The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 33

Episode 33

I was very satisfied.

No need to say anything.

As I watched quietly, the other members all had surprised expressions.

“To be honest, our debut song was indeed a flop.”

“It was a huge flop!”

“Our recent single had a great song, and the response was overwhelming, so we’ll get points for that… but I’m just worried about our debut album.”

Kim Seonghyeon’s honest remark darkened Jeong Dajun’s face.

“That’s right. Back then, we tried so hard, but it didn’t work out well. We practically never slept and stayed in the practice room constantly.”

“Right. Our manager was… really upset too.”

“Yes, I think that song is also very good. And for the fans who have been with us since the beginning… I think it will be a great stage.”

Very good, Kim Seonghyeon.

He showed his delicate side here. I smiled contentedly at the tear-jerking story that was caught perfectly on camera.

“I also agree with doing the debut single.”

“So, unanimous agreement?”

“Let’s just think of a new concept.”


We watched The Dawn’s “Glow” stage.

The concept was a naive male student making endless advances toward his first love.

After watching, Seong Jiwon gave his evaluation.

“Ah, there should have been a better… expression there. I didn’t get the angle of my right arm right.”

“The human protractor has appeared.”

Seong Jiwon was murmuring without a break, so Kang Ichae made a light joke. The camera director filming The Dawn couldn’t help but laugh.

“Compared to the “Second Chance,” this performance was weak.”

“Right. Since it’s a competition, we need something that can be grasped tightly.”

“Do you mean changing the concept?”

“I think… our story was lacking. And it needed impact.”

Oh, Jeong Dajun hit the nail on the head.

“You’re right. The concept itself isn’t the problem. I think it’s fine as it is. The problem is, as Dajun pointed out, the story.”

I pounded the table.

“It was vague, we knew it was about first love, but we had no idea what the situation was. We didn’t know who we were, why the other person was so great, or why our friends were trying to stop us.”

Jeong Dajun frowned as he sank into deep thought. It didn’t suit him.

We just needed to fill in the gaps. But what were they?

“There’s no persuasiveness in the story. That’s why it lacks impact.”

“…I have an idea!”

Jeong Dajun suddenly raised his hand.


It was even more unexpected. After all, it was Jeong Dajun, the one who hesitated to give his opinion during the first intro stage and was instead rolling on the floor because it was too difficult.

As Kim Seonghyeon nodded, Jeong Dajun spoke with excitement.

“I recently watched a really fun movie. It’s called Twilight.”

“Ah. I know it. It’s an old movie, right?”

“Yes! In that movie, the protagonist approaches the other person while hiding their identity.”

This could work even without Jihyeon.

Everyone listened intently to the interesting story.

“What if we apply that to this song?”

“Then we can write the lyrics like this.”

“Ah, that’s a good idea. So, for this stage, the choreography would be like this….”

The Dawn members excitedly went ahead with their own planning as soon as the concept was decided.

I must have been mistaken.

They weren’t lacking in star quality.

Being stuck in a small-to-medium-sized agency, they just didn’t have the environment to express themselves.

I listened to even the most minor ideas and carefully wrote them down in my notes, looking at the seemingly complete scenario.

“Okay. Jeong Dajun’s idea is adopted.”


Jeong Dajun was so surprised that he opened his mouth wide, then started pouring out ideas excitedly, asking about this and that.

After writing down all of that, I organized the schedule.

“We have to prepare the stage in 8 days. Since it’s entirely new, we’ll have to memorize the choreography by then, and the arrangement should be completed in at least two days.”

Should I use Lim Hyeonsu’s chance now? It seemed like I was already using too many.

As I was thinking and clicking my pen, Kang Ichae glanced at me.

“Guys, Dajun.”


“Can I do the arrangement?”

What’s this about? I quickly looked up. Kang Ichae gave an awkward, slightly bashful smile.

“Do you know how to arrange music?”

“Well, I dabbled a bit and learned a lot from a composer recently. After that, I’ve tried it a few times on my own…”

So that’s why Lim Hyeonsu was so enthusiastic about it. What should I do?

I twirled my pen as I considered Kang Ichae’s potential. My principle was to be as stable as possible.

Although he was slightly embarrassed, ambition shone in Kang Ichae’s eyes. A face that yearned to give it a try.

When Kang Ichae’s sensitivity and the participation of one of the members in the arrangement were revealed, it would make for a beautiful picture on the broadcast. Plus, there was a very slight trust towards Ichae.

“I… think it’s a good idea?”

As I spoke slowly, Kang Ichae seemed relieved and smiled.

“I don’t know when you had time to study that. Did you even have the time?”

“It’s just, you know, I’ve tried a little bit.”

Kang Ichae scratched his head. The decision was passed to Kim Seonghyeon.

“I’m fine with it. I’m just sorry I can’t help.”

“Hahaha, hyung. Don’t say it like that. Then I will really bring the best~.”

Kang Ichae scribbled on a memo with a bright smile and excited aura.

“Since we don’t have time, I’ll arrange the choreography.”

Kim Seonghyeon said with a determined expression. In fact, even if we had the time, it was evident that the broadcasting company would not pay for creating the choreography.

Whether Kim Seonghyeon knew it in advance or volunteered for it, our worries about the choreography were put to rest. He had been arranging choreography all along.

“Then I’ll consult with Ichae and decide on the vocals.”

“I’ll filter this and pass it on to the planning and production teams.”

Honestly, our teamwork was good. It felt great to be so in sync after so long.

Jeong Dajun rolled his eyes.

“Then, what should I do? Should I cheer? Or run errands for you guys?”


I gently placed my hand on his shoulder. It had been a million years since I called him so affectionately, and his eyes shook from the surprise.

“What do you mean? You’re the center.”

“Me?! Not Jiwon-hyung or Hoyun-hyung?!”

“It’s obvious with this concept.”

“Ah, I was thinking of Dajun too.”

“You have to set the mood well.”

As the hyungs playfully teased him, a clueless Jeong Dajun’s face turned pale with pressure. Suddenly, his eyes sparkled with determination, and he clenched his fist tightly.

“I will… become the face of this team!”

“That’s right, you’ll make us proud.”

I chuckled as I scanned the finalized plan.

Preparations for the stage were complete.


[Don’t do anything strange…]

When did I ever?

Now, all that was left was to scheme.


“Uh, huh?”


I approached the Maz member with a smile. Was he the center, or was it the lead vocal?

Anyway, the Maz vocalist, whom I met at the broadcasting station, greeted me with a surprised face as I approached.

“I heard The Dawn members had already left. What’s going on?”

“Ah, I have something to ask you, sunbae.”

“Sunbae… um, just speak comfortably. We’re the same age, right? I will also speak informally.”

We communicated more smoothly than I thought. No, I actually approached him because I knew we could get along.

I sat on the bench where he was and handed him a can of ion beverage.

“Yeah, why not. Want a drink?”

“Uh, thanks.”

‘Why is he being like this?’ he seemed to think. But I could be friendly to people when I needed something from them.

“Are your preparations going well?”

“Did you come to me just to ask that?”

“No, this is for breaking the ice.”

“What? Haha, you’re really straightforward.”

The Maz vocalist widened his eyes and burst into laughter. He was known for his easygoing personality, and it seemed accurate. I silently smiled and took a sip from the can.

“What do you want to ask after breaking the ice?”

“I was curious about something.”


“I saw it last time. You badmouthing the Today members.”

That’s right. Maz was the one caught badmouthing when Today won first place on a show.

To be exact, he had said, “Why do people like those guys? Their personalities are just bad.”

“Why did you say that? I’m curious.”

I said it calmly. Maz’s vocals looked at me with eyes filled with suspicion, as if he was wondering what my intentions were.

“Why are you so curious?”

“I just don’t like them either. I want to talk behind their back, you know.”

Of course, there was another purpose. His eyebrows raised in suspicion.

“Speaking of which… I remember you almost got into a physical fight with them last time. That was satisfying.”

“That sunbae really seems to dislike me.”

“Yeah, well, everyone knows I don’t get along with Today anyway. It’s public knowledge.”


What could come out of this?

“Today’s members are infamous for their terrible personalities. They treat their fans like personal ATMs, yet the fans just suffer and die for them. All because they don’t want to damage Today’s image.”

Ah, what was love, really?

Fans covered for their idols even when they were treated like money-making machines… It’s just… I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Today’s fans.

“But there’s more. They’re regular club-goers. They can’t possibly behave themselves there. If you dig deeper, you’ll find more.”

Club, Today, and…

Ah. I think I got the gist.

If I check out the club once, I’ll quickly find out whether it’s a “source” or not.

I remembered someone’s number in my head. Even with just these keywords, it should be enough to dig deeper. After all, poking around where gossip lived will make people laugh.

Of course, I was making good use of it as well.

“Wow, they really are such disgusting and pathetic people. Thanks for telling me.”

The Maz member didn’t seem to know that Today was the frontrunner yet. But there was no need to tell him that. I was about to wrap up the conversation when he grabbed my arm.

“But why are you asking me?”


“You could ask Seong Jiwon. He would know better.”

“Seong Jiwon was in the same agency but probably knows nothing about Today now.”

“No, that’s not what I meant….”

He locked eyes with me, glanced around, and then scrunched his nose.

“You don’t know, do you?”


What did he mean?

As I frowned, he looked pretty uncomfortable and hesitated before finally whispering.

“…Today’s members are involved in sponsor problems, you know. Seong Jiwon was originally in a powerful debut group, but he left because he didn’t like that. It’s quite well-known.”

He quickly wrapped up the conversation.

“Talk to Seong Jiwon. It’s better than hearing it from someone else. Just don’t tell him I said it.”


“Yeah, let’s both do well in the competition.”

I stayed sitting on the bench for a while after Maz’s vocals left.

It all made sense now that Seong Jiwon thought this was his last chance, even though he had the face and talent. It’s all because of those awful people.

Parallel universes or whatever, the evil in society still ran rampant, and it made me furious. I was desperately craving a cigarette right now.

“There are so many scumbags in this field….”

Why did I suddenly feel so disgusted?

Instead of pulling out a cigarette, I downed an electrolyte drink in one shot and threw it in the trash can.

I needed to talk to Seong Jiwon.

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