The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment Chapter 41

Hunter Survival Instructor 4

Sergeant Lee Seungho climbed out of the trench.

This left Kim Minjun as the main force of the 2nd squad.

Those guys said they took first place in the last trench combat.

Their skills were definitely different.

Even though he saved his squad members using Mana Grasp, the numbers were still close.

Using my skill wasn’t cheating, right?

All that mattered was not to act too violently.

However, he decided to use as few other skills as possible to enjoy the fun of the trench combat.

“Kim Minjun! You seem quite strong, why don’t we go at it like men?”

The staff sergeant smirked and took off his shirt.

Why did that guy have to take off his clothes?

While Kim Minjun was approaching him, the voices of the 3rd squad members rose from outside the trench.


“Third squad! Third squad!”

“Let’s win this!”

“If we just push this guy out, we win!”


Was this done to boost the morale of the squad members?

Then, he couldn’t lose either.

Kim Minjun also took off his shirt in response.

“Kim Minjun! Kim Minjun!”

“Sergeant Kim Minjun! Show the class of our 2nd squad!”

The 2nd squad members also raised their voices to cheer him on.

“Wow… That guy has real combat muscles?”

“Kyaa! Look at those two! Totally amazing!”

Hunters watching from outside the trench also poured their attention onto the two men who were taking off their shirts.

Son Eunseo also, pretending to be uninterested, sneakily glanced at Kim Minjun’s body.

‘Wow… But look at the scars on Kim Minjun. Did he go to war or something?’

‘Really. What about those marks that look like they were scratched by a monster?’

While the staff sergeant appeared to have increased his muscle size, Kim Minjun gave the impression of having densely packed muscles.

“Please, after you. I’ll give you the first move.”

“Do you really think you can beat me, an officer, you dumbass?”

The staff sergeant laughed derisively at his own words and charged.


The staff sergeant tried to engage Kim Minjun in a test of strength but suddenly changed his stance and grabbed his waist.

“I was a wrestler before joining. No matter how high your strength stat is, can you beat technique?”

The staff sergeant, having grabbed Kim Minjun’s waist, sensed victory.

‘Just one leg hook, and this guy is done. I was a wrestler for 3 years! You’re done for, kid!’

The staff sergeant hooked Kim Minjun’s right leg with his right leg.

Then, he attempted to throw Kim Minjun out of the trench by moving him counter-clockwise.

Oh, he’s quite good at wrestling? It seems the wrestling part was true.

Kim Minjun admired the higher-than-expected skill level of the staff sergeant and put strength into his lower body.

“What, what the?”

The staff sergeant was taken aback as if he was lifting a heavy lump of metal.

He was about to throw him out, but the guy didn’t budge.

“What’s the name of the technique you just tried on me?”

“…It’s a leg hook throw.”

“I know one wrestling technique too, let me show you.”

“What, what?”

Kim Minjun grabbed the staff sergeant’s waist with both hands and threw him out of the trench.

“Shoulder throw!”


The staff sergeant flew out of the trench and was out.

Oh, yes! This is the feeling!

Wasn’t this the result of practicing with his followers in another world?

Kim Minjun smiled contently and turned his head toward the remaining opponents.

“Do you want to be thrown out like the staff sergeant over there, or would you rather crawl out nicely?”

“…We’ll leave.”

Seeing Kim Minjun’s overwhelming strength, the 3rd squad gave up on the trench combat.

“Crazy! That staff sergeant is a former wrestler! And he just reversed that technique?”

“Isn’t it more like he just picked him up and threw him?”

“The 3rd squad is losing like this?”

As an unexpected result emerged, hunters watching from outside the trench looked at Kim Minjun with shocked faces.

“2nd platoon, 2nd squad wins!”


As Kim Minjun emerged from the trench, his squad members gave him thumbs up.

“Sergeant Kim Minjun! That was freaking awesome.”

“This is insane! Beating an officer that easily?”

The excitement was short-lived.

“Everyone, back to your positions! Trench combat is also training!”


The lively atmosphere quickly died down at the instructor’s command.

“Let’s continue with the trench combat!”

The trench combat continued, and the final match was set between the 2nd platoon, 2nd squad, and the 4th platoon, 4th squad, to which Corporal Son Eunseo belonged.

“But how can we win against that?”

“One sergeant first class and one second lieutenant? How can we beat that?”

“Is this even real, our draw luck?”

The 4th platoon, 4th squad had one second lieutenant and one sergeant first class among them.

Even considering the rest of the members were female hunters, it was undeniably a tough situation.

“Guys. It’s the last match. Don’t get nervous. If we win this, we get a squad outing and fill our performance score. And you know? It’s all or nothing.”

“Crap… How did we even get here!”

“We must win at all costs!”

Winning the trench combat meant a squad outing and filling the platoon’s performance score.

On the other hand, second place got nothing.

Motivated by his words, the 2nd squad members psyched themselves up.


The whistle blew, and the last trench combat began.

“Let’s go!”


The squad members didn’t go easy just because they were facing female hunters.

With a squad outing on the line, they strategically targeted the seemingly weaker female hunters.

I’ve had enough fun, let’s finish this quickly.

Kim Minjun, starting to get bored of the trench combat, got serious.


“Such strength!”

The second lieutenant and the sergeant first class, who had been quite active until then, were thrown out of the trench in just 30 seconds.

By this point, the outcome of the trench combat was already decided.

Nice. I got both the instructor and squad performance scores.

Kim Minjun was about to throw Son Eunseo out last, but—

“Wait a minute! I’ll leave on my own! Don’t throw me!”

Son Eunseo conceded defeat and shook her head.

“Ah, that would be too heartless.”

“What? Aaaah!”

With that, Kim Minjun throwing her out marked the end of the trench combat.


Training Day 4.

The hunters were only one step away from their last training session, the chemical and biological warfare training.


“Please, just let me survive this. Please!”

This training marked the near end of the survival training, but the faces of the hunters were gloomy.

The reason was that they had to undergo the training without wearing gas masks.

Moreover, they had to endure inside for at least five minutes.

For them, those five minutes would feel like an hour.

Heh! Chemical and biological warfare! As an instructor, rolling the kids in that is just part of the job!

On the other hand, Kim Minjun was thrilled at the thought of giving the hunters a hard time.

Instructors could extend the chemical and biological warfare training up to three times depending on the trainees’ attitude.

I’ll strengthen their mental fortitude.

Naturally, the instructors knew all too well how hellish the chemical and biological warfare training was, so they usually ended it within five minutes.

But Kim Minjun had no intention of doing so.

“Alright! Let’s start with the 1st battalion, 1st company, 1st  platoon entering the gas chamber!”


As the trainees entered the gas chamber, they were greeted by a thick cloud of smoke.

“Cough! Cough!”


“Keep the formation straight!”

“Ah, ah!”

Wearing a gas mask, Kim Minjun shouted at the coughing trainees.

“If you all engage in the training sincerely, I will end it quickly! Understand?”


Despite tears and a runny nose, the trainees were ready to sing the national anthem.

“Which number does not appear in the multiplication tables from 1 to 9?!”



But an utterly unexpected question was thrown at them.

‘This is… this is four…’

‘Four… forty-six… Cough!’

‘That f**king demon!’

It was impossible to come up with the answer in such a short time.

Moreover, maintaining sanity was tough because of the gas.

It took the trainees more than 10 minutes to finally exit the gas chamber.

Strengthening mental and willpower is best done through chemical and biological warfare.

Indeed, after returning to Earth, it seems impossible not to grow fond of them.

‘Minjun! We are from the 2nd company, 2nd platoon! You know?’

Even if his squad members entered the gas chamber, there was no mercy.

“From the 1st to the 4th verse of the national anthem, sing it fully.”

“Choke! C-crazy!”

“Choke! The f-fourth verse?”

“Sing quickly!”

Until that day when the waters of the East Sea run dry and Mount Baekdusan is worn away, God protect and preserve our nation….”

They chanted the national anthem as if they were possessed by rappers, quickly completing it.

“The chemical and biological warfare training is now over! Make sure you wash your faces thoroughly! Got it?”

“Choke… Ah!”

As the chemical and biological warfare training ended, coughing sounds echoed everywhere.

The training captain glanced over them briefly before continuing.

“From 7 this evening, you will have leisure time. However! Training officially ends only after the discharge march! Don’t let your guard down completely!”



The training captain’s words quickly brightened the previously gloomy atmosphere.


During the four nights and five days of survival training, if there was a single moment of happiness, it was the evening of the 4th day.

For the sake of fostering comradeship, the Invincible Hunter Troop had courage training time.

During this, the instructors played the role of ghosts, and the trainees, harboring accumulated emotions, used the surprise as an excuse to hit them.

“Minjun. You’re going to get beaten up a lot.”

“I’ve never seen a demon who filled the chemical and biological warfare for more than 10 minutes.”

The instructors warned him to be cautious while putting on ghost makeup.

I’ll just dodge it.

More importantly, since they were doing courage training, it’s better and more thrilling to make it as scary as possible.

Night Walker. Get ready.

Kim Minjun smiled at the thought of scaring the hunters.

“What platoon are you in, comrade?”

“Ah, I’m from the 1st platoon of the 4th battalion.”

As the courage training began, male and female hunters walked up the courage course while chatting with each other.

Honestly, how scared could they get from the instructors’ attempts to surprise them?

Courage training was just a pretext.

In reality, it was a time for the hunters to build camaraderie.


“Ah, instructor. Your ghost makeup is too sloppy.”

At every turn, instructors appeared to scare them.

The hunters chuckled and continued walking for a while.



“Shit! Grrrr!”

A figure with a blackened face suddenly appeared in front of them.

It was a perfect surprise.

The hunters were startled and fell backwards.

Good. Night Walker. Just like that.


That figure was Kim Minjun.

After instructing the Night Walker to cover his face, he scared the hunters.


The Night Walker, though puzzled why its master would order such a task, simply followed silently.

“Huh? What’s that?”

As the courage training neared its end, the Night Walker suddenly dived into the ground, sensing an odd presence.

Indeed, the C-grade Night Walker boasted its usefulness.

“Did you find something useful? Hurry up and come back.”


Shortly after, the Night Walker brought back a small orb emitting a red light.

“Oh… What’s this?”

Kim Minjun’s eyes shone as he identified the orb.

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

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Kim Minjun, who was a normal high school senior in South Korea, was suddenly summoned to another world and became a dark magician. Minjun, who persevered through all sorts of hardships with the single-minded goal of returning home, saved this other world with his dark magic. Casting aside a life as a hero and guaranteed riches, he returned to Earth. Just when he was about to fully enjoy his life, a problem arose. A dungeon break occurred, and monsters began pouring out. Not only did this threaten the peaceful Earth life that Minjun had just returned to... But on his very first day back, he was also ordered to enlist in the military!?!
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