The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 28

Episode 28

“Hello, I know you’re wavering,

But you’ll come to me eventually.”

“Ah… Out of all the choices, we got this one.”

The manager kept grumbling.

We leaned our heads together and listened to the song in our dorm.

Seong Jiwon spoke slowly.

“It’s okay. We’ve already memorized the song.”

“Yeah, because Joo Woosung told us.”

Indeed, Joo Woosung told us about the first mission and what songs would appear, and we prepared by continuously listening to all five songs.

The problem was that the song we chose had the lowest recognition.

“Maybe I can’t do it anymore,

I might have already lost,

But I’ll take courage and try again.”

“… It’s not bad, but….”

“There’s no impact.”

The more we listened…

It wasn’t addictive.

“Was this song popular?”

“No, it didn’t make the charts. It’s a B-side, and Like Girls had low recognition then.”

Like Girls was a group that rose to fame after seven years of debut, with one member’s popularity exploding through variety shows after four years of obscurity.

A video of all members crying and singing the encore after their first win was still famous on various SNS.

They were touching and a genuinely good group, but…

The problem was that it was a B-side from their massively failed debut album.

Kang Ichae brushed his chin.

“Was this song in all five lots?”


“It’s possible. This song stood out from the list we got from Joo Woosung. If they wanted to push Today, they would give them a solid White Cherry song, and the rest would be like this.”

It was a persuasive argument.

Considering Kim Heeyeon’s bitter expression, such manipulation could have taken place.


“That’s annoying if it’s true.”

“Hey, the PD couldn’t help it either. There’s pressure from above.”

That’s right, Kim Heeyeon couldn’t help it either.

Kim Seonghyeon looked good for the first time, as he made a valid point.

“It’s quite lively. It’s about pushing forward and confessing to someone you’ve had a crush on.”

“It has a cheerleader vibe.”

“Wouldn’t it be good to go with a cheerleader concept?”

“Guys… We have one more lot.”

Then, Jeong Dajun pushed in another crumpled piece of paper.

“What should we do with this, guys?”


As the paper in Jeong Dajun’s hand was unfolded, the phrase “Peter Pan” appeared.

It was extremely vague.

It would have been better if it was The Little Mermaid or Cinderella. At least those two were famous and had clear concepts.

Peter Pan is about… Wendy meeting Peter Pan and going to Neverland, right?”

“I’ll be Tinkerbell. Who wants to be Peter Pan?”

“I want to do it!”

Everyone seemed serious, but no good ideas emerged.

Jeong Dajun, who had been racking his brain, slumped.

“Guys, guys… I’m not good at this because I’m not smart.”

“Hey, who says you’re smart?”

“You guys are… I’ll practice well… If Jiwon-hyung tells me to roll, I’ll roll…”

Then Jeong Dajun actually began to roll around on the floor. Kim Seonghyeon’s eyes narrowed, and Seong Jiwon sighed deeply.

The issue isn’t really the song’s popularity. It’s better to cover a less well-known song.

The popularity of the cover song wasn’t directly related to our popularity. On the contrary, it offered many opportunities for a comeback if done well.

However, the problem was…

“Um, you know.”

Seong Jiwon stroked his chin.

“A lively and cute song, Peter Pan matches well in terms of style… but there’s one problem.”

“Aren’t there multiple problems?”

“…True, but still.”

“Seong Jiwon, what do you think?”

I pressed down on the back of Kang Ichae’s neck as I looked at Seong Jiwon.

After skimming the contents of the paper, Seong Jiwon sighed again.

“It doesn’t match our concept.”

That’s right. That’s the answer.

If the revolutionary and government soldiers, who were suicidal until recently, suddenly adopted a lively concept, fans would be pleased, but the group’s image would blur.

It wasn’t a great move for idols who needed to captivate existing fans and the public.

“We’re already lacking in recognition, so we need a song that clearly shows our group’s identity early on.”


“But what we got is a lively and cute Peter Pan concept!”

Jeong Dajun suddenly started rolling on the dorm floor again after having stopped earlier, picking up all sorts of dust as he went. Kang Ichae muttered something as he watched him.

“Why buy a robot vacuum cleaner when we have Jeong Dajun?”

“Are you saying I’m trash, hyung?”

“No, I’m saying you’re a vacuum cleaner that’s good at picking up trash.”

“Both of you quiet down. It’s getting hectic.”

The noise was making it difficult to think. Even I, who excelled in planning, couldn’t come up with a novel and good idea in this situation.

At that moment, Seong Jiwon’s phone rang.

“Who is it?”

“Uh… I don’t know the number. Wait a minute, sorry.”

“It’s okay. Pick it up!”

Seong Jiwon hesitated for a moment and then answered. As it wasn’t a time when saesangs would typically be around, we just let him be.

However, Seong Jiwon’s face soon hardened.


“Who is it?”

Kang Ichae whispered to Kim Seonghyeon. At Kim Seonghyeon’s gesture, Seong Jiwon discreetly switched his phone to speakerphone.

– “Ah, Seong Jiwon. You still haven’t changed your number?”

It was Yu Hyeok.

– “Is the concept meeting going well?”

“Um… well.”

– “Haha, why does your voice sound so dead? Anyone would think your world has ended.”

It was so obvious, really.

I rested my arm on the sofa and clicked my tongue. That jerk called us to rub it in, knowing we drew the short straw.

– “What did you guys get?”

“We got Like Girls’ song, ‘Want You.'”

– “Hmm… What is that? I’ve never heard of it before?”

He scoffed. Although if he had recorded this and leaked it, we would have been dragged through the mud by Like Girls’ fans, Yu Hyeok didn’t hold back his words because of his smugness.

– “We got White Cherry’s ‘Lemon Love.’ I’m so excited! Their popularity is no joke in Korea and overseas, right?”


Deep, pronounced wrinkles formed on Seong Jiwon’s forehead.

At this point, Yu Hyeok, who was called a living annoyance by Seong Jiwon, seemed quite impressive in some sense.

Of course, the faces of the other members were no better.

– “Ah, of course, we’re short on time. How can we practice in just three days with this intense choreography? You guys must be happy. It looks easy.”

Glancing at Kang Ichae, who listened to the conversation with his chin propped up, he gave a flash of a smile and shook the recording screen.

Wow, Kang Ichae is thorough.

I would have recorded it too.

I gave him a thumbs-up as I listened to Yu Hyeok’s words.

Yu Hyeok seemed determined to provoke Seong Jiwon as he continued to blabber.

– “You’re lucky, really lucky. We also have many schedules, so we don’t have enough time to practice, but you guys have plenty. Aren’t you in a better position?”


– “Won’t this put us at a disadvantage? Your members must be envious, huh?”

Seong Jiwon displayed a calm smile.

Despite being his usual smile, it seemed like a completely new face.

“Yu Hyeok.”

– “Uh-huh?”

“I didn’t ask.”

Silence ensued.

“You free? Go practice.”


And with that, Seong Jiwon hung up the call.

The manager, members, and even I were speechless.

That kind-hearted Seong Jiwon…

The always considerate Seong Jiwon…

It was the first time we saw him speaking so firmly.


“What’s with Seong Jiwon?!”

Everyone laughed, smacking the floor of the dorm.

I held back my laughter and nudged Kang Ichae.

“Hey, hey, Kang Ichae. We can’t use the entire recording file.”

“I know, I just wanted to catch the tail end, but I didn’t expect Jiwon-hyung to do that!”

“As Seong Jiwon said… ‘I didn’t ask, and I don’t care.'”

“…Is that what it means?”

Everyone laughed uncontrollably, rolling around on the floor.

Meanwhile, Seong Jiwon, who hung up the call so resolutely, slowly became embarrassed.

“Ah, my cheeks hurt….”

“It’s funnier because it’s unexpected from Jiwon-hyung.”

“I think he got influenced by Hoyun-hyung.”

“Hey, why am I mentioned?”

As I gave a headlock to Kang Ichae, who was teasing me, an idea suddenly popped into my head.

The element of surprise.

A distinctive individuality that emerges even more strikingly and prepared due to people being unaware of it. This very surprise factor can captivate people even more, as it catches them off guard.

Wouldn’t it make a nice picture?

I picked up the lottery slip Seong Jiwon placed on the floor when he answered the phone earlier.

Ideas and strategies flooded in as I stared at the note with “Peter Pan” written on it.

“Seong Jiwon, thank you.”

“Huh? What did I…?”

After placing the note on the table, Kim Seonghyeon brought paper and a pen.

Then, I started writing out ideas like a madman.

“Hey, we’re done. It’s over.”

“Hoyun-hyung again…”

Jeong Dajun mumbled.

“Just listen first.”

The guys, who were initially hesitant, got more excited as they listened to my words.

After discussing it for a long time, we ended up smiling at each other.

“Let’s call Lim Hyeonsu.”


– “Eh? What did you guys get?

“Like Girls’ ‘Want You.’”

– “Ah—! That one.”

As expected from a composer, Lim Hyeonsu immediately understood what I meant.

When I switched to speakerphone, the members, especially Kang Ichae, listened to Lim Hyeonsu’s words as if she were a deity.

– “Actually, the melody turned out well. The arrangement was a bit messed up, though. It’s a shame. Wouldn’t it be fine with some tweaks?”

I got her.


A moment of silence followed.

– “…Hey, don’t tell me.”

I grinned and stretched out the last word.

“…It’s the Blue Tiger.”

– “Ah, shoot, what now? You’re making me nervous.”

“Genius composer.”

– “I’m not doing it, I’m not doing it, I said I’m not!”

“It’s the Lim Hyeonsu.”

– “I have urgent matters, I’m hanging up!”

So Lim Hyeonsu hung up on me, but—

– Me: ^^

– Me: ^^

– Me: ^^

– Me: ^^

– Me: ^^

– Me: In our relationship

– Me: Is there only

– Me: This option?

– Me: ^^

– Me: Am I deluding myself..?

– Me: Can’t our relationship be based on goodwill?

– Me: I’m upset… really…

– Me: In the end… I, again… sigh… ㅠㅠ

– Me: Should I act like that time?

– Lim Hyeonsu: You’re really crazy

– Lim Hyeonsu: Stop it

Eventually, Lim Hyeonsu had no choice but to call me again.

Lim Hyeonsu growled and threatened that she would hold this debt against me for a long time.

Yeah, yeah, sure.

That’s how I managed to blackmail Lim Hyeonsu and get what I wanted.

A fairy-tale-like story with a very, very happy ending.

Three days later, after fully dedicating ourselves to practice, we arrived at the recording site for Shining Star‘s first episode.

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