The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment Chapter 29

Hunter Mobility Training 3

“Landmine traps! Everyone, halt!”


The traps, cunningly installed amid the densely grown grass, were landmine-type devices set up by the military unit.

They were placed on paths that the hunters would carelessly pass by.

I must admit, that’s some sharp eyesight; I was just about to mention it myself.

Just as Kim Minjun was about to say something, First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin spotted it first.

It’s an electric-type trap.

Landmine traps were divided into explosive and electric types.

The explosive type was used to kill monsters outright, while the electric shock type was used for capturing them alive, either for research or training purposes.

“It’s an electric-type trap! Everyone, attach rubber plates to your combat boots!”



Following First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin’s orders, the squad members took out circular rubber plates from their gear.

Special equipment was needed to dismantle landmine traps.

It was impossible to remove them under the current circumstances.

Taking a detour would mean… a much longer route.

As it was the last day of training, they must reach the base by midnight.

Taking a detour would definitely make them late.

It’s also the item with the biggest points penalty.

After some thought, First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin decided to push through the trap zone.

“Let’s stay sharp and move!”


Just because they had added rubber plates didn’t mean they could relax.

The terrain was treacherous enough already.

One wrong step could lead to a disaster.

That’s going to hurt if someone steps on it.

Of course, since the electric-type trap laid out in front of them was for training, it wouldn’t be lethal.

But it would still be extremely painful.

“Lift the injured higher!”


“Those carrying the stretcher move first! It doesn’t matter if it takes time, just go as slowly as possible!”


“In the meantime, the rest of the squad should be on the lookout for any monsters that might appear!”


“Don’t provoke the monsters even if they show up! Just provide enough cover until I give further orders.”


After First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin issued his orders, the squad members carrying the injured stepped out cautiously while the rest prepared for any monster attacks.

“You know you’re screwed if you drop me, right?”


The supervisor, anticipating any unforeseen circumstances, had rubber pads attached to his hands and feet.


“We’ve arrived!”

The first two squad members who first left had safely reached their destination.

“Next! Start moving!”


Next, Kim Minjun and another Private began to move as they carried a stretcher.

The squad members responsible for transporting the injured rotated at set intervals.

Kim Minjun chose not to rotate, aiming to reduce even a bit of his squad members’ fatigue.

That guy looks shaky.

It was obvious he was severely fatigued.

“Focus. We’re halfway through the training.”


Private Jin Cheolho clenched his teeth and moved his legs.

I should keep an eye on him.

His movements looked uncertain.

He looked unstable.

“Ah, ahh!”

Reaching the halfway point, the Private stumbled badly.

“Hey, man!”

“Are you out of your fucking mind, you crazy son of a bitch!”

The hunters behind them exclaimed in shock at the sight.

If it weren’t for me, this would have been a huge penalty.

That was because if Kim Minjun hadn’t been there, the supervisor on the stretcher would have definitely fallen.

“Just keep your balance! I’ll cover the rest!”

“Ugh! S-sorry!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his junior completely lost his balance.

Tsk. I heard that the training is pretty tough for Privates and Private First Classes.

If things continued this way, both the junior and the supervisor would fall victims to the electric-type trap.

Kim Minjun, with an agility stat of 60, swiftly caught the two men falling towards the ground.

“Uh? Uhh?”

“What the hell just happened…?”

“Don’t move!”

Kim Minjun, with the men tucked under his arm, braced his legs.


And then leaped over the remaining distance in one go.


“Did I just see something wrong…”

The hunters who were watching from behind were astonished.

“His reflexes are no joke.”

The squad members had thought for sure that a disaster was about to happen when one of them lost his balance.

But Kim Minjun, in that brief period, not only caught up with the two of them, but with a single jump, cleared the remaining distance.

“Isn’t that something only an officer would be capable of…?”

“Even for an officer, that’d be tough…”

“Hey. Let’s just focus on our training.”

The rest of the squad members had only a moment to traverse the trap section.

“Jin Cheolho!”

“Private Jin Cheolho!”

“Are you out of your mind? Aren’t you doing this properly? I told you it’s fine to go slow!”

“I’m sorry!”

First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin began to sternly reprimand Private Jin Cheolho.

“If it weren’t for Kim Minjun, you could have injured the wounded even more! What were you thinking?”

“I’m sorry!”

“If you’re not going to do it right, then just give up! What the hell are you doing, starting from before the training even begins? You want to cause trouble for the rest of the platoon?”

“I’m sorry! I’ll do it properly from now on!”

“If this weren’t the training period, I would have had you rolling all day long. Got it?”

“Yes, sir!”

Even though he was a Private who had only recently been assigned to a unit, there were no exceptions.

Kim Chulmin, considering the training situation, only gave a sharp verbal warning and let it go.

“Phew. Jin Cheolho. I know you’re a new recruit, but there’s a limit to how much we can overlook.”

“Private Jin Cheolho! I’m sorry!”

“Do it right.”

“Yes, sir!”

Immediately after, the other senior soldiers approached Jin Cheolho and poured out harsh words.

When one person made a mistake, it affected the other members of the squad.

And naturally, this applied to the platoon leader as well.

This was the so-called collective responsibility.

And this was the military, of all places.

“I’m sorry!”

The Private repeated apologies with a sorry face.

“Do better next time. What’s done is done.”

“Yes, sir!”

Kim Minjun patted the guy’s shoulder once and told him not to be too disheartened.

In training, mental strength was also a crucial element.

If he too brushed off the Private as well, the latter’s morale would be completely shattered.


Training Day 3, evening.

The hunters, with their shoulders drooping heavily, looked as if they might collapse at any moment.

This was because, compared to the previous training, this session had many more varied situations thrown at them.

“Ah… The intensity of this training is insane, seriously…”

“It’s only the third day. We still have one more day to go.”

“This is fucking crazy…”

Special gas released at dawn.

Monsters appearing in the middle of the night or in steep, rugged areas.

Today, there were even sections with traps set up.

It was only natural for them to be exhausted.

“Everyone, cheer up! We only have one day left. Just a bit more until we set up camp!”

Yet Kim Minjun always encouraged his seniors when the time was right.

Let’s get our heads in the game.

We can do it!

Clenching their teeth, the seniors maintained their walking pace.

We should camp earlier today.

After assessing the condition of his squad members, First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin decided to halt the day’s march there.

Especially the Privates and Private First Classes seemed like they could collapse at any moment.

“Attention, everyone!”


“We’re camping here tonight! Training ends tomorrow, so stay sharp, got it!”

“Yes, sir!”

After finishing his speech, First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin stepped away for a moment to report the situation.

Officers are really something else.

Kim Minjun nodded his head as he watched him.

In fact, First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin was also exhausted from accumulated fatigue.

But he led the squad without showing any signs of difficulty.

The morale of the soldiers is important, too.

If the platoon leader faltered, so will the squad members.

First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin was fulfilling his role as the platoon leader admirably.

“Hey, Minjun.”

“Corporal Kim Minjun.”

“If it weren’t for you, we would have been in real trouble.”

As they were setting up the tents, the seniors approached him to express their gratitude.

“It’s just what I have to do. Besides, I’ve only just been assigned to this unit as a private.”

“Yeah. We do feel sorry for you. But look over there, do you see?”

The senior pointed to where Sergeant Lee Seungho was scolding someone with a fearsome face.

That someone was the private who had made a mistake in the trap zone earlier.

It was said that as soon as the platoon leader left, Lee Seungho immediately took action.

“If it weren’t for you, we’d be the ones getting our heads knocked over there, right?”

“Anyway, thanks, man.”

After patting Kim Minjun’s shoulder, the seniors moved on to another area.

Good, very good.

This is what military life was all about.

And that was maintaining a good image with your seniors.

At this rate, I won’t have to wait too long to become a sergeant, right?

While Kim Minjun was feeling satisfied…

“Kim Minjun.”

“Corporal Kim Minjun.”

“Come with that private over there.”

“Yes, sir.”

First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin, who had finished reporting, gestured to him.

Wondering what it was about, Minjun followed, only to find out that it was to check for any injuries.

“Are you really okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“And you?”

“Private Jin Cheolho! I’m also fine!”

After a thorough check, First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin finally relaxed his stern expression.

“Phew. I thought you guys were goners earlier. I was scared to death. And you.”

“Pr-Private Jin Cheolho!”

“Yeah. Don’t dwell on it too much. This training is on a large scale, that’s all.”

“Yes, sir!”

First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin crossed his arms, recalling the previous situation.

“I think I made the wrong judgment earlier. It’s my fault for not properly checking the condition of the squad members.”

“Are you referring to Private Jin Cheolho?”

“Yes. If I had been more attentive, that wouldn’t have happened.”

Even though Kim Minjun handled the situation perfectly, the previous incident was a clear mistake and a demerit.

And it was First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin’s fault.

It’s understandable that he couldn’t meticulously check on every squad member’s condition amidst the constant emergencies.

Still, a mistake was a mistake.

What’s done is done. There’s only one day left, and we can’t afford to be out of energy like this.

First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin too, having experienced this training for the first time, was understandably under pressure.

I didn’t expect to be cheering up the officers as well.

Kim Minjun gave First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin a boost of energy.

“I’ll always keep watch from behind. Don’t think about what’s in the past. After all, we still have one more day of training left.”

At those words, First Lieutenant Kim Chulmin made a face that showed he found the situation amusing.

“You punk. I’m still a lieutenant. I’m still full of energy.”

“Understood, sir.”

“Go back and rest up.”

“Yes, sir! Loyalty!”

Before returning to his original spot, Kim Minjun told the junior not to worry too much.


The third day of training passed, and they entered the final day, the fourth.

“Let’s just get through today…”

“Just endure another 12 hours…”

The hunters had reached the limits of their stamina.

Some squad members even displayed the skill of walking while asleep.

“Wow. Our squad is legendary.”

“Seriously. I saw other squads with serious injuries.”

“Are we the only squad where none of the Privates or Private First Classes have dropped out?”

Kim Minjun’s squad was the only one without any injuries.

“Huh? Isn’t that the guy over there?”

“Yeah. Looks like he’s hurt?”

As they continued their march, the squad members raised their voices when they spotted someone.

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

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