The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment Chapter 18

On the Road to Becoming a Corporal

“Ah… I keep telling myself not to do that, but when I face monsters, I get nervous…”

Lee Dongjin nodded with a dispirited expression.

There were also a few minor criticisms he received.

If he were an ordinary private, it would have been a situation where he’d be told not to bother.

“It seems like you have a keen eye. I’ll treat you to something at the PX next time.”

“No, I can help you with this much anytime.”

Kim Minjun could say that because he had an excellent training record.

“Private First Class Lee Dongjin, how much dungeon experience do you have?”

“Well, I’ve been to the dungeons quite a bit, but the other seniors just tell me to stay behind now.”

At that, Lee Dongjin laughed bitterly.

No wonder his skills don’t improve. This is more of a problem with the unit than with him.

What’s the point of having a lot of dungeon clear counts?

They didn’t even let him touch the actual monsters.

“Private First Class Lee Dongjin, just wait until I become a corporal. I’ll take good care of you.”

“Really? I feel like I’ll be discharged before that happens. But thanks anyway.”

Lee Dongjin lightly tapped Kim Minjun’s shoulder and headed to the barracks.

Time passed, and at 6 in the morning, with the Duty Officer’s voice, the hunters woke up.

They returned to the barracks after finishing their breakfast.

Today is Saturday.

There’s no work schedule.

As soon as the corporals and sergeants finished changing into their uniforms, they hurried back into their blankets.

Kim Minjun was waiting in the living quarters in his combat uniform.

– “All hunters from the second company participating in the promotion exam, gather in front of the barracks now! I repeat, all hunters from the second company….”

Finally, the day to remove the Private First Class insignia!

Kim Minjun saluted his seniors and stepped outside the barracks.


“All right! Line up according to your rank! Privates on the left! Hurry up, we don’t have much time!”


About 50 hunters gathered in the barracks.

With this many participants in the exam, it was considered a great success if only about five of them passed and got promoted.

The platoon leader also seemed to know this fact, so he didn’t look too expectant.

“Today’s schedule is very tight! Don’t dawdle and move quickly, got it?”


The promotion exam took place from morning to night.

The written and practical exams must be completed within a day.

Also, the exam venue took place at another unit.

“Everyone, take your seats.”

The military bus arrived, and the platoon leader finished checking the personnel.

The exam venue changed every time, and this time, the promotion exam was scheduled to take place at a unit in Gapyeong.

“Hey, did you hear? Son Eunseo from the 4th battalion is taking the promotion exam too.”

“Really? Are we going to see her face today?”

The atmosphere inside the bus was lively.

It turned out that female hunters from the 4th battalion were also taking the promotion exam.

All guys are the same, huh.

Kim Minjun smirked and continued solving the written exam’s past questions.

“Everyone, take your assigned seats and get ready!”

Inside the written exam room, the hunters took their assigned seats and waited for the test papers to be distributed.

In the meantime, the guys were rolling their eyes as they stole glances at the female hunters.

Surely, South Korea has a higher standard of beauty.

Indeed, this was the greatness of South Korea.

Eat dust, Isgard.

It was Kim Minjun’s simple review.

“We will now begin the written exam! If you’re caught cheating, you go straight to the detention center. Got it?”


At precisely 10 AM, the written test began.

The examination room quickly filled with the sound of scribbling ballpoint pens.

What? I heard the written test was easy, but this easy?

As Kim Minjun checked the test questions, he was dumbfounded.

[Question 2.

What is the name of the bat-shaped monster the size of a young child?

  1. Woodpecker
  2. Middlebat
  3. Batman
  4. Eagle
  5. Desert Eagle]

It wasn’t just this question since most were like this.

Who said this is similar to the driver’s license written test?

This was much worse.

The time spent studying for the written test felt like a waste.

Despite this level of difficulty, it was surprising that the written test passing rate wasn’t 100%.

All the hunters submitted their papers within 10 minutes.

“What’s this? Cho Jeonguk? Hey! What the hell are you doing? Come out right now!”

“Private Cho Jeonguk!”

“If you fail the written test, what are you going to do!”

“I’m sorry!”

The grading was done immediately, and like a ghost, one person failed.

The other hunters looked at the failing hunter with astonished expressions.

Indeed, the statistics were accurate.

“Before we begin the practical test, the battalion commander has something to say!”

After finishing the written test, the hunters headed to the practical examination area.

As the actual test began, the judges and leaders from other units appeared in their seats.

The judges’ ranks were, of course, very high.

Even the battalion commander, who rarely appeared in the examination area, was there.

The hunters maintained their stand-at-attention posture with extreme tension.

“Now. Despite today being a weekend, you’ve all worked hard to participate in this promotion exam. You all know what skills the practical test is looking for, right?”

“Yes! That’s correct!”

“Good. You corporals probably know… Let’s see. Yeah, over there!”

The battalion commander pointed at Kim Minjun.

“Private First Class Kim Minjun!”

He had purposely been in the corner, but the battalion commander had somehow noticed him like a ghost.

“Right. This time, as a special case, Private First Class Kim Minjun is taking the promotion test. He was originally a Private but became a Private First Class not too long ago. Can you explain the types of practical tests?”

“Yes! The practical test looks at the proficiency of your main weapon, stat tests, and lastly, monster handling ability combined with combat skills!”

Kim Minjun answered with a booming voice, loud enough for even the officers sitting in the front row to hear.

“That’s right. The battalion commander will be watching this time, so everyone, do your best.”



Following the battalion commander’s speech, the practical test groups were determined.

Six people in a group.

Since many hunters were taking the promotion exam, the monster handling ability was excluded, and the test was conducted in a group format.

“Let’s do our best!”

“Yes, you too, comrade.”

The hunters who were in the same group as the female hunters were filled with enthusiasm.

“Stop dawdling and get ready quickly!”

The hesitating hunters hurriedly moved at the judge’s command.

First was the stat test.

Strength, agility, and stamina were tested in each category, and scores were calculated.

“When signaled, one person at a time will position themselves in front of the supervisor, understood?”


The examiner in charge of the strength category was a sergeant first class, a high-ranking officer with a considerably high strength stat.

“Your score will be measured based on how far you can push the examiner back.”

The highest score was 100 points, and it was given if the examiner was pushed back more than 10 meters.


“0 points. You’re disqualified.”


The hunters tried their hardest to push the director back, but he didn’t budge.

They had only one minute to do this.

They would be immediately disqualified if they didn’t get at least 40 points in the strength category.

“10 points!”

“20 points!”

“20 points!”

The examiner showed no mercy and even pushed the hunters back.

This was because he received a high achievement score for eliminating hunters in the promotion test.


From the first group to the fourth group, not a single hunter passed the standard.

“Private Son Eunseo, 50 points!”

A few hunters barely managed to pass the standard, and now it was the 16th group’s turn.

Only one female hunter managed to meet the standard.

“Wow… She’s really pretty.”

“Isn’t she the one whose father is a division commander?”

“Is it the power of genetics? This is so embarrassing.”

“But why did she apply as a regular soldier instead of an officer?”

“That’s true.”

The men whispered among themselves, but they didn’t know how to deal with the cold atmosphere she exuded.

“Look at those sharp eyes. It feels like I’m going to die if I get too close.”

“Did you hear the rumor? Some officers tried to mess with her but got into big trouble with the division commander.”

“Those officers were crazy. Why would they mess with someone whose father is a division commander?”

Son Eunseo turned her gaze toward the men as she returned to her seat.

More precisely, she looked in the direction of Kim Minjun.

What’s going on? Is there something on my face?

Kim Minjun didn’t pay much attention and stood before his assigned spot.

“Group 40!”

It was finally Minjun’s turn.

Oh. He does look strong up close.

Kim Minjun scanned the examiner’s muscles with his eyes and then approached him.

Was the standard 10 points for 10 meters?

Would there be bonus points if he went over 10 meters?


Determined to get a perfect score in all categories, Kim Minjun pushed the director with all his might.



The director couldn’t withstand the immense force and was sent flying into the air.

Okay. He went all the way to the end.

The distance he flew was more than 50 meters.

Kim Minjun dusted off his hands with a satisfied expression.

“What the… What was that!”

“The examiner was sent flying!”

“Is… Is that even possible?”

“I heard rumors, but he really is a monster.”

The other hunters and officers watching were shocked.


Son Eunseo also stared at Kim Minjun’s back with a dumbfounded expression.

“Private First Class Kim Minjun, 100 points! Excellent!”

The examiner returned to his place a moment later and dusted the dirt off him.

He then gave his evaluation of Minjun.

“Wow… 100 points in the strength category… Is he even human?”

“Everyone, quiet down! We’ll move on to the agility category without a break!”

The examiner quickly moved on to the next test before the atmosphere got too chaotic.

“Even though the bullets fired here are rubber, it still hurts a lot if you get hit, so stay alert!”

“Yes! Understood!”

In the agility test, a rubber bullet flew slightly slower than a real bullet.

Naturally, it was impossible to dodge it by merely seeing it with the naked eye.

The key was to predict the bullet’s trajectory and get hit as little as possible.



From Team 1 to Team 5, no one could endure even 30 seconds before falling out.

One hunter even bled from the head after getting hit in the wrong spot.

So that’s why the passing rate is so low.

The hardest part was said to be dealing with monsters.

If they were eliminated like this from the stat test, there was no way they could pass.

Well, it’s not unreasonable for them to be so strict.

After all, dealing with monsters in dungeons was a difficult task.

“What’s wrong with the capabilities of these hunters today!”

Not a single hunter from Team 1 to Team 15 lasted 30 seconds.

“Next! Team 16! Focus a bit more!”


When it was Team 16’s turn, hunters, including Son Eunseo, took their places.

“That’s right. Just do it like this!”

Son Eunseo endured for a full minute, which was the perfect score.

The examiner finally relaxed his expression.

What’s with her?

As Son Eunseo returned to her spot, she stared at Kim Minjun as if to pierce right through him.

Her eyes seemed to say that she didn’t want to lose.

Well, what do you want me to do about that?

Kim Minjun wasn’t in the mood to engage, so he simply ignored her.

“What’s up with her? She’s been staring at you since earlier.”

“Maybe she’s interested in you?”

That’s why it’s annoying to have people acting like this around you.

“Next, Team 40! Get ready!”


As time passed, it was finally his turn to participate.

She’s still staring at me. It’s kind of irritating.

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The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

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