excessive Cyberbullying Towards the Hero]

All sorts of provocative keywords were attached to the reports.

As if they couldn’t stand idly by any longer, precisely two hours later, Daepaseong Entertainment finally posted Kim Seonghyeon’s statement.

[Hello, this is The Dawn’s Kim Seonghyeon.]

The statement started calmly and remained composed till the end.

[First of all, I apologize for causing turmoil with unpleasant news for several weeks. I was careful about making any hasty remarks regarding the incident, which is why it has taken me so long to speak up.

Two weeks ago, rumors started circulating that I, The Dawn’s Kim Seonghyeon, had committed school violence. Let me clarify: the stories spreading online about me being a school bully are not true.

I did not use violence against anyone, nor have I used language equivalent to violence. It’s true that I dropped out of high school, but it was not because of a recommendation resulting from school bullying. It was my own decision to start my life as a singer. Please stop spreading false information.

I will take legal action without leniency against those who spread false information and post malicious comments that cross the line.

Furthermore, I ask that you refrain from crossing boundaries by making reckless assumptions about victims of school bullying.

Lastly, to those who are experiencing school bullying, I would like to cautiously say this:

It’s not your fault in any way.

Even though it might be overstepping, I’m sharing this because of my painful mistakes. I thought I was alone back then and spent many long nights alone. However, in reality, people are always willing to help around you. I hope you will hold onto their helping hands tightly.

I will return with a better image in the future.

From Kim Seonghyeon]

Seo Hoyun tried to subtly advise him, but Kim Seonghyeon refused. The official statement released by the agency was written entirely by Kim Seonghyeon himself.

The honest statement from Kim Seonghyeon quickly spread across the internet.

[Title: Where is Kim Seonghyeon?

All I can see is the light

└God Seonghyeon… He is the light…only light……]

[Title: If you dare to diss God Seonghyeon, I will shoot you! Ceasefire!!! He’s one of us!!!

└God Seonghyeon… God Seonghyeon….]

[He’s an upright young man, not like the kids these days, to the point of being foolish. Politicians should be like this.

└Suddenly, what’s with the politics; old man, go home and wipe your feet before going to bed]

[Guys, now I can die peacefully stuck in Kim Seonghyeon’s dimple! Fighting!


└└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋfuckㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅠㅠㅠSeonghyeon, I love you to death.]

It was soaring.

At the same time, Kim Seonghyeon’s second competition video and The Dawn’s guerrilla video started trending again. The comments were full of praise for Kim Seonghyeon.

[└Kim Seonghyeon is really fucking cool, he’s persevering through it (Like 10339)]

[└This was when Kim Seonghyeon got the most hate.

School bullying controversy, (huge mess) because of negative votes, he got on Today, so Today fans’ retaliation was no joke. They boycotted the competition, showing no reaction.

But everyone was shocked during the competition. Kim Seonghyeon was doing so well. (Like 3953)]

[└Seong Jiwon’s words seem to have predicted this whole situation…

“I would be anxious if I were you too.

To you, I am just a stranger.

But please remember this one thing.

No matter how many times it takes, even if it takes hundreds of times,

I will fix everything.”

In the end, Kim Seonghyeon fixed everything…

Goosebumps… How far did The Dawn foresee? (Likes 532)]

[Seo Hoyun’s line too…

“I’m not worried.

I know you.

So… Shall we start again, together?”

Because he trusts the members and the fans, he can move forward without anxiety… It feels like he’s saying that, and I love it so much I’m tearing up.


It was a series of breadcrumbs.

And so, the breadcrumbs that Seo Hoyun struggled to throw all came together and flowed into a single narrative.

[It’s a live broadcast tomorrow.

If you’re human, vote for The Dawn.]


“Eh, where is Seonghyeon-hyung?”

“I’m here.”

“Huh? I can’t see you.”

Kang Ichae smirked. Jeong Dajun muttered seriously next to him.

“Ah, there’s only light.”

“Just the light…”

“Hyung! Are you there? Can you answer if you’re there?”

“Flowing through them all at once…”


Kang Ichae laughed and wandered around. Kim Seonghyeon felt awkward, so he did it on purpose.

Seeing that, Seong Jiwon chuckled while practicing with his neck bent.

“Guys, stop teasing Seonghyeon.”

“Jiwon, tell these guys to stop.”

Kim Seonghyeon looked at Seong Jiwon with a choked-up expression, but Jiwon just smiled calmly.

“Heroes shouldn’t be teased.”



Kim Seonghyeon struggled and pulled his hair. I clicked my tongue and shifted my gaze to my phone.

Still, Kim Seonghyeon’s face looked much better, so I felt relieved.

“Kim Seonghyeon, you’re my hero~!”

“God Seonghyeon! God Seonghyeon!”

Between practicing, dealing with Today’s disaster, and resolving Kim Seonghyeon’s school bullying rumor, it’s like I needed three bodies.

As I stretched and cracked my neck, Kim Seonghyeon approached me stealthily.

“Hey, Seo Hoyun.”


“Do you have time later?”


Kim Seonghyeon looked at me hesitantly.

He must be thinking about the call I made to Hwang Jeonggyu.

You’re so different from the first day.

I thought of Kim Seonghyeon’s face when he used to dislike me and smiled.

“No, I don’t.”


“I’m kidding, I do.”

Kim Seonghyeon nodded vigorously. Actually, he’s the most obedient among the members.

As I turned my head and traced the stage’s path in my mind, the staff suddenly opened the door.

“The Dawn, you’re going on the live stage in five minutes! Get ready, please!”


We hurriedly got up and headed toward the stage.

In the meantime, I glanced at Seong Jiwon, wondering if he was still trembling.

There’s no more point in giving him a calming pill.

There’s no more aegyo to put on.

As I thought about it quietly, Seong Jiwon and I locked eyes. Jiwon quickly replied.

“I’m fine. I’m not nervous.”

“You’re quick-witted.”

I just looked at him once.

At first, it wasn’t this much, but the members’ intuition suddenly became incredibly sharp for some reason.

“We’ve practiced dozens of times, and both the dry and camera rehearsals went well.”

“You did well.”

“We’ll do even better on the live stage.”

“Are you really Seong Jiwon?”

“Of course.”

Seong Jiwon, still embarrassed, glanced at Kim Seonghyeon and smiled slyly.

“I think it’ll be okay now.”

As Seong Jiwon moved away, I muttered softly.

“…System window.”


“Can’t you check things like Seong Jiwon’s mental stats?”

[The system window isn’t omnipotent.]

“Alright, I know you’re incompetent.”

As I teased it, the system window filled with windows as if to argue back, but I ignored them all. As we went backstage, the eyes of the staff and members of other groups were fixed on us.

We greeted everyone without missing anyone and finished our last in-ear check.

“Let’s go up.”

[1] The actual text actually said “ㅅㄱ.” It’s a Korean slang that stands for “수고,” which translates to “hard work” or “effort.”

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