The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 4

Episode 4

“Let’s scrap the plan.”


The manager jumped up at my words when I came back. It seemed like having a good reaction would be useful later when we had audiences.

What was the manager’s name? I gave up trying to remember his name and turned my head toward him, focusing on future broadcasts.

“Let’s do it again. I can’t sing this song.”

“Hold on, are you out of your mind? Why the sudden change? You just got here!”

“Manager, please reconsider. Can we really succeed with this?”

“Well… of course!”

He seemed to be very confident.

Yum-yum-yum like an apple!

I looked at the hesitant manager with pity. I regretted my earlier comment about the audience. If the manager had been one of my subordinates, I would have terminated his employment without hesitation.

He couldn’t do his job because he kept pushing ahead without knowing what was happening.

“I’m not sure about you, but I can’t be sure. So, let’s scrap it.”

“Are you kidding me?”

Kim Seonghyeon, silently listening, suddenly got up and put his hand on my shoulder. It was a common occurrence, but it didn’t mean I liked it.

“What’s the big deal coming in here suddenly like this? Are you trying to sabotage us?”


“What do you mean why?’ We’ve already discussed everything without you. If you just came in, keep quiet. Don’t ruin our plans.”

Kim Seonghyeon had a bold personality.

Being threatened wasn’t good, but having a determined person on our team was valuable. I glanced at Kim Seonghyeon.

“Have you listened to the top 40 songs on the music charts?”


“No, let’s just do any song on the charts. Making it onto the charts is no easy feat, after all. Have you listened to any of them?”

“What nonsense is this?”

I looked at Kim Seonghyeon, who still didn’t understand the situation. Even though he was still angry, Kim Seonghyeon’s young face showed defiance.

“Trends change every day, and there’s an overflow. Now we need to expand beyond just South Korea and into other countries. But to do that, the big agencies have to spend a ton of money to bring in songs from the US or UK.”


“Or, we could get it from a talented composer here in South Korea.”

“What’s the point, then?”

He’s so impatient. I bit my tongue.

“You really think our music is in there? Can this silly pineapple song even make it to the charts?”

Kim Seonghyeon was speechless.

“This is just a waste of time and money.”

I grabbed Kim Seonghyeon’s hand and moved it away.

Everyone had gloomy expressions and looked down at the ground. We had to face reality.

As the CEO mentioned, being an idol was more expensive than most people realize. The makeup, hair, wardrobe, and personnel costs for a single music broadcast were exorbitant. Even if they were popular idols, it was still the same.

But a music career with a song like this? It’s just throwing away money.

Kim Seonghyeon clenched his fists, unable to argue because he knew the reality of the situation.

“Then do we have any better options? No, we don’t. So, we just have to do it.”

“Just doing it is not enough.”

I said bluntly.

“You have to do it damn well.”

That’s it. Being an average idol wouldn’t cut it if we wanted to reach the top. We had to make a big splash from the start.

The youngest member, Jeong Dajun, who had been sulking, hesitantly asked, “Hoyun-hyung, but doesn’t that mean you don’t have a solution either?”


“If you’re saying we should scrap this plan and bring in a new song, where will we get that song? Even the CEO has given up on us…”

There’s no way there isn’t a solution.

I pulled up a chair and sat down before answering their question directly. I hadn’t realized it, but everyone else was already sitting on the practice room floor, so I ended up looking down on them from above. I had to admit, I found the view kind of cool.

“Isn’t it a waste, guys?”


“The time you spend in this practice room, the days you live relying on an uncertain future.”

Witnessing everyone’s eyes shaking, despite never being an idol or having an understanding of them, my experience from years of competition programs allowed me to pretend to have a better grasp of their psyche than anyone else. I deliberately spoke with emphasis.

“Other kids go to college or work part-time jobs to make money, whereas we rely on our family and company for financial support.”

“Seo Hoyun.”

To my surprise, Seong Jiwon, who appeared to be the most easygoing, gave me a subtle warning. I glanced at him.

“I know you’re eager, but don’t speak carelessly. It’ll only leave us with nothing.”

I made a mental note of Seong Jiwon’s unusual behavior. He was usually very composed, so I assumed that if he was upset, it was likely because of family problems. Despite considering his words, my impatience grew even stronger, and I raised my hand.



“I’m saying, let’s not live like this.”


“Look back to when we entered this agency. What did we all think?”


“I was going to make billions and buy my parents a luxurious apartment, become the kind of idol who sends fans into a frenzy, or the type that constantly makes headlines every time I open my mouth.”

The group fell silent as if I had touched a nerve. It was a natural human desire.

“But what are we really doing now? Just spending our days in the practice room, singing the agency’s fruit songs?”


“Don’t you hate it? Can’t you do it?”

Well, they seem confused.

So, I furrowed my brow, took a deep breath, and added some sweetness to my words, making sure to pause for impact.

“… I’m sorry for my harsh words about wasting time and money earlier… I didn’t mean to sound so severe, but I couldn’t bear to see your talents go to waste.”

Hold on, I should have said “us” instead of “you.”

Never mind.

“Trust me, we need to change our plan. Let’s start again. I promise that all the hard work and sweat you’ve put into the practice room will shine on stage.”

The group was stunned, and even the manager seemed surprised at how eloquent I had become.

And now, it was time for me to drive my point home.

“Oh, and Jeong Dajun?”


“When did I ever say that there was no solution?”

I was not someone who spoke without a plan.

[You’re pretty confident, aren’t you?]

Of course.

A system message appeared, and I glanced at it.

Would it be against the rules if I were to change everything?

[Do as you please! Unknown Idol Tycoon upholds player freedom.]

Player freedom, my foot… They tried to take me down with that dialogue box earlier.

“So, what’s your plan?”

“Obviously, there’s only one plan.”

Everyone gazed at me with wide eyes. It was natural for newcomers who spoke confidently to draw attention just before causing chaos.

“We’ll come back with a great song.”

I adjusted my tone to sound confident without coming across as too conceited.

The key to success lies in great music.

“I’ll get a song from Blue Tiger.”

“From Blue Tiger?!”

Everyone leaped up from their seats.

Blue Tiger. It’s no exaggeration to say she’s one of the most skilled composers in Korea. She’s renowned for being quite haughty, as she dabbled in various genres, from ballads to idol music.

“Large entertainment companies had to spend money and practically plead with Blue Tiger for a song because of how much of a guarantee it was for success.”

“Even Black Call’s Joo Woosung hit it big after receiving a song from Blue Tiger.”

“And also the ‘Ballad Emperor’ Hyunseong … Man, if it’s Blue Tiger, it’s a hit.”

The youngest member Jeong Dajun and the manager were excited, but the rest of the group seemed skeptical. Despite my persistent claims, I leaned towards a more realistic perspective.

“What… You’re just spouting nonsense?”

“Well, I understand what you’re thinking. Blue Tiger only works exclusively with established entertainment companies and well-known artists… How can we get her to give us a song?”

Yeah, I had anticipated this kind of reaction.

The truth was that even if we had already debuted, as idols who had yet to properly promote ourselves, it would be challenging to secure a song from Blue Tiger. This was the sentiment echoed by the rest of the group.

But then again, I was Seo Hoyun.

“I can get it.”

“Where the heck is your confidence coming from?”

“Are you still hurt somewhere?”

Whether they thought this was a joke or not, the atmosphere in the practice room became increasingly tense.

But I wasn’t joking. Once again, I said each word firmly.

“I will definitely get it. I promise you.”


A silence fell over the practice room. Everyone seemed fed up, uncertain whether to view me as the greatest liar ever or be impressed by my unwavering confidence.

I didn’t miss that stillness.

“I will make you… No, we, The Dawn, succeed.”

I had a way.

The air in the practice room was strangely different. Everyone’s faces that were previously lax and reckless now showed subtle hope and determination.

Good. This kind of competitive atmosphere was better than the limp and lifeless kimchi from earlier.

I lifted the corners of my mouth.

“Believe me, as if I’m tricking you.”

I’ll buy you a meal.

Naturally, the rest of the reactions were cold. Or, more precisely, they were hesitant.

But it didn’t matter to me. I was going to make it happen anyway. I stretched out three fingers.

“Just wait three days.”

“Are you really saying you’ll get a song from Blue Tiger?”

Kim Seonghyeon doubted me and deliberately ignored me.

Then, he threw words that sounded like a scam. Honestly, I didn’t want to waste any time, even if it made me feel bad.

Fortunately, it seemed like everyone had taken the bait, and they cautiously looked at me.

“I… will believe in you, Hoyun-hyung.”

“Kang Ichae!”

“Well, I suppose… considering the situation we’re already in, there’s no harm in seeing how far he can take it, right?”

Kang Ichae smiled and empathized with me. Looking at the scene, I realized I had been making excuses to avoid “Pineapple.” I only lit the fuse.

I nodded and scanned the room, eventually meeting eyes with the manager.



“Prepare the contract. Let’s talk about it later.”

I held the upper hand in this situation. It was common for idols attempting a comeback to feel anxious and tread carefully, so the manager appeared bewildered.

I didn’t know that.

“Let’s meet in three days.”

I said a light goodbye to them and left. As I walked down the hallway, the system window rang and appeared.

[Sudden Quest Arrival: “Let’s get the comeback song!”

You’re talking nonsense. Let’s find out if it’s real confidence or just empty talk.

Success: Charm +10.

Failure: Reputation goes down and you have to wear a pineapple outfit as the center.]

“… I’m really going to enjoy this.”

I muttered nervously and hurried my steps, not wanting to wear a pineapple outfit as a penalty for failing.

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