The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment Chapter 33

Why are you here?

“Loyalty! Corporal Kim Minjun reporting!”

Kim Minjun received the smartphone the platoon leader handed to him.

– “Kim Minjun? Why are you there during your leave? What’s happening?”

He could hear the dumbfounded voice of First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin.

While Kim Minjun pondered his response, the platoon leader retrieved the smartphone and briefly explained the situation.

“Ah. Currently, Corporal Kim Minjun is assisting with the civilian support work. The gate burst open, so we have to redo the work. May I contact you later to discuss further?”

– “Oh, I see.”

Due to the urgent tone of the platoon leader, the call was quickly concluded.


Time passed, and in the platoon leader’s office.

“Are you talking about Hwacheon in Gangwon Province?”

Kim Chulmin listened to the report from the leader of the 4th company’s 4th platoon and double-checked, wondering if he had misheard.

“It’s Corporal Kim Minjun from the 2nd battalion’s 2nd company, correct?”

– “Yes. I double-checked. It’s Corporal Kim Minjun, who is currently on leave.”

He was dumbfounded by the continuing report from the platoon leader.

What? He initially went to help with the civilian support work, and then a gate opened?

He wished it was just a joke.

On top of that, Kim Minjun went so far as to deal with the Red Boars alone.

– “Considering he’s a corporal, this is truly an unbelievable physical ability.”

“Is that true…?”

– “Yes. I could hardly believe it myself. Moreover, he has been helping with the backlog of work in our company. Thanks to him, it seems like the work time has been significantly shortened.”

He used a 1-night, 2-day leave to go to Hwacheon in Gangwon Province.

And had specifically chosen the place where the 4th company’s female hunters were working on civilian support.

How long has it been since the Hunter Mobility Training ended?

His diligence was truly unbelievable.

Goodness, even during his leave, he does this?

If someone had asked him to use his annual leave to help with civilian support or assist another unit, he would have internally cursed them out first.

“I should report this to the company commander….”

As if there wasn’t enough work already, Kim Minjun’s actions added to it.

“Looks like I’ll be up all night… Still, it’s impressive.”

No matter what, a hunter who returned his leave to help with civilian support…

How many in the entire division would do that?

This guy, at this rate, isn’t he going to be promoted to sergeant soon?

Kim Chulmin contacted the company commander and reported, slightly embellishing what he had heard from the 4th platoon’s leader.


Thanks to Kim Minjun’s efforts, the civilian support work in Hwacheon quickly concluded.

“Comrade! Thank you!”

“Next time we meet, I’ll buy you a meal!”

The female hunters expressed their gratitude repeatedly as they boarded the bus.

The fatigue from the Hunter Mobility Training had been piling up, but thanks to Kim Minjun, the work became much easier.

Some of the female hunters even subtly tried to give him their contact information.

“Ah. I didn’t help with that intention, so it’s not necessary.”

Kim Minjun firmly refused, effectively putting up a barrier.

What I need are performance scores, not your numbers.

His top priority was earning stars and regaining power.

He had absolutely no interest in women.

Of course, that didn’t mean he was impotent.

If my first priority is stars and regaining power, and my second is Dungeon Power Fighter

Maybe they’d be around the fourth or fifth priority.

Even that was giving it too much credit.

“Corporal Kim Minjun, finish your leave well, and make sure to report to the platoon leader when you return to the unit. Thanks to you, there was practically no damage.”

“Corporal Kim Minjun! Understood!”

With the platoon leader’s words as a farewell, the bus carrying the female hunters departed.

After ensuring the bus was completely gone, Kim Minjun generously shared his mana with the Night Walker.


“Eat well and work hard.”

The creature seemed cautious at first, but then it absorbed the mana voraciously.


Because the Night Walker’s rank had risen to C, there were many more tasks it could perform.

If before it felt like throwing a fishing rod and waiting for a bite, now it was like holding a net and freely roaming around.

“Good. I was frustrated with collecting mana, but now it seems I can easily gather information about dungeons.”

While Kim Minjun was satisfied and smiling, the Night Walker detected an anomaly and informed him.

The enhanced performance of the Night Walker was powerful.

“What is it? Another gate?”


The Night Walker informed him that a being carrying mana had noticed them and was heading this way.

“What? Not a monster? Then what is it. The mana seems faint, almost disappearing?”

The Night Walker informed him that the entity was currently drifting through dimensions.

“Drifting through dimensions, but it noticed you and is coming this way?”

Was it due to the Night Walker’s enhancement? Was this some kind of reverse tracking or something?

And it was carrying faint mana…

“It seems like a case of failed dimensional travel. It looks like it’s trying to grasp onto something because it feels like it might die otherwise.”

Kim Minjun himself had to endure many penalties for dimensional travel.

It would be nothing short of a miracle if he were still alive after that.

“Just leave it. It’s not like I can stop it anyway.”

Given his current strength, intervening with dimensions was out of the question.

Kim Minjun quietly waited in his spot.

He didn’t know who it was, but since they harbored some mana, he waited nonetheless.


“A portal, huh?”

About 30 minutes had passed.

A dark red portal materialized near him.

“It’s shoddily made. No wonder it’s failing.”

The portal’s instability was evident at a glance.

The fact that his body hadn’t been torn apart was already a miracle.

“It seems like the portal was made using mana, but clearly there’s not enough of it. The dark red color suggests something strange was mixed in.”

While Kim Minjun was muttering to himself, a man cloaked in a black robe crawled out of the portal.

“Freeze! Move even a finger, and you’re dead.”

At those words, the man’s body jerked violently.

“I told you not to move.”

Just as he was about to attack the man,

“Siiiiiir Minold!”

A familiar voice stopped him in his tracks.

“…Could it be?”

Kim Minjun lifted the robe off the man.

The face he knew all too well appeared before him.

“Ah, you crazy bastard… Did you forget I told you to live without me?”

“Siiiiiir Minold!”

The man’s true identity was a dark mage from Isgard and a fervent follower of the Seria Sect.

Since he had no name, Kim Minjun had given him one himself.

“Lee Bonggu, are you out of your mind? What made you think you could travel through dimensions?”

Despite the rustic name, Lee Bonggu was a man of striking appearance.

The kind women would turn around to look at.

That’s why Kim Minjun had deliberately given him such an unrefined name.


Because it was irritating how handsome the dark mage was.

Kuhuk! Sir Minold, you left us with just a note!”

“Hey, you crazy fuck! If I told you all I was going to travel through dimensions, you all would’ve followed, right? How could I say that?”

His followers were anything but normal.

Even if dimensional travel had been easy, he had no intention of bringing his followers to Earth.

“At least! Wasn’t I, the right arm of Sir Minold, worth taking along?”

Lee Bonggu, feeling slighted, awkwardly crawled and grabbed Kim Minjun’s military boots with both hands.

“Who said you’re my right hand? Get off me!”


“Ugh… I feel like I’m going to die. But if I die by Sir Minold’s hand, I can accept it happily.”

“Ah, I hit you without realizing. Here, take some mana.”

Kim Minjun shared some of his mana with Lee Bonggu, who appeared to be on the verge of convulsing to death.

This act depleted his already low mana reserves.

Huff. I finally feel like I can live.”

Lee Bonggu, whose complexion had been pale, finally got up with a refreshed expression.

“Hey. Explain everything from the beginning to end, how did this happen?”

“Of course!”

Lee Bonggu began to explain the circumstances leading to the dimensional travel.

“When Sir Minold disappeared, the followers, instead of selecting a new leader, were trying to follow you… It seemed like the organization would dissolve if it continued like that.”

“Good grief. I told you to live on without worrying about me. Did you squeeze out all the mana to create the portal?”

“Yes! That’s exactly right! I volunteered to go as a representative!”

“Setting aside the crude portal, how did you manage the coordinates? There shouldn’t be any Isgardians who know Earth’s coordinates.”

To that, Lee Bonggu proudly laughed and replied,

“Of course, I guessed them.”

“Oh. Really? You’re saying you guessed the one in a billion chance correctly and came here?”

“Absolutely! With faith in our leader, probabilities are just mere numbers!”

“If you don’t want your head cracked, speak properly.”

“It’s true, Sir Minold! How could I lie to you?”

Kim Minjun sighed as he listened to Lee Bonggu, who seemed wronged.

Well, it’s believable for this guy. Seeing how harshly I treat him but he still risked his life to come here.

Kim Minjun fundamentally disliked Isgardians.

However, among the dark mages, his followers were an exception.

I have indeed benefited a lot from these guys in the other world.

The followers had moved without question while he was in the other world, never betraying him in any situation.

“My name is Kim Minjun, not Minold. Call me Kim Minjun here.”

“I understand! I will assist Kim Minjun until my death here!”

Lee Bonggu kneeled and took a respectful posture.

“Can you use the mimicry skill?”

“Absolutely! Thanks to Kim Minjun’s gracious mana, I’m overflowing with power!”

“Don’t lie. I didn’t give you much.”

In truth, I can only use it on small animals right now. I’m sorry!

Mimicry was Lee Bonggu’s specialty.

He could copy not just the appearance but also the unique personality and voice of the designated creature.

It was a skill specialized for infiltration.

Since this guy came over here, I might as well put him to work.

Following Kim Minjun’s instruction, Lee Bonggu used his mimicry skill on a nearby crow.

“For the time being, move with the Night Walker. And don’t do anything dangerous. Safety first, got it?”

“I will follow your orders!”


As Kim Minjun flicked his finger, the Night Walker wrapped around Lee Bonggu’s body and transferred information about Earth.

– “Oh, so this is Earth. And the place called South Korea is Kim Minjun’s homeland!”

Lee Bonggu flapped his wings, shedding tears of joy.

– “As expected of Kim Minjun! Possessing such immense power yet not succumbing to the allure of world domination.”

“I wouldn’t do such a thing to my homeland. I like South Korea.”

– “Then I will come to like this country called South Korea as well!”

Lee Bonggu fluttered his wings, filled with joy.

“Ah, wait a minute. Speaking of which, are the other followers okay? The Saintess isn’t messing around, is she?”

Lee Bonggu answered seriously to his words.

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

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Kim Minjun, who was a normal high school senior in South Korea, was suddenly summoned to another world and became a dark magician. Minjun, who persevered through all sorts of hardships with the single-minded goal of returning home, saved this other world with his dark magic. Casting aside a life as a hero and guaranteed riches, he returned to Earth. Just when he was about to fully enjoy his life, a problem arose. A dungeon break occurred, and monsters began pouring out. Not only did this threaten the peaceful Earth life that Minjun had just returned to... But on his very first day back, he was also ordered to enlist in the military!?!
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