The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 40

Episode 40

“When I see you, I feel like walking on distant clouds,

You don’t need to consider.”

Today’s “Make Love” was a fresh love song.

It told the story of falling in love at first sight with someone they met in college in their early twenties.

The song also had a catchy tropical vibe.

Kang Ichae laughed for a while as he skimmed through the lyrics.

“How on earth did they pull off a fresh concept with this?”


I thought I knew the reason, but I didn’t want to say it in front of Jeong Dajun, so I just looked away.

As an early study abroad student, Kang Ichae couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“Didn’t anyone at the agency object to this? It’s like someone who knows absolutely no English just slapped any random English words on.”

Make Love.

In other words… let’s make love.[1]

I’ll just leave it at that.

“Do you think so too?”

“Why didn’t the lyricist stop them?”

“Look at this.”

Seong Jiwon held up a printout with the lyrics written on it.

[Lyricist: Yu Hyeok]

We all (excluding Jeong Dajun) facepalmed.

“So that’s why.”


“Wait, what’s it about?!”

We ignored Jeong Dajun and continued discussing the arrangement.

“Since it’s already like this, I think it wouldn’t be bad to go for a sexy concept. If we add some string instruments, we can create a grand atmosphere too.”

“So, we’ve decided on the direction for the arrangement?”

“Yeah, I think we know what we need to do. The melody line is a bit bland, but I want to really bring it out dramatically.”

Kang Ichae kept jotting down his endless ideas.

“But what about our concept?”

It was a good question.

“We don’t have much time, so let’s take a chance.”

“A chance?”

I held up my phone and called an expert in this field.

Immediately, Lee Jihyeon burst through the door with a bang.


“Oh, Jihyeon. You’re here.”

“I want to decide on the concept!”

Jihyeon was like a concept-obsessed ghost. She quickly brushed her hair back and eagerly spoke.

“A competition program is the perfect place to try out a unique concept that strays from the main plans! The “Glow!” concept from last time was amazing! I’d like to talk to the person who thought of that idea. If Jeong Dajun takes the lead like in the post-apocalyptic song, we can create a completely different universe concept…”

It had begun.

“Uh, uh…”


The other members were mesmerized by Jihyeon’s words.

Just as the conversation about the concept was getting heated, I raised my hand, knowing that Jihyeon and the other members would handle the rest.

“I’m going to step out for a bit. Can you guys take care of the rest?”

“Ah, sure.”

“Where are you going?”

Kim Seonghyeon held me back. He’s probably suspicious that I will do something crazy on my own.

But I didn’t blink an eye as I answered.

“I’m going to meet my younger brother for a bit.”


“Yeah, the one from the hospital last time.”

“Take care~.”

Jeong Dajun bid me farewell cheerfully. I quickly asked Jihyeon for a favor, slipped out of the practice room, and found the scammer’s number I had called earlier. Just in case, I brushed my bangs down and flipped my hat backward.

More and more people have recognized me since I started appearing on YouTube. As I left the onlookers behind and got into a taxi, I made a phone call.

“Yes, I’m on my way.”

I heard the sound coming from the other end of the phone. As I looked out the taxi window, I saw a Shining Star advertisement bus passing by in the distance. The Today members were plastered all over it, and Kim Seonghyeon’s anxious gaze came to mind.

Seonghyeon, I’m sorry.

“This is solid information.”

I’m going to do something crazy, that’s for sure.

“You won’t regret it.”


The job of a paparazzi was not common. However, with the recent Hallyu wave sweeping across Asia and Chinese gossip magazines picking up on the trend, being a paparazzi became quite lucrative.

There was no place too far for them when there were rumors to be sniffed out. Although the job involved digging into people’s private lives, it was very satisfying for the morally lacking Kim Jaeyeon.

Having seen numerous stars up close, Kim Jaeyeon was now intently focused on the man before him.

Seo Hoyun was a man enjoying newfound fame. His agency, Daepaseong Entertainment, launched a new idol group that flopped as soon as it debuted. Yet, public opinion shifted in their favor after Hoyun joined them. There was the robbery case, the egg incident, and Hoyun’s extraordinary performance in the current Shining Star.

It was too well-timed to be a mere coincidence. In every incident, Hoyun took an unpredictable route. But it had nothing to do with Kim Jaeyeon, so it was fine.

That is until Hoyun suddenly contacted him out of the blue.

“Seo Hoyun.”

“Yes, Kim Jaeyeon.”

Kim Jaeyeon was taken aback. He had always used a pseudonym, but now Hoyun addressed him by his real name.

“…Let’s put aside how you found out my name.”


“How on earth did you get in touch with me?”

Unexpectedly, the man in question ordered lemonade while flipping through the menu. He then calmly rested his chin on his hand and started speaking nonsense.

“I wrote a number on each rose petal and scattered them on the ground… Your number came up.”

“… Excuse me?”

Suddenly, he clenched his fist and banged on the table, mumbling curses like a lunatic about “lines” and the “damned system.”

Kim Jaeyeon frowned, but Seo Hoyun just sighed and spoke as if nothing had happened.

“It’s not the rose petals… It’s a common method, you know. I don’t think it’s that different from your familiar methods.”

Sweat trickled down Jaeyeon’s back. This guy was not just an ordinary idol. Hoyun’s gaze swept over him.

“What I know about your side is not particularly important.”


“What I know is probably what you’re more curious about.”

Jaeyeon impatiently shook his legs. When the lemonade arrived, Hoyun took it and slowly stirred it with a straw.

“… Is the information reliable?”

“Give it a try.”

Seo Hoyun smirked.

“Today and drug use.”

This is huge…!

Jaeyeon excitedly covered his mouth. Today was a well-known idol group even in China.

They were also affiliated with a reasonably large agency. If someone were to dig deeper, they would likely uncover even more secrets. As Jaeyeon calculated in his head, Hoyun’s face froze over.

Ugh, these paparazzi.

I sighed.

Jaeyeon was a relatively well-connected figure even during his days as a TV producer. Being in his mid-30s, his clean-cut appearance could easily be mistaken for a businessman.

This is what paparazzi were like—digging for information, relentlessly extracting everything they could, and then dropping their subjects without remorse.

When I probed for club information I heard from Maz’s vocalist, I naturally heard stories of drugs being handled there. It was unthinkable that Today, who frequented the place as if it were their home, didn’t know about it.

“If you dig around the place I mentioned last time, you’ll find something soon enough. But, Seo Hoyun, why don’t you also dig into the sponsorship issues?”

“That’s already well-known.”

Nonsense. I just didn’t want to involve Seong Jiwon.

It was possible that even Seong Jiwon, who was once in Today’s agency and almost took the center position, would be implicated.

With my twirling straw, I poked at the thinly sliced lemon in my drink.

“Even if you blow it up, it’ll be blocked soon. In that case, you should focus on an area where you, Kim Jaeyeon, can excel. A drug scandal involving a celebrity is a great scoop.”

“… You know that too?”

“There’s a limit to what I know.”

A news article will be coming out soon.

Kim Jaeyeon looked at him with delight and suspicion, then shrugged his shoulders.

“The timing is up to me.”

“That’s a bit difficult. Our principle is to break the news as soon as possible.”

“You have to save the tastiest bit for last.”

“Haha! That’s true.”

Kim Jaeyeon laughed as if amused by his firm response.

Either way, it wasn’t bad for him. It was better to release information in batches.

The value of the information Kim Jaeyeon passed on would be at its highest if released when Today’s stock price was rising, and the timing was most appropriate.

“It’ll take some time to investigate anyway. It’s not a bad condition. Sounds good.”


“It’s strange. You’re giving everything away so easily, which is good for me. But isn’t it too risky for Seo Hoyun? Doesn’t the company know about this?”

Kim Jaeyeon was curious and kept digging.

“What’s the purpose of exposing Today’s drug scandal?”

“You don’t need to know such useless information, Jaeyeon.”

“What if I expose you as the source of information? Your ship will sink along with mine.”

I burst into laughter. That’s what being a paparazzi was – always ready to stab each other in the back, so there had to be at least one restraint.

This must be a threat, asking for something in return.

“Go ahead and expose it.”

How cute.

“If you want to go down with me, Kim Jaeyeon.”

Now, let’s talk about my tactics for dealing with the paparazzi.

First, throw out some tempting bait.

Second, sweettalk them.

And the most crucial third step: If they don’t know the favor they owe and expose you, teach them a lesson!

“Kim Jaeyeon, you’ve been working soooo hard. It’s time for you to take a break from the prison-like atmosphere, isn’t it?”


Kim Jaeyeon stiffened and hesitated while gulping down his Americano.

“… I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it.”

“Let’s pretend we didn’t hear each other’s remarks.”

We casually buried each other’s weaknesses like landmines, then shook hands and got up.

“I’ll be counting on you.”

“Yeah. This is a great help. Thank you.”

Kim Jaeyeon regained his composure and was smiling. He must be happy. The table was already set; he just needed to lift the spoon. He would definitely enjoy this.

As he was shrugging his shoulders and about to leave, Kim Jaeyeon let out a displeased laugh.

“Oh! By the way.”


“This isn’t a threat but a favor out of gratitude. I’ll give you a bonus.”

What was it? I raised my eyebrows.

Whenever this happens, always –

“Kim Seonghyeon.”

Kim Jaeyeon approached quietly and whispered.

Hearing what he whispered, my eyes narrowed. I slowly calculated it in my head.

Innocent but delicate Kim Seonghyeon. I tried to match what I heard from the whispers to his traits.

“Is it made up?”

“Uh? Why are you like this? Annoyingly naive.”

“Who’s the source?”

“It’s confirmed. I checked before meeting you. You might want to block this in advance.”

I nodded my head. Although he seemed to have said everything, Kim Jaeyeon didn’t distance himself but stared at me blankly.

“What is it?”

“Are you and Joo Woosung close? In case Woosung….”


“… Alright, alright. I got it.”

My icy glare worked, and he quickly backed away to avoid any sparks.

I drank the lemonade and tilted my head back out of frustration.

“Just when I try to stop one thing, all sorts of problems pop up…”

What should I do?

Kim Seonghyeon.

An incident from high school.

School bullying.


Words that didn’t suit him were tangled up in my head.

[1] It’s exactly what you think it is.

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