The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 129

Episode 129

Paparazzi Kim Jaeyeon was living quite peacefully, if you overlook that he had been following Min Jiheon—who was broadening his influence beyond the Hallyu wave to the global stage through the OTT platformwith Please Take the Camera—yet without any payoff.

How can someone be like that?

Min Jiheon’s daily routine was like that of a madman: piling up food to eat, helping out staff in trouble, giggling away, then suddenly transforming into someone else as he threw himself into acting.

Home, set, home, company, home, restaurant, restaurant, home…

That was all there was to it.

He really is a genius. No wonder he’s keeping Daepaseong Entertainment afloat.

And now, another rising star has emerged from Daepaseong Entertainment – none other than The Dawn.

Or more precisely, it was Seo Hoyun, dragging The Dawn up by the scruff of its neck despite no one having any expectations or interest in them.

…How can someone be like that too??

Kim Jaeyeon sipped his hot Americano while fiddling with his phone.

An idol… no, even by ordinary people’s standards, he was no average Joe. What sane person would consider colluding with a paparazzi?

The thought of Seo Hoyun still mentioning XX Construction with a smirk on his lips sent involuntary shivers down Kim Jaeyeon’s spine.

So, Kim Jaeyeon decided to go along with whatever deal Seo Hoyun proposed. It wasn’t as if he was at a loss either.

“Photos of Yoon Heeun at the hotel??”

– “Yes.”

What are you going to do with them?

Kim Jaeyeon took his phone from his ear for a moment and stared at the screen before scratching his head and continuing the conversation.

“Look, Seo Hoyun… uh, that’s all well and good, but usually people don’t go into those places together. Plus, even if you have such photos, it’s tough to make a splash if the other party’s a chaebol, and there’s a high chance of backlash… unless you’re trying to extort money from a chaebol or something….”

– “Oh, you’re worried about me?”


– “Don’t worry, I’m not doing this to extort money.”

With that, Seo Hoyun briskly wrapped up his own matters and succinctly dictated what Kim Jaeyeon needed to do.

As Kim Jaeyeon took a pen and notepad out of his pocket to jot down Seo Hoyun’s instructions, he felt goosebumps rise on his arms.

And for good reason…

“…Were you a paparazzi before becoming an idol?”

– “Are you crossing the line?”

This was because his tactics were indistinguishable from those of a professional paparazzi.

First, match Yoon Heeun’s unofficial schedule with fans’ sightings to find gaps in time.

Second, considering the rumors that someone influential was deeply infatuated with Yoon Heeun, shortlist high-security, upscale hotels in the Seoul metropolitan area or nearby. Then compare those with Yoon Heeun’s schedule and home to deduce a place that wouldn’t take too long to travel to and from.

Third, go to the anticipated location during the gap in his schedule and stake out to determine the right spot. (If the location wasn’t correct, go back to comparing the opponent’s home and the hotel list. Eventually, you’ll find the right one.)

It was time-consuming, but not as difficult as it seemed.

However, …

…it wasn’t the kind of strategy a 23-year-old idol would easily come up with and execute.

He’s totally insane.

Kim Jaeyeon stroked his arms.

“It might take some time, you know that, right?”

– “Yes, I’m planning to build it up slowly anyway… Ah!!”


Seo Hoyun, who had been speaking in a bored tone throughout the call, suddenly added on as if he remembered something.

– “And there’s one more thing I’d like to ask you. You know Yoon Heeun’s home address, right?”

“Of course.”

Kim Jaeyeon, who was still writing down Seo Hoyun’s words, tilted his head in confusion.

“…What do you want to send him?”

Suddenly, a burst of laughter came from across the phone.

– “Pfft, keuk…”


– “Oh, this is just too fucking funny.”

Kim Jaeyeon asked in bewilderment, but Seo Hoyun didn’t answer, just continued to chuckle a bit more.

As Kim Jaeyeon wondered what to do with this crazy guy, whether he should just hang up the phone, Seo Hoyun hummed in a slightly calmer voice.

– “Well, it’s not for Kim Jaeyeon to know. Just make sure you deliver it without being followed.”


– “Thanks in advance.”

Having finished his business, Seo Hoyun, as always, hung up the phone abruptly.

“…What’s with this crazy guy again?”

Kim Jaeyeon scowled and shook his head.

But what could he do?

He had long given up trying to follow Seo Hoyun’s train of thought.

Despite the unpleasant feeling, Kim Jaeyeon started his car.

Deals with Seo Hoyun were always hard to refuse, and the rewards were undeniably profitable.


The CEO of Yoon Heeun’s agency realized something was seriously amiss.

The entertainment industry was a kind of “light.”

It was a place where dreams and idols were sold.

Naturally, there were bound to be bugs that flocked to the light.

Among them, the vilest were those who used rumors to make money.

The CEO’s mouth hung open upon reviewing the report from the internal operations team.

“What in the world is this?”

It was information that one could purchase online for a small amount of money. Today’s hottest topic was related to sponsorship.

Despite the lack of detail in the article with the provocative title of “The Entertainment Industry Is Truly the Animal Kingdom,” the CEO had a hunch.

Having discovered that the article had already been posted and had even reached him, he hurriedly searched the internet, realizing that people were already speculating about its subject.

[Ahㅋㅋ, this is obviously GHY, but even if we give him the benefit of the doubt and say it’s YHU, it’s still a bit ambiguous…”

[Let’s not spout nonsense, who believes this crap nowadays, it’s written like garbage and yet some are taking it as a documentary]

[Guys, aren’t you curious? Ah~ let’s just stop, I’m more surprised that people actually buy and read this stuff]

[Are you too scared to ask? Hmm, sounds about right though]

The CEO chuckled wryly after reading the reactions.

He thought it was impossible to pinpoint someone with just this kind of article.

Moreover, the public’s opinion of such tabloid-like articles had long been at rock bottom, so it was not a matter of great concern.

However, there was one problem.

It’s almost like a targeted attack.

Usually, such articles would be reported to him before being posted, allowing for preventive measures.

The fact that the post had simply gone up, along with various rumors that seemed intentionally mixed with vague bait to gather scandal around Yoon Heeun, felt deliberate.

It’s also a mix of facts and fiction.

“…Is this gossip? Or a threat?”

Yoon Heeun, summoned to the company by the CEO, asked calmly.

Such rumors were not uncommon in the entertainment industry, and they would usually quiet down quickly.

He knew this would end as just an incident.

“We don’t know yet; nothing has come to us.”

The CEO pressed his temples.

With so many media outlets and other agencies to consider, it was difficult to pinpoint where this was coming from.

“Ha, just lay low for a while. No solo activities, and just stay at home. Got it?”


Yoon Heeun returned home with an uneasy feeling.

Still, he thought it would be okay.

Instead, he found the CEO’s anxious behavior rather pathetic.

How could something like this spread? It’ll be blocked anyway.

There had been countless crises in the past, and having been in the industry for years, Yoon Heeun had gone through many ups and downs.

So, he knew that mere rumors wouldn’t affect him.

Taking photos at the hotel was difficult because of the tight security and, to put it bluntly, there were no pictures of him kissing someone in public.

Even if there had been, he knew they couldn’t possibly spread.

It wasn’t baseless confidence but rather certainty born from experience.

This is how things always go.

He recalled a junior who had scoffed at him a few days ago.

Although the thought made his stomach boil with anger, Yoon Heeun let out a wry smile instead of getting annoyed

He was convinced that as long as they remained in this industry, eventually, they too would become like him.

“Such a fool…”

Yoon Heeun massaged the back of his neck while pressing the door lock’s buttons firmly.

Ah, but it’s really a shame about Composer Cheongbeom.

As he was about to open the door—


Something was blocking the door, preventing it from opening. Looking down at his feet, there was a box, neither too big nor too small, beautifully wrapped.


Normally, he would have thought it was from a stalker and discarded it without a second thought but a small note attached to it caught his attention.

[Early Christmas Present. A gift from H Hotel ^^]

At first, he didn’t understand the content, but gradually, Yoon Heeun’s mouth fell open.

“…What’s this?”

The place he had been frequenting lately.

Having considered it trivial until a moment ago, Yoon Heeun was at a loss for words, confronted so blatantly by an unwelcome threat.

“…No, it can’t be.”

Glancing around to see if anyone was watching, he quickly brought the box inside.

He placed the box on the marble table and let out a deep sigh.


Who on earth could it be? Or did this mean that the sponsorship issue was indeed targeted at him?

He couldn’t report it to the police, and talking to the CEO wouldn’t change anything. If someone was operating under the radar, tracking down the person who delivered this box would be futile.

Pacing around the table, he agonized over countless possibilities.

But in the end, all thoughts converged to one conclusion.

For now, he had no choice but to open the box and see what was inside.

“…Right. I need to know to prepare for what’s next.”

Yoon Heeun hesitated before reaching out to the box.

As he untied the ribbon and opened it—



A spring-loaded doll popped out, covering Yoon Heeun in sparkling powder.

Cough, cough…!”

Having expected at most a threatening photo or a USB drive, Yoon Heeun was taken aback.

But that wasn’t the end.

It seemed as though some mechanism was in place; the box beneath the doll exploded, and another spring-loaded doll jumped out, with the process repeating several times.





Multiple boxes, enough sparkling powder to cloud one’s vision, and dolls scattered across the floor.

Yoon Heeun got up abruptly, coughing for a while as he brushed off the powder on his shoulders and body.

Ptooey, shit… What the hell is this?!”

It was a malicious prank. Yoon Heeun spat out the powder that had infiltrated his mouth and kicked the boxes scattered on the floor.

There were no more reactions; it seemed everything that was supposed to pop had done so.

Kicking a box one more time, a card emerged from the pile of scattered powder.

[Make an honest living, you little shit!]

“What the… Who, who is this?”

Yoon Heeun shivered as he read the words on the card and turned it over to check if there was something written on the back.

[Congrats! Yoon Heeun is now impotent!]


What did that mean?

Yoon Heeun crumpled the card in one hand and threw it to the floor.

What is this?

Was this some kind of metaphor? Perhaps a suggestion that he had lost his sponsor? No, no. That couldn’t be it.

Yoon Heeun was well aware that his current partner was smitten with him. After all, it wasn’t easy to find someone as sensible and high-class as himself.

“I need to find out who the hell did this….”

Yoon Heeun kicked the tumbling boxes on the floor, took off his outerwear, and headed to the bathroom.

He wanted to wash off the unpleasant and suspicious powder first and foremost.

It wasn’t until a few days later that he screamed in horror.




Meanwhile, I was alone in the dorm, basking in the warm winter sunlight on the balcony as I looked at the message Kim Jaeyeon had sent.

“Wow, the weather’s really nice today.”

Next to me was an item window, something I hadn’t seen in a long time.

A few days before I called Kim Jaeyeon, wondering if anything useful might be there, I scrolled through the item shop and stopped when I saw something.

[Anti-Love Doll Essential for Idol’s Self-Control!!

Gift a doll box to a concerned colleague!

The recipient will feel no emotional disturbance no matter how attractive a person they see.

Enjoy a safe and worry-free idol life.

※Effect applies only to the designated person. (Player can also use it.)

※Stackable effects.

※Warning: Restraints oxytocin and testosterone, excessive use may lead to side effects.

Points: 1,500]

“What is this useless item?”

The ability to restrain hormones?

I thought it was unnecessary since I had never had heart-fluttering feelings for anyone.

As I read down the system window, my attention lingered on the warning note.

“Is this the side effect of overdosing?”

I threw out the question wanting confirmation, but the system window did not respond.

However, being a top student, I drew my own conclusions from the lack of reaction.

And after my particularly close encounter with Yoon Heeun in the bathroom, I recalled this item and bought several to maximize the stacking effect.

– “What is this?”

“Just a little Christmas gift, sort of.”

Kim Jaeyeon grumbled something, evidently disgusted by my tone, yet the delivery appeared successful.

I only received news today that Yoon Heeun had been looking unhappy for the past few days.

If the item with the cool name of “Anti-Love Doll” had arrived properly, something precious of his wouldn’t have worked as it should―.

“How long will the effect last?”

Ultimately, he would have become (temporarily) impotent.


I didn’t feel like I had gone too far.

Every time I recalled the filthy stories I had heard and saw Seong Jiwon smiling innocently in stark contrast, I would get angry all over again.

And this item seemed to have been divinely timed to fall into my hands to use on Yoon Heeun. Not using it would be idiotic.

As I giggled to myself, the system window popped up.

[…Are you crazy?]

“Yes, I am.”

Normally I would have ignored such a comment, but I was in such a good mood that I lightly responded, which seemed to upset the system even more as it flooded with messages.

[Don’t use it for this…!! I prepared this item with a pure heart and you’re using it for this. Really??]

“Hey, don’t scold me too much. It hurts my feelings too….”

[I don’t want to answer… I’m not curious why you’re upset….]

I could feel the system window’s disgust even through the text. I stroked my chin and said regretfully,

“I wish I could have seen Yoon Heeun turn pale with my own eyes.”

It would have been fodder for laughter to sustain me through my tough life.

Although this wouldn’t be the fatal blow to his downfall, just the thought of Yoon Heeun turning pale made me burst into laughter again.

Well, even now, it seemed like I’ve got enough fodder to last me for half a year.


[I’m going to dispose of this forever….]

[For the well-being of everyone in the entertainment industry….]

“Ahaha, what a shame.”

I wanted to use it again in the future.

Although the points I had painstakingly accumulated were running low, this much was manageable.

I stretched, surveying the scenery outside the dorm, when my phone rang with a “Ding!”

Picking it up immediately, I checked it and smiled with satisfaction.

“Kim Jaeyeon, you did a good job, huh?”

It was another message from Kim Jaeyeon.

After several days of undercover investigation, he finally struck gold.

Hmm, I can’t blow it up just yet.

Attached to the message was a photo of Yoon Heeun’s car sneaking out of the hotel.

This, by itself, seemed like it would only be a temporary gossip item. But handled well, it could be the spark at the end of a fuse to a bomb.

What to do…

I heard rumors that Yoon Heeun might participate in Shining Star Season 2, but it was still undecided.

One thing was certain, though.

Throbbing with anticipation, I nestled my head on one arm and hummed playfully.

“Let’s start slowly, Mr. Yoon Heeun~.”

You really fucked up big time.

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

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