The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment Chapter 22


Kim Minjun turned his head in the direction of Lee Dongjin’s gaze.

Ah, something like that was there.

It was definitely something that couldn’t happen to an ordinary corporal.

Not just one or two, but a total of 120 monsters.

But he could do it.


Kim Minjun made a playful expression and brought his index finger to his lips.

“…Alright. I have an errand to run, so I’ll go ahead.”


Lee Dongjin left the training room with a complicated expression.

“We still have some combat sports time left, so let’s do one more. This is fun.”

Kim Minjun decided to face about 30 goblins for the last round and started the battle again.


[Basic Bludgeoning Skill has been created.]

“Uh, what’s this?”

A system window popped up when he coolly blew away the last goblin’s club.

It was a notification that a skill had been created.

“I didn’t expect to have skills like this here since I’m a dark mage.”

It turned out it was possible to acquire skills now that he was back on Earth.

Usually, skills couldn’t be acquired even through repeated training.

Even though hunters would give it their all during training, only their stats would increase.

“Is this the effect of my return? I’m the only one with skills.”

Officers and trainees had higher stats than ordinary soldiers.

However, they didn’t have any skills.

In other words, skills were an ability that only Kim Minjun possessed.

“Anyway, let’s check the skill description!”

[Basic Bludgeoning Skill (E): Slight increase in weapon proficiency with bludgeoning types.]

“Not bad.”

A skill was created by swinging a specific weapon diligently.

In other words, if you swing different weapons diligently, you could create skills!

“Ah, come to think of it, I didn’t swing weapons much in Isgard.”

It made sense, as he only wielded magic there.

“Alright. I’ll have to play with one weapon at a time when I have time.”

Kim Minjun left the training room with a satisfied smile.


The next day.

During the daily preparation in the barracks, Corporal Kim Kwangsik returned with a piece of paper.

“Hey! The platoon leader said to give this to you!”

“What is it?”

“An outstanding hunter commendation.”

“Oh! What is it? Let us take a look too!”

At the mention of a commendation, the other seniors gathered in one place.

“He certainly deserves it. He made it to corporal so quickly.”

“Hey, it’s already a given since he singlehandedly wiped out 30 Middlebats at the fuel depot.”


This soldier has become an example to the military unit with their outstanding military life and is hereby awarded this commendation.]

“But why is there so little effort put into this? What’s with this base? It’s only two lines.”

Kim Kwangsik checked the content of the commendation and complained that it was too sloppy.

“He reached corporal in the shortest time, so it’s a bit like that. If I were the battalion commander, I’d personally commend him and give him a vacation.”

Originally, there would have been a commendation ceremony, but it was said that it had been skipped because of the division commander’s sensitivity following the Middlebat’s sudden appearance.

The seniors passed the commendation around and handed it to Kim Minjun.

“Anyway, congratulations! You’ll reach sergeant at LTE speed at this rate, right?”

“Corporal Kim Minjun! Thank you!”

An outstanding hunter.

He thought they would give him a bonus vacation, but that was not the case.

It felt like an award given out at school.

“If you receive a few commendations and accumulate achievement points, you could even be promoted. Try your best.”

“Yes! Thank you!”

When he heard the senior’s explanation, Kim Minjun’s eyes lit up.

Oh. I didn’t know that a commendation also added to my performance points.

Then, getting more would be beneficial.

I wonder how many more commendations I need to get promoted.

Since he had one now, would he need to collect about nine more?

I should collect them like I’m gathering chicken coupons.

Kim Minjun resolved to diligently sweep up both performance points and commendations from now on.

– “Platoon leader announcement! In a moment, individual meetings will take place, so Squad 2 members should wait in the barracks.”

During their brief conversation, Platoon leader Kim Chulmin’s voice rang out.

“Eh? What? Is it already time for individual meetings?”

“Four months have passed.”

“Ah. It’s been so easy since this morning.”

“Come to think of it, Minjun, you haven’t had an individual meeting, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Well, it’s been hectic lately with training and emergency drills.”

The platoon leader had to periodically conduct individual meetings with the squad members.

It was to quickly address any potential issues with their mental state or health.

If those minor things escalated, they could lead to major accidents.

Is the Hunter Army on a four-month cycle?

It was a shorter cycle compared to the regular army.

It must mean they have more to worry about.

The Hunter Army was definitely more dangerous compared to the regular army.

On top of that, the 104th Division was located at the front line, making it even more exposed to danger than other units.

As a result, hunters were more likely to experience stress quickly and intensely.

“Corporal Lee Seungho, is using the training room for a bit okay?”

Kim Minjun subtly asked Seungho.

According to the seniors, they had about two hours of free time ahead.

It seemed a waste to spend that time sitting idly.

“Sure, go ahead. Although it’s not usually allowed, I’ll cover for you if the platoon leader says something.”

Normally, the training room could only be used after duty hours were over.

Even if the hunters were waiting in the living quarters, it was still considered duty time.

However, it was a different story for Kim Minjun.

He had shown outstanding performance since his time as a private, quickly got promoted to private first class, and even scored full marks on the promotion exam, earning the rank of corporal.

It meant that if the platoon leader liked it, it was allowed.

That’s why rank is the best.

As a private, it would’ve been impossible to even bring it up.

“Yes! Then I’ll go train for a bit and come back!”

Kim Minjun immediately headed to the training room.

“Wow. Now that he’s a corporal, he’s really making use of the training room?”

“He’s diligent.”

“How can someone so talented also put in so much effort?”

“Hey, I just thought of something fun. What do you think of this?”

In the middle of their chitchat, Corporal Kim Kwangsik brought a blank piece of paper as soon as he confirmed Kim Minjun was gone.

“I bet a month’s salary that he gets promoted to sergeant within a month. What are you guys betting?”

“Are you crazy? You should just do sports betting.”

“That guy’s acting up again.”

“You crazy bastard, why don’t you put your arm on the line?”

His fellow hunters looked at him with exasperation.

“So, are you backing out? Huh? If you win, you can have an additional month’s salary.”

Kim Kwangsik skillfully provoked his peers and encouraged their participation.

“Scared? If you’re scared… you know?”

“You crazy guy. Get ready to lose your salary.”

“Let’s teach him a lesson.”

With that one comment, three of Kim Kwangsik’s peers joined the bet.

As expected of men, they couldn’t help but feel a surge of competitiveness over something so pointless.

“I bet two months’ salary. Kim Kwangsik, you should bet two months’ salary too.”

“Oh. You’re going all out? Alright. Call!”

“I’m betting two months’ salary that it takes six months.”

“No matter what, becoming a sergeant will be difficult. I’ll bet a year!”

The atmosphere heated up instantly, and even the sergeants joined the bet.

“I’ll bet three months of my salary that he’ll make it in two months.”

“Wow. Sergeant Lee Seungho, you’re quite the gambler.”

“Hey, you think getting promoted from corporal to sergeant is a joke? Even if it’s Kim Minjun, it won’t happen in two months.”

“I’ve been watching that guy since his training days. My judgment is accurate.”

They even took turns stamping their fingerprints and thus completed the betting.

“No running away with the money. Make sure to stamp your fingerprint clearly.”

With a satisfied smile, Kim Kwangsik watched them.

I can feel it. I’ve won this one.

Of course, Kim Minjun had no way of knowing that fact.


Inside a gym that resembled a fitness center.

Kim Minjun briefly scanned the exercise equipment.

“Almost everything is here. It’s been a while since I last lifted some weights.”

Kim Minjun picked up a dumbbell made of red stone.

“In Isgard, my strength stat increased easily thanks to my skills. But here, I definitely need to put in some effort.”

The power of the otherworldly warrior.

As he leveled up in that world, he acquired a skill that occupied a skill slot.

It boasted an incredible effect of increasing his strength stat by 1.5 times.

“Other than it being limited to that other world, there were no drawbacks. Doesn’t a skill like that exist here?”

Like an Earth warrior…

Or something like a Dungeon Power Fighter.

“An Earth warrior does sound childish.”

After a brief warm-up, Kim Minjun switched to a 700kg specialized barbell.

“Alright. Let’s get serious.”

[Only soldiers with a strength stat of 40 or higher should use this. Privates and Private First Classes must report before using.]

There was a warning sticker, but his strength stat was 60.

Using the barbell was obviously no problem.

“Starting with 100.”

With a serious expression, Kim Minjun immersed himself in the exercise.

There were generally three ways to increase the strength stat.

Either raise it through exercise and training or accumulate experience in dungeons.

Of course, raising the Strength stat through exercise or training was very inefficient.

Even if you trained hard, the strength stat wouldn’t necessarily increase.

On the other hand, in dungeons, fighting monsters would slightly raise any stat.

It’s a concept similar to leveling up in this world.

“Sure enough, once the Strength stat reaches around 60, it doesn’t increase easily.”

Kim Minjun repeated the exercises for nearly two hours without rest, but no system message appeared.

“My body isn’t what it used to be. I need to start pushing myself harder now. I’ll do a little more and leave.”

It was almost time for his personal interview, so he decided to wrap up and leave.

As he thought this and got up…


A message appeared in front of Kim Minjun.

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The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

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