The Trashy PD Has to Survive as an Idol Episode 107

Episode 107

“Hey, you are…”

Truly extreme.

I was already shocked with his S- in Dancing, but then received another shock with his E- in Acting.

I didn’t even know an E- stat existed in this world.


[He’s extreme, it’s either-or with Kim Seonghyeon]

Even the system window was teasing Kim Seonghyeon.

“Our Bang Bang is really bad at acting, huh?”

“Why are you picking a fight all of a sudden?”

Kim Seonghyeon grumbled. This guy must be terrible at lying.

I compared my stats with his.

[Singing: A0

Dancing: B+

Variety: A-

Acting: B+

???: ???

Charm: A-]

Overall, they all improved, but thinking about Joo Woosung’s stats I saw last time, I knew I still had a long way to go.

Besides, there seems to be an invisible wall between B and S ranks.


I quickly got up, thinking that it would be better to practice now than to be compared next to an S-rank.

I suddenly felt energized thinking about a title like “Seo Hoyun dragging down his group member” floating around on YouTube.

“What should I do here?”

“Thrust your hip once, reach out your hand, and rise up with a wave. Easy, right?”

“It’s like you’re saying studying was the easiest thing for you.”

“Acting is easy too. Should I show you?”

The moves shown by someone with an S- stat in Dancing were definitely powerful.

I silently closed my mouth and memorized the moves.

Alright… I’ll shut up…

Damn Daepaseong Entertainment who almost ruined this guy, I now respect you…

I whined for quite a while following Kim Seonghyeon, but eventually, I lay down exhausted.

At this point, Kim Seonghyeon might have been a tiny bit satisfied as he plopped down beside me.

It was already September, but the weather was still hot.

“Can you turn on the AC…?”

“It’s broken.”

“What? They should at least fix the facilities now that they’re making money, right?”

“They fixed it, but Jeong Dajun broke it again yesterday while making a ruckus.”

“…Jeong Dajun… seriously.”

As I was lying down and cooling off with a mini fan, Kim Seonghyeon casually spoke.

“But you, your dancing has improved a lot.”

“You were cursing at me just now.”

“I didn’t curse, okay? I’m just saying… you’ve improved a lot compared to when you first started.”

In fact, it improved because of the pay-to-win effect.

I wiped off the sweat and said,




“I’m sure I don’t have such a thing.”

Kim Seonghyeon frowned. That jerk… sometimes he was too cold.

Just as I was about to turn my head, Kim Seonghyeon began fanning me and said,

“I can see you practiced a lot. You come straight to the practice room when filming ends and drill yourself, right?”


That’s… true.

Because once the acting activities were over, we would immediately make a comeback, I couldn’t just pretend not to know and stay still.

Everyone was surprised to see me drinking red ginseng and showing up with a haggard face every night…

“You’ve improved a lot because you have been practicing hard.”

Kim Seonghyeon hesitated a bit after saying that.

“…Did you manage to solve it well?”

I turned my eyes to look at him sneakily.

Is he talking about Min Jiheon?

He, who had been rolling around in the entertainment industry and suffering from the filth and blaming himself for it, still had a stubborn side.

For example, bluntly throwing a fastball without any intention of beating around the bush.

He was a bad actor… rather, he was too honest.

I yawned and replied,


Unlike Kim Seonghyeon, I was good at acting.

“I solved it well.”

Actually, nothing was solved, but I still said otherwise so calmly.

Kim Seonghyeon ran his fingers through his hair and sighed deeply.

“…Ugh. Is this why you learned acting?”


I was startled on the inside, but I managed to keep my expression under control.

Kim Seonghyeon might not have been good at acting, but that did not mean he couldn’t detect when others were putting up an act in front of them…

For reference, Kim Seonghyeon was not as sharp as Kang Ichae (I still wonder how he grew up), but he was still quick-witted.

“I sorted it out well.”

I said so confidently, yet Kim Seonghyeon’s gaze continued to pierce me.

“I did sort it out. For real.”


“Really… Ha, fine. Damn. I get it.”

I rubbed my face with both hands. It was still hot, and the lights in the dimly lit practice room were flickering.

“I couldn’t sort it out well. I’m annoyed because nothing has been resolved.”


“No matter what I hear from him… The more I ask, the more I don’t understand. It’s so frustrating.”


Right, that was what mattered here.

I muttered, staring blankly at the ceiling.

What could I do?

“Let’s keep going.”

Kim Seonghyun just listened quietly. I turned slightly to look at Kim Seonghyun making a strange expression.

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt the team.”


“Now that you’ve heard everything, at least give some advice.”

“How can I give some advice? I know nothing.”

“If you’re not going to help, why did you pointlessly ask then?”

There were no practical solutions to my problems.

As I stared at him annoyingly, Kim Seonghyeon suddenly shoved a mini fan right in front of my face. It was set to a strong wind, so even the mini fan stung my eyes.

“Argh, speak up….”

“Ah, I can’t hold back.”

Kim Seonghyun, who had become particularly shameless, giggled when I showed my irritation.

“Seo Hoyun.”


“Just like you’ve done last time with my problem, I’ll help when I can. We’ll all find the way together… so just tell me anytime.”

A hollow laugh slipped out.

I snatched the fan from Kim Seonghyeon’s hand and basked in the artificially created wind for a while.

“…You can help with something.”


Kim Seonghyeon, who had been speaking calmly until now, immediately turned his head and asked,

“What is it?”

“Do you want to change course and do a ballad instead?”

“It was a good try. Get up, let’s practice.”


So, I continued practicing until dawn, until dark circles hung down my chin.

I cursed Joo Woosung, the crazy bastard, and Kim Seonghyeon, the son of a bitch, alternately as I practiced.

I should have done a ballad with Seong Jiwon… I should have humbly taken that flower…

Why wasn’t there a single person in this group who just did things half-heartedly?


“Holy shit, it’s out!”

The office worker, tormented by his boss and customers all day and always had a haggard face after work, screamed while watching YouTube.

The sole reason why she survived the crappy days was thanks to The Dawn’s content videos.

“Our adorable lunatics….”

From the beginning, when the Second Chance teaser came out, the fan vehemently denied her attraction to The Dawn.

However, she eventually fell for them, grinning as she turned on YouTube. She composed her mind reverently and turned on the video in a rather devout fashion.

“Holy… Episode 2 is 60 minutes. It’s a treat….”

The fan, used to skipping through hour-long dramas because they were too long, focused on every single frame of The Dawn’s 60-minute video. This Episode 2 was even more explosive than Episode 1.

– “Seo Hoyun, why can’t you get this right? Did you hear what I said earlier?”

– “I do understand, teacher.”

– “You said you understand, but this is what you do?”

The contrast between the increasingly haggard Seo Hoyun and the ever-vibrant Kim Seonghyeon was stark.

Moreover, the captions were still shamelessly sticking to the blind date program concept.

[The two are getting closer day by day….]

[But then, a glitch in the love line?]

The captions were a labor of love.

– “Hey, stop nagging at me. If you’re going to act like this, I might as well be with Seong Jiwon.”

– “What are you talking about? Don’t you know Seong Jiwon’s nickname? He’s known as ‘Let’s Practice, Guys’??”

– “So what? It’s easier there in terms of endurance… Not so much with you.”

A moment of silence followed their heated argument. Kim Seonghyeon ran a hand through his hair in frustration while Seo Hoyun simply crossed his arms and smirked.

– “…You’re just saying all this because you don’t want to do it, right?”

– “Seonghyeon… instead of finding fault on the outside, how about looking at yourself?”

– “Huh?”

As Seo Hoyun spoke seriously, Kim Seonghyeon chuckled sarcastically. A caption then appeared beneath them.

[Dancer 1 starting to feel jealous… But Lead Vocal 1 doesn’t seem to care much.]

The caption would have caused quite a stir among the members if they had seen it.

[What the heck is with these captions]

[The captions are exactly like that old show, and it’s so annoying, even the small cut-ins are irritatingㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

[Seo Hoyun is seriously a master at blaming others

└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m literally crying here]

The conversation could have easily escalated to discord. Still, the audience, knowing how eccentric both Seo Hoyun and the members of The Dawn (who were 50% eccentric themselves) were, simply laughed it off.

The latter part of the video focused primarily on Kang Ichae and Seong Jiwon, who had completely taken over with their comical antics.

– “Main Vocal 1… I’m really curious. Why did you decide to start rapping?”

– “I thought rapping was a good way to show a new side of me to the Noeuls.”

– “…Okay, okay~, I get that you want to cater to the Noeuls. But why am I assigned to sing ballads??”

– “Um… haha, well…”

Kang Ichae waited with a tense expression for Seong Jiwon’s answer.

– “I’m a bit shy to do it alone.”

– “…”

Seong Jiwon smiled shyly while Kang Ichae grimaced as a CG skull mark popped up.

[(So, he doesn’t want to die alone…)]

[Is Seong Jiwon possibly committed to teasing Kang Ichae?


└That Kang Ichae is getting roasted hereㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

Just as the show was about to end, the fan, feeling a bit sad, refreshed the page to look at the comments section when a pinned comment with links to related videos appeared.

Links to each of their cover videos.

[The Dawn’s Lead Vocal X Dancer Get Over Cover]


It was already out. She hurriedly logged into SNS on her phone while opening the video on her laptop.

In the video, which was shot in a blue-lit studio, Kim Seonghyeon and Seo Hoyun stood back-to-back with their heads bowed.

Suddenly, they broke into intense moves with the start of the music.

“Get Get Get Get over please.”

As expected of a song with intensive dance, a fast beat started to play from the beginning.

The voice singing the song was Seo Hoyun’s.

“Baby, I’m being serious, why don’t you understand why I’m like this?

We can’t ever get over.”

“Ahhh! Seo Hoyun!! The tone of his voice is crazy?!”

[Kim Seonghyeon in a white sleeveless shirt is crazy, look at those arm muscles and shoulders;;

└I’m being kidnapped

└No, Kim Seonghyeon seduced me first]

[Seo Hoyun in a black t-shirt with his hair down looks innocent, it’s fucking paradise here]

They were both wearing sporty outfits that revealed more of their bodies than expected, causing screams across the internet.

But as the video progressed, the chemistry between their dance moves was even more eye-catching.

[Kim Seonghyeon… did you make a contract with the devil…? How did your dance improve so much…?

└Seems like he made a contract during the last variety show…

└Right? Although the screen time felt like it was only 10 minutes, he was already amazing then…]

[Wooho (Our Hoyun has changed)]

[Seo Hoyun I really cannot believe he was a rookie during the early stages of the Second Chance promotion

└Right? He was a bit overshadowed, but then his face

└└His face-saving strategy was a huge success, honestly, I only realized he was a newbie after watching the focus cam ten times… I was only looking at his face…]

[Kim Seonghyeon, dance instructor for XX District


└??: Hoyun, do you want to be an idol??]

[Hoyun oppa, you’re really the worst, you’re so rude, but now you even dance well, and you won’t even marry me

You’re even cute when you laugh, I’m completely fed up with you, what do you want me to do


Just then, as Kim Seonghyeon perfectly matched the beat and clapped a few times, the lighting and outfits changed.

“Follow me and say, ‘You can’t get over me,’

You never said you disliked it, I know what you want.”

They were now wearing leather jackets and suits.


Everyone had gone crazy.

[They’ve lost it]

[Hey, Seo Hoyun is really raking in the dough!!!!!!!! (Laughing my ass off~!!)]

That was a rant by an (ex) follower who, armed with a tip he got from Lee Jihyeo, couldn’t follow Joo Woosung.

“You already know, I can’t get over you,

Roll with honesty, You know what I want.”

[Crazy bastards…. ah… I wasn’t interested in Black Call before, but seeing Seo Hoyun sing Get Over, I feel like going crazy. These lyrics are overflowing with the arrogance typical of big companies… It’s so good when Seo Hoyun sings it….]

[Just tell me your bank account.]

[A video that knows exactly what the fans want… Ranked 1st by Forbes]

Everyone was happily blabbering. The officer worker fan was seriously watching their dance moves.

Seo Hoyun’s dance lines have really improved, haven’t they?

Doing a good wave required talent, so there was still some awkwardness with Seo Hoyun’s moves, but since Kim Seonghyeon’s dance line felt different, there was less comparison.

Kim Seonghyeon’s dance was a typical power move. His strength control was out of this world, sharply breaking off.

After about three minutes of music, the video ended with Kim Seonghyeon and Seo Hoyun panting.

The office worker fan clapped.

“Hey! Give me the fan cam, now!”

If there was a stage like this, it was an unwritten rule to have a face cam and a vertical fan cam. She wanted to grab the collar of the Daepaseong and shake them.

Then, as if the producers knew the hearts of the fans, it was written in the additional description that came up when you clicked on the title that individual vertical fan cams for each member, along with the face cam, would be uploaded soon.

“Yeah, Daepaseong, darling, I trust you.”

Taking a moment to compose herself, she played the next video.

[The Dawn’s Rapper Seong Jiwon X Main Vocal Kang Ichae (Something’s off) Ballad When We Love cover]

It was originally a co-ed duet song about love but became a laughing challenge video.

“When. You. And. I. Are. In. Love.

Love… Pfft, khek……. When we’re in love….”

“Ah, Jiwon, please!”

The SNS was already filled with fans’ laughter.

[Hey Kang Ichae, why can’t you hold in your laughter]

[Ichae sings pretty well ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but he can’t hold in his laughter and is snickering ㅋㅋㅋ

└Is Kang Ichae a boiling kettle or something?


[Wow Seong Jiwon is really persistent

└It’s really scary]

[G1’s staccato is amazing

└You. And. I. Now come. Down. Baby. I’m at your house.

└└Almost Seo Hoyun level aegyo

└└Ah ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

[Kang Ichae has almost given up and is now practically crying]

The more the fans loved them, the more they wanted to tease them.

[Am I the only one who thinks Seong Jiwon is cool? The fact that he’s trying so hard at something he’s not good at is so cool

└That’s right. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Oh, someone teach me how to not love this man

└└When you’re in love… everything looks good…]

While not musical, the video of the two enduring till the end received a good response for its comedic value.

And when Kang Ichae and Jeong Dajun’s indie band cover video came out, everyone’s mouth dropped open.

[The Dawn’s Rapper X Sub Dancer Rock Ballad Please, a meteor will fall before I go to work tomorrow, it’s raining cover]

She clicked, thinking it was a gag, but it was… more serious than she thought.


[I was ready to just start typing, but what……? No…….. I don’t even feel like typing anymore

└Ichae’s rap is crazy

└Even if Ichae raps the Heart Sutra, it’ll be good]

[Kang Ichae is a genius Kang Ichae is a genius Kang Ichae is a genius Kang Ichae is a genius Kang Ichae is a genius

└There was a reason Kang Ichae was laughing earlier… I wondered why he was so relaxed even though he was in two units… Because he’s a genius]

[Whoa ;; I didn’t know Dajun could do this too?]

[Why has our puppy… become so decadent and refreshing?

└Platinum blonde is really a masterstroke]

[This is like that thing where a street rat you picked up suddenly transforms into a handsome man and sits down…?

└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAh this is too funny. So now that rat Dajun also hears these words…

└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅠ It’s too much ㅠㅠ Please stop circling the drain~!!]

Anyway, she digested the rock genre better than expected.

[Is there anyone to pick up my fallen jaw]

It’s hard to call it complete rock, but she never thought a rock ballad with a touch of cool would suit them this well.

Taking a heavy blow from an unexpected pair, the office worker turned off YouTube satisfactorily.

[I knew The Dawn was crazy but they’re crazier than I thought

└This all started from the blind date matching content?

└I’m sometimes flabbergasted]

[Doesn’t this seem more like pop rock than rock ballad? I want to see all the kids in this concept]

“For real. Seo Hoyun would be perfect for this.”

It was regrettable, but the next song must have been somewhat decided.

The exact comeback date was not out yet, but rumors were that it was soon.

She should be grateful that the fans were being fed high-quality content in the meantime…

She cleared her mind and fell asleep, dreading tomorrow’s work.

But the next morning, a scream came out because of the sudden news of a comeback.

[The Dawn’s speedy comeback… their first mini album is coming out]

[From the title to all the included songs, all lyrics and compositions are by the members themselves]

[Genre is “pop rock?” “We want to try a new genre” spotlight on The Dawn’s Ichae’s past interview.]

It was a preview of the next comeback.


The fan screamed, but a few hours later, seeing another article, her heart sank.

[Black Call Kings comeback…. The “return” of the K-pop emperors]

Black Call was also making a comeback.

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