Starting as a Child Actor in This Life Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Sunbae, are you doing some kind of special training with your son?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, like concentration enhancement training or model training. Sunbae, tell me the truth. Is it because he’s too pretty that you’re going overboard…?”

“Watch your words. You might get in trouble for that.”

Jiyeon scolded Hanna as she frowned at her words.

Jiyeon’s hoobae was competent enough to become a team leader at a young age, but she often spoke thoughtlessly to close friends.

She didn’t seem to change despite being pointed out several times that it could be perceived as rude.

How can she say that about my amazing kid?

Jiyeon looked at her son, Suhyeon, who was in the middle of a photoshoot.

While most kids would get cranky after just 10 minutes, Suhyeon had been changing into three sets of clothes for over 40 minutes without throwing a tantrum.

Although he took breaks in between because of his lack of stamina, he performed more like an adult model.

On top of that, he’s absolutely adorable. It’s different when he has the clothes to support him.

Suhyeon naturally pulled off various styles of outfits.

From a mischievous smile to a haughty and arrogant expression, he created an atmosphere that suited the clothes on his own.

…He really did it “on his own.”

“Why does the photographer seem so useless?”

“It’s because my son is doing everything on his own.”

“Really, what kind of kid is Sunbae’s son? Is he really five years old?”

Hanna looked at Suhyeon with disbelief.

Even to an untrained person, it was clear that the little five-year-old solved everything and led the situation.

I knew the CEO’s nephew was incompetent, but is he seriously losing to a kid who hasn’t even started kindergarten yet? What the heck is happening?

Hanna knew the photographer’s past works well.

The photos were not bad in terms of composition, but they were only bland because of the lack of additional work on them.

Thinking about the overtime she had put in to salvage those photos was enough to make her cry.

If Sunbae didn’t teach him…, is it talent?

Hanna looked at Suhyeon as if he were a rare creature.

To her, talent was someone else’s story.

It might exist somewhere like a rich, handsome, and affectionate boyfriend, but it was a distant story from her own life.

However, Suhyeon’s ability to subtly lower his gaze to match the timing of the photoshoot could only be explained as “talent.”

I thought anyone who was just cutely dressed would look similar.

Unlike adult models, child models couldn’t rely on their proportions or figures.

Except for their youthful and lively appearance, they were no different from mannequins as subjects.

…Or so she thought, but Suhyeon performed his role as a “model” exceptionally well.

Should I ask for his help next time I have to shoot children’s clothes? Ah, Sunbae’s personality might make it challenging to help twice. Should I raise the pay? To lure Suhyeon?

She stared at Suhyeon with the corrupted gaze of a hobbit eyeing a ring.

Hanna herself didn’t realize it, but she had a talent for putting people in the right place at the right time.


Am I getting… a cold?

While taking pictures, Suhyeon suddenly felt a chill and quietly wrapped his arms around himself.

It was as if he was intentionally posing naturally.

Since my facial muscles don’t move as finely, I need to move my body more.

A child’s facial expressions were not as complex as an adult’s.

Children could not express complex emotions or depth, and their muscles were not developed enough for delicate movements.

So Suhyeon would hold his mouth with his hands or make big gestures to create the desired atmosphere.

It’s doable since I can check my status on the screen.

He posed to ensure the prints on his clothes were visible with every shutter click.

Living his daily life, he hadn’t felt much discomfort, but his young body lacked the precision needed for this project.

If he hadn’t been able to see his reflection in the lens, he would have been embarrassed, like a child pretending to be an adult.

It’s partly because the photographer isn’t that enthusiastic.

After deciding to proceed alone, Suhyeon focused on scrutinizing the screen.

He checked what expressions he was making and whether the clothes were getting wrinkled or not…

As he closely examined the screen, he realized the surrounding area faintly lit up whenever the shutter clicked.

It was such a faint light that he wondered if it was just an illusion.

Red, white… no, it’s yellow and blue… no, green?

Suhyeon calmly examined the semi-transparent screen.

After recognizing it, the slightly clearer border shone in various colors.

The most basic color was a faint yellow, but after Suhyeon intentionally snapped a shot, blue became the dominant color, and red appeared when the breathing was off.

Maybe red is bad, yellow is average, and green is good…?

Not knowing the evaluation criteria was a drawback, but it wasn’t bad to be able to differentiate the quality.

Moreover, while focusing on the screen, Suhyeon could feel a strange sensation just before the shutter clicked.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion caused by some mechanical action or if he was really sensing something, but it could be considered another ability if it wasn’t an illusion.

Of course, I don’t know how the images will turn out…

Engrossed in various thoughts while shooting, Suhyeon unconsciously turned his head when he saw another small screen appear next to the main one.

It was one of the staff members who had been watching, and when their eyes met, the staff member looked surprised and lowered their phone.

“Tsk. Can’t even concentrate. As expected from kids.”

The photographer caught Suhyeon’s scattered attention like a ghost and took the opportunity to scold him.

Seeing his narrow-mindedness, Suhyeon smiled brightly instead.

He had already experienced too many prideful idiots.

“I’m sorry. I thought it was over since I didn’t hear the camera clicking.”


When Suhyeon feigned innocence and teased the photographer for being negligent, someone let out a small laugh.

The situation seemed amusing even if they didn’t think it was intentional.

And since it was true that the photographer had an easier time pressing the shutter after Suhyeon started concentrating, his face turned red, and he bit his lip.

“It’s over, Suhyeon. Good job!”

Before the photographer could flare up, Hanna skillfully seized the moment of silence.

She mentioned the CEO while appeasing the photographer, thus signaling the end of the photoshoot.

As everyone was familiar with the situation, they tactfully began to tidy up the equipment.

“You did really well. It was amazing, right?”

“My son, you looked like such an angel that even mom wanted to take pictures… You suited it so well.”

As the staff cleaned up, Hanna and Jiyeon approached Suhyeon.

Jiyeon hugged Suhyeon, her expression as if she had witnessed an incredible performance.

If there were a bouquet of flowers, one might mistake it for a curtain call scene.

“Look at the sweat. It must have been hard… Come on, let’s have some water, my son.”

“Suhyeon, are you not interested in this? Should your noona help you?”

“Hanna? Are you trying to push my son into the pit of labor? Should I push you first?”

“Hey, sunbae. It’s his first time, and he’s already a prodigy! Of course, we have to nurture him and raise him big! Who knows if a superstar will come from our hands?”

“You just wanted to see my son and dragged him here out of pity. Are you going to overwork him with 200 jobs a month?”

“Uh, um. It wasn’t really because I wanted to see sunbae’s son that I called him… Ah, of course, Suhyeon! Noona was happy to see you!”

Realizing she had misspoken, Hanna made an “oops” expression and took a few candies from her pocket to hand to Suhyeon.

Suhyeon, who was low on sugar due to concentrating, didn’t refuse the candies.


“…You didn’t hear the ajumma swearing, did you?”

“I thought you were a… I really thought you were worth 150,000 won.”

With his cheeks full of candy, Suhyeon left the two engrossed in conversation and began to walk away.

He had probably replenished his sugar, and he wanted to remove the makeup that was bad for his delicate skin.

Besides, the photographer’s glaring at me isn’t good either.

Earlier, Hanna had interrupted before the photographer had a chance to get angry, so he was now glaring at Suhyeon with an unpleasant expression.

It was a narrow-minded behavior sufficient to scare a five-year-old child.

However, Suhyeon, who was twenty-five inside, did not get scared.

Instead, he found it amusing that someone without professional etiquette tried to take care of their pride in such a way.

I heard earlier that he got the job through some sort of connection. He must be living an easy life.

Suhyeon didn’t like connections formed through blood relations.

Honestly, he was jealous because he thought it was something he couldn’t have.

Neither of them wanted to raise me, after all.

After his parents’ divorce, Suhyeon lost his support system.

Jiyeon faced many hardships after he was essentially forced to take care of himself. It didn’t help that his other relatives treated him like a burden, always making him feel unwelcome.

Because of this, he entered the military early and afterward chose the path of an idol.

The promise of “earning good money and being loved,” which the CEO had emphasized, was appealing, but the main reason was the free accommodation and food.

It wasn’t a scam. Except for the boastfulness and excessive self-praise, the CEO wasn’t bad.

Surprisingly, the CEO of Suhyeon’s agency provided various lessons to END even though they lacked popularity.

Of course, every time lessons were given, the CEO would brag about his generosity, but he never ripped them off under the pretext of lesson fees, and the settlements were always accurate.

Although the settlement amount was hardly anything and they had to cut down on sleep while touring the countryside.

Aside from not being successful, it wasn’t too bad.

Suhyeon reminisced about his idealized memories as he headed to the waiting room.

The waiting staff, eagerly waiting for him, carefully wiped the makeup off his face as they gave him countless praises.

The past is the past. Now I need to focus on the future.

As the staff applied lotion to his cleaned face, Suhyeon thought about how he could get cast in a role and act.

The easiest way was the internet.

Searching online, he could probably find a few decent auditions, albeit small ones.

But I’m only five years old.

However, that easy method was hindered by his age.

No matter how much a PC room would allow it, they surely wouldn’t accept a five-year-old.

Whenever he experienced such an obstacle to his plans, he felt both grateful and regretful for returning to the past.

I have to go back to the military again… But it’ll be worth it since I’ll need to shed my child actor image.

The mere thought of enlisting made his brows furrow.

Although his military life had been relatively tolerable because of the terrible environment around him, the word “re-enlistment” had a spine-chilling power.

“Uh? Suhyeon, are you feeling unwell?”

“No! Thank you, pretty noona, for today.”

“Aigo. I’m happy to touch a chubby cheek after so long. I’d be set if I had a younger sibling like you.”

The staff, who had helped with his styling and makeup, rummaged through her pockets and handed Suhyeon a few chocolates.

It was a slightly expensive brand to be handed out casually, but she didn’t mind after receiving compliments from the cute child for being pretty.

“Thank you.”

He gratefully accepted the favor and unwrapped a piece of chocolate, putting it in his mouth.

He had been craving sugar because he had been thinking too much.

I feel alive.

The bittersweet taste was a bit too bitter for a child’s taste, but Suhyeon only felt the sweetness.

“Suhyeon, did you… Aigo! Why is my son so adorable!”

While chatting away, Jiyeon entered the waiting room and marveled at Suhyeon eating chocolate.

No matter how coldly she tried to see it, her son was so lovable that it was heart-wrenching.

She was a fantastic son-obsessed mother.

“Suhyeon, did you have fun today?”

“Yes! Trying on clothes was fun, taking pictures was fun, and also…”

He twinkled his eyes and smacked his lips.

Anyone could see that he was interested in this line of work.

And then, Hanna took the bait.

“Then Suhyeon, do you want to try acting in a drama?”

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Starting as a Child Actor in This Life

Starting as a Child Actor in This Life

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