I Will Live as an Actor Episode 63

Episode 63

Sonwon Entertainment.

“CEO, this is an issue that you really need to reconsider. Did Yeongguk just become famous? He didn’t get the title of ‘nation’s first love’ for nothing. Yet here we are, neglecting him in all but name. Are you going to keep piling on the workload? This is practically a loss of talent!”

“Go on.”

“Fine, let’s say I understand why he chose an R-rated film after gaining popularity with youth dramas. But turning down almost all the luxury brand deals, the ones usually snagged by top stars, except for one? Shooting an ad for a day isn’t exactly draining, and now, ever since he played a murderer, all those ads that had been coming in non-stop just a month ago dried up completely.”

That was Director Cha Minseok of Sonwon Entertainment. He had long coveted the role of being Actor Jang Yeongguk’s exclusive manager. After all, who wouldn’t desire such a talent, more so than many established actors? Also, despite his popularity, Yeongguk was known for his impeccable manners and being free from any scandals.

At that moment, CEO Kim Seonghwan, seated at the head of the table, squinted and retorted,

“Director Cha, who are you to be so sure that I’m neglecting Yeongguk? What do you mean by ‘fine, let’s say’? Is an actor taking on a role such a serious matter that it requires a report to you?”

“CEO, that’s not what I mean—”

“Then what do you mean?”

His usually gentle expression shifted in an instant, becoming as fierce as if he were someone who turned from a Buddha to a bull when angered. Startled by the transformation, Director Cha took a step back. But if he had intended to retreat, he would not have come all the way to the CEO’s office.

“Honestly, shouldn’t you give a chance to us directors as well? It took us ten years to rise from the bottom to the director level. Back when I was a road manager, I did all the dirty work for actors who couldn’t even land a supporting role, let alone a lead. You said it yourself back then. That growth from the bottom up is how actors and managers build a bond. But now, look at Bongchun. A mere third-year manager already handling an A-list actor. If this isn’t favoritism, then what is?”

He was not wrong. There had been a lot of talk within Sonwon Entertainment when Manager Lee Bongchun, practically still a roadie, had been assigned to Yeongguk.

From a business perspective, it was like assigning an inexperienced marketer to a product (actor) with boundless potential. But CEO Kim Seonghwan didn’t  see actors as products. That’s why he decided to put Manager Lee Bongchun in charge of Yeongguk.

“Then, Director Cha, try to persuade him.”

“Can I really do that?”

“Yes, if you’re as confident as you claim, go ahead and persuade him. You know how stubborn Jang Yeongguk can be. It’s up to you to figure out a way.”

Director Cha bowed deeply, as if he had gained an unexpected opportunity.

Who would Director Cha seek out?


It would be Manager Lee Bongchun. It would be easier to make a junior manager give up than to persuade the bull-headed Yeongguk.

However, Kim Seonghwan had no intention of intervening.

After all, when a manager took on an actor, various trials were bound to come. There was even a saying in the broadcast industry that managers were the lowest class. Meeting with producers and directors, they routinely faced humiliating situations on behalf of their actors. The same applied now.

If he could not withstand even these trials, then he was not fated to fulfill his duty as a manager. But CEO Kim Seonghwan trusted his own judgment.

The manager who always called himself a country bumpkin from Busan. Someone who took three years just to get rid of his dialect.


Could the country bumpkin from Busan outsmart the savvy Seoulite?

* * *

In an expensive lounge bar in Cheongdam-dong, with its luxurious interior and atmosphere, the country bumpkin felt intimitated. Especially when ordering wine, an employee dressed like a neat office worker with a tie came over to pour it for them, which for someone who only ever received bean pancakes placed on old plates by aunts at a local tavern, this was a first-time experience.

“Director Cha, why did you suddenly bring me to a place like this?”

Manager Lee Bongchun looked bewildered. It was because Director Cha Minseok, who hardly ever socialized with him, personally reached out to meet. And to even treat him to an expensive wine—it was completely surprising.

At that moment, Director Cha Minseok, sitting opposite him, lifted his wine glass and said,

“Bongchun, it must be tough for you too, right? Coming up from the countryside to become a roadie isn’t easy. How about it, does Actor Jang treat you well?”

“Don’t even mention it. He takes such good care of me. There’s not much I can do for him, but Yeongguk is so attentive that I feel sorry for not fulfilling my role as a manager.”

“It’s always like that at first; everyone starts off humbly but as they get closer, they end up saying anything and everything—that’s just how this industry is.”


“No, I’m not saying that’s necessarily true for Actor Jang.”

Director Cha’s words trailed off. Lee Bongchun felt an urge to leave, though he couldn’t quite explain why. But what could he do? In military terms, Director Cha Minseok was practically his direct superior, so he couldn’t just walk away. The awkward drinking session continued.

“Bongchun, did you also give your opinion when Actor Jang chose his next project?”

“No, sir. What opinion could I possibly have? I’m not experienced enough to dictate an actor’s choice of work.”

“That’s exactly the problem. If there was a proper manager by Actor Jang’s side, would he have chosen a role of a murderer as his next project? Even the CEO says it’s a problem; the actor needs to act, but what’s the use if he’s forgotten by the public? Just wait and see if this project doesn’t work out. The title of ‘nation’s first love’ will fade in no time, right? I’ve seen my share of stars who briefly shine and then disappear in this industry.”

Unaware of Lee Bongchun’s hardening expression, Director Cha continued.

“Bongchun, you may be the official manager, but you’re practically still a roadie. Have you ever successfully landed an ad deal, or brought in a script from a famous director? Aren’t you just transporting Actor Jang to the filming site and running errands like a gopher?”

“It’s due to my lack of ability.”

“That’s the problem, your lack of ability. Before it’s too late, step away from Actor Jang and go back to the road. You have to build from the ground up to avoid future issues. If you handle a suddenly rising star now and something goes wrong with him—or if it’s already happening, just look at his choice for the next project. Normally, when an actor overreaches, it’s the manager’s job to apply the brakes. Are you capable of that? Actor Jang’s 18 this year, right? He’s not at an age where he can’t take care of himself. Do you want to regret it later when Yeongguk turns into a complete mess?”

Lee Bongchun bit his lip tightly. He knew what kind of actor Yeongguk was. He had seen enough during their short time together. Despite being younger, Yeongguk was as mature as any adult.

Moreover, he couldn’t ignore the genuine acts of kindness that Yeongguk displayed on set, which clearly came from the heart, not just for show. And now, to call him a mess—Lee Bongchun’s hands trembled beneath the table.

“Actually, seeing how stubborn he is with the CEO, he might already be a mess.”

At that moment, Director Cha Minseok’s words snap Lee Bongchun’s patience.

“What the hell are you spouting?!”

* * *

Pride, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony, sloth, greed.

A priest (Yeongguk) was kneeling under the cross of the diocese as he silently recited the seven deadly sins of mankind.

The man, who had grown numb to death working under his mortician father since childhood, began to dream of becoming a devout clergyman as he aged and studied theology. Yet, the world remained as dark as the dawn before sunrise.

In a luxurious hospital room, a dying young man had caused a hit-and-run accident that killed an entire family. However, his mother, like a hedgehog, only pitied her own child.

Shirking his clerical responsibilities, he wished eternal suffering upon the dying man, even as he recited the litany of despair. He had already condemned a sinner who had committed the sin of lust. He knew his actions were wrong, but he had no intention of stopping. After all, that was his faith.

“Because you do not, I must.”

As if delivering a confession, he finished his prayer and lifted his head. The figure crucified above looked down upon the priest with an inscrutable gaze, as if pitying a sorrowful son.

It was then.

“Father Matthew, you’re praying the rosary early in the morning.”

Bishop James (Actor Kim Hyeongseop) laid a hand on the young priest’s shoulder. His expression was the epitome of gentleness. To an outsider, he would appear to be a devout man of the cloth. The young priest greeted him with a warm smile on his face.

“Yes. I just finished my prayer. But, Bishop James, where were you last night?”

“Father Matthew, what do you mean?”

“It’s nothing serious, but as your assistant, I had something to ask and went to your room, but you weren’t there.”

“It seems you came looking for me while I had to step out for a bit.”

Bishop James gave an awkward smile. The young priest was not unaware that the bishop had coveted a believer’s wife the night before. Yet, he did not reveal his knowledge outwardly, deeming it too early for confrontation.

“But what prayer were you so fervently offering? The Lord must have been listening for a while.”

Bishop James looked at the cross. His eyes flickered with unidentifiable emotions. He, too, must not have been tainted by avarice (greed) from the start. At some point, uncontrollable desires must had welled up from within and polluted him completely. In response to Bishop James’ question, the young priest replied simply,

“I was confirming if the path I’m on is the right one.”

“It’s natural to have many doubts as you leave behind the diaconate and walk the path of a priest after ordination. Don’t be too troubled. Even I pondered deeply until right before I received the sacrament of Holy Orders. Was it right for me to become a priest? I even took a year off from seminary school, if that says anything. But even someone like me has continued to live the life of a priest until now. If you have faith, the Lord will open the way for you. Father Matthew, don’t worry too much.”

“Thank you, Bishop James.”

Father Matthew and Bishop James parted ways, with the old bishop moving toward the cross and the young priest stepping outside the church. Their movements were captured in an over-the-shoulder shot (OSS) by the camera.

The dawn’s light, streaming through stained glass, was illuminating their expressions. Bishop James wore a gentle smile, while the young priest’s eyes held a fierce glint. This scene raises the question: who among them was the true clergyman?


With the shoot over, Jang Yeongguk began to make his way to the restroom. Wearing the black cassock continuously on set made it a challenge to take even a brief bathroom break. A single wrinkle in the garment would mean the costume team had to iron and adjust it again. Just as Jang Yeongguk was about to hurriedly enter the restroom, he stopped short.

“Hyung, is that you?”

Manager Lee Bongchun stood in front of the restroom mirror, applying ointment to his lips. Startled by Jang Yeongguk’s voice, Lee Bongchun hurriedly pulled up his mask.

“Why is your face like that! Didn’t you say you caught a cold this morning?”

“Yeongguk-ah, the thing is, I was in such a rush this morning I tumbled down some stairs. I told you it was a cold because I didn’t want you to worry. It’s not that bad.”

“What do you mean, ‘not that bad’? How could falling down the stairs cause such an injury!”

“It really was the stairs. Don’t worry about it. It’ll heal quickly with some ointment.”

“Let me see it again!”

As Jang Yeongguk tried to remove the mask, Lee Bongchun stepped back and ended up on his buttocks. Through the lowered mask, the injuries were clearly visible.

“For heaven’s sake!”

A sigh escaped Jang Yeongguk’s lips. The area around Lee Bongchun’s mouth was not only red and swollen, but also bore vivid, purple bruises. It was hard to believe these were injuries from a simple fall down the stairs. As if the stairs possessed a life of their own, capable of selectively bruising around the mouth. No matter how one looked at it, this just didn’t seem plausible.


At Sonwon Entertainment, CEO Kim Seonghwan was wracking his brain. Who would have guessed that the country bumpkin from Busan and the slick Seoulite would come to blows?

Soon, an angry knock on the door of his office could be heard. Although he was reluctant to invite them in, he had no choice.

“CEO, what on earth happened?!”

After pressing his manager for answers, Jang Yeongguk only learned that the incident involved Director Cha Minseok. Without further details, he had no choice but to seek out the agency.

Jang Yeongguk looked at CEO Kim Seonghwan with an incredulous expression. He knew that the CEO would never tolerate such things. CEO Kim Seonghwan seemed to take his time before finally letting out a sigh and adding,

“Yeongguk-ah, you know there’s been a lot of talk within the agency about your personal manager, right?”

Of course, Jang Yeongguk was well aware of his own worth. After all, wasn’t he an actor who had been through thick and thin in the entertainment industry? It was customary for the agency to pay extra attention once someone became a teen star. However, he had rejected that.

There was this joke in the entertainment industry that an actor’s spouse was none other than their manager. It meant that managers bore witness to all aspects of an actor’s life, both good and bad. Even more so than their spouses, since actors practically lived on set.

Because of that…

It’s an irritating memory.

In his past life, he had been betrayed several times by so-called talented managers. Perhaps he had been too focused on acting at the time to manage the other aspects of his career. Therefore, this time around, he wanted to choose his own manager, a friend to stand by him for a lifetime.

“The directors were unhappy about it. For someone of your caliber, it should’ve been a director-level manager, not a third-year rookie. Eventually, Director Cha Minseok decided to take charge and came to see me. I told him, if he thinks he’s up to it, go and try to persuade him.”

“He never came to see me?”

“Of course not, how could Director Cha convince you when even I can’t break your stubbornness? So instead, he went to see Bongchun. I heard he even bought him wine in Cheongdam-dong. You know why, right?”


How could he not know? Just like the broadcasting world, talent agencies were no different from a jungle. Everyone angled for whatever could bring them an advantage. Stealing a junior’s ideas was just the beginning; sometimes they even poached actors or singers from their colleagues.

“It’s to add pressure to the moment. If you drink even low-alcohol wine, you’re supposed to listen with a clear mind.”

“Bongchun, despite his tough exterior, has a soft heart. Director Cha must’ve thought he would back down if pressured enough. I deliberately let the situation unfold. If Bongchun can’t withstand even this kind of incident, then he doesn’t deserve to be your manager. Now you understand why I let it happen, right?”

Indeed, CEO Kim Seonghwan wouldn’t have put Manager Lee Bongchun in such a situation out of malice. He too hoped for Bongchun’s growth. As CEO Kim Seonghwan said, the life of a manager involved facing far worse than this. The glitz and glamour were just a facade; the reality was much harsher.

“Director Cha said he won’t bother you anymore. He’s going to pretend yesterday’s incident never happened. It was wrong of Bongchun to confront him, but the cause was Director Cha’s own doing. He admitted he lost his temper and struck first.”

“Still, how could he disfigure someone’s face just for talking back a little?”


CEO Kim Seonghwan rubbed his face and added,

“Yeongguk-ah, Director Cha is currently hospitalized.”

Private: I Will Live as an Actor

Private: I Will Live as an Actor

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