The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 22

Episode 22

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“Hoyun, we’ve arrived.”

“Ah, yes.”

I got out of the car and followed my manager into the company building, which was still old and worn whether we were having a showcase or topping the charts.

My manager kept talking to me.

“Don’t worry too much. You’re just meeting the CEO. I don’t think it’s going to be bad news.”

My manager continued to worry about me. This person, at a glance, seemed quite gentle.

“Your chart performance was sooooo good this time. Maybe he’s going to give you a big push?”

… However, he was a bit too optimistic.

I chuckled and followed my manager into the CEO’s office. The CEO was on the phone with someone, but when he made eye contact, he greeted me with a broad smile as if seeing rolling-in money.

Is this what it feels like to be hated by your own kind?

“Ah, Hoyun, you’re here.”

“Hello, CEO.”

“Hold on, I have to take this call. Ah, yes, yes. Sorry about that. Seo Hoyun just came in.”

He was smiling too broadly, even selling my name like that…

Feeling oddly uncomfortable, I subtly glanced around.

Could it be a casting offer?

My manager sat next to me, nervously shaking his leg.

“H-H-Hoyun, would you like some water?”

“… Manager, please calm down.”

Maybe my manager was more worried than me.

After a moment, the CEO finished their call, repeatedly saying “yes, yes,” and then looked at me warmly.

“Our Hoyun, was your trip here difficult?”

Our Hoyun?

“Thanks for your consideration, CEO. It was fine. My manager took great care of me.”

“Hahaha! You’re still good with words.”

I subtly praised my manager before the CEO to calm him down. The CEO, seemingly in a great mood, chuckled and sank into the sofa across from us.

“I heard you made it onto the charts.”

“Yes, I was lucky.”

“You guys really hit the jackpot this time. You caught a criminal, the song was great, and the planning was decent too… You even made it onto the charts. Among all of you, Hoyun, you were the best.”


Get to the point quickly.

They laughed mechanically.

“Don’t even think about the penalty now.”

“Yes, thankfully.”

Even though he was being praised openly, a suspicion came first. You know, life didn’t usually flow that smoothly.

The CEO and I hid our true feelings and continued the conversation with smiles.

“Mr. CEO, do you have any good news today?”

“Oh, is it that obvious?”



“Quite a lot.”

To be honest, the manager was sweating profusely, but the CEO just laughed heartily.

“I have two pieces of news for you. It would have been better to gather all the members, but—”

Neither of them should be bad news.

“First, your dorms have been arranged.”


My face darkened. The kids debuted a year ago, and this should have been taken care of back then.

“No more struggling with coming and going. Especially for Ichae, who had difficulty living alone because his house was far away – I was really concerned.”

You probably didn’t care.

“Considering Dajun is a minor… We put a lot of thought into arranging the dorms.”

Hey, you didn’t care at all.

“That’s really great news. Thank you for your consideration.”

I responded automatically. As the image of Jeong Dajun struggling with a swollen ankle came to mind, the CEO’s beaming smile seemed even more irritating.

However, it wasn’t hard to understand. They probably didn’t have the money to provide a dorm for the group.

“At the same time, we’ve discussed with the planning team and decided to film the BTS of the accommodation and upload it to YouTube. You can move into the dorms starting today.”

“Wow, Hoyun, this is amazing!”

The manager clapped in excitement. At the same time, my expression remained neutral. No, actually, I felt more disappointed.

I thought it would be a casting opportunity.

“Yes, understood. I’ll let the other members know as well.”

“Great, I appreciate it. It’s reassuring to have you, Hoyun.”

Was that all?

Anyway, the BTS of the music video would be released bit by bit, so it didn’t matter.

The planning team worked hard, but the CEO made it sound like he took care of it all himself.

Well, it wasn’t a bad idea. I shrugged my shoulders and asked a question.

“Is that everything?”

“Oh, Hoyun, you shouldn’t be so impatient.”

The CEO grinned and tapped on his phone.

“You guys got an offer for a variety show.”

“A variety show?!”

The manager spilled water all over. The scene was reminiscent of a meme where someone spills orange juice.

“Ah, uh, I’m sorry.”

“Manager, here.”

“Our kids are already on a variety show…?”

The manager’s eyes brimmed with tears, and I quickly grabbed some tissues from the table and tossed them his way.

“Th-thank you, Hoyun.”


The manager sobbed, but my interest shifted entirely to the CEO.

“What kind of variety show is it?”

Weekly Star, something like that would be fine. We could at least create a few memes from it.

Variety shows, where many stars have the chance to shine. The godly realm where even unknown people suddenly rise to fame. That’s why I was also in the variety department.

Weekly Star? Or behind-the-scenes filming? Considering The Dawn’s level of recognition, it wouldn’t be a major network; it would probably be a cable broadcast…

What’s popular on cable these days? As I racked my brain, the CEO spoke with a smile.

“It’s a survival competition show called Shining Star, to be exact.”

“A survival competition?”

I slowly clenched my fist. The CEO nodded.

“You know the PD named Jeong Moonseon, right? The one who was famous for audition competition shows. It’s a program that person was working on, but they left for another variety show, so they’re looking for a new PD. Still, it should have decent recognition.”


“You know, like those programs where they select debut members from trainees. It seems similar, gathering average boy groups and making them compete. The winner gets their own variety show and can participate in the next major competition.”


I must have been living a virtuous life.

God was giving me such opportunities.

As I tried to suppress my delighted expression and maintain a stern face, the CEO glanced at me, worried I might refuse the offer.

“Why are you worried about it?”

“CEO, wouldn’t it be a bit… difficult for The Dawn to participate in such a show? Last time, half of the idol group that went on a similar program had their image ruined.”

“Ah, I’m actually a bit concerned. That cable channel is… somewhat malicious.”

“It’s beyond malicious! They’re notorious for their devilish editing! They prioritize idols from big entertainment companies and ruin the images of others. Some groups even disbanded because manipulated clips completely destroyed their reputation!”

“Hmm, I think it’s a good opportunity to raise recognition. But, in the long run, it could be harmful.”

The manager and the CEO had a heated discussion, going back and forth. As negative opinions seemed to dominate, the CEO stroked his chin and looked at me.

“So, what do you want to do, Hoyun? I’ll respect your opinion if you don’t want to do it.”


I slowly nodded my head.

Devilish editing? Image-making?

“I want to do it.”

Why should I worry about that?

As I flashed an innocent smile, the CEO and the manager were taken aback. Plans were already forming in my head.

“I really, really, really want to do it. I’ll convince the members for sure. Please let us participate in Shining Star.”

“Uh… A-Are you sure?”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen Hoyun ask for something like this…”

“We’ll pass on your positive response for now. We’ll also inform the planning team and the manager. Make sure to confirm with the members, too.”


“Go and rest. You’ve worked hard today.”

I bowed my head and left.

Inside my head, I was building scenarios.


“Oh~ Pick a card.”


“The future becomes clearer~!”

“You’re annoying.”

I was packing some essentials from home to live in the dorm.

After packing, I was about to head to the dorm when Seo Hojin’s teasing got on my nerves, so I smacked his head. With a loud thump, Seo Hojin whined in pain.

I continued to give endless advice to Seo Hojin even as I dragged my suitcase to the entrance.

“Turn off the gas and air conditioner properly if you’re not using them. Don’t just order delivery. Cook something as well.”

“Nagging is…”

“Are you not going to listen to me?”

Seo Hojin grinned despite my threats. He’s gotten a bit cocky lately. He was proud when I first debuted as an idol, but now it seemed amusing to him.

“Hyung, you’ve gotten popular, huh? One of my friends has you as their profile picture. They said you’re handsome.”


“So, now I can’t send messages to them. I might forget and think I was chatting with you. It’s scary.”

Seo Hojin laughed. I looked at my pathetic little brother and gave him one piece of advice.

“Don’t mention that I’m your brother unless it’s necessary. It just gets annoying.”

“I’ll do as you say.”

I always did that. When I was a PD, I told Seo Hojin to hide the fact that I was his brother when my face became known. People would always start arguments because they thought I had done something wrong (although I didn’t think I had).

It was especially true when my brother was in middle or high school.

It would be even more severe now that I was an idol.

“Hyung, take care. Live well in the dorm.”

“Alright, you fool.”

” Don’t worry about the low chances, there’s no need. It’s okay, I’ll lead you, so don’t be anxious, tada!”

My face soured. Seo Hojin held back laughter, excited to tease me after a long time. I pouted with my arms crossed.

“I’m leaving….”

“Yep, the genius idol is now departing~!”

“Aren’t you going to cry?”


“Huh? Are you going to cry? Are you?”

This time, it was Seo Hojin whose expression soured. When I mentioned his crying in the hospital after I collapsed, he remembered his embarrassing past and touched his head. I chuckled and left.

“Don’t wet the bed without me~.”

“Just… get out of here.”

As expected, teasing a younger sibling had its charms.

“I’m leaving now~.”


I smiled contentedly as I looked at the slammed door and adjusted my hat. I was heading toward the dorm address by bus or subway when a song played on the street.

“Say it once more, it’s the beginning for us.”

Oh?! That’s our song.

I suddenly stopped and looked at the shop. They seemed to be playing the top 100 songs from a music site.

Hearing our song on the street meant one thing – we were still on the charts. A smile spread across my lips.

It felt good.

“Why are you like that…?”

“Oh… It’s you!”

“Do I look like a chart-topping singer?”

“Hmph… Your face is so bright that I can’t see it!”

Until these guys stop their nonsense, that is.

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