The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 11

Episode 11

“Hey guys, it’s great that the atmosphere is warm, but we have to join the planning team meeting now.”

Kang Ichae nodded at the manager’s words.

“Right, we were shocked by Hoyun-hyung’s dancing, and we totally forgot about it.”

“Do you want to die?”

When I asked, Kang Ichae chuckled and followed the manager. I was sincere, but Kang Ichae seemed to be joking.

Seong Jiwon also followed behind, giggling.


[Quest Arrival!: “Let’s persuade the planning team!”

Seo Hoyun, you’re doing well. I’m worried about the dance, but…. Try to persuade the planning team.

Persuade the planning team 0/1

Success: Dance +10

Failure: Dance -100]

Was the system good or not? It’s starting to confuse me.

But these guys… Did they make a good plan?

I was bothered that I couldn’t discuss the planning because I was too focused on the choreography.

That anxiety soon became a reality when we sat down with the planning team.

“We want a monster concept.”

“Oh, no. It’s a high school club concept.”

“What? Wasn’t our concept an intelligence agent?”

Everyone expressed their opinions while chattering. These kids were too focused on the choreography to discuss the planning properly. The planning team leader smiled awkwardly as he watched the members get perplexed by what they had said to each other.

“Um… I guess you didn’t discuss it well?”

The planning team leader was laughing, but it was a sign that he was upset about something. I watched him silently with my mouth shut.

“We thought you were going to overhaul the planning, so we thought you had a clear vision.”

“We want to adjust things with the planning team slowly.”

I quickly interrupted. The planning team leader widened his eyes and looked at me.

“Um, right. Seo Hoyun, is it? You’re popular today, right?”

Why are you being a pain today?

“Yes, thank you.”


The planning team leader raised his eyebrows as he accepted it willingly. It was a look that said, “Do you see this?”

I was wrong. I thought the plan for “Pineapple” was nothing special, but it seemed to be more work than I thought.

Fighting was my specialty.

Seong Jiwon also knew that and quietly cheered me on while clenching his fists.

“Thank you for the plan last time. It’s definitely a trendy and popular concept to make a song based on fruits. I felt that you put a lot of thought into it and made it.”

You guys are so outdated. Did you even think about it before making it?

“Haha, thank you. As you know, The Dawn is very popular these days, so we made it to meet fans’ expectations.”

– You guys are not popular at all. Even if I made a bad one, you wouldn’t have anything to say.

“Yes, we really thought it was the planning team. We believe in their delicate consideration and passionate attitude and follow them.”

What’s the point of a planning team if they don’t plan? Were they just wasting their salary?

“… Ahem.”

The planning team leader shut his mouth, unsure if the message was conveyed well. Anyone who knew the context or sensed it can see that even though we were laughing, we were having some kind of mental fight.

Except for Jeong Dajun, everyone else was tense and looked in our direction.

“We are really grateful!”

Jeong Dajun smiled brightly while saying hello. Jeong Dajun was probably sincere, but he unexpectedly gave a counterattack to the planning team.

Nice one!

“There are some parts that I want to slightly modify in the planning, so I’d like to ask you. Let’s listen to the song first.”

As soon as the planning team leader was counterattacked by Jeong Dajun, he responded hastily. The planning team leader and members’ eyes sparkled in confusion when the song played.

After the song ended, the planning team leader nodded.

“The song is good.”

“It’s a Blue Tiger song.”

“As expected… I can feel it.”

“Yes, we were lucky to get it. As you can see, our current plan doesn’t match the song. So, we want to request some changes.”

“Um, I see. Do you have any direction in mind?”

Of course. I took out the print I had prepared.

In the entertainment industry, where new groups pour in daily, you must have a clear group direction to stand out.

“What do you think is the most important thing for a new group that isn’t doing well yet?”

“Haha, why the sudden question? Um… I don’t know, popularity?”

The planning team leader laughed. But the planning team member next to him kept winking her eyes.

She seemed to have something to say. When I looked at her, she suddenly spoke up.

“Can I answer?”


I was a person who was generous to proactive people. As I nodded, the planning team’s youngest member, who seemed to be like him, spoke up excitedly.

“I… think it’s stans.”


I smiled. There’s always someone with good instincts.

“That’s right. Stans, that’s the correct answer.”

The members still seemed unsure and didn’t speak easily, waiting for my next words.

“In the early stages, we need hardcore fans – stans – to establish a foundation. To do that, we need original settings, a profound worldview, and lots of foreshadowing.”

“Ah, I see…”

Jeong Dajun had a look of enlightenment. Furthermore, the youngest planning team member nodded vigorously in agreement with my words.

“Our song is electronic, but we’d like to put it in a particular setting. We looked at the current trends, and the one thing in the highest demand right now and relatively low supply with idol groups is post-apocalyptic stuff.”

I continued to explain while going over the printouts.

I wasn’t a stan, but while developing programs, I got used to analyzing viewers’ needs that frequently changed, so analyzing such trends was a piece of cake.

As I continued to explain, everyone started to understand and agree with me.

“I want to take it in this direction. However, my knowledge in this field is lacking, so I hope the planning team can add some details…”

It was then that the planning team’s youngest member suddenly burst out.

“I want to do it! I want to do it!”

She was in a frenzy, raising her hand and staring at us with sparkling eyes. Even the planning team leader and I were surprised.

She continued to talk nonstop.

“I completely agree with what Seo Hoyun said. Plus, the song is dark and electronic, which would match well with post-apocalyptic themes. As for the settings related to the apocalypse, there are science fiction, military, regression, etc. If we divide them in half, we can create a relationship between members that conflicts with each other and provides each member’s unique characteristics.”


Hardcode fans tended to talk about their favorite things without being asked.

The planning office fell silent, and I felt a bit oppressed by her enthusiasm. I nodded my head cautiously.

“Ah, yes… Then please take the lead. Team leader, since she has so many ideas, can we leave it to her?”

“Uh, yes. I’ve never seen her this excited before…”

She must be interested in this kind of thing. I made a mental note of her name.

Lee Jihyeon. She could be used well.

I turned to the members to get their approval.

“How about you guys? Are you okay with this?”

Even though I would push the project in the desired direction, I still wanted to listen if anyone had a better idea.


Kang Ichae quietly called out to me.

“What’s up?”

“Hyung, did you hit your head somewhere? Why are you so good at handling people?”

“Is that a compliment or an insult?”

“Let’s say it’s a compliment.”

Anyway, there were no objections. As I looked around at the members, Kim Seonghyeon, Seong Jiwon, Kang Ichae, and Jeong Dajun all nodded in agreement.

“Then please proceed like that. We’re sorry, but we don’t have enough preparation time due to sudden modifications. We plan to finalize the composer and lyrics tomorrow afternoon and then proceed to recording. Can you give us a general direction and rough part distribution until then?”

“Tomorrow afternoon? That’s a bit difficult…”

“I can give you a rough direction!”

“… Kheuheuheum!”

The planning team’s youngest member gave off more strength than I expected. The planning team leader glared at her, but she ignored him.

Well, fighting!

It was good to have passionate people.

“Thank you. We’ll send the song separately. Please let us know again when the planning is finalized.”

After I finished speaking, I patted the members.

“Let’s go practice.”


As soon as I left the planning room with the members, I texted Lim Hyeonsu.

– Me: Are we going to record tomorrow afternoon? Can you also help with the lyric revision?

– Me: The schedule is tight, but I’ll send you the overall planning now.

Lim Hyeonsu replied shortly after I pressed send.

– Lim Hyeonsu: Even if it doesn’t work, you’re going to ignore it anyway, crazy bastard.

“How did she know?”

I chuckled when the planning team leader came out of the conference room. He glared briefly at me about the sudden overtime, then took a deep breath.

“Seo Hoyun. Good job.”

“Yes, you too, team leader.”

“People change so suddenly. I guess we’re going all out this time.”

“Haha, we have to stay strong.”

If we didn’t go all out, we could never clear it. Who would be careless in this situation?

I had to go back to the practice room and be a practice worm. The team leader nodded.

“It’s a tough schedule, but we’ll do well since we’re doing it anyway. We were also a bit worried.”

He was more lenient than I thought. Anyway, it’s inevitable in social life, but having a person like him is comfortable. Judging by his conversation, he was not wholly inflexible and might be capable.

The planning for The Dawn was roughly done.

“I’ll do my best.”

“Your answer is refreshing. Fighting!”

The planning team leader left, and the youngest member bowed her head to me and followed him. It was not a bad combination.

[Quest complete: “Let’s persuade the planning team!”

I have a feeling the youngest member of the planning team carried you. But still, success is a success!

Convincing the planning team 1/1

It’s a success. Dance skill increased by 10.

Special gift for newbies! A new system will be added.]

A new system?

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol

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