The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 164

Episode 164

When Seo Hoyun was strategizing and physically pushing himself to lay the groundwork for the vocal unit, Jeong Dajun was suffering immensely.

“Okay~, let’s try syncing up once more!”

“Jeong Dajun, just a bit more to the side…”

“…Why can’t I do this?”

Each time the performance unit attempted to synchronize their group choreography, mistakes kept repeating.

It wasn’t just because he wasn’t accustomed to the members he was always with, but also because…

“It’s really strange, isn’t it?”

The territorial attitudes were no joke either.

Aside from High Five’s main dancer who cocked his head with an ambiguous expression, dancers from other groups took every opportunity to laugh at him when the camera wasn’t rolling.

“Aren’t you used to it? Maybe because they’re not the people you usually practice with?”

“…No, it’s okay.”


“I’m sorry.”

It was a deliberate attempt to dampen his spirit.

Unable to say anything more, Jeong Dajun wiped the sweat from under his chin.

Seonghyeon-hyung, you said I had talent… that I had something

Jeong Dajun wasn’t unaware of the reactions after the second competition.

Had Seo Hoyun known, he would have scolded him to practice more instead of spending time on such thoughts, but he too was an ordinary person who, despite his fears, wanted to check what was being said about him.

[Jeong Dajun is just so-so]

[The hyungs coddle him too muchㅋㅋ Saying everything he does is okay, so it seems like he’s slacking in practice]

Am I lazy?

He had long realized that being the maknae meant his mistakes were more readily forgiven.


Was this the right moment to extend my right arm?

“Sigh… Jeong Dajun.”

Or should I turn my head instead?


Was he now holding back the rest of his hyungs?

Perhaps The Dawn would have been better off as four instead of five.

Such thoughts tangled up whenever he hesitated.

At a young age, he had learned true fear, momentarily losing the bold courage to charge forward.


Seeing Jeong Dajun biting his lips, the main dancer from High Five approached and tapped his shoulder.

“—Uh, um… Do you want to take a break?”



He couldn’t stop now.

“I’ll continue.”

Otherwise, he felt like he would be truly left behind and isolated.

Constant practice seemed better.

He moved relentlessly, enough to slightly annoy Joo Woosung, who later came as a mentor.

“Jeong Dajun, standby!”

At the staff’s call from the waiting room, Jeong Dajun took a deep breath and stood up from his chair.

Kim Seonghyeon grabbed his arm.

“Jeong Dajun, do you want some calming pills?”

“No, I’m okay.”



His hands were still shaking.

He wanted to whine to his hyungs, wanting to stop right then and there.

But Jeong Dajun didn’t.

“A bit of nervousness is… good, Woosung-hyung said so.”


“I don’t want to go on looking too relaxed.”

While Kim Seonghyeon made a strange expression, Jeong Dajun repeatedly clenched and unclenched his fists.

“Seonghyeon-hyung, I practiced hard… So, I’ll do well and come back.”


“And Ichae-hyung, I need a little…”

Kang Ichae, who had drawn closer, hooked his arm around Jeong Dajun’s neck and whispered in his ear,

“Jeong Dajun, even if you make a mistake.”


“There’s no embarrassment as big as Hoyun-hyung’s.”

“…Is this really okay?”

Seeing Kim Seonghyeon’s doubtful expression, Jeong Dajun let out a brief laugh, seeming to relax a bit.

Then, after making eye contact with Kim Seonghyeon and Kang Ichae, he left the waiting room.

It’s a pity not to see Hoyun-hyung and Jiwon-hyung before I leave.

“Jeong Dajun, let’s check your outfit one last time.”

“Jeong Dajun! Standby over here.”

After the calls from many staff members passed, Jeong Dajun stood backstage in the dark.

The deep shadows covered his platinum blonde hair and crept down his face.


As he bowed his head to calm his mind, TEW’s main dancer came over.

“Don’t be nervous! You can do well.”


“Even without the members, you have to do well alone, right?”

Jeong Dajun couldn’t tell if the interest people showed in him was genuine kindness or merely malice in disguise.

It’s confusing…

Being an only child, showered with love from relatives to parents, he never needed to be aware of others’ gazes.

Even after entering the entertainment industry, he was clueless in this regard.

Having spent time with Seo Hoyun and experiencing various situations helped him understand to some extent, but he couldn’t always grasp it.

Furthermore, on this side, there were four hyungs who were pro-level.

They always covered everything up even before it was his turn.

But now, Jeong Dajun was alone.

Is this person serious, or not?

Honestly, he still didn’t have confidence in doing well in the performance unit.

People couldn’t change overnight, after all.

“Jeong Dajun, do you feel wronged?”

Dajun would sometimes recall the moment when the double contract issue blew up.[1]

Always with a blank face and harsh words, but someone who, no matter what, would stand by his side to the end.

That’s when he said…

“If you feel you have been wronged, just ignore people’s nonsense and live more boldly as you deserve. Then, eventually, people will forget, or the real issue will be resolved.”

At that time, Jeong Dajun felt suffocated.

What was the use of living upright all by himself?

In the end, nothing was resolved.

“But when you still feel upset about being deceived, when you can’t help but remember it every time you lie down even after enough time has passed, there’s only one way to resolve it quickly.”

However, Seo Hoyun responded lightly, as if talking about something very simple.

“All you have to do is prove that you’re right. Simple, right?” [2]

And he really did prove it with his actions.

The sight of Seo Hoyun entering the doors of Daepaseong Entertainment with a contract became a memory deeply engraved in Jeong Dajun’s life.




Just like Seo Hoyun had shown, Jeong Dajun also wanted to prove it.

That he truly was a member of The Dawn.

That the hyungs who were proud of him were right.

Therefore, he too must be a righteous person as acknowledged by his hyungs.


Jeong Dajun stopped trying to read something off the face of TEW’s main dancer standing next to him.

Let’s just accept it.

Jeong Dajun nodded.


The man standing in front had a cryptic expression, but Jeong Dajun didn’t mind.

“Honestly, it’s a bit worrisome without the hyungs.”


“But the hyungs said I have talent. More than anyone else here. And… I absolutely trust what my hyungs say.”



Jeong Dajun lifted his face brightly.

Then, after a long breath, he showed a bright smile.

“That’s why I’ll do well.”

To TEW’s main dancer, who stood speechless and taken aback by the force of his presence, Jeong Dajun winked.

“Ahahaha! Thanks for the support. Fighting!!”


“Jeong Dajun! Let’s turn the stage upside down!! Even if we mess up, we won’t be as embarrassed as Hoyun-hyung!!!”

Dajun could feel the gaze of TEW’s main dancer but quickly turned his head.

It was something he no longer needed to ponder about.

He took that step, one he wouldn’t regret.

“Let’s go, Dajun!!”

To the stage.


“Hey, did the maknae already leave??”

The first thing that caught my eye when I returned was Jeong Dajun’s empty spot.

He seemed to have already gone out to standby.

Sitting heavily on the sofa in the waiting room and drinking water, Kim Seonghyeon was groaning.


Although he tried to appear composed in front of Jeong Dajun, the worry was inevitable, his expression anxious.

Kim Seonghyeon, staring at the TV in the waiting room, pressed his face into his clasped hands and tightly closed his eyes.

“…Maybe I should have gone out instead.”

“What are you talking about?”

Although that was my response, I couldn’t remain calm either.

I hope the performance unit gets first place.

But more than that, I was worried about Jeong Dajun’s mental state.

Swallowing a sigh, I turned away, only to lock eyes with Seong Jiwon and Kang Ichae, who were whispering to each other.


“Oh, just thinking you’re being a bit overprotective.”


Kim Seonghyeon and I stared dumbfounded at Kang Ichae, but Seong Jiwon gestured with his head.

“Ah. It’s starting.”

The performance unit’s music started with a famous pop song that had a fast tempo and finely chopped beat fitting perfectly.

“Whatever you say Nothing can stop this feeling now!”

The anxiety amplified as the High Five main dancer started flying around from the very beginning.

…He’s doing well.

When you compare a hundred years to a single day, twenty years was still a time when dawn hasn’t broken.

It was natural to be clumsy and immature.

I thought it was only natural to lead by example.

“There’s Dajun!”

However, that thought completely vanished during Jeong Dajun’s solo performance.

Boom, boom-boom, boom…

On the stage, draped in darkness, Jeong Dajun stood alone under the white spotlight pouring down from above.

He was wearing ripped light blue jeans, a sleeveless white T-shirt, and a black rider jacket.

Though he was dressed simply, as if in his everyday clothes rather than stage outfits, it somehow made his dance lines more visible and focused.

The cheers of the fans slowly died down, and Jeong Dajun, who had been standing still with a cap pressed down on his head, gradually lifted his head to the beat.

Boom, boom-boom.

His gaze shone fiercely.

At times, it seemed to carry the intimidating aura of Kim Seonghyeon, while his calm, composed eyes resembled Seong Jiwon.

The slight ease in his demeanor was reminiscent of Kang Ichae.


Jeong Dajun, following the rhythm, lifted his right arm and tapped the cap he was wearing.

Then, he lifted the corners of his mouth in a playful smile.


A roaring scream spilled into the dressing room.

At the same time, a fierce rock beat that seemed to swallow everything began.

With not a single beat out of place, Jeong Dajun, with sharp movements, swung his left arm wide.

“The moment you saw me, it was like being struck by lightning!

You wouldn’t be able to do anything,

You’ve never seen something like this.”

It was surprising when he performed rock with Kang Ichae for the self-produced content before, but Jeong Dajun’s prerecorded voice fitted the song as if he was born with it.

“I know, you pretend not to know, but you’ve been waiting for me.”

The staff in the dressing room came closer with a camera to film our reaction, but we were too captivated to give a broadcast-worthy response.

“I will give you a ride!

You can’t hide your surprise, I know, Nothing can stop me now.”

It was because we were mesmerized by Jeong Dajun.

He was simply too good.

“What’s with him?”

Even without the hedgehog filter, even if you erased his face completely, it was the same.

“Hey babe! I will give a ride,

You can’t even get off, just gripping the handle tightly?”

Though still rough around the edges, his sense and sensibility for dance were unparalleled.

“Breathe in and out, in and out,

Don’t be scared, you wanted to ride.”

Then, Jeong Dajun threw the cap he was wearing high into the air, kicked his feet forward, flipped backward, and then caught the cap on the rebound.

He then lifted the corners of his mouth and threw the cap toward the audience.

“Honestly, I was scared, feeling like everything would end this way.,

But once you told me…”


“You are with me now!”

His platinum blonde hair shimmered under the blue lights.

“I will give you a ride, babe!”

As the drums furiously sped toward the end of the song, Jeong Dajun powerfully kicked his right foot toward the camera and ran into the center stage.


Someone in the audience excitedly waved Jeong Dajun’s cap.

Seeing this, Jeong Dajun passed by with a smirk, which the camera captured.

“Or Give me your kiss, that also works!”

Backup dancers, dressed similarly to Jeong Dajun, rushed in from both sides of the stage.

Yet, the most shining presence was undoubtedly Jeong Dajun.

The large group’s movement split dynamically, presenting a crumping that was overwhelming in its controlled intensity and power.

“What are you waiting for?

You are with me,

What are you waiting for?

Ooh Please, don’t be afraid.”


The melody of the electric guitar was dazzling.

Jeong Dajun, swinging his arm down as if punching the floor, bent his waist and licked his lips while looking at the camera.

“I will give you Ah what?”

Surrounded by the backup dancers, the choreography flowed seamlessly as if they were one body.

“Say it again, I will give you Ah what?”

As the backup dancers covered his eyes with their hands, Jeong Dajun mouthed the lyrics, eliciting screams from the Nouels.

“Yes, that’s right!”

Jeong Dajun twisted his lips, matched his gaze with the approaching camera, and thrust his hips while placing one hand on his thigh.

With the rock melody booming as if about to explode, he demonstrated powerful movement with precision and force, then lifted his head, revealing his pronounced canines with a bright smile.



As Jeong Dajun’s vigorous movements halted, the music stopped, and the lights went out.

Afterward, following the performance of TEW’s main dancer as the fifth act, a group performance began with the song of the currently hottest international boy band.

There, too, Jeong Dajun shone the brightest.

“Believe me, won’t regret!”

After the performance unit’s group stage ended, the camera closely captured the ending poses of each group’s members.

When it was Jeong Dajun’s turn, he showed his hand with the thumb tucked in and four fingers spread out, as if to encourage voting for number 4—his number.

Then, playfully kissing each finger, he blew a hand kiss and winked.


The dressing room was silent.

Among the members who had seen the whole stage, only silence lingered.

Everyone seemed to be choosing their words carefully on how to start the conversation.

Cheers for the idol they were supporting could be heard.

It wasn’t just my imagination that Jeong Dajun’s name sounded particularly loud.

“…Hey. That guy—”

But in the end.

“—must have practiced the ending to death.”

Only awkwardly circled words came out.

“That’s right, must have been taught by Ichae.”

“Truly a case of the pupil outshining the teacher~.”

Kim Seonghyeon, who had been silent, scratched his head in amazement, then laughed for a while as if relieved.

And, murmuring to himself, he said,

“There was no need to worry.”

I lay back on the sofa with a somewhat empty expression.

“How is it, hyung?”

Kang Ichae leaned toward me with a playful smile.

“Admit it, overprotection acknowledged, right?”

“Not at all.”

And then…


Thirty minutes later, Jeong Dajun returned, face smeared with tears and snot, holding up the unit’s first-place trophy in one hand and smiling brightly.

“Here comes the totally cool adult, Jeong Dajun!!”

[1] See end of Episode 72 for when it started.

[2] See Episode 73 for this dialogue.

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