The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 115

Episode 115

“Hey, I had a great reaction last time, didn’t I?”

I knew it.

Around the same time as our “Kill the Lights” promotion, Joo Woosung was a standout in “Kings.” I still vividly remember being pissed off while watching his stage in the music show waiting room.

And regardless of my recognition, I couldn’t deny that Joo Woosung alone was almost a phenomenon.

After going to California, his dance skills improved, and the views for his fancams from music shows easily hit 5 million as a baseline, while dance videos shot in professional studios soared past 50 million in no time.

I knew it, but why did he feel the need to boast about it to me at this moment? Joo Woosung annoyingly kept brushing his hair back.

“Seen my popularity?”

“Yes, I have.”

Accepting it straightforwardly, Joo Woosung seemed satisfied, letting out a weak smile. On the contrary, my expression soured.

Joo Woosung, are you simple or complicated? I can’t figure you out.

“I really worked hard… Ah, is this what people call ‘desperation’?”


“Just two days before the debut lineup was decided, I felt that feeling… Ahahaha!”

Nope. Just a jerk…

Talking about infuriating stuff that would usually get under my skin, he successfully managed to make me super angry with the phrase “You can’t beat a genius who enjoys what he does.”

I took out a candy from my pocket and started chewing it vigorously to suppress my anger, while Joo Woosung giggled beside me.

“Oh? You both came early.”

“Ah, hello, senior~.”

“Hello, senior.”

Yu Jia entered, noticing the atmosphere and laughed, seemingly unaware of what was happening.

“Today’s Yu Jia’s Jujaju will start now. For today’s “Best Friends Special,” we have Joo Woosung from Black Call and Seo Hoyun from The Dawn!”

“Hello~, it’s Woosung.”

“Hoyun here.”


If you really want to pick a fight.

Let’s see how it goes, Woosung.

I straightened up and smiled calmly. Yu Jia smoothly transitioned, holding her script cards.

“So, you two are close, right?”

“We’re not.”

“That’s right.”


Yu Jia laughed off Joo Woosung’s skewed response and my counter, then decided to generously move on.

“Yes, so how did you become close?”


It’s like Yu Jia was gently forcing us to admit that we’re close friends now. Joo Woosung hesitated for a moment, seemingly forgetting the setting.

Get a grip, Joo Woosung.

Joo Woosung then looked at me for agreement.

“…We were neighborhood friends?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

It’s been a while since he was blackmailed, so he must’ve completely forgotten what kind of person I was. Clearly, he was planning to really screw me over.

Yu Jia’s eyes stopped smiling, possibly thinking that this footage might not be suitable for broadcast.

“Seems like you forgot a bit?”

“Too many things happened in the last year, I can’t remember well.”

However, Joo Woosung smoothly reverted back to his senior persona with a gentle smile. I turned my head and chuckled softly.

“It’s great… having created so many memories with hyung over the past year.”


“Shall we create more?”

It meant if you don’t want to be threatened, behave well.

Joo Woosung, who had a lot of sore points, flinched for a moment. Yu Jia, ever the professional, even received that comment.

“…Yes, you’ve had many memories in the past year, haven’t you? From Over-Immersive Captain to The Victory is Mine. What’s the most memorable episode?”

“Ah, for me, it would have to be the Do Exactly As Told series.”

But that was not enough to stop Joo Woosung. Seizing the opportunity, he brought up another annoying topic.

“Our Hoyun is really good at aegyo. Remember the expose broadcast by Ichae? I was so amazed.”


“Are you still practicing in front of the mirror these days, Hoyun?”

However, to Joo Woosung’s disappointment, I had long since let go of all pride regarding this topic.

Joo Woosung was fidgeting, but I just wore a calm smile and said.

“Shall pretty Hoyoonie try it?”


“Can you play the song? I’ve been practicing something in the mirror recently.”

“How can you be so shameless?”

“It’s not necessary.”

Yu Jia and Joo Woosung harshly refused, clearly more interested in my embarrassing history than seeing my aegyo.

Despite the situation, Yu Jia managed to extract normal responses and salvage the footage.

The problem, however, was Joo Woosung.

  1. Introduce Seo Hoyun’s charm!

“It’s probably his rebellious nature…”

I wasn’t much different, really.

  1. What’s Joo Woosung’s appeal point?

“His unwavering mental strength in any situation?”

Joo Woosung’s lips quivered at my response, which was meant to imply how he doesn’t get existential crisis whenever he encountered his ex-girlfriends at music shows.

Yu Jia, quietly observing the scene, put down her card and rested her chin on her hand, asking softly,

“You two seem to be enjoying life these days, huh?”


The atmosphere on set suddenly turned as if doused with cold water.


“We’ll do better.”

…Anyway, Joo Woosung, slightly intimidated by Yu Jia’s annoyed look, continued the shooting, but Yu Jia threw a curveball.

“You two are idols~ It’s a bit late to promote new songs, but would you like to give it a try?”


“We’ll play your songs, so why don’t you dance to them?”


I was horrified.

Dance live on air? Next to Joo Woosung, with his EX- level dance skill? When I’m just a B-grade dancer?


Joo Woosung quickly noticed my pale complexion and sprang to his feet.

And he stretched with a series of smirks.

“Ah, I don’t usually accept these kinds of challenges, but for Yu Jia’s show, I’ll make an exception! I’ll dance!”


Joo Woosung, really…

But as a rookie, I couldn’t refuse.

Though I knew I’d be overshadowed by Joo Woosung, I gritted my teeth and prepared to dance. Yu Jia watched us with a pleased smile.

Joo Woosung, true to his EX- rating, effortlessly performed the highlight parts of “Kill the Lights” with a broad grin.

I’ll skip how I did with Black Call’s song. Just adding that Joo Woosung was incredibly annoying beside me.

“Ahaha, our junior is doing well~! Fighting!”


I swear I will definitely improve this dance skill!

Feeling utterly drained, I was ready to wrap up the shoot and plot how to get back at Joo Woosung when suddenly Yu Jia pulled out new cards from behind her chair.

“Then, let’s move into part 2 and talk about the lyrics, shall we?”


“A guest will join us!”

Part 2? A guest?

That wasn’t discussed before.

“Let’s bring in the genius composer, Blue Tiger!!”

Yu Jia, who had been maintaining a calm demeanor, called the guest with a hint of excitement in her voice.

…Ah. Lim Hyeonsu.

Of course, Lim Hyeonsu had enough public recognition and sense to appear on Yu Jia’s show.

But Joo Woosung and Lim Hyeonsu together…

It’s like my personal gossip club.

Bracing for impact, I turned around… But contrary to Yu Jia’s enthusiastic introduction, the set was quiet. The usually confident genius composer, Lim Hyeonsu, should have been there.

“…I’m here.”



Everyone screamed and moved away. There, in a corner, sat Lim Hyeonsu…

She was slumped over, looking drained.


The usually self-assured Blue Tiger looked like a wilted radish today.




“…So, we can’t not talk about “Second Chance.” Ms. Composer, how did you come to give them the song? The response was really hot.”


The genius composer, Cheongbeom, slouched in her chair, her expression screaming “meh.”

It’s about “Second Chance,” a song I extorted from Lim Hyeonsu, so normally, she would’ve sneered at me and found ways to irritate me. But today, she seemed out of it.

“Uh… Seo Hoyun asked for it.”


“I gave it, well….”

…What, what?

Then Lim Hyeonsu fell silent. We stared blankly at her, lost in thought.

…That’s it?

“…Well, I was personally conflicted, but Ms. Composer kindly offered to help.”

So, I had to beautifully package the story of my own extortion.

“Kindly offered” my foot. Lim Hyeonsu, who would’ve been cursing up a storm at that, just nodded and fiddled with her fingertips.

What’s going on?

Lim Hyeonsu, usually sharp-tongued like a judge on my sensational show, looked defeated like never before. Yu Jia glanced at her, then struggled to salvage the sinking ship.

“It’s impressive that you willingly helped! It’s known to be quite hard to get a song from Blue Tiger. She’s famous for not giving songs to just anyone.”


“…Right, Ms. Composer?”

“Uh? Oh? Ah… Yes. I’m famous as a composer.”

Lim Hyeonsu gave a very out-of-place response.

“You’re famous, ha…”

“Yes, that’s right…”

Lim Hyeonsu seemed to have swallowed some curses. Yu Jia, taken aback, continued with her questions but Lim Hyeonsu’s responses were all—


“Oh, yeah….”

“Lyrics meaning? Uh… just wrote them.”

—Just like that.

Yu Jia, who had been steadfastly continuing the show even amidst Joo Woosung and my bickering, looked at Lim Hyeonsu, speechless.

Still, since Yu Jia had a connection with Lim Hyeonsu from her rookie days, she couldn’t say much, just like she did with us…

“…Wow, did she really hit rock bottom?”

“I don’t know…”

Joo Woosung and I murmured, puzzled, while Yu Jia trembled yet somehow wrung out enough footage for broadcasting.

She was a real pro.

“…Thank you for your efforts. That’s all for Yu Jia’s Jujaju~.”

“Did you get enough for the broadcast?”

“The first part of the ‘Best Friends Special’ was fun and we got good footage. We’ll edit it without crossing the line, but Part 2…”


… Anyway, after the shooting, I overheard the staff murmuring and turned to look at Lim Hyeonsu. Was this the first time I’d seen her since our phone call?

Yu Jia, surprisingly, was the first to care for Lim Hyeonsu instead of getting angry.

“Ms. Composer, is something wrong?”

“No, I’m fine, Jujaju…”


“I feel bad for calling you here…”

“Are you apologizing to me?!”

Yu Jia was genuinely shocked. I crossed my arms and watched, curious, as Lim Hyeonsu seemed unusually downcast. Joo Woosung tilted his head quizzically beside me.

“Noona, what’s wrong?”


“Why are you so down? Cheongbeom-noona is at her best when overflowing with confidence.”

“Why does he talk like that?”

I couldn’t help but react to Joo Woosung’s passive way of addressing women, but I had to agree with his point. Lim Hyeonsu was at her best when slightly arrogant.

However, Lim Hyeonsu, maybe burnt out or something, rubbed her eyes and said,

“I don’t know, just… Lately, everything’s been irritating. Nothing’s going right.”


Was this really… because of Kang Ichae?

It was true that Lim Hyeonsu acknowledged and envied Kang Ichae’s talent, but was it enough to cause Lim Hyeonsu such a shock? Especially after producing such amazing songs for Black Call?

As I narrowed my eyes at her, Lim Hyeonsu evasively looked away.

Yep, seems like it.

Watching her, I thought about another talent bomb probably lying around in the dorm, tormenting the leader and the youngest. Honestly, both seemed the same to me.

Should I comfort her? If I wanted to use her, it’d be right to comfort her, but while I was pondering, Joo Woosung smirked.

“Noona, I have a solution for you.”


He leaned in and whispered.

“How about some financial therapy in California?”

“… California?”

“Yeah, it’s nice there. Sunshine, cheerful people. Want me to tell you the hotel I stayed in?”

Why is he like this, really?

Places were all the same everywhere…

While I was rolling my eyes at Joo Woosung, still not over his California craze, Lim Hyeonsu, seemingly sharing my thoughts, faintly smiled.

“What’s so special there…? I’d rather just stay in Korea and smoke myself to death.”

“Seriously, it’s good! Get some vitamin D, spend some money.”

“What’s in California? All I think of is 2pac’s ‘California Love.’”


Both Joo Woosung and I, along with Yu Jia, were left with question marks above our heads.

“…You guys don’t know this?”

“What is it?”

“…What, what…?”

Realizing from our reactions that we were clueless, Lim Hyeonsu suddenly perked up (though in anger) and started ranting.

“Wait, even if I’m down, this is too much. How can you not know this song?? It’s the song that plays nonstop in the U.S. when a home run is hit! It’s played in California during pitcher changes?!”

“Seo Hoyun, do you know?”

“No, I don’t.”

Not interested in baseball.

“Cr-crazy… It’s a real god-tier song….”

Lim Hyeonsu grumbled, ready to enlighten us young ones on the intro of this god-tier song… then paused abruptly.



“Wait, California Love? Love?”

She whirled around to face Joo Woosung. Lim Hyeonsu, apparently not very interested in the song, let go of her phone and grabbed Joo Woosung’s forearms.

“Did you go to California to find love, Woosung?!”



While Yu Jia remained calm, I, who was listening casually while drinking water, choked on it.

“Ah, haha… Love, he says, haha….”

Joo Woosung, who was previously enjoying his genius status, suddenly turned into someone who flew 11 hours just to find love. He stuttered, then denied it.

“What are you talking about? No, it’s not like that.”

“Wow… So that’s why you were all about California earlier….”

“It’s really not true! Seriously, I was just cooped up in a studio there, dancing hard, okay??”

But Lim Hyeonsu, being the genius composer and lyricist she is, blinked after hearing Joo Woosung’s words.

“—You were dancing?”

And she marveled innocently.

“Wow, no—such a great metaphor….”


“Hey, Woosung. You should really listen to ‘California Love.’ It has lyrics similar to what you just described.”

“What, what, what….”

“You have talent in lyrics, man….”



Eventually, Joo Woosung became utterly frustrated, but I bent over, holding my stomach in laughter.

Seeing Joo Woosung get hilariously bamboozled was just too funny, especially when things hadn’t been going my way lately!

“Ah, they said you have talent in lyrics~!”

“Seo Hoyun, seriously, stop laughing!”

Regardless of Joo Woosung’s squawking or my almost sobbing laughter, Lim Hyeonsu suddenly clenched her fist decisively.

“Alright!! Thank you, Woosung. I’ll go to California for some love therapy too!”

“Wow… take care, Ms. Composer~.”

“Seo Hoyun, thank you! Jia, want to come along?”

“No thanks, go by yourself, Ms. Composer.”

Lim Hyeonsu’s eyes sparkled. Leaving behind one angry, one snickering, and one bewildered person, she ruffled her hair and stepped out to look for a flight ticket, humming a tune.

California Love~! Doo-roo-roon bam-bam-bam-bam!”

“When will Ms. Composer ever grow up…?”

I sighed, feeling sorry for the genius composer who seemed to be getting younger, while Yu Jia shook her head and left the room.

Left alone with Joo Woosung, I still couldn’t stop laughing.

“What’s with my image now? I, I really worked hard this time, you know?”

“Kek, pfft….”

“…Seo Hoyun, I said stop laughing!”

Ignoring Joo Woosung’s chiding, I finally managed to calm down after some deep breaths, then leaned back and asked sweetly,

“Ah… what about all those noonas you charmed, hyung?”


“Why couldn’t you keep them? Even Cheongbeom-noona is going to California to find love without you, are you okay with that?”

Joo Woosung stood up trembling with MAX anger. Watching his defeated face made me burst into laughter again.

“I guess I should listen to ‘California Love’…”

“Hey! You, just try listening to it!”

“Sure~. I’ll listen right away~.”

As Joo Woosung glared at me and grumbled on his way out, I returned to the van in high spirits and plugged in my earphones to play the song.

The song, with its hip-hop beat and a striking intro, made sense as Lim Hyeonsu’s favorite, but frankly, it wasn’t really my type.

Nevertheless, I hummed along, enjoying the song for what it brought me, and checked the completion of my quest.

[“Let’s go on a variety show!” quest completed!

Seo Hoyun PD-nim, instead of showing off your variety skills, you just had fun teasing others…

Still, it’s a success, and you’re awarded 8,000 points.]

One should find joy wherever possible.

Chuckling, I picked up my phone, noticing a V-Live notification. I opened the video, and…


I stumbled upon something curious.

– “…Ah.”

Seong Jiwon was speaking softly to the fans, but then he stiffened upon checking his phone.

– “…Ah, haha. Sorry, it’s nothing.”

He quickly resumed his conversation as if nothing happened, but…

Throughout the V-Live, Seong Jiwon’s phone kept ringing incessantly.

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

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[Congratulations Seo Hoyun! You have been selected as a player in the Unknown Idol Tycoon.] The good-for-nothing PD, who is criticized by everyone, becomes a unknown idol in a parallel world. Only his younger sibling remembers him. To return to the original world, he must become a top idol and clear the game! “…Quest accepted.” “Are you crazy?” “Don’t we need to eat and live?” His specialty is blackmailing, his hobby is persuasion. The survival story of the unscrupulous PD-turned-idol who will stop at nothing!
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