The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment Chapter 38

Hunter Survival Instructor 1

“Are you talking about becoming a Hunter survival instructor?”

“Yeah. Not just anyone can do it. You know that, right?”

Only sergeants with outstanding performance records could apply to become survival instructors.

If about five hunter instructors were to be selected, the usual composition would be two sergeants and three staff sergeants.

And he was among those two.

“The battalion commander recommended you. Of course, the final decision is yours to make.”

First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin said that applying was merely a formality, and that if he applied, becoming a survival instructor was guaranteed.

I definitely have to do this. With my performance score, why not?

There was no reason to refuse.

Naturally, sergeants with enough knowledge would be terrified, even when offered performance points.

Although it might seem like survival instructors could boss around even the officers, the reality was different.

Those selected as instructors had to undergo preliminary training before the actual training.

Naturally, the intensity of this preparatory education was higher than that of the survival training itself.

“I’ll do it.”

“Hehe. That’s just like Kim Minjun. Put your name here and sign here…”

“But I have a favor to ask.”

“Huh? What is it?”

At the mention of a favor, First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin’s eyes widened.

Had Kim Minjun ever asked for a personal favor before?

“Tell me. Let’s hear it.”

“I want to train as a hunter while serving as an instructor.”

“…What? Explain in more detail.”

What Kim Minjun meant was that he wanted to participate in survival training as an instructor, but also wanted to engage in trench combat as a soldier.

“Ahaha. Is this your first time experiencing survival training since joining your unit? Are you feeling some regret because instructors can’t participate in trench combat?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

Kim Minjun nodded.

If I only participate as an instructor, I won’t be able to engage in trench combat.

That seemed like the most fun to me.

“Just wait a moment. I’ll report this to the company commander first. Your participation in trench combat shouldn’t be a problem.”


First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin contacted the company commander and relayed exactly what Kim Minjun had said.

– “Sergeant Kim Minjun wants to participate in trench combat? Well… that shouldn’t be too difficult. Since the battalion commander recommended him, he’ll probably allow it.”

However, he did say that if he was going to participate in trench combat, he must win.

– “If he can’t, I’ll throw him straight into disciplinary training.”

“Yes, I’ll pass that message on.”

First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin laughed lightly upon hearing the company commander’s playful response.

“Minjun, participating in trench combat should be fine.”

“Thank you.”

“Right. Trench combat will also count towards your performance score, so give it your best. Though, as an instructor, that might not apply to you.”

“Thank you!”

Kim Minjun smiled contentedly, his mouth corners lifted.

It doesn’t matter. I’ll get the squad points anyway.

Speaking of which, being an instructor.

The thought of driving the hunters crazy was exhilarating.

“Minjun, I heard you’re becoming a survival instructor, is that true?”

Upon returning to the barracks, seniors who were surprisingly quick to get information started talking to him.

“Wow, you accepted that tough job? Lee Seungho outright refused it.”

“Yes. Ah, but I decided to participate in trench combat.”

“Trench combat?”

“Yes. Isn’t it the most enjoyable part of survival training?”

Following his words, his squad members sighed.

“Well, that might be fine for you as an instructor. But look at us. Rolling around exhausted and then going into trench combat, won’t that be tough?”

“Even instructors have to undergo tough preliminary training. You all know this, why ask?”

“Ahem. That’s true.”

The sergeants coughed awkwardly, perhaps feeling embarrassed.

“Sergeants, you’ll need to make a good impression on me. And you guys too. Got it?”

Kim Minjun scanned his squad members with his eyes, sporting a meaningful smile.

“…It just had to be him as the survival instructor?”

“We’re screwed…”

“The intensity of the training had already increased.”

The squad members acted cautiously until Kim Minjun went off to receive his training.


Two weeks later, on the day of the survival training.

The hunters set off toward the training ground, located 60 km away, fully equipped.

The first day of survival training essentially involved an entrance march.

“Ah. The training ground is just ahead, but are we really going around in circles?”

“I’m more concerned about wearing this power suit; it feels tough already.”

Unlike the previous survival training, this time each hunter wore a vest known as a power suit.



The power suit was a vest weighing 80 kg.

The hunters had to wear the power suit at all times, except when sleeping.

[Invincible Training Ground]

Upon arriving at the entrance to the training ground, instructors wearing red hats were lined up.

For the next four nights and five days, these instructors, resembling devils, would rigorously train them.

“Alright! Let’s get the campsite organized first! I’ll give you plenty of time, so make sure to hydrate thoroughly before training!”


Following the survival instructor’s command, the hunters began setting up their tents.

“Whoa, shit, that scared me.”

“Was that Sergeant Kim Minjun?”

As they were setting up their tents, an instructor approached, causing the hunters to instinctively step back.

It turned out to be Kim Minjun.

“Yeah. Just couldn’t stay still because my body was itching to move around. It’s break time for us instructors right now.”

“Ugh… we’ll be rolling around in a bit…”

“If you had pre-training, you wouldn’t say that. Anyway, hurry up with the tent and rest. This is the most relaxed moment you’ll have.”


While the hunters were setting up their tent, a sergeant from the next squad approached Kim Minjun.

It was Sergeant Choi Seungwoo, a muscular man with a strength stat of nearly 40.

“Kim Minjun! Let’s make a bet!”

“Sergeant Kim Minjun. What kind of bet are you talking about?”

“You’re an instructor this time, right? How about this?”

Sergeant Choi Seungwoo pointed to a military tent.

The tent that was also used during the Hunter Mobility Training.

“Whoever sets up the most tents in a set time. If I win, go easy on me.”


Look at this guy.

Well, he was from the next squad, so he wouldn’t know about my tent-setting skills.

“Then, if I win, can I work you so hard that you wish you were dead?”

“Okay. Deal!”

Hearing that, Sergeant Choi Seungwoo sneered, suggesting Kim Minjun should say that after he wins.

Ahaha. I have a plan.

The sergeant from the next squad had been making plans since the day Kim Minjun went for instructor training.

“Let’s do it quickly while there’s no instructor around.”


As the spontaneous bet was established, other hunters’ attention was focused on them.

“Then, let’s start!”

The bet began, and both the sergeant and Kim Minjun started busily setting up tents.

“Does that guy know how good Kim Minjun is at setting up tents?”

“He’s about to be schooled. He even offered to set up ours, so let’s just watch.”

As the hunters predicted, Kim Minjun was overwhelmingly faster at the beginning.

“Summon! Come forth, my summoned beasts!”

However, during the tent setup, Choi Seungwoo struck a strange pose and blurted out,

“Did I say I’d do it alone? Why don’t you also count heads and call for help?”

No sooner had he spoken than three of his squad members came out and started helping with the tent setup.

“Hey, you crazy. Is that the best you could think of?”

“That guy is totally shameless.”

“Looking at those guys move, it’s clear they planned this.”

“You nutcase! If you had invested this effort into increasing your stats, you might have become a staff sergeant by now!”

The squad members, having watched the bet with great interest, spat out harsh words, disappointed by the sergeant’s behavior.

“Wow… look at that.”

“Wow… but Minjun is faster, right?”

After a brief moment, the hunters’ attention shifted to Kim Minjun.

Despite the opposing side having four people working on the tent setup, his speed was not falling behind.

In fact, it became even faster.

These cute things. They’ve thought of something interesting.

Let’s see during the training.

He vowed to make them roll like crazy.

“Hey. Didn’t I tell you? Kim Minjun is really good at setting up tents.”

“Ahaha! This is what real education looks like!”

Kim Minjun’s squad members teased Choi Seungwoo, thoroughly enjoying his misfortune.

“To lose like this…”

Ultimately, with a difference of just one tent, Kim Minjun won the bet.

Choi Seungwoo, with a shocked expression, turned his gaze toward Kim Minjun.

“Sergeant Choi Seungwoo. You are from 2nd Company, 3rd Platoon, right? I will definitely remember this. And especially, Sergeant, be prepared.”

After leaving those words of caution, Kim Minjun coolly left to prepare for the PT exercise training.

“Dammit… It’s bad enough being in a survival instructor in my final year, but to lose like this…?”

Choi Seungwoo had a look of emptiness, having proposed the bet.


Time passed, and in front of the invincible ranger training ground.

All the hunters, whether male or female, were lining up in rows and columns with tense expressions.

Normally, these hunters, who always sang whenever they met since they rarely saw each other, had uniformly stern expressions now.

And for a reason, since they had to complete the training wearing power suits, which weren’t part of the last session.

Moreover, the number of instructors had more than doubled this time.

This meant that the hunters would be pushed even harder.

“From now until the end of training, all responses will be replaced with a roar. Got it!”


“Is that the loudest you can be, got it!”


“You there! Standard.”

“198th Hunter Trainee! Standard!”

“Spread out the formation for the exercises, execute!”

“Charge! Roar!”

As the training began, the captain’s voice became fierce.

“You lot are still not in the right mindset. Drop and give me push-ups!”


“Move quickly and swiftly! Got it!”


The captain immediately disciplined any trainee who showed a hint of laziness.

This was due to the battalion commander’s special orders to push the trainees hard for the time being.

Ah, these kids. They’re going to have a tough time.

Of course, compared to the trainees, the instructors were having a much harder time.

“You there! Trainee! Is that how you stand!”


“Get lower!”


Because of this, the instructors’ eyes were filled with fierceness.

Kim Minjun walked around near the other instructors and trainees, ensuring that the trainees were properly disciplined.

“Before we start the PT exercises, as a prelude! Let’s have a demonstration from a skilled instructor! Instructor, step forward!”


At the captain’s command, Kim Minjun sprinted to the front of the stage.

Only one instructor, with the highest training score, was selected to demonstrate.

Naturally, that person was Kim Minjun.

“Prepare for the high jump!”


“This is the preparation stance for the high jump, got it!”


“PT Exercise No. 1, high jump, to be performed three times initially!”

Kim Minjun executed the high jump in sync with the sound of the captain’s whistle.









The trainees couldn’t take their eyes off Kim Minjun, observing his movements that were as precise as if measured with a protractor.

‘Wow… look at that precision. Crazy.’

‘So cool…’

Especially the female hunters stared at him intently.

“Now we will start PT exercise number one! The last call will be omitted, understood!”


“If even one of you shouts the call, the number will be tripled. Understood!”


The captain gestured to the instructors, who then prepared to monitor, whistle in mouth.

Oh? What a coincidence?

Kim Minjun’s gaze stopped on one trainee.

This kid happens to be right in front of me?

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

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