The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 140

Episode 140


Inside the hall where The Dawn’s debut showcase in Japan took place, not only the people there but also the Noeuls watching the live broadcast at home felt their hearts pound as the lights went off and darkness descended upon the stage.


As a lively beat filled with a hint of freshness and excitement flowed, pastel lights turned on.

Positioned a bit back in the center of the stage was a large sofa, and lying on it with his eyes closed was Kim Seonghyeon.

[OMG, the stylist is insane]

A loose basketball uniform draped over a white knit or T-shirt with a deep navy line following the V-neck.

Shorts that came up slightly above the knees or baggy jeans with a long belt hanging down.

And white socks that came up high with sneakers!!

[Ahh, how did they know I absolutely adore this kind of look]

Everyone tore their hair out over the refreshing youthful look that seemed to emanate from the outfit.

[White T-shirt + basketball uniform always wins…]

[Suddenly going to Japan pisses me off….

Wearing white socks to Japan pisses me off so much……]

While the Noeuls unexpectedly filled with anger(?), the alarm sounded loudly once again.


At that moment, Kim Seonghyeon sat up from the sofa, rubbing his eyes.

“Yes, time to wake up.”

The lyrics matched that of a manga about a protagonist aspiring to be a successful idol in Korea.

The anime interweaved the protagonist’s determination to overcome challenges, the thrill of pursuing dreams, and the anxiety of seeking success in unfamiliar territory.”

“Lately, I can’t fall asleep, my heart keeps pounding, and my lips are dry.

Can we really do well?”

[Kim Seonghyeon’s deep voice is so fucking good]

[His expressions have gotten so much better latelyㅠㅠ Seonghyeon, you’ve got it all…]

Kim Seonghyeon found practicing his expressions under Seo Hoyun’s sarcastic guidance more challenging than memorizing Japanese lyrics, but fortunately, he succeeded in delivering a decent performance on stage.

“But we keep telling each other (Of course, what are you talking about?)

Let’s color the canvas as we wish.

Kang Ichae appeared from behind the sofa, squinting his eyes and locking gazes with Kim Seonghyeon, who then stood up with a smile.

Then, Jeong Dajun also popped out from behind the sofa, jumped over the backrest, and landed with a thud as he began singing his part.

“New Colors!

My heart keeps pounding, feeling this tension and excitement for the first time.”

[Ah, the lyrics are so, so good…. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ A new challenge = color, dang…]

[Can’t believe the members wrote and translated thisㅠ Love your sensibility…]

“From behind the stage, you tell me

That in this moment, we’re going to realize our dreams! “

Then, Kang Ichae, with a playful expression, leaned one arm on the back of the sofa and tapped Jeong Dajun with the other hand while laughing.

“Rather than that, wouldn’t it be nice if you stayed by my side?

―I swallow these words and instead say,

I also believe we will!”

Along with a refreshing beat, Seong Jiwon and Seo Hoyun came out from both sides and synchronized their dance moves.

[Real angels have arrived

Of course, one of them has a peculiar personality (laughter)]

Now, not only Seo Hoyun but also Seong Jiwon were referred to as “real angels.”

Despite their completely different personalities, they appeared harmonious at a glance because they both looked similar when smiling.

Seong Jiwon took a step forward with a slightly puckered nose and mischievous expression and tilted his fingers to the right as if moving the hands of a clock.

“Let’s paint our future together, meeting you has changed me, you know?”

Next to him, Seo Hoyun sat on the sofa, propping his chin while swirling his eyes.

“Today, tomorrow, and the day after, we’ll be together!”

Then, he jumped up from his seat and cheerfully joined the other members at the back.

From there, the choreography grew intensely detailed.

Kim Seonghyeon grabbed his chin with his large hand and shook his head from side to side, while the members changed their positions relentlessly to match his small movements.

[Wow, these guys always dance like they’re breaking their bodies;;]

[Dancing like it’s the last stage every time.. love you.. ㅠ]

The performance stayed perfectly in sync, with not a single beat missed.

“My heart keeps pounding, I want to tell you

I wish this moment could last forever!”

But then, a problem occurred.


[Dajun’s shoelace has come undone]

“Would you laugh if I said this?”

Buzzing with more energy than usual, the “puppy” unleashed a dynamic dance move, his feet pounding the rhythm, when suddenly…

[Oh no, baby]

Despite being tightly laced, the sponsored sneakers he wore that day slipped off due to the excessive force from rubbing and kicking the floor, coupled with the fact that they were half a size too big.


That shoe, having lost its direction in mid-air—


—landed with a THUD!!! right on top of Kim Seonghyeon’s head, who was moving to the back to dance.


Like a scene from an anime, the sneaker beautifully landed on his head and rolled off the floor as his body continued to move in sync with the choreography.


Kim Seonghyeon didn’t stop dancing, but he couldn’t grasp the situation, his mouth remaining slightly agape as his expression hardened.


Even a light canvas sneaker must have hurt when falling with such speed and force, but the instinct that the show must go on and the embarrassment were clearly visible on Seonghyeon’s face.

As Jeong Dajun moved position, he looked over at Kim Seonghyeon and the shaking of his eyes were captured vividly by the camera.

[Ah!! Damn, what do we do now??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

[Jeong Dajun is like a lucky charm sent from heaven, this is crazy]

[But right now, the people laughing the most are all Seong-fans, ahㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

└Seong-fan: A surprisingly lucky day♡]

In an instant, due to the broadcast accident, except for Kim Seonghyeon who became an idol hit by a shoe in the showcase and Jeong Dajun who hit the idol with the shoe, the others held their breath or bit the inside of their cheeks.

To hold back their real laughter.

“…Today, tomorrow, and the day after, we’ll be together.”

Especially Kang Ichae, who got hit directly by the laugh button, chewed on his lower lip whenever he was off camera to keep himself from laughing.

[Hey, how are we going to handle the laugh challenge, ah damn, ah damn, I’m already laughing my ass off, but what about them]

[Jeezㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah, it’s live right now, they have some extreme job, ahㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

[Hey, this is our debut showcase in Japan, what do we do


Hey, what should we do]

Knowing they couldn’t just stop, those who hadn’t seen the scene a few seconds before continued dancing on stage as if nothing had happened.

Even Dajun, now in socks and one sneaker, maintained a broad smile as he continued to dance.

 “Ah, this is a bit troubling.

Once we get backstage and the curtain rises,

You keep dancing, and I just

Can’t stop laughing.”

Surprisingly, the rap lyrics perfectly matched the situation, and Kang Ichae, who had been barely holding in his laughter, finally burst out laughing, causing Jeong Dajun to clench his teeth.

[Look at Kang Ichae laughing, right when the lyrics matchㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

[Clever bastardㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

As Ichae stepped aside, laughing all the while, Seo Hoyun, positioned at the center and smirking as he kept in step with the choreography, shared glances with Seonghyeon and Jiwon on both of his sides.

[What’s this]

[Why are you looking at each other]

“My heart keeps racing, I want to be painted in your color.”

As the Noeuls was buzzing, Seong Jiwon moved according to the choreography and kicked the shoe that had fallen close to the edge of the stage, pushing it toward Seonghyeon.



Seeing that, Kim Seonghyeon changed the original choreography as he spun around and smoothly picked up Jeong Dajun’s shoe.


“Would you laugh if I said this?”

While passing the shoe back to Seo Hoyun…

[Ah damn]

Instead of sitting on the couch with Jeong Dajun, Seo Hoyun knelt on one knee on the floor and grabbed Dajun’s ankle.


And he put on the other shoe for him.

“I may have a bad temper (Yeah I know),

Always doing things my way.”

[Ugh Aaaaaah Ah!!! Ah!!!!!]

[Seo Hoyun, you son of a bitch]

[Lol… Suddenly stopped laughing, hand frozen]

The collab between Seong Jiwon, Kim Seonghyeon, and Seo Hoyun looked so natural that even the shoe-throwing accident seemed like a planned performance.

“I don’t mind losing if it’s to you.”

Seo Hoyun grinned, tapped Jeong Dajun on the head, and stood up.

They naturally returned to the group choreography.

“Among the monochrome, only your color—”

The center switched between Seo Hoyun and Seong Jiwon, with Jiwon stepping forward.

“I wish this moment could last forever,

Can I stay by your side? (In my world, you’re the only one shining)”

Then, as he made a knocking gesture, Kim Seonghyeon pretended to rub the spot where he was hit by the shoe and mimicked opening a door.

“―I swallow these words and instead say,

Let’s paint tomorrow together, I’ve changed for you, okay?”

Today, just like any other day, the members earnestly performed their main jobs and smiled brightly at the camera.

“My Colors!”




“Wow, hyung, I’m really, really, really sorry!!”

“It was a good experience, maknae…”

“How did you get hit like that??”

The camera fully recorded the Japan debut showcase, which became a bit of a topic in Japan as well.

Thanks to it, The Dawn’s showcase stage even made it to Japanese video sites with comments embedded all over.

The scene where Jeong Dajun’s shoe flew off was completely filled with Japanese laughter emoticons.



[Dying of laughter wwww]

And it even made it to the trending videos on Japanese YouTube.

For a newly debuted idol, it was a groundbreaking move.

Even those with zero interest in idols came to watch the funny video, which played a significant role.

[Everyone is laughing, but I’m genuinely amazed at the Koreans’ ability to handle situations]

[The disbelief on Seonghyeon’s face (laughter), Jiwon can’t hold back his laughter for sure]

[Dajun looking flustered is cute]

[Stopped laughing at the part where Hoyun is putting on the shoe, is this child an angel?]

[Hey, redhead, all you do is laugh wwww]

Korean fans also laughed their heads off.

“Typical Korean idol’s Japan debut showcase,” “The Dawn’s on-stage accident handling skills
—clips with such titles brought joy to everyone, but…

“Dajun, they’re talking about you here~.”

“Ugh!! Stop! Don’t push it on me!!”

Jeong Dajun proved the exception.

Each time he remembered that moment, he desperately apologized to Kim Seonghyeon, his face turning red to the tips of his ears, embarrassed and ashamed.

“Ah, really…!! What would I have done if you guys hadn’t helped me back then??”

“Shocking, right?”

“Honestly, I got a year’s worth of emotion from Hoyun-hyung alone.”

If it hadn’t been for the showcase stage, the best kindness the hyungs could have offered might have been a ‘Here you go’ and throwing their shoes at him, but Jeong Dajun just shook his head vigorously with a moved expression.

Seong Jiwon chuckled softly beside them.

“Lucky there wasn’t a bigger accident.”

“Whoa, really…”

“Thanks for the big laugh to start the year~.”

“Quiet, the-rapper-who-only-laughs…”

Jeong Dajun growled at Kang Ichae, who was making an absurd claim that he had captivated the audience with his amazing stage performance instead.

Anyway, everyone sighed in relief that they had finished the stage to the end, but Seo Hoyun was sitting a bit away on a sofa, silently looking at his phone.

The other members glanced at him and murmured among themselves.

“…But it’s happening at midnight today, right?”

Kim Seonghyeon asked.

“Of course, we even booked a separate hotel room for it.”

“With your own money?”

“That’s harsh…”

Kang Ichae smirked and plugged in his earphones.

“…But you think Seo Hoyun will really fall for it?”

That Seo Hoyun.

With a sense sharper than anyone else’s and a mind that worked three times, would Seo Hoyun really not know about the surprise camera?

“Ahaha. What are you even talking about, hyung?”


“Having second thoughts?”

Unlike Kim Seonghyeon, Kang Ichae wasn’t the least bit worried about the aftermath, just chuckling away.

Licking his lower lip, Kang Ichae’s eyes gleamed like a predator eyeing its prey.

“I’m confident about it.”

For the recording of the ultimate surprise camera on January 30, Seo Hoyun’s birthday.

Kang Ichae was more serious about it than anyone.

[1] Basically, it’s a Japanese slang meaning “to laugh”.

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