Starting as a Child Actor in This Life Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Suhyeon blinked, realizing why the woman had bowed her head.

If asked outright, choosing between the two would have been difficult.

“Actually, it’s a secret but…”

However, close enough that others couldn’t overhear, Suhyeon freely started with the word “secret.”

“I’m shooting a drama that will air on TNB next month. It’s called Praise.”

“Oh my! Hmm. I see. Work hard. I’ll enjoy the coffee.”

The student, who had exclaimed in admiration unwittingly, checked her surroundings and moved away from Suhyeon with an awkward laugh.

It was because of the pressure from the back row asking why she wasn’t leaving and the watchful eyes of the security staff worrying about potential problems.

Suhyeon waved goodbye to the departing woman.

Will she post on SNS? I hope she at least does something on the community forums.

Internally, Praise was a solid work, yet it faced various difficulties externally.

Promotion was the biggest issue.

This ranged from the anxiety of being a cable-produced drama to the unfamiliarity of the crime thriller genre in Korean dramas.

The marketing team was going all out, but it felt too distant for the viewers.

Plus, an actor with the same name as me got married recently…

Given that it was a common name, there was an actor who had been active under the name “Kang Suhyeon” before Suhyeon.

Though not very famous and forgotten after retiring 20 years post Suhyeon’s idol days, this actor was currently better known than Suhyeon, who had only been involved in one work.

Naturally, searching for “Kang Suhyeon” brought up the wedding news of the namesake, not Suhyeon’s upcoming work Praise.

And searching for “Lee Seohan” brings up his current shooting rather than his next project. We really need a breakthrough.

In fact, Suhyeon thought the most reliable method was viral marketing.

The promotion team infiltrating drama-related community forums, and then subtly posting to spark interest and curiosity about the drama.

A kind of internet instigator, it was a perfect fit for promoting Praise due to its cost-efficiency and effectiveness.

…Though I haven’t specifically asked because everyone’s inexperienced.

The most important aspect of viral marketing was not letting people catch on that the post was an advertisement.

If it became known that curiosity was drummed up using instigators, it could backfire. Even skilled individuals sometimes got caught.

This was especially so since most of these communities were closed to the public, making it risky for novices to meddle.

Anyway, if we spread a lot, something should come out of it.

Suhyeon smiled brightly.

The line was still long, and there were plenty of seeds to sow.

* * *

[Our school got a coffee truck from Promise of the Blue Summer today ㅠㅠㅠ]


He really came to keep the ratings promiseㅠㅠ.

Even Suhyeon, who cameoed as young Jiwu, was here. So tiny and cute. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


Ahhhhㅠㅠ Our Chaemin-oppa is shining as always todayㅠㅠㅠ Really love it, love youㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ.

Receiving coffee felt like going to an actor’s fan meeting, lolㅋㅋㅋ

Was dying because of finals, but this cheered me up


Heard Suhyeon is filming his next work, something like Angel? Praise? Something like that

But does anyone know what TNB is?

I’m a bit worried since Lee Seohan is in it tooㅠㅠㅠ


└So you go to Y University?

└There were a few articles. It’s just annoying because our Suhyeon got overshadowed by Kang Suhyeon’s marriage news

└Seriously, having the same name as a senior actor ㅠㅠㅠ What to do ㅠㅠ

└No matter what, saying Kang Suhyeon is a senior actor is a bit ㅋㅋ ;; Honestly, if not for the wedding, we wouldn’t even see the name that often. Suhyeon should be more famous, right?

└Agree, agree. Suhyeon’s even perfect down to having Christmas Eve as his birthday. Let’s not compare him to Kang Suhyeon for no reason]

After finishing his acting classes and dinner, Suhyeon checked the internet while sitting on his bed.

Perhaps his fervent hope had worked.

The “seeds” he had diligently sowed all morning were beginning to sprout online.

Perfect timing.

He smiled contentedly as he checked posts and comments on his frequently visited sites.

Mostly they talked about the leads, but there was no shortage of mentions about him.

[└Suhyeon is so cute, he could break the earth

└What’s “so cute”?

└Could it be a new way to say cute? Interestingㅋㅋㅋ]

“Uh, well…”

Suhyeon, trying to casually join in on the comments, was at a loss for words because of the unfamiliar responses.

Maybe he had mixed in outdated slang, thinking it would match, but it seemed that no one recognized it.

…Faking it is something only those with experience can do well.

Suhyeon admitted he had been overly enthusiastic and reflected on it.

Attempting to stir the waters in communities of different generations and genders was foolish.

Alright. Just quietly read the reactions.

With that self-reflection, he slowly checked the drama-related forums.

Was it because Seohan and Suhyeon were the leads that the name Praise spread far and wide, riding on the popularity of Promise of the Blue Summer?

Unlike the articles that cautiously dubbed it ‘The Second Promise of the Blue Summer’, netizens casually lumped them together without hesitation.

Hmm. The genre seems like a Western drama, so there’s a lot of anticipation…

While the crime thriller genre was unfamiliar in Korean dramas, the story was different overseas.

In nearby Japan, many dramas focused more on emotion than romance, and crossing over to the United States, one could find a plethora of crime and investigation dramas that went on for several seasons.

It was also about the same time when romance stories were becoming stale, so the timing wasn’t bad.

Of course, once My Wife’s Secrets, the queen of makjang dramas, airs, the story changes.

If the current dramas were lightly seasoned with a sweet and mild flavor, after My Wife’s Secrets, it was a field day for makjang dramas drenched with MSG.

The makjang dramas were so prevalent that viewers tired of similar dramas cursed while tearing into popcorn.

People are sick of romance and the real makjang hasn’t started yet, so it’s just right.

Whether things would proceed as originally planned or not, the timing for Praise wasn’t bad.

As long as it was promoted adequately and aired smoothly, that was enough.

The only issue is that the first episode is a bit spicy, so it’s crucial that the ratings carry over to the second episode……. But since the homeroom teacher and mom’s boyfriend are kind to Yeonwu, the second episode should be fine.

True to its crime thriller genre, Praise was akin to a mix of sweet and bitter like coffee and cake.

If the biological mother was abusive, the homeroom teacher showed care and affection.

And if bullied by his classmates, the mother’s lover would show petty kindness.

Although the bitterness might be overwhelming at times, the structure allowed viewers to cling to their sanity, thanks to the homeroom teacher’s appropriate healing.

…Huh? Looks like there was some buzz on the voice actor fan site?

While searching related posts, Suhyeon paused at a comment section.

A small fight was spreading like wildfire.

Ah, right. Noona did S-World. ……Noona’s popularity among voice actors hasn’t cooled down.

Suhyeon shook his head at those more focused on bickering than the drama itself and closed the internet window.

Watching fights might be entertaining, but it wasn’t interesting enough to procrastinate his tasks.

The fuse was lit well. Now, I need to focus on what I can do.

Having checked the public opinion, it was time to concentrate on work.

Suhyeon picked up the script for the next day’s shoot.

His fingers, tender as fiddlehead ferns, flipped through the softened paper edges.


The shoot was challenging yet smooth.

Seohan, who played the role of the homeroom teacher “Ha Kichan,” was only able to briefly attend due to the final stages of filming for the Promise of Blue Summer.

Despite the short time, he perfectly portrayed “the teacher” and did his utmost to ensure that the shooting was not delayed.

Taebin delivered a performance that made one wonder, “How could he do so much?”

On her days off, she personally visited a domestic violence counseling center to craft the cruel and less-than-ordinary mother “Lee Seohee.”

Suhyeon, despite his pitiable appearance on screen, was showered with affection on set.

Because “Jang Yeonwu” was so pitiful and regrettable, everyone, knowing full well it was just acting, nevertheless offered him candies and snacks and subtly took care of him.

Was it thanks to the leads maintaining their composure?

Despite the tight schedule and budget constraints, the atmosphere on set was surprisingly not bad.

“Should I get off?”


Stepping out of the car, Suhyeon treaded on the schoolyard soil, scanning the surroundings.

Today’s shooting location was at Jinwha Elementary School in Gyeonggi.

Being a weekend, there seemed to be more residents than children.


As Suhyeon entered the building and greeted everyone, they all welcomed him warmly.

Despite the busy schedule, they took care of him without belittling, though they spoke less formally because of his age.

Feeling that Suhyeon’s acting was extraordinary, they treated him as a “leading actor.”

“…I’ve been feeling it since earlier, but you seem quite excited today.”

Walking alongside Suhyeon, Sangil looked down at him thoughtfully.

If his smile was usually half feigned, today it was simply radiant.

Despite knowing the reason, he couldn’t help but ask.

“Is it noticeable?”

“Do you like Actor Seohan that much?”

“Seohan-hyung is really good at acting… There’s a lot I can learn from him!”

“It’s been a week, right?”

“I saw him last Tuesday, so it’s been exactly 5 days. Today’s Sunday.”

Because of Seohan’s busy schedule, the two actors who needed to synchronize the most hadn’t yet sat together, despite the crank-in having occurred quite some time ago.

Even scenes they appeared in together were shot separately for split cuts, to move directly to the next shot without changing angles.

If I were really a child, I might have struggled to grasp the emotions.

Jumping back and forth from episodes 1 to 3 had often required switching from tears to laughter.

It was a daunting schedule for a child to manage, but it also allowed him to be recognized as an “actor” more quickly.

“Ah, Seohan-hyung!”

From afar, Suhyeon spotted Seohan and ran towards him.

Seohan also smiled upon sensing Suhyeon’s approach.

“It’s been a while. Your acting is still as good. It made matching up easier.”


“Yes. It must have been hard acting alone. Sorry.”

“You were busy, hyung! It couldn’t be helped!”

“Still, I shouldn’t have neglected even your birthday… It’s late, but I have a present in the car. I wasn’t sure what you’d like, so I chose something on my own, but it’s okay to exchange it if you don’t like it. Happy belated birthday.”

“Thank you!”

Suhyeon recalled his birthday two days ago and smiled brightly.

The first birthday he celebrated after his return was quite busy and enjoyable.

In the morning, he received birthday wishes from Jiyeon and Hochan, and for lunch, the production team threw a small birthday party. When he went home, he returned with gifts and a cake sent by Chaemin.

He was especially happy because they finished shooting at 6 pm for his birthday.

“I received three birthday cakes!”

“Ah. I also bought one… Should I buy a new one next time?”

“No! That’s not a birthday cake! Give it to me today!”

Suhyeon and Seohan chatted away about things that had happened during their time apart.

Most of their conversation revolved around Promise of the Blue Summer and Praise, and occasionally they also talked about fellow actors and daily life.

“Kids! Sit over here!”

“Ladies! Please keep the kids quiet!”

“…It’s noisy.”

“It’s a school setting, so it can’t be helped.”

Today’s first scene was the first meeting between “Ha Kichan” and “Jang Yeonwu.”

Naturally, the setting was the school, and since many supporting and minor roles were involved, preparation took some time.

“Everyone looks tired.”

“There are many hyungs and noonas here. Are you sure you’re okay? You haven’t started school yet, have you?”

Even during the filming of Promise of the Blue Summer, there was a scene where the kids had a party, but it was nothing like today with over twenty participants.

In Seohan’s view, today was the first time five-year-old Suhyeon experienced “peer society,” and he was understandably worried.

“Um. Yes. But I’m usually with the staff hyungs and noonas, so I’m not scared at all.”

“You’re brave.”

Hearing Suhyeon’s unworried response, Seohan stroked the child’s fine hair in approval.

Recognizing the gesture as praise, Suhyeon, with a childlike smile, looked over at the other child actors currently preparing for the shoot.

Oh. That one came too.

Suhyeon noticed among the diligently preparing children one particularly demanding mother and her sullen child.

It was Nam Jiyoon, a child actor he had met during the script reading.

Starting as a Child Actor in This Life

Starting as a Child Actor in This Life

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While returning from a late-night shoot, Suhyeon collides with a tow truck driving in the wrong direction with its headlights on... When he regains consciousness, his reflection in the mirror is... a little kid? Even I can see that I'm cute. An unknown idol has become a popular child actor! Get ready, as the captivating performance of actor Kang Suhyeon is about to begin.
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