The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment Chapter 36

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Irregular. We need to fall back.

Just as he was about to issue the command…

“Platoon leader! Don’t move!”

Kim Minjun, having approached First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin, stretched out his hand.

Dangling from his extended hand was a snake, shimmering with a blue hue, in the blink of an eye.


Kim Minjun tore off its tail and, with a calm expression, stashed it in his storage pouch.

“…What did I just see?”

“Isn’t that an irregular monster?”

“Moving that quickly even while wearing a protective suit?”

The squad members, though astounded by Kim Minjun’s agility, quickly formed a line of defense in preparation for the monster’s attack.

“Uhh… Good job, Kim Minjun.”

The platoon leader spoke with a bewildered face.

The irregular monster was barely visible to their eyes.

Without Kim Minjun, they would have been completely caught off guard by its speed.

“Sergeant Kim Minjun! Thank you.”

First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin’s bewildered reaction was brief.

“This is First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin. During the Snake Mine disposal, we secured an irregular. Its body emits a blue light, and it moved too swiftly to be seen by the eye.”

They waited for the command on whether to withdraw or continue operations after reporting to the unit.

– “Such mine-type monsters become a problem the moment they escape the dungeon. It might be tough, but make sure to clear out the dungeon neatly before leaving.”

“Yes! Understood.”

Normally, they would have retreated the moment an irregular monster appeared.

These creatures possessed abilities different from regular monsters, so the principle was to prepare more thoroughly before re-entering.

However, capturing mine-type monsters became trickier after they escaped the dungeon.

The order to proceed was given because the escape of the monsters and their undetected attack on civilian areas by radar would cause a headache.

“Tsk. The company commander ordered us to deal with the monsters until the very end. We’ll continue the operation as is. Kim Minjun!”

“Sergeant Kim Minjun!”

“Focus solely on handling irregular monsters like you just did!”


Always on the front line.

Just like the monster rat imbued with mana, and the kobolds.

So now it was snakes slower than bullets, was it?

Look at these guys. There are three more of them?

It would have been nice if they were imbued with mana, but alas, they were not.

The Snake Mine operation continued, and Kim Minjun dealt with each appearing irregular monster.

“Ha, hugg! Sergeant Kim Minjun! Here’s an irregular monster—”

Before Lee Dongjin could finish his sentence, Kim Minjun appeared and snapped off the creature’s tail.

“…I can’t even see it with my eyes, you’re really amazing.”

Was this what overwhelming talent looked like?

Lee Dongjin blinked a few times.

“You can do it too if you work hard. I wasn’t this good from the start either.”

After encouraging him, Kim Minjun moved to another location.

If you work hard, you can achieve it…

No matter how much effort one put in, there was still a limit to things.

Even if you raised your stats through effort, surpassing hunters with naturally high stats was an impossible feat.

Let’s do it.

Before Lee Dongjin knew it, Sergeant Kim Minjun was looking out for his hoobaes, including me.

Lee Dongjin, inspired by Kim Minjun’s departing figure, geared up with motivation.

Thus, the Snake Mine removal operation continued until past 10 PM.

“That concludes the Snake Mine removal operation! Great work, everyone! Once we return to the unit, ensure to return the protective suits and all equipment immediately!”



“Finally, it’s over….”

Upon receiving First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin’s signal, the squad members finally looked relieved.

“Especially you, Kim Minjun! You handled the irregular monsters without much trouble. What’s your agility stat?”

“Sergeant Kim Minjun! My agility stat is 60!”

“…Huh. I thought so. You rascal.”

“Huh! Sergeant Kim Minjun’s agility stat is 60?”

“That’s insane. How did he catch them so swiftly?”

Hearing that Kim Minjun’s agility stat was 60, the other hunters looked envious.

They had heard from the platoon leader that Kim Minjun’s strength stat was 60, but the didn’t expect his agility to be that high as well.

“What? I got this through effort. Don’t start with the ‘born talented’ thing.”

“Come on. How do you hit stat 60 from effort alone? Now I see why you were promoted so quickly.”

“Kim Minjun, this guy. He was just blessed, wasn’t he? Admit it, you’re a talent freak, aren’t you?”

“I won’t admit it. I raised my stats through tremendous effort.”

Then you guys should try rolling in another world too.

While Kim Minjun was casually chatting with his squad members, a notification sound rang out.


[Agility Enhancement Skill has been created.]

Huh. What’s this?

Could it be because of the monsters he had dealt with?

A message popped up before his him.

[Agility Enhancement (E): Increases your Agility stat by 5.]

Now it’s 65.

Following Strength, now Agility Enhancement.

Strangely, he kept acquiring skills he hadn’t expected.

I wish some dark mage skills would unlock. Not that it’s bad to have none.

That reminded him.

Was Lee Bonggu doing well?

Hey, Lee Bonggu. Report the situation.

– “Sir Kim Minjun! I was just about to report to you!”

Lee Bonggu was currently operating near Incheon.

– “Sir Kim Minjun’s summon seems to have detected something. If it’s correct, we might be able to find some mana!”

Is that so? If it’s inside a dungeon, just remember the location and come out. I’ll absorb it later.

– “Yes! Will do.”

His followers sometimes acted impulsively, especially when they moved on his behalf.

They charge ahead without thinking about their own safety.

Knowing this, Kim Minjun once again ordered them not to recklessly intervene.

It seems we found it quicker than expected?

I should apply for leave in advance.



– “As expected of Sir Kim Minjun’s summon! To think it would complete the objective faster than me!”

The crow—no, Lee Bonggu was moving toward the location marked by the Night Walker.


The Night Walker suggested that since it had confirmed the location, it should now retreat.

– “Retreat! How can I, even as Sir Kim Minjun’s summon, accept that! Sir Kim Minjun mentioned that only applies when we’re in a dungeon!”


The Night Walker replied, not wanting to get scolded by its master.

– “Don’t worry! I won’t get into trouble! I’m Sir Kim Minjun’s right hand!”

The place Lee Bonggu flew into looked like an expensive private residence.

– “Is this the place? Oh!”

Lee Bonggu detected mana flowing from a bottle placed in the yard.

Upon closer inspection, there was a gem inside a transparent glass bottle.

– “To think such compressed mana exists… Sir Kim Minjun will surely like this!

The jewel, containing mana, was shining in a dark color.



– “Darn! I have to break it to take it or leave it.”

Lee Bonggu struggled with the bottle’s surprising durability.

“What’s going on? Hey! Don’t you drop that! Do you know how valuable that is?”

– “It’s time to retreat!”

Lee Bonggu, startled by the woman rushing out, quickly fled.

“Ah, seriously. Why does dad keep leaving this here?”

The woman’s identity was Son Eunseo, who was currently on leave.


The next day.

Kim Minjun headed to the officer on duty’s office to report for leave.

It was to receive Lee Bonggu’s report and to absorb mana.

“Ah. Is this the power of a Sergeant?”

Typically, one should apply for leave at least three days in advance.

But a sergeant could apply even just one day in advance without any issue.


“Ah, Minjun. Another overnight stay? You’re a Sergeant now, should you not use it more freely?”

“I plan to just take care of some simple errands.”

“Alright. Have a good trip. You know there’s a training schedule coming up, right?”

“Yes! I will return! Loyalty!”

Having reported to the duty officer, Kim Minjun immediately headed to Incheon.

“Hey, Lee Bonggu. You sure about this?”

– “Of course, Sir Kim Minjun! I will guide you for sure!”

Currently, Lee Bonggu was sitting on his shoulder, diligently playing the role of a navigator.

Wow. Is that really a crow?

Thanks to this, passersby kept glancing at Kim Minjun and Lee Bonggu.

“Damn. What’s with mana being like Dragon Balls? Why are they scattered everywhere?”

– “What is a Dragon Ball, Sir Kim Minjun? Don’t tell me, Sir Kim Minjun lost his mana because of Dragon Balls!”

As Kim Minjun voiced his complaints, Lee Bonggu fluttered his wings, ready to defeat the Dragon Balls right away.

“Crazy kid, just stay still.”

– “Oh. I got carried away unknowingly. My apologies.”

Following Lee Bonggu’s directions, they wandered around for a while.

– “Here it is! I felt the scent of mana inside here!”

A large mansion came into view.

“Right. Considering we only feel it when we got this close, it must not be a living creature.”

– “Indeed, Sir Kim Minjun! Just as you said, the mana was inside a glass bottle! It was tougher than I thought; my beak couldn’t handle it!”

“Go check the location of the security cameras and report back.”

– “Sir Kim Minjun! Why don’t you just boldly go to the front gate and demand it!”

“I’m a soldier right now, you nut. You can’t commit crimes if you want to earn stars.”

Of course, what he was doing was a crime in itself, but as long as he wasn’t caught, it wasn’t a crime.

Besides, if mana had been condensed in an inanimate object for a long time, surely abnormal phenomena would occur.

“I came here to eliminate any risks that might arise beforehand. This isn’t a crime. Dangerous items like these need to be dealt with quickly.”

Kim Minjun rationalized his actions while waiting for Lee Bonggu’s report.

– “All clear! There are six cameras installed! If you go over this way, it’s perfect!”


Military uniforms were too conspicuous, so he had already changed into civilian clothes.

To prevent any possible facial exposure, he also wore a mask.

“Let’s quickly absorb this and then go on a food tour. It’d be a waste to just return after coming all the way to Incheon.”

Kim Minjun jumped lightly, leaping over the high fence of the mansion.

“Wow, isn’t this a place where celebrities live? It’s so spacious.”

A garden that seemed easily over 100 square meters.

And a house that appeared to be at least three stories tall.

“Maybe I should build a grand house like this once I earn my stars.”

Thinking so, he approached the glass bottle containing the mana.

“Wow. That’s a lot. With this much, my stats should increase by at least five.”

It was a jackpot.

The amount of mana condensed in that small jewel was significant.

If he absorbed it, skill release was certain.


Just as he was about to reach out, he heard a sharp voice from behind.

He had moved as quietly as possible, yet he was discovered so quickly.

…What? Didn’t you check properly? Didn’t you say it was just one ordinary person?

Kim Minjun caught sight of the woman’s familiar face and shifted his gaze to Lee Bonggu, who was far away.

– “…I know nothing about this.”

Lee Bonggu, noticing Kim Minjun’s angry expression, shrugged it off, blaming it on the Night Walker.

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

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Kim Minjun, who was a normal high school senior in South Korea, was suddenly summoned to another world and became a dark magician. Minjun, who persevered through all sorts of hardships with the single-minded goal of returning home, saved this other world with his dark magic. Casting aside a life as a hero and guaranteed riches, he returned to Earth. Just when he was about to fully enjoy his life, a problem arose. A dungeon break occurred, and monsters began pouring out. Not only did this threaten the peaceful Earth life that Minjun had just returned to... But on his very first day back, he was also ordered to enlist in the military!?!
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